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Now that my skin is clearing, I've realized how self conscious I was. Sure were all like that at some point of our lives, especially during adolescents. I rarely look in the morning when I go anywhere, theres no point. Maybe I'm just tired of looking at myself. taking tane has benefited me alot and I feel that tane should be the treatment of choice for acne, not just severe forms of it. this drug has a bad rep though its the only medicine that really cures acne, everyting else merely covers the signs of acne which are pimples, u still have the acne gene, and as soon as the meds are stopped it generally comes back worse and with a vengence!

washing with special cleansers, taking some supplement, or changing ur diet will never cure ur acne, though it may decrease. It sounds harsh, but it is true. Acne has been around since human existence, even Egyptian pharoahs had acne because they found pimple cream in their tombs. 80% of humans have or had some degree of acne, so don't feel bad. during ww2, they had a hospital in Guam dedicated for servicemen to get treatment for skin disorders like acne because it was so widespread in the pacific due to the environment they were fighting in.

acne is an overlooked part of our human history and is often a taboo subject.

if u have acne, get professional treatment. I am so against the commercial industry in advertsing new topical "treatments", it sickens me. oh yeah, don't forget my ongoing parasite research, any questions or comments are greatly appreciated.


Dazed and Confused

No replys, whatever, I'll still use this blog to document my research on the acne parasite connection. What I like to call the APC theory, lol. Maybe most people don't want to come to terms of having creepy crawlys in their intestines. Hey, I didn't either. I'm happy I did and seeing a return of my beautiful skin that suddenly disappeared when I was 18, tear drop...


So I figured why I developed a small breakout. as the body kills the parasites, they unleash a fury of toxins because they're little demons that are pissed off, well I'm pissed off too and they're all gonna die!!! And their graveyard is my toilet, I'll get the last laugh this time, lol. :naughty:

I've always had one or two pustules during my entire accutane cycle, they never seemed to go away totally. Since I started the parasite holocust in my intestines, my face no longer has any more actives and the redness has significantly disapeared. This could also be an affect of the Flagyl since it works similar to an antibiotic, though it only targets parasites.

This is a fun adventure I've begun, though it makes me sick to my stomach, literally.


Night of terror!!!

Things were going great earlier when I was hanging out at my brother's place playing some 360, until mother nature called. I have never seen a more disgusting sight in my life...I almost vomited. Lets say these meds are definetely killing off the parasites. The unknown has to be the scariest part of this whole ordeal. A typical person would never even think that theres organisms inside of them, causing all sorts of health problems(including acne). Before this I would have laughed and said that only happens in horror movies, yet parasites are everywhere! Ever have a cold that seemed to take forever to get rid of or started having diarrhea after eating some bad food. This is a major problem that goes unreported throughout the world. We humans are literally just hosts for these creatures. Makes u think what species is the most dominant on this planet. This is crazy and stupid at the same time. Some sick sypmtoms that'll gross u out, itchy rectum at night(caused by worms crawling down ur colon to lay eggs), inability to gain or eating excess of food due to parasites eating ur nutrients. This is serious! If u have mysterious abdominal problems and have acne, get tested. U don't have to travel around the world to get these things, they're everywhere. Let me know what u think, could this be bigger than Iraq having WMD?


Sorry, I'm late.

A small intro might help.

Hi, my name is Matt, and I came to AA(Accutane Annymous) to share my story. I haven't read any threads of anyone like me on here and thought readers might be given a tremendous amount of hope from my experience. I started taking isotretinoin 40mg twice a day on May 14, 2008 and if I had the opportunity to listen to myself 4 months in the future, things would have gone so much smoother.

What really separates me is that I am a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, a Devil Doc some might say and I have gone through hell and back, all with acne. It was never what anyone would call severe, but nontheless, I had acne. Alright, enough with the serious stuff, I hate trying to act serious. "Why so serious!"

Its been well over 4 months and I've seen a tremendous improvement from taking this. Luckily it has coincided with me being in the Reserves temporarily, so I've been able to take it easy.

I still have the occasional whitehead and the redness is fading, it takes time and patience. As soon as I find my camera I'll snap some shots and post em.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser has helped alot, which I use twice a day. I've been playing with my diet and have noticed sugar and milk products aggravate acne, even soy throws my hormones off. A healthy diet, alot of fluids, and exercise are really the way to go.

The past few days I've been dealing with two actives on my left cheek. The one is right below my eye and became severly red, which made me look like I had a black and blue eye, kinda badass I might say. I've never dealt with body acne which my derm thought was real wierd, just my face, also the fact I didn't develope acne until after I turned 18. I'm only 21 and I've only had acne for about 2.5 yrs, most of which I've been in the Navy, not fun standing for inspection with a pimple on my face, though I believe I took some pitty for it, looking so young and fighting for this country.(tear drop) I still have trouble buying cigarettes and don't even mention alcohol. Last time I bought some tequila, the guy made me sign a paper stating I was who I said I was and claimed all responsiblity. Don't worry about my health, I don't smoke or drink, those were on rare occasions.(mom would kill me!)

The real reason I'm posting here is the likelyhood that the majority of acne is parasite related. Having a medical background will also benefit u, the reader, alot. Since I've developed acne I've had unknown abdominal ailments that have come and gone. Last week I went to be tested for parasites just to elimate the variable, since parasite infection can cause acne since they release toxins into ur body! Two days ago I found out the results...I have parasites! Little creepy crawlers that are living off of me in my digestive system, yuck!!! So now I'm taking Flagyl 500 mg with every meal. Everyday for the duration I take these meds, I will document my skin and my overall health. I am still taking isotretinoin since I don't want to interrupt my cycle, but I feel I may have found the answer for many out there, get tested! :naughty:

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