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OK, well technically it's Day 8 (nearly 1 am where I am), but stop being so picky. I've had virtually no side effects whatsoever so far, but no positive changes either. Maybe my derm gave me her stash of smarties by mistake? If so I suspect she's in a much worse position than I am right now...

I've been using sun-cream when I go out, although I haven't really felt the need for it. The skin on my cheeks became slightly irritated and red one evening two days ago but it was fine by the morning. One problem is that shaving is quite unpleasant, but this was sometimes the case before the treatment too.

I really want to start exercising to get into shape - there's a new treadmill in my room just staring at me, but my derm told me not to exercise any more than I do already (i.e. never). I'm very tempted to just ignore her and risk it. Also, I have continued to use Duac cream (contains clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) every night - hope this doesn't interfere with the miracle drug.

Something went wrong with my blood test last week (the plasma spilled into the blood, or summat - I didn't really understand), so I had to have another one today (OKAY, yesterday - sheesh!). I fucken *hate* needles, so I wasn't too pleased about this. Anyway. I should get the results back in the coupla days.

Until then, then.


Okay, so I'm writing this blog primarily for myself, both so that I have a record of the experience and because, I'm told, writing things down can be therapeutic (it's a 'metatherapy', if you will). However, it might also be of use to someone else - certainly other people's blogs have proved very useful to me - so I've made it public.

Today was my first day on the treatment. I'm on a low dose - 30mg a day - which might be upgraded in six weeks depending on how I react. I have oily skin and mild acne - I wouldn't normally be eligible for accutane but I've tried so many other treatments with no effect that my dermatologist grudgingly gave her approval.

This morning at 7.30am I had a blood test - I was dreading this but it turned out to be a nothing - and took my first pills (a 10mg and a 20mg, taken together) this evening. Everything seems alright so far, but then it has only been a coupla hours.

Along with the 'tane I have also equipped myself with a lipsalve, a body moisturiser (Mediderm) and sun-cream (oil free, obvs). I've been using Duac cream 'till now and I still have a bit left - not sure whether its safe to use while on accutane, but I'm going to try it and see how it goes.

Alrightey, then - let's go!

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