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Hey loves,

Aloha, hope everyone is enjoying the new black water dragon year!!!

Here is a little intro for those who don't know me:

I am a 27 year old female who has struggled with hormonal acne since adolescence. The acne got worse in my 20s. Huge painful, cysts concentrate on my jawline and neck area. I have battled acne before using supplements A, B, C, E, MSM, but the ABCE helped most, increase water intake, and going cave man. BUT its awefully hard and expensive. I've noticed high glycemic foods cause breakouts. Why? because these foods spike your blood sugar which spikes your insulin which spikes your androgens....um if you dont know yet, hormonal acne is cause by testosterone being converted to ...hmm can't remember the name right now...its in an earlier post...woops

but anyways...thats a little snippet. and i have found a solution that works.

I started drinking licorice root and cinnamon tea atleast once a day. Now it has to be all natural. meaning the whole cinnamon, not the powdered kind. Just break a peace off and boil with about four slices of licorice root. BUT SEE WARNING BELOW and links

I have been able to eat sugars again because the licorice root and cinnamon help my insulin work better which regulates my blood sugar and stopping the whole evil cycle of spikes. Been totally clear and skin tone is awesome. off the makeup. YAYn happy camper. if anyone is considering accutane please try this first. the side effects are less, results are quicker, and it actually attacks the root of the problem. All accutane does is shut off your sebum, which is a natural process your body needs.

Warning: Do not consider licorice root if you have high blood pressure as it may increase it...it is best to research everything posted on these forums because i do not believe anyone here are trained professionals, including myself. We all are speaking from experience. All bodies are different. But then trained doctors take thousands to poison people with Accutane (accutane is toxic levels of vitamin A. look up vitamin A toxicity!!)..


Licorice root picture and some info, there are actual federally funded scientific studies on the benefits of cinnamon and licorice root that i will link later, enjoy for now: http://www.readersdigest.com.au/licorice-root-health-and-medical-benefits/

Cinnamon, it should be drunk in bark form like this: http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/10-health-benefits-of-cinnamon.html

Accutane http://www.drugs.com/accutane.html


Aloooohaaa all,

Just a summary of what i have found and what has recently helped very much!!!!

  • Acne is not a disease in itself but a symptom of a disease just as hives are a symptom of an allergic reaction that is different with each individual
  • Some of the main diseases associated: hormone imbalance, liver problems, digestive problems, gum disease and related dental problems, and hirutism (not sure of spelling), thyroid problems, stress, nutrient deficiency, water deficiency, topicals, etc. you must find your source and that is best done through blood tests, skin tests, physicals, ask your physician or endocrinologists...dermatologists will most likely give you band-aids without really getting to the root of the problem...so id advice against or if you must, consult along with an endrocrinologist/nutritionist
  • External treatments work but only as a band-aid...i do not advice against but if you must use topicals (sometimes it helps psychologically, makes us feel like we are doing something proactive) use in conjuction with internal treatments for full long term benefits and a healthier you overall
  • Food does not cause acne but they may exacerbate your underlying condition which leads to acne
  • your body is made to heal itself but it can't do that if you do not support it, make those healthy changes not only will your complexion benefit but your mood and overall well-being will as well.

    Ok here is what has really made a dramatic change...drum roll....GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

    I make homemade kind that way i know for sure what is inside. At first was a drag but as i noticed my skin and overall health improving (more energy, clarity) i have become ocd about having it daily. here is what and use and why

  1. kelp, spinach, or choi sum : loaded with chlorophyll, vitamin A, C, good for healing and exfoliation, balancing hormones, antioxidants
  2. Bananas: potassium(i dont know if it helps skin) vitamins c, a, b. fiber, helps makes my smoothies yummy and creamy
  3. apples: a, c, fiber. i dont know why but when i eat it or drink apples my complexion always clears, helps me wake up too
  4. strawberrys:vitamin c
  5. optional: blueberries, cantaloups, grapes (great for skin)
  6. Some sort of liquid: milk if you not allergic, rice milk, soy milk, hemp milk...juice..yogurt whatever meets your taste or body type
  7. ice!

now i can't remember the full benefits of each, i just know when i researched these ingredients they had most of the nutrients our body's need to work in harmony. If anything our body's main needs are water, vitamins a, c, e, b, zinc, not to say ignore other vitamins but these ones are the super troopers. Since drinking green smoothies i feel awesome and am looking awesome!!! happy smoothing...i encourage all to watch..fat sick and nearly dying...

This may not work for everyone, idk...depends what your problem is. My problem is hormonal and lifestyle wise...i dont eat enough fruits, veges, and drink enough water in a day..i suffer from cystic acne, blackheads, humongous pores, facial hairs, and terminal hairs where they shouldn't be so. So if anyone has similar symptoms it may work for you..


Listed in ranking order and effectiveness with all types of pimples (excpet for blackheads i seriously think lots of water is the only way there)

garlic juice

lemon juice

Alcohol (put on with a swab for abot 1 minute. dries that sucker)

calamine lotion

pure cold fresshed virgin coconut oil

hydrogen peroxide

benzoyle peroxide

saliclic acid

---those are the ones that have worked--- the thing though about the otc stuff...they only seem to work if my immune system is good otherwise useless. Keep in mind though the alcohol, hydorgen perozide, and benz are irritants and the first two kills skin cells, so in the long run you are doing your skin more harm than good.


The Wonderful Garlic

Aloha Peeps, (Read this whole thing before trying it...)

So although lifestyle changes are the utmost effective way to deal with acne (remember it is not a disease but a symptom) sometimes we still get those nasty pimps from time to time. Also sometimes changing our diet creates an initial purge causing anxiety and more crying spells as you recite Disney's " i'm a monster"...Just me? Oh well now you know. Well good thing you stopped here because after trying many OTC, Prescription, and natural spots treatments I've finally found the most effective and quickess treatment: GARLIC..And it works with all types of acne. I have the hormonal cystic type and it works wonders..in as little as two days!!! yay

Warning though, if you do it wrong you will blister your face. NO JOKE!!! it will look like you went nuts and decided to burn your zits with a cigarette. Not too nice. I was a professional hula dancer and i once went overboard with the garlic lets just say i'm glad hilton didn't fire me. It was very embarrassing though. Read on and I will teach you how to do it and how not to do it.

How to do it:

Crush or chop one clove of garlic (thats one section if you're like me and initially though clove meant the whole garlic. Place in any container you wish (toner bottle, bowl, etc) mix with water (about 3-4 tablespoons or 1 ounce). Mix. Voila use a que tip or cotton ball to spot treat. leave on overnight or atleast 10 minutes. OPTIONAL: mix in oil, noncomedogenic type (e.g. grapeseed, coconut, um i do not recommend tea tree as it may be too irritating with garlic)


Do not mash up and put on face like a mask.. NEVER EVER PUT THE FRUIT OF GARLIC ON YOUR FACE ONLY THE JUICE.

Alright peeps, have a good one. and Remember you are not your pimples and the good ones will see that...walk today with your head up because you are so much more than pimples...Don't be stupid


So i've perused the blogs, websites, health books, etc and came up with these conclusions:

1. if you are too lazy to change your overall lifestyle, like me sometimes :naughty: (diet, exercise, postive thinking, etc) go for supplements

2. What supplements:

Vitamin A: cell turnover, exfoliant, healing, oil control

Vitamin C: elasticity, cell protector, fights/reverses damage

Vitamin B: oil control, mood, overall health

Vitamin E: healing, moisture

Zinc: immune, healing

these vitamins have many more benefits for your overall health such as anti-aging, heart health, brain functioning, etc...so taking them will not only help your acne but will help your overall health

3 Take them in moderation. use the recommended dose and wait...yes wait even if it takes months, overdosing :D can be toxic and you may clear but you also risk really bad breakouts and othe health issues...(think accutane and extreme dose of vitamin a!!) Be patient, in the long run, it will improve your skin better than anything else and have long term results if you maintain it.

4. Dont forget water. drink liters to gallons a day. just gulp that sucker throughout the day...benefits the most!!

5. No matter what the cause of your acne, taking care of your body is the ultimate treatment that will cure any type of acne...Love your body dont abuse it

Good luck... :wacko:


Acne is caused by many different things. We should not try to blame one thing because thats just not how the individual body works. We are all different, therefore not everyone will experience the same problems. A bone can be broken by many different means, but the presentation is still the same...This is important because the root of our problems will determine the best treatment. If someone is breaking out because they ate oranges that is completely different from breaking out because of a hormone imbalance and requires a different intervention.

Often times in our desperation for clear skin we seek out any and every intervention that anyone says helps and BOOM, our acne gets worse, why? BECAUSE OUR PROBLEM WAS NOT THE SAME AND REQUIRES A DIFFERENT TREATMENT.

With that note, I am pleading with everyone to

1. post your root or supposed root cause, if you don't know say i dont know

2. describe what type of acne - moderate, severe, whitehead here and there

3. Please add your treatment to your signature and things that did not work, or atleast post it somewhere.

I am posting this because I see many clear faces and great progress with many, but they do not post their root and treatment for all to follow. In addition, I see posts about interventions that worked but that I know for sure won't work for everyone. Lets help out each other and provide as much information possible to avoid harming others...Mahalo


Coconut oil

I wish upon a star for some clear skin without going so far...I suffer from hormonal acne. My type is a result of excess testosterone which tends to get converted to DHT by the 5-alpha..blah blah blah enzyme. DHT not testosterone is the culprit. BAD BAD DHT!!! So what am i supposed to do. Here is a list of things that have been researched and that supplement (now not cure, but aid in the acne treatment):

1. exercise: de-stresses (certain stressors imbalance your bodies processes and when you cry you release prolactin which for some reason leads to more DHT production), so exercise can help bring your body back into balance and you'll look hot!!

2. Diet change: stop eating processes foods. seriously. stop eating processed sugars. stop eating dairy and soy. hunting and gathering societies have no acne. they just eat all organic fruits veges and nuts. some meat. So go back to basics..

3. chemical change: stop using all them over the counter and prescription crap...your problem is internal..hallooo. by using them all you do is throw all the junk in the closet. Stays hidden for a while but without getting to the root you are bound to have a blow out. Your better off washing with water. if you were make-up wash with wipes then rinse off with water.

What maybe a good addition.

Research suggests that coconut oil is a 5-alpha..blah blah inhibitor. I plan to give it a try. seems like it has helped many. Gotta use the virgin cold pressed kind. 3 times a day internally and externally.

It also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing uses.

I shall update the results.


Watch out for zinc

Zinc is definitely a miracle cure. it has helped my acne many times. It supports the immune system and a DHT enzyme inhibitor (DHT causes acne for many, there are different causes make sure you know yours before treating).

Anywho, you have to take it in super high doses to work. Well remember the old saying "everything in moderation" well that definitely applies here. Zinc will work but then the high dose will eventually lead to side effects (hairloss, immune system chaos). So everyone if you want healthy skin you need to go back to basics and ditch all the out of the ordinary panaceas. We should not be taking anything above the recommended dose, if you do then you are sacrificing another part of your body for clear skin.

Go back to basics, change your lifestyle and your skin and body will love you...


So been going to ex-bf drama...lots of crying+not eating healthy+not drinking enough water+not taking supplements=major cysts on jawline and chin....

so heres the breakdown, when you cry prolactin the stress hormone also responsible for lactation goes in overdrive. Prolactin increases the production of 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT which is what causes acne!!!!

Zinc has been known to inhibit this enzyme! which explains why i never break out no matter how much i cry when i'm on my zince supplement....

so taking my zinc (50mg) again along with other antioxidant vitamins: Vitamin A (20,000iu)=reduces sebum production and helps heal skin, Vitamin C=helps kill and prevent infections, Milk thistle=to help my liver functioning (too much vitamin A can do damage to your liver)

I wanna throw Vitamin E back in the mix when i get paid...

on my face i'm testing out different products: calamine, cortizone, clearasil 4 hour, and grapeseed oil

I tried Mario Badescu for a week or two: drying cream= fail, drying lotion: good but too drying and stinging and made it all red, buffering lotion: too drying===so although they helped shrink and dry it was way to drying, made them all red and couldn't prevent new zits, also realized they used way too much alcohol in their products and the ingredients were way cheaper than what they were charging such as calamine, a proven acne fighter which ranges from 1-5 bucks compared to 17!

So we shall see what product works best....

I;ve gone through this...way more major in the past...leaving it alone is not an option...never leave a zit alone...last time i waited then pimples just took over...start eating better, drinking lots of water, and use atleast calamine....it does speed up recovery...probably not in a day but faster than 6 months like what happened to me last time..i waited to long to treat...


Chin acne

Ok so its been like 3 years since my last post. Been doing ok. My face is 100% clear when i stick to a holistic treatment. Meaning just eating my daily value of the right foods. But do not get me wrong for individuals prone to acne you can't follow the food pyramid religiously.. For some you will need to cancel the dairy and wheat. Stay away from fricken Mcdonalds!!!!

My current status is my chin has blown up like it did three years ago. I always break out in cysts and multiple white heads from the mouth down whenever i have a big emotional breakdown situation. These situation always has to do with breakups. I always date stupid guys that i end up falling for then have to break it off cuz the smart half off my brain turns on...too bad too late when its harder to let go and on top of that my 1 month old niece dies...(ok nuff about the personals!)

The main point is, if i had been eating right I would not have broken out. I've tested this theory and I only break out if my body is not equipped to with stand the stress of certain situations. So guys take care of your body and your body will show you thanks...yes it sucks that our clear faced friends can do whatever they want, but get over it, stop being angry and take care of yourself, pretty sure those that dont may not show it in their skin but their insides are dying...ewe

So yeah, my current regimen...healthy diet, lots of water

diet is the main thing but topicals always give me peace of mind so:

apricot cleanser

mario badescu drying lotion, buffering lotion (every other night)

neutrogena retinol multivitamin moisterizer

sulfur mask once a week

gonna try go back on aloe at night,,,it helped before



so diet really does help..i think i've confirmed that but i can't seem to keep up my routine so it doesn;t help...so i am trying proactive again..the only thing that has worked ok..but its so costly...i 'm just gonna stay on it forever cuz i know if i stop it;ll mess up my face further than when i started....at the same time i am gonna try and maintain a good diet routine until it becomes a totaly habit...i think i need both internal and external help with my acne...especially when i stress out!!!!



I ran out of tea tree oil but thats ok...maybe thats better. it helped but at the same time it didn't. shrunk some. made some bigger...blistered some...dried out my face...stung....

I have the Mr. X acne book so i'm just gonna stick to it religiously....he says to wash face with salt water...thats alll so i'm gonna jus stick to that...no matter what...just trust it cuz all my cleanign ideas dont work out...

so i am still eating healthy and taking my supplements, esp spirulina, chlorella, DIM, zinc, acidophilus, C, E, and A and B-complex. I have to supplement cuz i really dont eat that well if i eat at all. so busy and stressed out all the time.

So a lot of the zits are drying on there own. no new ones when i woke up this morning..thats better than nothing. scars lightning up (i put aloe on every night). i'm just relaxing on my face now. just going back to basics and trying to just relax. cuz when i look at my face i tend to freak out and put all kinds of crap on it, which ends up making it worse. So i'm just relaxing and allowing my face to relax and heal.

Drinking lots of water!!!!! gotta clean those suckas out.


aloe and tea tree oil

so i'm on the fast flush but i can't handle just celery so i added tomatoes...i hope it helps...tomatoes are good for you anyhow...

i'm one of those people that need something topical to feel like your doing something helpful hence all the money spent on proactive and all those other shit...anyway so i decided to put aloe and tea tree oil on my face

i put aloe allover...i'm thinking it may not take the pimples away but it will help scarring which i know for sure...the tea tree oil i use to spot treat...i have noticed that at first the tto makes the zit (i have mostly cysts) real big at first then it just shrinks...amazing...take like 48 hours though...also the top layer of your skin gets real dry..its like a scab and its purple but if you carefully peel it off, it reveals a smaller zit and a color closer to your skin tone...

aloe and tto has made me break out in little whiteheads before and the aloe did the other night, but thats the ingredients bringing all the comedones to the surface...like all the makeup that wasn't cleaned off and all...just bringing it to the surface, then it clears very nicely...so last night i did break out with some whiteheads from the aloe and i just left it alone and put more aloe on and it healed it within hours...so yeah...natural ingredients without the funky side effects....the breakout is small unlike proactive which caused cysts and sunburn.

The only thing i wanna complain about is how much tto stings at first...ouch!!!!!


Mr. X Acne

I'm gonna follow this ebook...i'm starting today with the fast flush of celery and water and the three main supplements...then i will continue with a healthy diet.



I got my first break out at 11. that sucked!!!!

My acne is contained to my jawline region. I get all the type of acne there. I hate those cysts the most. they are the hardest to control!

From then throughout highschool i tried clearasil, neutrogena, and oxy without luck, just overdrying.

Then my senior year of high school, I went to a derm and he gave me weekly liquid nitro sprays and prescribe a facewash resembling proactive without the toner. it worked until i lost my medical!!!

Months later the acne returned and i tried proactive. It worked somewhat after 6months. It reduced the breakouts on my jawline from 10 cysts to like 4 and the rest of my face became really clear. But it got too expensive so i stopped. I remained the same in complexion until my friend gave me a free trial of arbonne!!! WORSE BREAKOUT EVER and now i have the scars to show for! I went off all topicals and started dieting. I ate only chicken, lettuce, apples, and tomatoes everyday. Ate more fruits. Took milk thistle, b-complex, and acidophilis and saw the best response ever within 2 months. My face not only cleared but glowed

Well life took a turn and i kinda went off eating right. got into a stressful relationship and now my jawline looks like crap again.

So starting the diet again. we'll see what happens....

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