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Hey everyone

I am 18 years old and from London. I dont have sevre acne. I have oily skin and tend to have breakouts frequently maybe 2 or 3 at a time sometimes they are nothing but sometimes they are huge boil type spots and really hurt! :naughty:

I normally break out in spots around my period so i know that my skin is to do with my hormones! (damn things) i was on celeste for 3 years to control this but so far have seen no effects.

I went to the doctor after one bad breakout and he prescribed me dianette. I have read alot of horror storys tho about this given you bad moods and migranes but does control your skin so i thort oh well its worth a shot, as my skin is no way near bad enough to get accutane but these spots still get me down and ruin my confidence. :redface:

I have been on it for about a month and already i can see that my skin is far less oily :naughty: but not dry as my makeup stays on all day when before it would literally melt off my face. I got a few spots tho and one large boil cyst type thing but the doctor said that it will take around 3 months to really kick in so fingers crossed.

also i have decided to stop using so much harsh clensers as i find my skin is healing alot better with just using makeup wipes to take my makeup off before bed. My skin was quite red and sore with big pink marks from previous spots but since i have been doing this my skin is healing and looks a lot better :naughty: although i am using dermalogica anti bac in the shower when my skin has a break out as this really seems to help my spots clear up. and i am still using a scrub once a week but no face masks these really break me out!

i will keep you all posted on my progress xx much love

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