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Week 3

So I'm starting my blog to kinda help me keep track of my regimen and how well or not so well its working.

I'll start by saying that my acne is pretty moderate. I have some pretty bad clogged pores. I wear makeup so i'm sure that doesnt help my skin much but it definately helps my confidence level.

I've tried everything you can think of.


-6 types of antibiotics=yeast infections and a trip the ER with an allergic reaction

-everything on the shelf at walgreens.

-changed my diet


-internal cleanses (which helped a little)

-birth control


-Accutane (but had to stop due to health reasons)

-home remedies

-all the neutrogena, clean and clear, proactiv, clinique regimens and none helped at all!

My dermatologist said I'll just have to wait it out.

I started Dan's regimen about 3 weeks ago. My skin has cleared up pretty well so far. My forehead which use to have tiny little bumps all over it is about 70% clear my chin is about 50% clear and my cheeks are only about 30%.

I started the AHA about 4 days ago and so far i like it alot. It seems to be purging my pores though so my cheeks are really broken out right now. I can actually see my clogged pores rising closer and closer to the surface, its pretty weird. I'm excited to see where i'll be in another 3 weeks. I'm hoping to be another success story on this site.

I'll try and post updates once or twice a week. Support would be great.

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