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It seems like all I do these days is stress about my skin, and after having NO LUCK AT ALL with the worlds worst dermatologist, I decided that I should see my Gyno and really talk about hormones and acne, and PCOS and Birth Control. I sat down in his office last night and I was feeling so very anxious and nervous!

Last week when I called to make an appointment, my usual gyno was booked up so I asked to be made an appointment with whoever else was available in the shortest amount of time possible. Luckily I got someone, and he turned out to be a really nice, caring and wonderful doctor! We talked a lot and he answered all of my questions and by some miracle of God he did not shut down the idea of me trying and taking Spironolactone! I told him I'd been researching it for weeks, and he listened to what I had to say, and I listened to all of his points as well. I went into everything, he reviewed all my charts and previous tests and history and I told him how YAZ cleared my skin, but gave me such terrible side effects... the main one being anxiety. He said it himself that YAZ is known to cause higher levels of anxiety in comparison to some other BCPs. I also said that I was hesitant about birth controls such as YAZ or Yasmin because of all the things I hear about blood clots and heart failure and the like. He actually said that a lot of it is blown out of proportion and that a lot of said birth controls do the same thing, it depends on who you are, your medical history, if you smoke, what you life style is like. You can't just base you're decision on a commercial that you may have seen. Regardless of all this, I am still hesitant about starting BC again.

So after having an in depth conversation, he ordered up a slue of blood work for me, testing me for PCOS, and checking my all my hormone levels as well. He does not think that I have PCOS because I don't have a lot of the symptoms that go along with it. My main issue is having an irregular, sometimes non existent flow and horrible acne around my jaw, chin and cheeks.

I have to call in next week to get all of the results from my blood work, and then he will probably start me on a low dosage of Spiro to see how my body reacts to it.

All in all I think I've made good strides in the right direction. Back in September when my skin started breaking out again I felt myself spiraling down a dark path. Two years ago when my acne first made its presence known I got so terribly depressed. Never in my life had I ever had such a drastic change in my skin. It ruined me. I go to fashion school in Manhattan and I am surrounded by beautiful girls and guys who look flawless EVERYDAY. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't self conscious about how others see my skin. The birth control did wonders for me... but the side effects were something I couldn't handle. Birth Control will always be my last resort.

Another thing that shot me down was after having a "consultation" at the dermatologist, it just made me even more depressed because she didn't do shit for me. I spent 45 minutes in a waiting room, then another 15 minutes in the actual room for her to come see me, and when she finally got there, she looked at my face for 2 seconds and started writing me out prescriptions for medications, without even asking me of my history or anything. Not to mention one of the prescriptions was over 200 dollars. I felt like she didn't give a damn and just wanted to get the hell outta there. I very well could have tried to get another derm, but it takes too much time, it's a lot of money depending on if my insurance covers it and it's more stress then it's worth.

So for now, I wait. I wait for my blood tests to come in and then I go from there. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens after that! I am pretty good at waiting :D


It's starting again... and I'm freaking out. I was on YAZ for 6 months... and it cleared my skin! I didn't even have to wash my face, that's how clear and controlled YAZ made my skin!! After a while though, I just wanted to stop... I did gain some weight... about 7 pounds I'd say... which I guess isn;t much, and people said I looked the same, like I hadn't gained any, but I felt as though I had... Anywhos, I went off YAZ in April... and for a few months my skin stayed the same... crystal clear... however around mid summer... end of June/July I started noticing those little tiny bumps on my forehead... and it made me think of last summer... when I got those little tiny bumps on my forehead which signified the start of my terrible acne!!! However, the bumps seemed to dissipate after I used normal cleansers... so I pressed on... it is now the end of August and I have severe acne all around my mouth and chin... and pimples on my forehead :naughty: :naughty:

I just started school again... and again I am stressing majorly over my skin, and on top of that my period is gone! I missed it last month!

I am going to start taking YASMIN next month... that is, if I get my period... **crossing fingers**

I hope it clears my skin... I've nevr tried YASMIN... I'm just afraid that I will always have to use BC in order to have clear skin... I can't help but think of long term side affects... I'm just a mess rite now... I have class at 6PM and I don't want to be seen!

I'm sorry, this was just TOO depressing!!!

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