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Progress report on my acne problems.

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Novan SB204 - Entering Phase 3 clinical trials as of Early 2016

Successful completion of Phase 2B: https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02242760?term=Novan&rank=3


Mimetica MTC896 - Entering Phase 2 clinical trials as of Mid 2015 



Dermira DRM01 - Entering Phase 2B clinical trials as of late 2015



Sebacia Sebashells Gold nanoparticles - Entering clinical trials Soon



Progress Report 1

The acne on my face has definitely been reduced since using Dan's cream. I stopped using it for a week to see what would happen. After a couple of days, I started to see small white bumps all around my face especially around my forehead and cheeks. I reused Dan's cream and I saw results after a few days. The issue and I am still dealing with now is I still get acne in the area below my mouth. The area is very red and has a lot of dark blotches. I can see alot of small white bumps. I think it is clogged pores or milia? Gotta figure out a way to clear. I try to squeeze the white stuff out I don't want to irritate the skin and cause more acne.

My regiment:


Warm Wash Cloth <------NEED TO BUY THIS

Gently clean face.

Dry face and wait couple of minutes

Put on Dan's cream. Wait 5 minutes.

Put on moisturizer


Shower and wash face with facial cleanser.

Warm Wash Cloth on face.

Dry face and wait couple of minutes

Put on Dan's cream. Wait 5 minutes.

Put on moisturizer. Wait for it to be absorbed into skin.

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