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Soo.. its been almost 2 months since I've started accutane. Since I am at school and it requires me to drive home in order to have my derm appt and get my new prescription, my accutane treatment hasn't been necessarily continuous. Between my first and second month dosages, there was about 8 days when I didn't take accutane, and then my doctor increased my dosage from 20 mg/day to 40 mg twice a day MWF and 40 mg once a day for the rest of the days in the week - they told me it would average out to about 60 mg/day. So my skin generally I guess has been doing alright - I kind of expected more results by now because I don't have cystic acne, but I guess it doesn't really matter. The acne that was predominantly on my cheeks had started to clear up but its kinda weird bc my left cheek was originally worse than my right cheek, and those all went away and then i broke out on my right cheek - these are now starting to go away too. Recently, like maybe a week ago, I broke out on my forehead - these are not small pimples either, they're the deep ones that you can feel forming and they hurt. Also, QUESTION - did any one break out a lot on the sides of their face like almost on their neck next to your ears (its almost right on my jaw bone) on both sides?? I've never had acne there but when i started accutane, those came up and have been there since I started and I'm about 6.5 weeks in. I'm staying positive and optimistic though bc I am doing the accutane for the full 6 month period, which, I'm just going to say ends in about march or april and my best friend is getting married in may!!! and I'm in the bridal party - REALLY excited to have clear skin (cross your fingers) for the wedding!!!

As for side effects - there are only two things that really bother me.

1. My lips are REALLY dry but i'm using aquaphor at night and during the day, I use rosebud. ALL GIRLS - if you want a really good lip balm or chapstick, I would highly consider using rosebud - they make it in rose smelling, mint smelling, or strawberry, and they are just really, really good moisturizers for your lips. AND the rosebud mint lip moisturizer has a redish tint which makes it perfect to use if you're going out or even to work instead of wearing lipstick or lip gloss. You can get it from Sephora or just google rosebud lip moisturizer - i'm sure it will come up and where you can find it. Its not that expensive either... the strawberry kind is $6 and the mint and rose ones are $8 but they are well worth it. And you don't need to use a lot either - they all last a really long time. Note also .. don't leave them in hot temperatures.. because they WILL melt into the cap and its not fun trying to open it when you can't because it is stuck and all you want is for lips to stop being chapped. (as you can probably tell... this has happened to me multiple times!!!)

2. And twooo, my scalp is really really dry!! And I can't wash my hair that often because it makes it more dry. I feel like i've developed excema from the accutane on my scalp - any suggestions of what I can use to ease this problem? I like that i don't have to wash my hair often especially because ITS NEVER greasy anymore - i could probably go for a week before it got greasy ... don't worry, i don't do that - that would be really gross. but any suggestions for this problem would be spectacular. Thanks.

Oh, and I know I said I was going to take weekly pictures... yeah, that hasn't worked - I'm just really busy with school and soccer, but soccer is over now, so hopefully I'll ahve more time and be able to get some pictures up!!

thanks to all that read this, and if you're able to answer any of the questions - please help me out!!



first day of accutane!!

Today was the first day of my accutane treatment - I AM SOOO EXCITED to see results!!

I am 20 years old and I have mild to moderate acne since I was about 14 years old. I've used many oral medicines, tried yaz birth control - formed a blood clot from it, sooo i'm banned from all hormonal birth control, have used benzaclin, finacea gel, and retin-A. At first with using doxycycline, benzaclin, and Retin-A when I first saw my dermatologist 3 years ago, my acne got better but then it just started to stay the same, then it got worse again - so we tried lots of other things, but nothing really ever got it. I tried Yaz birth control june 2007 and by august 2007, i had formed a blood clot in my right leg - I was put on blood thinners for 3 months while i was still taking the doxycycline and it cleared my face up but once I stopped taking the blood thinners, my acne returned. After that my doctor tried spiranolactone with finacea gel and retin-A and my face just got continually worse. Now after 6 months of that and 3 years later, I started my first day of accutane!

Seriously being a girl and not being able to use birth control is the WORST when using accutane. I had to go through all these extra things besides ipledge to be able to use it. I don't have the cystic nodular acne so my doctor only put me on the 20 mg of generic brand accutane. She said a study was done a couple years ago that researched the effects of 20 mg vs 60 mg. The people on 20 mg had the same results with less side effects - soo that means hopefully not as much drying! My acne is just really persistent - i have little bumps - not the kind you can see really but more of when i touch my face i can feel them and its so annoying - actually the annoying part is that i know they're there. Oh and my face is REALLY oily, like i get oily after 20 minutes - I've heard that Asians have oilier skin than other people, sorta the reason why they don't form wrinkles as easily. Well I'm half Asian, half American I guess you could say (my dad is from the US). Anyways, I only have a few larger whiteheads but not very large and then the zits on my cheeks are all really red all the time and just all clumped together - its disgusting and i hate wearing make up all the time. I've given up on wearing make up sometimes, especially at soccer practice - i just sweat it off anyways and i get it all over my practice gear which eventually just stains it no matter how much it is washed.

Oh, I should mention this... I play college soccer (ps - we just got ranked #9 in the region - region is made up of 75 teams!!!). I'm not making fun of other people, but I'm not one of those girly girls that play soccer - i don't roll my shorts up my ass or duck and cover when the ball is flying at my face. I am a girly girl outside of soccer, but during soccer, i'm pretty intense. Also, (now that i'm on a tangent), I hate it when people ask me if I'm good - if you want to know if Im good, come and watch a game and make your own judgement. Good to me and good to you are 2 different things. I hate when people boast, so I won't do it. At times, I think I play well, but I'm also a pretty harsh critic. okayyy, well since thats done... i have given up on wearing make up at soccer - the only reason I did it before was because i was self conscious of my pimples and wanted to cover them so they appeared less red, welll i realized that since i just sweat it off , they appear more red anyways.

okayy, welll i would write more because honestly i could go on for forever about how excited I am to start this process but I have to go to bed because i have a game tomorrow. I think I'm going to post pictures, but only at the end of every week - I don't want my roommate to think I'm crazy when I'm taking pictures of myself every day, haha. Alrighttt, good night to anyone who may read this.

:naughty:* later.

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