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after one year

woooow i havent loged in a year!! im off accutane for 8 months now it has been great i have been clear from almost the 2nd month after my treament i have had several zits every now and then nothing big i had several raised bumps but they soon cleared coz of the hot weather and all i decided to write this entry coz i remember how it was like and how awful i felt and i kept reading blogs searching for success stories and when accutane started working and what to use along with like moisturizer and wash so to all who are suffering currently or starting accutane, hang in there... it's really WORTH it :):D


day 49

no much change has happened, the clogged pores are no longer bothering me,my red marks are slowly fading, but whats bothers me is that when i do get pimples every now and then they are hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and very painful and they leave a big red patch :S:S:S

side effects: not much just the cracke lips my skin isn't too dry, it is just not oily

current skin condition,: two large actives and many red marks on the cheek area


day 31

okay no much changes i get the usual small white heads which go away within a a day or two many prominant red marks which are really annoying does anyone know any home remedy or any product for the red marks that can be used while on accutane? please if anyone knows don't hesitate to mention it...

mving on i still get these weird chest pains when i lean forward or lie down and i forgot to tell my derm about it :), the worst side effect really is the awful flushing once i get out of my house and do the slightest effort i turn all red and peole actually tell me are you feverish???!! and my friends get reeally worried about me and ask me if i need a ride, it is really embarrasing...


1st month...check

okay so this is day 28 for me which means one month is finally overrrr... no significant changes since the last time i have two small white heads on the two cheeks, and many red marks oh and i did this stupid stupid stupid mistake...the huge zit on my chin it accidently popped when i was asleep and i heard from someone that if you put on it n drop of lemon juice it won't scar but the complete opposite happened i woke up with this awful red mark as if it was burnt so i guess it won't go away in any time soon. :)

but the red marks are really what's killing me i hate them, does anyone feels like he/she can't look at any person in bright day light?????!!!! i hate this feeling

that's all for now


day 25

so far so good no major changes, the left side of my face is healing pretty well but my right side has lots of prominant red marks which are very visible, i have one new zit on the right side of my chin and one above it which i picked and it turned into a dark colour (i just couldn't resist :redface:)

remeber bahie no picking :):D

my face isn't dry yet, and lips one day they are chapped and the other they aren't, it's cool though

that's all i guess


day 22

this stuff is so amazing really, i mean what type of acne is that????

i uused to have cystic acne only no zits or small pimples or any of that now i have these very small white heads in the size of a pinhead they aren't bugging me or anything i just never had them and the weirdest thing happened i had this active which was over but i felt it was filling again then when i slept today (u know these 5 hours naps, accutane makes me very tired!!!), i found it was just a small red mark hmmm interesting :)

my concern is some people told that u can't eat certain types of food while on accutane like chocolats and fried foods is his true???? it didn't concern coz i don't usually eat them but a couple of days ago i had fudge brownies which were just too yummy to resist :D

i have dry eyes, chapped lips, not very dry face just not oily anymore and few back pains, and my appointement with the derm is tomorrow so i'll keep it updated...


day 17

things are okay so far i have one active which is so strangs coz i slept foronly 3 hours and woke up BAAAAAAAAAAM there it was i doesn't hurt or anyything and it has a small white head which is a breakthrough for me yaaay my face is not so dry BUT my lips are chapped really and i noticed i get scratches very easily i don't know how i just find them, some of myy clogged pores are coming to a head but they are actually increasing in number which really sucksss....

so far that's it


start of week 3

it's a smooth sale so far no actives, my red marks are slowly fadding and the clogged pores are coming to small heads which soon dry and fall, but my biggest concern is will have Intial breakouts???? i mean how long does it take for them to appear? i am afraid i'll wake up one day with my face covered in zits after it's on its way of being clear now ... :S:S

my face is dry and peeling but i took care of it thanks to NIVEA moisturizer and my hair isn't greasyyyyyyyyy anymore luv it luv it luv it...


day 14

okay so i thought i should post today because i have noticed some changes in the last couple of days,

i have been complaining about not having side effects.... well let me just tell you "problem solved" and may i say in a ugly way, my lips are dry now but not the serious dry just alittle bit chapped nothing the chap stick can't fix, my face is dry no oil or what so ever and it is starting to peel a little, i didn't expect dryness wwould mean peeling so soon becaause it becomes so embarresing when i put my make up on and everyone sees the peels yuyksss :S but i willl try to moisturize more often, i have had few headaches which are mainly the worst thing but i can't blame it all on accutane i am not sleeping very much ( btw i am insomniac the kind that is still awake till becomes so tired and can't bear to stand) and i don't eat much too, i have also noticed that i had some minor chest pains a couple really thats it and nly when i lean forward i will bring this up to my derm on the next appointement.

skin condition: no actives, one pimples that has already dried many red marks on both cheeks and ccchin area and few red clogged pores.


good newsss

okay so this is amazing i know that not much changes can happen from ystrdy but i can finally sense some diff my face is dry totally, i stopped washing it for the whole day and no oiiiiillllll weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :naughty::naughty: this is a breakthrough from me a huge one, and i have been counting no painful actives since accutane cept maybe one or so, many red marks and clogged pores which become flatten every day so i am very pleased with the prgress my face is still far from healing but it's cool

and as far as for any other side effects none... mostly because of my low dose, maybe few headaches but i have always been a headache peson and a panadol addict so can't blame it on accutane i don't even have dry lips, i know it's a long ride so i am still exxpecting the worst


day 11

okay so is this normal?!!!

i'm in week two and still no difference i know it's too soon and i'm not exactly anxious too have the side effects and the dry flakingg skin but my face is like an oil welllll and my lips aren't dry at all, my face on the other hand is not so bad, i did have some breakouts after starting tane but they were okay i still have many clogged pores which are really bothering me...

current state: two actives, numerous red marks and clogged pores on both cheeks mainly and the chin area


weeks 1&2

okay i started accutane on sep 1st have been on it for 10 dayys now honestly i feel no diff at all

no dry face or dry lips maybe the oil is a little lesser but i donno one thing :shifty:though i no more have cysts of the type i mentioned the( the pea sized cysts) but instead my whole face is bumpy tiny bumps which are not red at all and can be seen if the light hits certain angle i noticed that some of the form a very tiny head weird huh?!!! i never had this before is this the IB every ones talks about :naughty:

i feel really depressed when i wash my face it feels like sandpaper:S:S has anyone had this before please if anyone did tell me and if it goes away soon????!



ok so i am so new on acne.org i felt i should write down my acne progress while i'm on accutane to help others know more as other blogs did for me let me start by saying i am 19 and female i had no problem with acne or what so ever i used to give advice to others about their skin for gods sake!!!!!!!!! i started having acne earlier this year in jan few cystic ones didn't realy bother me then i had a huge flare one month after i used all kinds of treatments BP, azelic acid, retin A which majorly damaged ma face in conjunction with oral antiboitics worked fine with few but terrible cysts every week or so then the party really started this summer!!!!! i became a pizza girl in a matter of a week initially thought it was an allergy but it turned out i only had my hopes up to much

anyway my derm put me on oral antiboitic clindamycin together with diffren fas a spot treatment for two weeks didn't seem to work much, and then he prescriped me accutane(sotret) 20 mg for 6 month

my acne condition when i started wasn't bad i guess that's the reason for the low dose i had few but huuuuge zits thatt would just keep filling for weeks and leave huge red marks like ketchup stains:D

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