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I am a 22 year old male and am frustrated about my acne and my ability, or lack there of, to beat it. I have tried a variety of treatments over the counter and prescribed and I cannot seem to find anything that will do the trick. I would like to discuss an issue that I have come across about acne treatments. Through my personal research and visits to a dermatologist, I have never been presented with what the gender differences are regarding acne. This bothered me so I did a little digging on my own. Below is what I have come up with.

Men have smaller sebaceous or oil glands. This should be considered when buying a product for a man versus a woman.

Men have more oil in their skin. This means that men skin is more susceptible to acne relate problems

Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin. We need a product that is able to penetrate to the source of the problem.

Male skin is more fragile and ages differently.

For all of these reasons I feel that I should not be using a universal product for all. Anyone know of a solution or experience similar frustration?

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