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started 8-5-2008

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first days (1-3)


started aug 5th 2008

take 2 pills in morning and 2 pills at night, 30mg

face condition when first starting:

2 whiteheads on cheek and chin and many little pimples mostly on lower part of cheeks and forehead.

red marks extremely noticable and large brown discoloration on left cheek.

face extremely oily as well.

though body is clear from first round of accutane and acne is less severe on face, but was still bothersome and scarring so put on second round.

day 2 (8-6-08)

whiteheads smaller but redmarks and oil still an issue my lips and skin are not dry though.

day 3 (8-7-08)

whiteheads completly gone, and no new pimples. old ones becoming a tad smaller and skin a bit less oily, but still bothersome. lips and skin not yet flakey.

we'll see what happens in the next few days, im really not looking foreward to the flakey painful lips i will have to get more aquaphor and use the prescription my doctor gave me soon.

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