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A Case of Nuts

The Plan

I'm not gonna stay up late at night.

I'm going to take antibiotics.

I'm going to take Diane 35 and Cipralex on time.

I won't pick my skin. I promise.


I keep breaking my promises.

I have to be serious now. really serious. Picking leads to bumps, redness, whiteheads, and infections...when will i learn.

A Case of Nuts

Why am I breaking out so much all of a sudden. So many blackheads! O_O

I started to take antibiotics again. And I cant seem to stop picking on my face

My old habit is suddenly returning. i have to stop. I have an interview on Thursday. I really shouldn't pick tomorrow and wednesday.

I have to stop picking from tomorrow and throughout until July 12th. God help me stop.

A Case of Nuts

Still on Diane 35, but all of a sudden, I started to get small pimples on one of my cheeks. ARRRG

and i popped the whiteheads. O_O

Really depressed now

Must not do it.. from June 20th until July 4th! :wall:

And I really need a job or else I will shoot myself in the head.

A Case of Nuts

I should never ever ever look at myself in the mirror. O_O

I HAVE TO STOP. Not picking for one week will make such a difference!

I have to hang on until July 4th. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

A Case of Nuts


:wall: I have been picking on my face for the past FIVE DAYS. :redface::( :( :(

I am sad. I am so sad. I'm unemployed, so my anxiety is much worse, and it was also my PMS week. I picked on small bumps causing them to be even more noticeable. :(

I am so fucking sad now. I don't want to go anywhere. I am just ugggggh. I wanna stop. I have to.

Today is Wednsday, and I really need to not pick on my face for at least 17 days!!!

from June 17th until July 4th! Pleaaaaaase. Make me stop! ;)O_O

A Case of Nuts

Gotta stop

O_O Ugh, I had a few small whiteheads from picking on blackheads from a few days ago!

I am going to let them heal. I am not going to pick on my blackheads no more! That's it!

No more touching. :wall:

June 3rd-June 10th ....my first goal is to last one week.

A Case of Nuts

The plan is to not pick on my blackheads for a week, then two weeks, then three.

Sigh. frustration, anger, and such leads me to act this way. Arg.

I have to exercise and eat healthy, take pills on time, and everything will be okay.

Keep hands away. Do not touch my skin! Do not! Tuesday-Saturday. Most definitely don't!

A Case of Nuts

My skin is alright when covered with foundation, but still needs to heal after I've picked on my blackheads.


I have to leave my face alone until Friday.

A Case of Nuts

Much better

My face looks much better. My chest and back are fine

but i keep scratching my scalp and it is getting worse!!!

Picking, scratching any part of my body definitely leads to whiteheads and pimples.

I should stop. Seriously.

A Case of Nuts

Arg! I don't know if I should go back on Antibiotics.

My skin became fucked. I have little bumps on my foreheads and around my mouth. AAAAAH i hate this. I want smooth skin AGAIN. everything was perfect until now. arg!!!

I will wait two weeks...maybe it will go away. Maybe it's because I picked on it. :dance: im sad.

A Case of Nuts


I picked on my blackheads, and now some of them are infected. :dance: I have bumps

Bumps all over my forehead.

I haven't had crazy cysts on my cheeks or my back for many months now.

Here is the thing though: I have been taking monocycline, but recently quit.

Could it be that im getting blackheads because I quit antibiotics? Or could it be stress? I am very stressed with school right now. :(

I hope it goes away, but I shouldn't be picking at it. STOOOOOOOOOOPPPP!!!

A Case of Nuts

End of 5th month

:P I had almost no cysts in my 5th month of Diane 35! My red spots are finally healing!

But I get more blackheads and inflammations before my period. :P

sucks! I have a few little red spots around my mouth that I need to conceal....but mostly..it hasn`t been that bad.

I still take anti-biotics. my 3rd month. It really helped - I think.

The biggest problem now is to not pop tiny pimples.

I get anxiety and angry whenever i see an inflamed blackhead. It drives me crazy, then I go and pop it! Shit! How can I stop.

Stop stop stop. Okay. I WON`T POP until December 20th. I promise. I will ignore my pimples.

A Case of Nuts


Face feels so smooth, but I still get tiny pimples on my cheeks or chin.

No severe cysts this month. I just started my 5th month of Diane 35. And second month of Minocycline.

I still need to be patient until everything gradually disappears.

And while I'm waiting, I shall not pop tiny pimples. :P

A Case of Nuts


My face really improved. Cysts are becoming rare...Although I still get a pimple every 3rd day, it's not as severe as it used to be. I really hope my 5th month of Diane will be even more successful.

For now, I'm avoiding picking/popping/scratching until Nov.20th to see how much more my skin will improve.

A Case of Nuts


I've been on Minocycline for 3 weeks now. and im about to finish 4th month of Diane 35.

My back acne and chest completely cleaned up except for occasional blackheads.

My forehead, chin and nose are also 90% clean except for occasional blackhead.

I still get one small/medium sized pimple a day around my cheekbones or jawline. That sucks.

I pop it only when im frustrated. Arg.

I'm still trying to stop popping and just accept my imperfections.

Have patience already!

A Case of Nuts

hands away

Still trying very hard to keep my hands away. :)

My back cleaned up 90% when I stopped scratching it. I should not scratch it ever again. Arg.

I have OCD or something...

A Case of Nuts

i really need to keep my hands away from whiteheads and blackheads on my cheeks :)

my back and chest cleaned up so nicely because i stopped scratching it.

now i need to keep hands away for a month, and only then i can tell if my medicine is working.

arg. i have a terrible picking problem...and it's giving me scars.

i didn't pick so badly for two weeks. and then suddenly I run out of benzaclin...got a few blackheads on my chin and just lost my patience...and picked everything out. a naked eye can't even see these blackheads i picked on. arg. i feel so ashamed afterwards. it's a terrible addiction.

i can do it. i will stop this picking addiction from ruining my days.

ok. today was the last day. from sunday to sunday, i will not be popping nor picking on my face :D

A Case of Nuts

keep hands away

i have 3 scabs on my cheeks that need to heal and will most likely peel off in a few days.

I feel so sleepy.

Anyway, i really need to stop looking at my cheeks and leave them alone. Everywhere else I have smooth clean skin....

it definitely helps keep my hands away from my face. so do that....friday to friday. one week.

A Case of Nuts


yes! i think my face improved a lot this week. i've been getting much much less cysts/whiteheads...and if I do they are much smaller in size.

The goal now is to continue with my regiment: Monocycline, Diane-35, and Benzaclin

and to keep hands away from my skin. Keeping hands away keeps bacteria away and definitely helps prevent new zits and blackheads. :)

Also: keep drinking water, sleep right, eat right, and don't drink coffee. Don't look in the mirror, and try to forget about your skin problem.

A Case of Nuts

i still get whiteheads on my cheeks. little red bumps that turn into whiteheads.

but that is the worst area for me.

the good news is that..my chin and nose stopped breaking out...completely...it seems.

God help me. :)

If acne stops on my cheeks, then red marks will fade, and I will be free!

The only evil places are my cheeks/jawline. I stopped picking everywhere, except I still pop those nasty whiteheads. :D

My goal is to not pop from Monday to Friday! I hope I can do it.

A Case of Nuts

Flaky skin

I've been having flaky skin. But it's okay. it will go away soon.

I didn't break out in my T-zone area, but i'm still struggling with my cheeks. :)

I'm practically clear everywhere except for my cheeks!

Right now I'm taking Minocycline (100mg every 12 hours)

Diane 35 - on my 4th month

Lexapro from anxiety and stress - 5mg

Benzaclin topical at night - and sometimes during the day.

A Case of Nuts

So I got no new cysts today! :D

But I had to pop some old whiteheads that wouldn't heal! :)

They were sticking out of my cheeks and I'm going to a party tomorrow.

I wouldn't pop them if I didn't have to go out.

Hopefully after tonight, they will flatten a little.

A Case of Nuts

Only one a day

I might only get one mild bump a day. :) (cheek or jawline)

That's an improvement from last month when I would get 2-3 cysts a day!

It might be Diane 35 finally adjusting. Might not be Minocycline because it takes about 2-3 months for anti-biotics to start working. I've taken it for only one week.

So, lets hope I will get less and less cysts..

And my blackheads are almost gone..thanks to Benzaclin.

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