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The day that never comes

Day 33

I think it's day 33 anyway.

Went back to the Derm today, she bumped me 30mg per day up to 65mg per day.

65mg for the next 6 weeks, nightmare. I'm slightly concerned about the extra side effects.

It's very bright red, acne spots still appearing in the usual places.

Reflecting my first month, I'm happy that I've finally started taking accutane. More so for the psychological factor that I know I've got a real tool for fighting acne.

I'm worried about the next three or four weeks, I have a massive period coming up in University which requires me to do lots of presentations. I'm not expecting it to be clear, I'm to realistic for that, just hoping it's not Quasimodo-type.

The day that never comes

Day 29

Acne is still stubbornly remaining as expected.

Face still red

Nose and lips still very dry.

Blackheads however seem to be less in numbers.

The day that never comes

Day 20

I think my blackheads have came out in force the last couple of days. There's seems to be a jungle on my nose and mouth area, and on my chest.

My skin is dry but I moisturise a couple of times a day to help that. Lips are dry, but again it's not really a problem. Face and scalp gets itchy.

I'm getting the odd spot here and there, I'm still afraid in case I wake up one day and I've mutated into some acne infested Klingon as a result of the roaccutane.

Redness/rosacea on my face hasn't dimmed at all. This is what I really want rid of.

13 days until I revisit the dermatologist who is due to up my dosage.

The day that never comes

Day 15

Face still dry, lips still dry and a bit redder the last couple of days. I seen to have a lot more blackheads than usual.

Also, I think I'm getting a touch of dandruff. My scalp is really dry and when I itch it, small bits of skin fall off. I'm not too bothered though.

Couple of new spots here and there, nothing major though. Only worried about the increase in blackheads and redness.

I hope it looks reasonable at least in time for Friday (today is Monday). I'm starting a postgraduate course in Economics and I'm meeting the people on the course for it. Been dreading it for months, to be honest, because of the acne. I'm hardly expecting it to be clear, just at a level like the last couple of days where I can hold my head up.

The day that never comes

Day 12

Still getting loads of whiteheads and blackheads, not many red papules yet. I can feel one or two spots coming on though which is slightly deflating my confidence in the treatment.

I wonder if these whitehead/blackheads will go away under roaccutane treatment? They form into bigger spots soon enough. Even though they're not as noticeable from a distance, they're still awful to have.

Skin is still pretty dry, and using lip balm very regularly.

The day that never comes

Days 1-10

Days 1-6 had very little to report.

Felt as though my acne looked slightly better, hardly any new papules. However, I know what's heading in my general direction with regards to break outs and side effects.

Acne-free life is a massive consolation to any side effects (as long as they're not life threatening of course).

Days 7-9

Feel my skin getting slightly dryer, and my accutane flared up slightly. If this is what my initial breakout is, I'll take it happily.

Lips are certainly getting dryer.

Day 10:

Skin is ultra dry. Even I look at it the wrong way, it flakes. I am moisturising though which helps temporarily. Lips are very dry, getting a lip balm soon.

Lots of pink scars from past acne papules. ('past' being the last few weeks)

Whiteheads haven't stopped coming up. Neither have the blackheads on my nose.

The day that never comes

Hi there,

I've been lurking on acne.org for about three years and finally joined it. I feel knowledge is power, the more experiences available online on a drug like accutane can only help. Hopefully you can relate to myself, possible reading this in a couple of years and can gather hope from it.

About me:

  • 21 year old male from Glasgow, Scotland
  • Had acne for 3 & 1/2 years
  • Moderate acne
  • Both cheeks seem to be always covered with scarring and new spots
  • Lots of blackheads on nose
  • lots of whiteheads around nose and under lip
  • Rosacea
  • Tried many private/public medicines in the past, all have failed
  • Started accutane 10 days ago
  • 30 mg per day
  • One month course initially, then moving up in dosage for another two months (Three months in total)

I just finished an Economics degree at University, but my life was a nightmare in the sense that I could barely lift my head up and go to classes. Psychologically and mentally, acne is incredibly demanding and it took its toll when I was practically on my knees for accutane.

I have read many blogs, most seem to be female which is difficult for a male to relate to because of the different hormone patterns and general biology.

Since this my first post, hopefully looking back on this in a few months I can see hope or improvement. I need my life back, acne has taken so much away form me.

If you're reading this, then there's a fair chance you'll be researching other people's experiences on the 'tane, as the cool people call it. :naughty:

I hope you well, I hope you gain something from this blog and I hope you also fight acne successfully.

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