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Accutane week 1

Well I've had mild/moderate acne since highschool junior year. I never really had problems until after alot of stress happend to me junior year.My mom was diagnosed with cancer. Life really went downhill, all my friends dying or getting locked up and myself stuck in the middle.

Luckily I graduated and my first year of college things got alot better. I dated a girl named G for about a month, I never told any of my friends because everytime I bring a girl around my friends she usually ends up dating one of them or loses interest in me. I guess I'm not the alphamale in the group because I am the youngest.

She made me very happy and I had very little stress. I passed all my classes and had everything good going. Face clear and everything. Eventually we parted ways because she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend but I wanted to marry her. I began drinking alot getting shitfaced every weekend and generally not giving a fuck. I started breaking out again. Like crazy mad, and its been going on ever since. There was one week in the summer though when I was completely clear. I drank nothing but cranberry juice. That for some reason worked really well. My body adjusted and now i'm back to being twoface/scarface.

I realized everytime I go drinking I break out alot. So I decided to quit drinking, besides the Accutane won't work if my livers always processing alcohol.

Today is day 1 of accutane.20 mg. My face feels more oily than normal and that is all. I decided I'm gonna fix my sleeping schedule. I'm going to try to sleep before 2am everyday for now on.

Well Week 1 of accutane went by pretty quickly. There was blood in my piss. Then when I blew my nose I had a bloody nose. I felt lower back pains. Had nasty diarrhea on tuesday but that was probably because i ate some raw seafood. I get fatigued super fast and my breaking out like crazy. I guess my doctor wasn't fucking around when he said "its gonna get worst before it gets better"

Wow. Week 2 and 3 were fucking terrible. I had the biggest cystic acne above my left eyebrow. when i saw my ex-gf she looked at it first before she looked into my eyes and we started chatting. that shit was embarassing. LOL.

finally the month is over. i haven't gotten any cystic acne all week. i hope i don't jynx myself. i have found a refining mask that works wonders with accutane. it is the proactive sulfur refining mask. theres been about a 80% improvement and i'm so glad. i haven't had my skin this clear since i drank a ton of cranberry juice.

i'm going to the dermatologist this friday to get my second prescription. i hope my cholosterol doesn't spike so they can up the dose.

i need to get a haircut and for some reason im getting skinnier. my chest sticks out more than my belly. i guess that was cause i was working out alot before i got onto the accutane treatment. lately i haven't been stressed out. i still need to go to the dentist to fix my teeth and school has started. i'm kind of happy at the moment because i love my new job. i get paid to help people. it can't get any better than this. i do get tired really fast while i'm on the accutane. i get a bloody dry nose sometimes. there will be pictures to come tomorow or friday.




AFTER a month of 20mg dosage. I just ogt my new pills which are 40MG.


I was in a suit because of my job's graduation. It was really inspiring to see people turn their lives around. Their families becides them watching them get there lives together. I love my job.

I'm on my week 5 of accutane and i got my first major nosebleed today in class.

It wasn't really big but it was enough to get my teachers attention. I told her I was doing cocaine and started laughing. I don't know if she thinks i'm serious. LOL. By the way I'm on 40 mg's now of isotrentin<accutane>. I'm getting backpains and get sleepy really fast.

WEEK 6. I'm pretty much almost all clear. I have about 7 bumps left out of the 500000^10

I can't believe my face. My coworkers are like WTF, tell me your secret so my kids won't suffer.

I'll still be on the treatment for another 3 months. I got a crazy good tan staying outside for 2 hours. Tomorrow I cut my hair so hopefully I won't get anymore around my hairlines.

i'm currently using benzacline for spottreatment. it dries the fuck outta my skin. by the way i really need to eat more healthier. my cholesterol is skyhigh.

week 6 pictures.



I have dry skin to hell. I get sunburnt easily. I get tired fast as FUCK. I get nosebleeds everyday. And seriously this shit is annoying. I fainted today while in my chair. LOL i'm gonna die.


Week 7. I'm breaking out for some reason. I have 1 on each cheek some underneath my jawline.

It must be because i'm drinking so much coke. But also i' got shit faced on thursday night and i know i'm alergic to alcohol. i usually break out when i drink.

well all i've got to say is time really flies when i'm on accutane. it's been 3 months since i started treatment.

through out october i was breaking out badly because of the 40mg's from last month. i got back on 20mg's starting on october and finally it started clearing up again. i am going to stay on 20 mg's as well.

what i really need to do is sleep early. seriously i stay awake till about 3-4 am every night and wake up at 7.

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