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Hey guys!

Good news, I heard from a close friend of mine that there's a new acne treatment that is gender-specific! I looked into it and its legitimate.

Its called CTRL, and there's one for guys and one for girls. It uses something called 5α Phyto-Technology and is gender sensitive. It uses salicylic acid so it gets the job done in 2 steps rather than 3 or 4.

I'm happy to see that it makes a point of being paraben-free.

I'll post again when I learn some more about it. But for now you can check it out at: ctrlacne.com


Me and my sister have both been using Proactive for some time now, and my sister is seeing great results while I'm seeing very little. My sister is trying to tell me that its because guys have thicker and more oily skin, and that I need something that reaches deep down into my follicle.

Could this be true?

Does anyone else share my problem??

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