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Last Saturday my skin was just awful. :( One week later using this cleanser and its a miracle!!! :( Within just three days I started to see a big improvement in my skin. I've always had oily and acne prone skin. :naughty: Usually I just used a cleanser specific for acne but now in my mid 30's, I'm starting to worry more about wrinkles. :boogie: Also for the longest time, I had these little bumps above my eyelid area and the texture was rough making eyeshadow look kind of scaly but I had gotten use to it being there. Recently though, I started forming more of these bumps around my face and and the bumps above my eyes seem to look bigger, I think it was from the excessive sun exposure over the summer. Anyhow I was really starting to freak out and was starting to consider a painful and expensive chemical peel or dermabrasion. :naughty: But before I went that route, I researched like crazy. I kept coming across reviews on this blemish cleanser and for the most part, they've been pretty positive so I thought why not and give it a try. I usually don't like drugstore cleansers, cleansers with fragrance, or with microbeads/exfoliations, and this had all three of my "no-no's". :( To my amazement though, three days and all those bumps were GONE. :redface: I was totally not expecting this cleanser to fix that problem and did not even notice it until I was checking out my skin one mid-day and finally noticed, "whoa, those bumps are gone?!". :boogie: I tell you my skin tone and texture has never looked so good in years and most of all, no acne! <<knock on wood>> :( I actually can't wait to wash my face every night because every morning my skin is improved even more. Hey, I'm as shocked and bewildered as anyone. Who knew you could get this kind of results this quickly with such a simple inexpensive drugstore cleanser. :naughty: If they ever discontinued this....oh my gosh, I don't even want to think about it. :redface:

I've also just started using the Total Effect Blemish Control Moisturizer. Hopefully I'll have good news on this one too!

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