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Sudden Breakout

Here is my history with acne:

I had mild acne in 2006 which I didn't treat. In 2007 I had moderate-severe acne. I began treating with prescribed creams (clindamycin & tazorac). I stopped within a week as I broke out more from them. I was also getting facials that did help but it wasn't enough. I was also very stressed and depressed from 2007 - 2008. Thankfully I found acne.org and started the regimen in 2007. I think I saw results after 3 months. I was completely clear in 2009. By then I had begun slacking on the regimen and when I entered college, I occasionally broke out. There was always a pimple or 2 on my face along with scars. From then, my acne was mild until June 2012.

In the first week of June, I had probably 2 pimples; they were either a cyst or nodule. I am never sure. saywhat.gif

I went to an MV shoot in which I was out from 10 AM - 3 AM. It was a dirty, sweaty day. I definitely touched my face with dirty, dirty hands. The next day I noticed new pimples and each day after that. Now I have cysts/nodules, papules, and pustules everywhere.


I forgot how it felt to have severe acne. I went straight back into the regimen but I wasn't seeing any results. That was because my BP had expired! I just found out that BP expires 6 months after its been opened. Well I purchased another one and I think it's slowly getting better. I'm also taking 150 mg of Doxycycline Hycalate daily. I'm not sure if I'm experiencing side effects as I was using 5% BP while waiting for Dan's BP to arrive in the mail. My eyelids and skin are very dry, and I decreased BP use to once a day. I am also having a sore throat which started on 8/4/12, the day I went rafting. I also haven't been able to sleep well.

Ugh. I'm just so tired of this battle. I thought it was over and done with. My goal right now is to get clear or at least decent skin before my best friend's birthday party.


Comodegenic Levels

Here is the site: http://www.acne-skin...ingredients.pdf

You can research on google about ingredients that cause acne and breakouts, and it rates ingredients that are found in beauty products from makeup to lotions on a scale of 1-5. Experts say that if the score is between 0-2 that i should be okay on your skin, and any ingredient rated 3-5 in comodegency or irritancy should not be used on your face. And if the ingredients in your product are not on the list then you should be 100% sure they would not cause a breakout. I checked every ingredient, and nothing. There are very natural ingredients in their products.

It also says on their site that they are non comodegenic and made for acne and sensitive skin and would not cause breakouts, but I just checked the site just to be completely sure what I was using on my face was not breaking me out. And reviews on it with people who have acne, did not report any breakouts with it.

Source: Help Needed: My Makeup Is Breaking Me Out On The Dkr

Another excellent site is: http://cosdna.com

It saves us the trouble of looking for individual ingredients (which you can do using their search engine) & lists the ingredients of the products along with the comodegenic and irritanct levels.

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