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I hate being a girl sometimes

Yea it's that time of month again *sorry fellas for the info and ladies I know you feel me on this one* but I am DEFINITELY getting it next week... PMS sucks

Broke out HEAVY... I got this nasty big zit under my chin (I don't know why all my breakouts gravitate there now.. I usually get pimples in the usual cheeks and forehead..) and I broke out on my forehead as well.. not a happy camper

Face is OILY ... crazy oily .. :) why me..

Hopefully it will go down by tomorrow.. but who knows... I will try not to think about it....


Ehh... not too happy

So I woke up today ... broke out under my chin.. ugh

It probably has to do with the fact that I didn't do my daily facial regimen like I usually do (I was being a bum yesterday) but yea now it's going to take FOREVER for it to go down since I don't have prescribed meds... I miss my benzamycin and retin A :naughty: SUCKS TO NOT HAVE INSURANCE!!!

But I did my usual wash in the morning and evening and it's definitely less oily (I have combo/oily skin) so.. maybe less breakouts will come ...

That's all for now.. thanks for reading !

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