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have not been updating this blog for ages, despite myself still browsing through sections in the forum.

so here goes my first post for 2009.

well i've definitely definitely definitely(!) seen huge improvements in my complexion as time goes by.

i'm still into shiseido's products, they're gentle enough for my sensitive skin plus i want to play safe.

the redmarks have faded significantly over the months.

and nope, i've not been using any peels/ remedies whatsoever.

just cleanser, softener, moisturiser.

oh yes and one thing, sunscreen! with spf of course. this is one thing i must say goes a long way to better skin. a bonus to that is that it helps to cover some of the redmarks because it's tinted.

it's only till i've gotten a sunscreen that i regret not getting one earlier. it really does help!

in this year,

i no longer get continuous zits(you know, one heals and another comes popping out) coming out to say hello.

just a couple in a month or more.

also, time is an awesome healing agent. i impress myself with how much i've gone through in 2008 with acne and redmarks bombarding my cheeks.

sounds a little thick skinned here :dance:

all the best to any readers out there,

you have my support!


i don't get it

why is it that redmarks for some ppl last merely a few days/weeks,

yet they last months or even years for some?

for me i guess it's because i have sensitive skin?

maybe that explains why marks take months to fade for me.

i don't know.


my red marks are definitely better than before.

no doubt they've faded.

but i guess the pace they're fading just isn't fast enough for my satisfactory.

i guess i'll just have to put up with the waiting.

when they've finally all faded, and my complexion is finally all cleared up, i'll look back and realise all that i've gone through.

this is just a part of life, isn't it?

ending off with the same comforting quote that never fails to push me on,

we'll never get to experience life to the fullest without being ugly before.

not literally 'ugly', but in the near future, we will definitely become 'better-looking' (in that sense) when it's all cleared up. and it will.

yes i'm a little greedy over here to hope that my red marks will just go off a bit faster.

but i'm certain i have the patience.

what about you?

take care all.


keeping it moist

last time i wonder why some products only work for a while, then somehow they don't seem to have any more effects on my skin.

so one day i asked this lady working at this cosmetics place.

she told me the problem is with moisturizing,

cause usually the anti-acne products overdry the skin.

she didn't really go in-depth as to why this overdrying of skin will cause the products to lose their functions, but as far as i know after i've taken the advice is that


yup my facial condition has improved so much.

i can't really promise that the products will work after moisturizing cause i don't really use any the anti-acne products.

anyhow, moisturizer has made my skin 'healthier', in the sense like hmm.. more radiance? more 'bouncy'?

sry i can't describe well..

keep it moist!!


what's working $_$

hey here's what working for me -


yes the products are rather costly as compared to other over-the-counter products, but i must say they're way worth the price.

shiseido is gentle, it doesn't dry out my skin like how neutrogena did.

in short, i love the shiseido line and would definitely recommend it!

what i've been using:

1- shiseido cleansing foaming fluid

got this as a sample,

this thing really gets rid of all that oil and dirt, leaves my face kinda tight after cleansing but there's moisturizer so no worries :naughty:

2- shiseido anti-shine refreshing lotion

man i love this!!! it's good! love the feeling after applying the lotion

minimizes pores and deal with shine problem

3- shiseido moisturizing gel-cream

moisturizes well, doesn't feel greasy or thick.

*****moisturizing is extremely important.

basically these 3 products are doing very very very well for me.

my acne has cleared, redmarks are fading (i wish they can go away faster), hardly any new zits forming, my skin is finally healthy-looking (besides the redmarks), no more flaking, no more dryness. my skin condition has improved a lot.

yes they're not cheap, but i guess it's more practical to spend on things that are really useful.

neutrogena didn't work for me

clean&clear didn't work for me

clearasil didn't as well

and all these amount to a huge sum of money.

glad to have found luck with shiseido :naughty:

they have samples to try out first, so it's more assuring when deciding whether or not they're worth the price.

good luck guys,

take care!


yup as the title suggests,

complexion isn't that bad actually..

without the red marks arghhhhhhhhhh

they're taking ages to go away :naughty:

good thing is i've stopped touching my pimples months ago.

so HOPEFULLY there won't be anymore new marks.

but that's not the case.

somehow for every pimple i get, whether i touch it or not (which i didn't), leaves a red mark!

the light ones are usually all right, but the big and redder (if there's such a word) ones linger on forever


in short, i have a damn pimple that has already come to a head, crap, i'm afraid it's going to leave another huge mark cause it's a huge head.

if everyone's acne free, whoa!

take care all :naughty:


i hope i have it controlled

all the zits have come to a head already,

no new zits so far.

red marks are fading, slowly though..

scars have significantly improved.

i hope i have it all controlled!

pls pls pls, let it work this time :naughty:

back to studying, exams!


take care everyone!


it has been 4 months

yup has been around 4 months since june's breakout.

red marks have significantly faded, but still red!

and that spoils the whole complexion.

there're actually only a few zits here and there, but the red blotches are just..

red and nasty :naughty:

right cheek's getting better.

anw i mentioned earlier about shiseido's anti-shine refreshing lotion.

i recommend it! then again, it's not one product specially for acne.. it helps in oil control and minimizing pores. but it leaves my face feeling nice after using it.

kind of costly but worth the price i would say.


haha this is kind of random but school was fun today!

i can't wait for clear skin but i'm sure it'll definitely come, hm?

ahh a phase of growing up i guess.

take care all!


red marks, any idea?

i've read that acv seems to work but i don't think i'm going to try it.

cause bp is too strong for my face so i'm afraid acv won't do any better.

left cheek is almost cleared now! like finally gosh.. since the june breakout.

right cheek still needs some time i guess.

but the red marks.. arghhhhh

when i had bad acne, i just wished they would clear.

now that it's not that bad anymore, i wish the marks will fade.

hm, greedy?

:naughty: take care!



is baking soda really effective?


haha ok i've decided to drop the idea of trying baking soda.

i guess less is more! if i'm my facial skin, i think i'll be quite burned out with so many products on me.

ahhhhhh hahahahhh ahhhhhhh




there's this huge bump on my right cheek.

i can foresee it's going to be a nasty one that's going to last long.. noooooooooooo, but yes :naughty:

the red scars from the previous pimples still linger, but definitely fading.

i remember a few months ago, i could see this patch of red across my cheeks miles away from the mirror. it's a lot better now!

i've been drinking either a cup of lemonade or grape vinegar daily.

seems to help control the condition a little, but i can't be sure yet.

anyhow, whether it helps or not, they do our health good!

oh just to share, shiseido's anti-shine refreshing lotion is not bad.

it's not specially for acne but it helps in oil control and minimizing pores.

i've been using it for 2 weeks, and i kinda like it! it's like relaxing my face or something haha yup.

shiseido's products are costly though..

i shall try it for a month and see if it's worth the price :naughty: so far, i'm on good terms with it!

take care


hey i'm new here!

hey i'm new here!

i had acne breakout starting this year. teenage acne i suppose, puberty hormones and stuff like that.

june my condition was terrible. i can't say it's a lot better now but seriously, june was REALLY BAD it's uncomparable.

somehow the pimples are only concentrated on both my cheeks, makes me feel kinda self-conscious whenever i face people.

i've tried lots of products.

clean&clear, neutrogena, etc.

but i'm still getting breakouts once every so often. can't really say which worked and which didn't. everything just seem.. neutral?

i'm still experimenting with the products.

i really envy people with smooth and clear skin.

i totally feel for those who, just like me, are battling acne.

ah when will all this end?

getting sick and tired of all these acne troubles already. then again, if you've never been ugly before, you'll never get to experience life to the fullest, agree?

cause next time when my acne's all cleared up and i look back, i'll be amazed at how i pulled through all these yay!

on the sidenote, i'm so glad there're so many out there willing to share and help combat acne. really, i was extremely impressed the first time i came to this site :naughty:

take care

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