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So I meant to start this blog over 2 weeks ago. Ooops. I've been taking pics of my face once a week for the past 3 weeks... I'll upload them soon.

So the short story is that I've been struggling with mild/moderate-persistent acne probably for at least 11 years. My skin cleared up for the most part during my college years, but then about a year ago it started breaking out probably worse than I've ever seen in my life. Nothing really helped, and I couldn't really pin point what caused this random mess to occur. I want to blame it on some kind of medication I started around the same time it started, but even going off all the meds didn't help it. So I tried a few things... salycilic acid peels/microdermabrasion (yeah, let me tell you... DO NOT GET MICROS ON ACTIVE BREAKOUTS NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU!), tea tree oil, the Boscia line (at Sephora), etc. I finally went to a derm and they suggested accutane, but I still wasn't ready to bite the bullet (even though my primary care Dr. had been suggesting it for years). So I was prescribed 100mg daily of doxycycline. It started working great at first! I really noticed a difference after about a month. Definitely not completely clear, but at least a noticable improvement. But then my skin randomly started breaking out again (which I now think could have been the seaweed toner from the Body Shop that I had been using). So... back to the derm I went. And this time I was ready to bite the bullet........

So far no huge hiccups. I'm on day 19 of accutane (sotret, 40mg) I'd definitely say I'm having an IB, but it's nothing worse than what I've been dealing with over the past year (at least not YET *knock on wood*). My skin is definitely drying out a lot... my lips are dry and chapped... and my eyes are itchy and dry. The typical symptoms so far, I guess. Though the past 3 nights right at dinner time I've had pretty bad stomach aches. Tonight and 2 nights ago were worse... and both nights I had one or two drinks with dinner. So I'm thinking there could be a connection with alcohol and the accutane (I know you're not supposed to drink while on it, but looking at the message boards here a lot of people didn't seem to have a problem with it, at least in moderation). Last night's tummy ache was more after dinner than before/during... so I guess over the next couple days I won't drink anything and see if I have the same problem... if I don't, I guess I know what caused it!

My next appt with the derm is Feb 4th. I'm thinking if my side effects haven't been too unbearable by that point she'll want to increase me to 80mg/daily. We'll see. The plan is to have me do a 6-8month course... hopefully it will be the only course!!!

My goal for the near future is to STOP PICKING!!! I have a horrible picking/popping problem and I just can't seem to leave my face alone no matter what I do. But I have to find a way.... i just keep getting all these scars which will stick with me long after my face gets cleared up [hopefully] by the accutane!!!

Hopefully I'll get in the habit of updating this more often, now that I've started it...

<3 M

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