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Hello Everyone and welcome!!

Just to introduce to you all. I have been suffering for acne for about 13 years now. I am 23 and have been on every type of treatment imaginable including maybe five different systemic antibiotics and three topicals - having been on antibiotics for almost a whole year in total. I finally decided that my life was just WAY too affected by acne and that the time had come to nip it in the bud!! Make way for accutane!! I had been waiting to go on this for a year because last year I was sitting my finals in university and didn't want to end up with any (further!!) emotional problems in what was a really important year for me, so I left it til finishing. So, newly graduated in July I attended my dermatologist today and STARTED roaccutane this evening..so here is the situation as it stands. I have a few cystic spots and some scars and general AWFUL texture of my skin from underlying but unerupted?? spots. But ironically my skin is in better condition than it has been in the past. However still extremely worthy of getting roaccutane. So I would like to welcome you all to my journal of my roaccutane treatment - for anyone out there who is considering going on this treatment as I read someone else's blog and found it extremely helpful for what to expect while on roaccutane and ultimately helped me to make the final leap into ROaccutanedom!! Took first tablet one hour ago and... so far so good...no anaphylaxis anyway...must go buy my lip moisturiser tommorow! SOoooo excited!! Any questions are always welcome!! I feel the pain - we're all in this together!! xx E. :naughty:

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