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Day 55

Hola all,

My skin is still doing all right. I have a few hormonal spots on my left cheek and the one on my chin, but I haven't bothered to take any Aleve so that is probably why. The Aleve would've shrunk them for sure, but they aren't really big or red, so they aren't bothering me too much. I've got random little pimples as well, but overall I'm still happy with my regimen.

Something I've noticed... when I moisturize a lot at night with the jojoba, sometimes my pores look bigger than normal in the morning. I mean, I love the jojoba :P , but maybe too much is engorging my pores or something? It's not enough to make me want to stop with it, but I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this? I might do an egg white mask once in a while. I read that that is supposed to tighten things up.

Not that the sugar in this is probably good for anyone's acne, but I read that Dr. Pepper is giving away free 20 oz. coupons on the Dr. Pepper website tomorrow (Sunday). :P If diet doesn't affect your acne, go print one out!

Have a nice weekend, all. Thanks for reading!


Day 50

My skin is still doing well. It's getting dryer, but the weather here is getting colder. For a few nights this week, I've just been giving my skin what it needs at night - an night of just jojoba and spot treating, BP, or Nucelle and BP spot treating. I want to stick to a regimen, but I know I get nasty whiteheads when my skin gets too dried out. I don't want to go down that road again. Right now I'm having that time of the month, and my skin only got some spots on my chin and little pimples on my forehead. The spots are the hormonal type that I don't think will come to a head and will just go down eventually. The little pimples are just annoying, but I don't actually mind too much because they go down really fast with BP. I think I like these new pills. My skin is heaps better than on the devil's birth control. I haven't even bothered with the Aleve yet. My hunch is that I'll have to do that mid-cycle with these new pills. Also, spot treating with the BP on Nucelle nights helps A LOT. I'm going to continue to do that. Overall, I'm happy with my regimen and I'm just trying to keep my skin hydrated for winter!

Thanks for reading. :P


Day 43

My face is really clear today. The only noticeable spot is on my chin where I picked a few days ago. :P It's pretty small though. I'm blaming last week's breakout on hormones I decided. Last night I just put lots of jojoba on my face and spot treated with BP because my skin was pretty dry. I always follow my BP up with Neutrogena AHA, so I did that as well. I've decided to stick with my Nucelle/BP every other night, but on Nucelle nights I'll spot treat with BP as well. I read in someone's log that they were doing that, and it seems to work for me so far.

Thanks for reading. :P


Day 39

My skin is a lot better today than it was a couple days ago when I was having that breakout. :P I stopped doing Nucelle at night after that. I've been using BP at night for the last few days and took three Aleve yesterday and the day before. It works like magic, I swear. At this point I'm not sure I'm going to start Nucelle every other night again. I'm not sure it's enough to control breakouts. Plus, Nucelle in the AM and BP in the PM gives me the skin I really want to have. I may start to do something like Nucelle every third night or something just to see. Hmmmm..... My skin might just need to purge and then everything will be peachy. Do I want to deal with that though??? I'm not sure. BUT if I don't keep trying to change up my routine, what will I obsess about in my spare time??? :P

I think I'm just going to go with the flow and see if my skin can take Nucelle maybe every third night. The reason I want to get rid of BP are: 1. simplicity 2. Nucelle is faster and takes less product 3. BP bleaches and it's drying to use so much. I've used BP for the last six or seven years (though not in Dan's amounts... didn't know about it), and I don't think (for me at least) that it is causing aging. I get told I look like I'm much younger than I am. :P The only time I thought my skin looked wrinkly was when I was trying to do the regimen and used too much BP and my skin got reeeeally dry. My cheeks had lines in them and everything. That all went away when I eased up on the BP and really added in the jojoba oil. If you're going to do the regimen, go reaaaaally slowly is my advice! I really think lots of BP works, but it just takes time for the skin to get used to that much. That's just my 2 cents. :P

Thanks for reading!


Day 37

Note to guy readers.... there is some talk of "girl stuff" mentioned.... pretty PG though.

My skin is looking better today than it did yesterday. Last night was a BP night, and I think that always helps a lot. I also took two Aleve today because that really brings the spots down. I'm trying to figure out if Nucelle at night is not enough to keep my spots in check or if it's just because of where I'm in my pack of new birth control. It's the end of the second week of the pack, so I'm going to have to check that out next month and adjust Aleve and BP accordingly. If I decide the spots I've gotten this week aren't hormonal, it'll be really hard to stick to Nucelle at night. These spots are red whereas the Nucelle was just purging out pores and giving me comedones. I'll have to get detectivey to figure it out.

My skin also feels dry today, so for tonight I'm just going to spot treat with BP and moisturize. I think it needs some healing time. I may take an Aleve tonight as well.

Thanks for reading! Happy weekend! :P


Day 36

My three day run of Nucelle gave me spots as I expected. I don't know if it was purging or if it's just not enough for the Nucelle to control my spots without BP every night. The spot on my chin that hurt a couple of days ago came to a head and I popped it. It's a very attractive scab right now, but it's small at least. :P I've got a spot coming up on my right cheek, but it's weird - puffy like a mosquito bite. It's blizzarding here today, so I really doubt I got bit. And it was itching earlier. That happens sometimes, but I swear I can't link food to my acne... except chocolate mousse to pimples on my forehead. My diet is pretty clean most of the time anyway. It reminds me of the spots I used to get on my old "devil's birth control."

I've also got a spot coming on my upper lip. That area has been clear for a couple weeks now, and I was getting excited. Spoke too soon. I also have a spot on my forehead. My chin is still pretty bumpy.

I'm going to strictly stick to alternating between Nucelle and BP at night until this current purging process stops. I don't want mega-purging... just stuff I can cover with some makeup.

Thanks for reading... all about my pimples. :P


Day 33

Tonight I'm going to use Nucelle even though it should be a BP night. A couple of the spots I had yesterday calmed down, and the painful one doesn't hurt today. Mostly I'm doing it because I just want to put on Nucelle and climb into bed. I think I've got a stomach bug. This means I'll have three days in a row of ONLY Nucelle. That'll be the first time in yeeears that I'll have gone that long with no BP on my skin. We'll see how it goes. It's also possible that not eating because of this bug will give me some clear skin days as well. People say that not eating when they are sick helps their skin. :D Let the no BP experiment begin! :) And my fellow Americans... happy voting tomorrow!!!

Thanks for reading! Take some vitamin C!


Day 32

This morning I woke up with a painful spot on my left chin with another spot next to it. They are small, but I haven't had spots that hurt to touch in quite a while. It doesn't look like they'll get really big, but I don't want them at all. I've got another red spot on my right cheek that's been there a day or three as well. I didn't really get any spots like this until I added the Nucelle every other night instead of BP every night. I wonder if it's just not enough to control the breakouts or if the Nucelle is just purging stuff out. Purging is fine, not controlling breakout is not. :D

I think it might just be purging because my face feels less bumpy overall. I also had a whitehead that I could extract on my chin today. My chin is a very busy area for me... always bumpy with gunk going on. Blaaaaaaaaah Lately my cheeks have been bumpier than usual as well. I can also see blackheads on them. My cheeks NEVER had that in the past. However, I'll take a few blackheads over a few gigantic red spots. I'm still hopeful about my regimen.

I am going to continue with this regimen for at least a month. I want to give it time to work. I've noticed in the last few days that my skin looks and feels.... plumper. That's the only way to really describe it. Does Nucelle do that? I'm sure it's not the partying I did on Halloween. :)

Here is what my regimen has looked like for the last week or so. I'm going to continue for at least a month in my hope of all Nucelle, all the time.


Cetaphil wash


Oil of Olay sensitive skin SPF 15

PM: (alternating each night)

Cetaphil wash + baby brush




Cetaphil wash +baby brush

1-1.5 pumps Dan's BP

Neutrogena AHA lotion + jojoba

I wonder if I could drop the baby brush and AHA lotion? Maybe it's too much exfoliating... Eh, that's a later problem.


Day 29

So I've been continuing with the Nucelle every other night. My skin has less of the small purging pores I had before, but now I've got bigger blackheads and whiteheads that are somewhat easy to extract after a day or two. These spots are especially on my cheeks and chin. When I wash my face it feels bumpy. I've also got three spots that look like they could get inflammed. What?!? I'm really hoping to keep up with this regimen, but if it's not going to be enough to control my skin without the BP every night, I'll have to go back to that. I hope I can reach my goal of all Nucelle all the time. I have also been on Trinessa birth control for four days now, so that could be messing with my hormones and skin as well. :) I'll have to stick with this for a few more weeks to see how it goes. *le sigh* However, my skin is much less red with the Nucelle and I don't tend to get as many red spots with whiteheads on them. Nucelle also doesn't dry out my skin anymore. Today I wasn't going out, so I just put it on this morning with no moisturizer, and my skin felt fine. I'm really anxious to get my regimen simplified!

Thanks for reading.


Day 25

Tonight was my second night of using Nucelle at night. Last night I used BP and woke up with two new red spots on my right cheek right next to my nose. I guess BP is no match for that time of the month. I'll start the BCPs tomorrow, so hopefully that'll calm down the hormonal stuff in the coming months. I won't be surprised if it doesn't, though. Acne has such a mind of it's own.

That said, I am still happy with my Nucelle/DKR combo. My skin is purging out gunk today, but I don't even mind it that much because it's not nearly as bad as it was when I first started Nucelle, and I don't find that Nucelle gives me big red spots, it just purges out gunk from underneath - like clogged pores and blackheads, which just seem to be everywhere! It has also made a few spots that I know would have gotten big, white heads on them in the past just calm down and turn into extractable whiteheads that didn't really do much in the end. I do get some dryness with this regimen, but it's not NEARLY as much as I had doing strictly the DKR for the first month before I switched to this. I love what BP does for keeping my acne under control, but my skin just couldn't do twice a day. I'm so glad I read about Nucelle on here! :)

I haven't done any face masks since I started this combo, except for an egg yolk mask one time for dryness. The next day I had little spots, so I don't know if I want to do that again. I used to mix egg yolk and olive oil together to make a really moisturizing mask and just remember it giving me a few extractable spots the next day, so maybe the egg yold mask just did that on a bigger scale. My mom and aunt actually use olive oil instead of body lotion. I tried it one day when I didn't have any body lotion after my shower, and I got little red bumps on my chest and back. I guess olive oil makes me break out. I was frustrated that I used to use it on my face. Duh, I can't figure out why I have acne, duh... :D Maybe when my oil production slows down even more in the future, I can use it on my skin. I do like that it is natural and gives the skin a healthy glow. Just for the time being, it makes me break out. It's amazing that my body lotion with all kinds of things in it that I can't pronounce doesn't though, hmmm... :angel: Where I was really going with this rant is that I'm wondering if a clay mask would help get out some of the purging spots?? My mom has a St. Ives one that I might try. My trusty Queen Helene has been misplaced or got thrown out when I moved in August. Oops.

And for any of you green smoothie enthusiasts reading, I've figured out that soy milk + a splash of OJ + a tiny splash of vanilla makes them taste like Orange Julius heaven. I know, I know, soy and citrus are nasty triggers for a lot of people, but for me soy is fine and I only have OJ as a splash in my smoothie some days, and I think I'm fine on that. So if those two things are fine for you, try it! I even got my 19 year old brother to drink one like that. Sooo good. :redface:

I'm no longer sulking and am all lovey-dovey, apparently. Yay Nucelle and green smoothies!

Thanks for reading. Happy weekend, all!


Day 23

I've decided to keep Nucelle in the morning and start alternating each night between Nucelle and BP. I tried it one night this week and the next day, I had lots of gunk purging. The purging from just using Nucelle in the morning had really slowed down, but I think I'll get lots more using it every other night now. Ahhh the road to clear skin. So many detours. :D On a good note, the breakout I thought was hormonal is now over. However, I'm about to replace that with lots of little icky bumps, I'm sure. At least my boyfriend won't be around to witness it. That is about the only perk of long distance that I can think of... did I mention that already? Sorry if I did. I'm sulking today. :):redface::angel:

Well, I'll keep this short and sweet. Thanks for reading!


Day 16

So that monster on my left cheek had to be popped yesterday. Of course, I didn't do anything nice like take a warm tea bag or washcloth to it first, and I just squeezed. :angel: It was so juicy! But I should have been nicer because now it is an icky scab, and, seriously, mineral makeup doesn't look great on stuff like that. I might as well have put a red arrow on my face pointing at it. One of those "sign here" ones for contracts would've worked well. There was also a tiny spot by my right eyebrow that I decided was itching for the last few days so I've been scratching it. Those two spots are the most noticeable on my face and they are all my doing. Where has my self-control been the last few days? I seriously need to take up knitting or something so my hands aren't always flying up to pick at whatever I think is growing on my face. So gross. I have another red mark on my right cheek, but I think it will stay small. I haven't picked at that one. I also haven't been great about keeping up on Aleve this cycle. I didn't take any tonight because I was drinking wine with mom, and I don't want to tax my liver too much. So, kids, the moral of the story is: don't pick! I was leaving everything alone until a couple of days ago when the giant left cheek one popped up, and I REALLY believe my skin is better when I don't pick and just let it relax. :redface:

The random places are continuing to purge. Today it was my nose and next to my nose on my cheeks. My chin is also continuing but looking better all the time. When I first started Nucelle, my chin was so purgey, that the gunk looked like dry skin under my makeup. That must have been VERY attractive. It looks much better now.

On a happier, less acne-ish note, my boyfriend is coming on Saturday for a week! Yay! :) I hate long distance. Anyone else out there despising it as well? :D We are supposed to move together after Thanksgiving, so I'm just holding out until then. But seriously, how much does it suck to see each other every six weeks if you're lucky? Sheesh. Thank God for wine and chocolate.

Thanks for reading! Happy weekend, everyone!


Day 14

Well, on of the spots on my chin that I thought was going to flatten out last week, turned into a white head. After that, I didn't have anything for about a week besides the clogged up and purging pores. Right now I have a spot on my left cheek that is big and red and a couple other spots that might get that way. I know it's hormonal though, so I'm not worried. I took two Aleve last night and that calmed down a couple spots that could have turned nasty. I need to pic up more today... good things Aleve has buy one, get one free in October! :) It works so well to calm down spots. I try to do it only for hormonal acne though because I know taking it too much throughout the month would be too hard on my stomach. I'll be starting the pill soon (Trinessa), so I'm hoping that can help balance out the hormonal acne as well. I've had luck with that on Orth Tri Cyclen before, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The Nucelle is continuing to purge my pores. I could maybe make it faster by using it twice a day, but I'm not quite trusting enough to go off of my trusty BP at night yet. The areas that purge seem to move around on my face and it's little clusters of pores that purge together. Mostly they are in my T-zone, but I've got some on my cheeks as well. I think in time my skin will really clear out. My chin has been and still is the worst purging area on my face. Who knew there was so much gunk under there? :D

Thanks for reading!


Day 7

So those three spots I thought could get inflammed didn't. :D Two are flat and dried out today and the other bigger one is getting that way too. I know for a fact with past regimens, they would be big old disgusting white heads. These Nucelle people are on to something... My skin is looking a bit flaky (is that really how to spell "flaky"??? :) spell check thinks so...) today, so I might skip the BP tonight and just spot treat. It's tempting not to, as my skin is really starting to look how I want it to. I can still feel bumpies when I wash my face, but I think the small, purging pores are getting less and less. Woot!

I'm thinking about trying to round up a couple pics that will show my progress, but it seems like other people's photos are never too clear unless the spots are really red. I'll see what I can do. Then I'll see if I can figure out how to put them in here.

Thanks for reading. :redface:


Day 6

I think I'm going to really like the Nucelle. I haven't even needed to use it every other day like I planned because it doesn't dry out my skin nearly as much as BP does. I had some peelies in the usual spots the first day, like next to my temples and between my eyes, but that never came back after I exfoliated. :D I've been using 2-3 pumps every morning followed by Olay with some jojoba. My purging pores are getting better around my mouth where they were the worst, but there are still quite a few. My T-zone in general is purging with old clogs going away and new ones coming out. I know the Nucelle is just purging and not causing a breakout though, because it has brought some white gunk to the surface that I KNOW would've otherwise become an inflammed spot. Actually, at the moment, I have only two or three spots I'm worried could become active, just a handful of bigger clogged pores that aren't red (comedones, I guess??), and lots of those purging pores with there tiny spot of dried up gunk sticking out that really look like dry skin. They aren't though, because I can pull them out with a tweezer. Icky and against the rules, I know. But it's so satisfying...

My skin is also MUCH, MUCH less red with this Nucelle/BP daily combo than it was with the BP/BP daily combo. My skin really is wimpy, I've realized. It was a good thing to learn though, because now I'm really gentle and have learned that using harsh stuff on my skin and drying it out causes WORSE breakouts for me. I love the Nucelle for not drying out my skin, and I love jojoba for getting moisture in there. And if I notice my skin is looking dry and irritated, I'll just wash and gently moisturize to give it time to recover. I'd say my skin is looking better right now than it has in the last two years. :) Three cheers for acne.org and all the great stuff I learned on here! :angel:

Here is what my regimen is looking like at the moment:


Cetaphil liquid cleanser

2-3 pumps Nucelle

Wait 30 mins.

Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin w/ SPF 15 and a little squirt of jojoba

Bare Escentuals makeup (if I'm going out and about)


Cetaphil liquid cleanser

baby brush method

1 pump Dan's BP

Wait it out...

2-3 pumps Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA and LOTS of jojoba

I do eventually hope that my regimen can just be Nucelle 2X daily and BP only for breakout-ey times and spot treating, but I don't want to jump into it too early. If I can pull of just using the Nucelle, I'll drop the Healthy Skin lotion (even though we've been friends for YEARS) and the baby brush, because I don't want to over exfoliate.

Gotta hit the hay for a dr. appointment tomorrow morning. It's a lasik checkup. By the way, I'm loving my new eyes! :redface::evil: It's so cool!

Thanks for reading. :redface:


Well, I lied. I didn't wait until Friday. The Nucelle got here this morning, so I tried two pumps on my skin today. It didn't make my skin feel too tight. I moisturized with the Olay Sensitive Skin SPF 15 because I thought the Neutrogena Healthy Skin would have been too much, since it's got AHA in it too. I really don't like the Olay lotion, because it has a white film (probably the sunscreen) that sticks to those little purging pores and makes them really stand out. :redface: I'll try the Neutrogena next time instead just to see how it goes.

So aside from the fast shipping, I got a sample of Mama lotion with my Nucelle. :) I'm going to try it one of these days to compare. I know from the reviews I read on here that it's stronger, so I didn't want to start out with it right away. I also got a sample of TNS Illuminating Eye Creme. It sounds interesting, but there is NO SUNSCREEN in it. For the life of me, I cannot understand why that's left out of soooo many eye creams. It really bugs me. Anyway, I may try it one night to play around, but I doubt I'd order it. I also just noticed the second ingredient is something called human fibroblast conditioned media. Ummmmm, maybe I'll just see if my brother wants it.

I've decided to just do the Nucelle every other morning, until I see how my skin likes it. I've also gotta double check in the forums to see if you can put it on right after you wash your face or if your skin needs to dry first like with BP. Anyone know? I've also got a little whitehead coming up next to my left eyebrow right now. It must have gotten the memo that I have surgery tomorrow and can't wear makeup. :D I'll give it a little BP blast tonight and take two Aleve just to calm my skin down for tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading!


Nucelle is on the way...

I just got an email from skincarerx.com, and the Nucelle is on the way! :) I'm really excited to try it. My skin isn't flaking too much from the BP at the low level I'm using, but my skin just feels so dry and icky that I decided to skip the BP and just moisturize this morning. I don't like when my cheeks feel so tight. I also think it looks like I have wrinkles when my skin is too dry... I could add some different moisturizer, but I don't really want to add anything else until the Nucelle comes and I get to try that.

Speaking of that, I realized that even if the Nucelle does get here, I probably won't use it until Friday. I have my eye surgery on Thursday moring, and you have to go in with a cleansed face and eyelids - no lotions, no oils, no nothing. I'm completely fine with that, but I don't want to get dried out skin from Nucelle or something else funky happening on my face if I get a bad reaction for some reason. I want my doctor focusing on where those lasers are pointing, not on my complexion! I know they are professionals but still, I think about these things.

That's pretty much it for now. I'm thinking I should have made this in the log forum instead of in the blogs. It's so quiet over here in the blogs, and it'd be fun to get some feedback. Maybe I should get cut and pasting... Eh, maybe later.


Just ordered Nucelle!

Well, I decided to go with Nucelle. It was the one of the three products I really wanted to try. I read it's good for sensitive skin (mine is so wimpy with dryness! :) ), so I thought it'd be a good place to start. I also read it's a type of AHA, so I think my skin will get used to it quickly as I've been using the Healthy Skin lotion twice daily for yeeeears now.

I got the 4 oz. bottle from skincarerx.com AND the MUA20 coupon for 20% off worked! Thanks to all the cool people who posted up those codes. I saved $7 :redface:

My backup plan if the Nucelle doesn't work with my skin is to go for Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion. Her site was actually sold out of the lotion (or it wasn't available for some reason...), so I took that as a sign from the acne powers that be that I should try the Nucelle first. I'm also positive I've tried BHAs in the past with no luck. But I do know that skin changes over time, so maybe it would work for my skin now. Ohhhhhh, being in your 20s with acne is so much fun. I'm saving the Green Cream as the last resort because it's the most expensive and seems to be great to use on wrinkles, which I don't have many of yet. I will DEFINITELY be trying that one down the road though!

I can't wait for my Nucelle to arrive! I want to use it in the morning and the BP at night and hopefully get to the point where I just can use Nucelle twice daily with a moisturizer and no BP. It's inspirational to read people's logs who can do that... simple regimens are the best!

Eeek, I just realized my Lasik surgery is four days away on Thursday! I'm a little nervous but also really excited. I've had glasses and contacts since 7th grade... How great would it be if I ditched the glasses and confusing skin regimen in the same year!?!

Well, I promised the dog to go for a walk and then to Petsmart, so I had better go make good on my promise. :D


Background info...

Hi everyone,

I've been lingering around the org for months now and love this place! Thanks to all the great info on here, I decided to step up my effort with my skin. I've been doing the DKR for about a month. I've apparently got wimpier skin than I thought, because when I ramped up to a pump and a half 2x a day, I got this nasty peeling around my t-zone. It also looked like I had dirt next to my nose on both sides because my skin turned a dark tannish color from being so dried out and irritated! :D Long story short, I decided my skin needed to be babied, so I'm back to doing a half pump of Dan's BP in the morning and one pump at night. I'm going to go slow, slow, slow. My acne is mild at this point, so I'm hoping to not have to go all the way to two pumps. At this rate, it would be next fall by the time my face could handle it! I do want to stick with the DKR, because I have seem improvement as long as I don't dry out my face too much!

Anyway, the DKR has done great things for the inflamed stuff (as long as I don't let my face get too dried out... then it's, hello, whiteheads...), but now I've got these little purging pores all over my face and little clogged up bumps too. I think (hope :) ) they aren't visible from a few feet away, so that's a comfort anyway. My goal at this point is to incorporate something else into my regimen to get these little nasty pores clear and to exfoliate my skin more. I'm thinking of using Paula's Choice BHA, Nucelle, or Green Creme. I want to keep this log, so I can keep track of my progress. And, heck, if someone else can learn something from what I'm doing, even better!

Just to give a quick (or not so quick... have tried EVERYTHING) history on my zit crusades, I'll first say acne runs in the fam. Thanks, mom. I remember my first pimples in 4th grade. By 8th grade I was going to a dermatologist, and did all the fun stuff they can give you there. I think I might have done some of it twice! By the time I got to 11th grade, I got put on Accutane. (Also just found old during 'tane photos... not good for the old self-esteem.) I think it worked to clear up my chest and bacne, but three months after I ended, I got the lovely deep painful acne back on my face. They usually popped up in twos or threes. Fun stuff. Then I did did Proactiv for a year with good results, when, poof, one day it just stopped working. The best part is that when I called them to cancel my orders, they asked if I wanted to ramp up to the extra strength formula. Como say what, Proactiv? You don't show that on the infomercial... Then I found B5. I got good results with that and was clear for a couple years after that. In the last couple of years, the spots slowly started to creep back but not the icky painful, lingering ones like I used to have, thank God. I do think my acne is mild, but in the last year and a half it slowly got worse and worse. I credit the birth control I was on for that. I not-so-affectionately have dubbed it "the devil's birth control." But different things work for different people, so maybe I shouldn't give it that name... Naw. I'm keeping it. :evil: Just for the record, I'm 25 (and still waiting to grow out of acne. Ha!)

Here's my regimen each day. If I can figure out how to make a signature :redface: , I'll put it there too.


Cetaphil cleanser

1/2 pump Dan's BP

Neutrogena Healthy Skin w/ AHA + Olay Complete Moisture + Dan's jojoba


Cetaphil cleanser

Baby brush exfoliate

1 pump Dan's BP

Neutrogena Healthy Skin w/ AHA + Olay Complete Moisture + Dan's jojoba

I know it's not recommended to use the Healthy Skin lotion so early on in the regimen, but I'd used it as my moisturizer before starting the regimen, so my skin is handling it well. Plus, I really think my skin needs help shedding off the old cells. I have a hunch that's what's causing the clogged up little pores right now. Besides my regimen, the only other thing I do is drink a big green smoothie everyday. I just do it because it's healthy, and I like it. I suppose it won't make my skin worse by any means either. Just a thought... could those smoothies be causing my skin to purge??? I had stopped them for a couple months and got back into making them when I started the DKR... hmmmmm :redface:

Alright. I'm off to research more about what I want to add into my regimen! Thanks for reading. :angel:

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