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I have this unsightly hypertrophic acne scar on my nose and even though I still have acne blemishes on my face, is virtually the only reason I created this account. I have sought answers for years but have just found my pessimism growing stronger. Here are the only things I can tell you about it:

1) It use to be a zit. Apparently scar tissue developed over it so even though it isnt a zit anymore (the surface is soft) it remains on my nose.

2) Its been on my nose for 4-5 years now.

3) I can't do sh*t about it.

The only thing the doctors have done is inject cortisone into it a few times, but have basically refused to contiue for the risks of continual injections. Dermatologists all seem to be dumbstruck by the problem and apparently have never seen it before. The thing is, even though I understand this problem I suffer from isn't exactly a ubiquitous one, it isn't unique either. I have seen the exact type of hypertrophic scaring on other people's very noses as well! But hypertrophic scaring seems to have even the most presitigous dermatologists nascent to the subject.

Considering this is a relatively big community, I'd figure I could find answers here for those who sypathize or even empathize the problem. But this blog post is nothing more than a last desperate attempt to find answers. So please digress on this seldom talked about subject, and contribute any knowledge you may have been blessed with. Thank You.

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