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Three weeks

I was in Osaka from the start of the regimen, and I just came home last week. My boyfriend saw my dry skin and was really concerned about me. So he wanted me to go back to using the Dove facewash I had been using before the regimen. I humored him and used it, and it helped ease the dryness so much. I'm still using the BP and the moisturizer, but the Dove facewash is so moisturizing and it makes a huge difference. I also went back to using my makeup base. So my skin is smoother throughout the day, less flaky, and my makeup goes on well.

I'm up to the full 2 pumps now and my skin is staying pretty clear. I only get very small, painless whiteheads now. Easy to pop, easy to conceal, and heal fast. But now the lingering red spots from years of acne are bothering me. They're fading slowy. When they fade completely, then my skin will be totally clear!

I can't remember having clear skin. I wonder what that's like. I hope I can go out without foundation. :naughty:

The AHA and Jojoba oil came today, but I'm not really sure what to do with it. I think I'll try using the AHA at night as my moisturizer.


Two weeks

It's been about two weeks now. I'm using a pump and a half of the BP now. I got a few tiny pimples last week, but they're all pretty much healed by now.

My big issue with my face now is the dryness. My skin is super flaky. My makeup looks pretty bad by midday. I know we're not supposed to exfoliate on the regimen, but I couldn't help it. In the shower I've started running my face under the warm water and and using my bare hands to rub off all the dry flakes. It helps a little bit, but hours later my skin is dry and flaky again. I'm using a lot of moisturizer now but it doesn't seem to help. :naughty:

I've just ordered Dan's AHA and Jojoba oil. I hope they help. :naughty:


One week

It's been a week and a day since I started the regimen. I developed a few pimples this week, but they're much smaller and a lot less painful than the pimples I usually get (one was completely my fault, because I picked at a blackhead :naughty: ). Also, they seem to be healing a lot faster, which is great. I'm up to one full pump of the BP. The only complaints I have so far are:

1. My skin burns like crazy and gets very red when I put on the BP/moisturizer. I have a slight lingering burning feeling all day too.

2. My skin is very very dry. It's not so bad after I put the moisturizer on, but later in the day when I do a makeup check, there are tons of visible flakes all over my face. I'm thinking about purchasing the AHA and Jojoba oil to try to combat this issue.

But other than that, I think the regimen is working for me. Now that my skin is drier, the moisturizer absorbs a lot better and doesn't leave so much of a greasy sticky feeling anymore. I think the red marks on my face have been fading. My skin feels a lot smoother without all the bumps. I'm regaining some confidence. :naughty:



So I'll start with a little background. I'm a 22 year old girl living in Japan. Since I was in high school, I can never remember having clear skin. There has always been a pimple or two on my chin or around my nose, and red marks from old acne, but nothing I couldn't hide with makeup. In the past few months though, it got to be the worst ever. I had around 8 or 9 large, painful pimples on my chin, and it was very difficult to hide them with makeup. I lost pretty much all of my self-confidence. I hated looking in mirrors. I looked down when I talked to people. I hated going outside and seeing people. I wouldn't even let my boyfriend look at me without makeup on. I was at a really low point, and I tried some Japanese acne medicine from the drugstore for the first time but it didn't seem to prevent new pimples from forming (although it did sooth the old ones). I got desperate and remembered Dan's regimen that I had read about on the Internet some time ago, and finally ordered it.

By the time I received the starter kit, my terrible flare-up seemed to be winding down. I didn't really have any big, problem pimples, and my makeup was going on smoothly again. But, I was still determined to start the regimen to prevent future breakouts once and for all (hopefully). I started on August 4th, 2008.

Today is August 6th. I have used the regimen for 2 and half days. So far, my impressions of Dan's products are good. I really like the cleanser and the BP gel, although it's hard for me to tell how much BP to use. I've been going with half a pump, because I read that the full dosage is 2 pumps, so if I up it each week by half a pump then I'll reach the full dosage in 4 weeks, right? The moisturizer is kind of iffy for me though. My skin feels smooth and soft after the BP, but once I put the moisturizer on it gets sticky and looks oily. I try to use just a little bit to prevent that feeling. I guess I could try a different moisturizer, like the one I was using before the regimen. However, it's difficult for me to read ingredients on Japanese products, so I wouldn't be able to tell if it works with the regimen or not. I think I will stick with Dan's moisturizer for now to keep to the regimen exactly and eliminate variables.

I've used BP before, and in the past it made my skin a little dry and red but nothing major. My cheeks just started turning reddish and feeling a little tingly today. :redface:

I think I'm already seeing results though. A small whitehead formed yesterday, but it's completely gone today. I think my red marks might be fainter too. I've read a lot of positive reviews of Dan's products, so just using the products makes me feel better about my skin. And hopefully, feeling good about myself will help make my skin clearer too. :naughty:

I know that pimples start forming 2 weeks before they surface, so I'm hoping I don't experience another flare-up in the next couple weeks. If I do get new pimples, I will try my very very best not to pop them. I did a really good job about staying away from my face when I was on vacation in Tokyo last week, and I think that's why my skin calmed down a lot in the time it took to ship the starter kit to me.

Oh yeah, my boyfriend noticed Dan's products in my bathroom and asked me about them, but I was too embarrassed to explain that it's acne medication. Luckily he can't understand English that well, so maybe he won't be able to tell what it is. :naughty:

So that's it for now. :naughty:

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