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i decided to document my accutane experience and see if by the end of it, it could help some people and to just document this journey.

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day 20

so i’ve been breaking out recently i don’t know if it’s the purge stage or stress or what i’m eating... i have three big pimples on my forehead (which i never break out at) and just know i saw a LARGE bumpy red patch next to my nose on my left cheek which i’m scared of it becoming a big pimple because it’s right in front of the face where people see you :( i’m trying to be so positive but everyone around me seems to not stop pointing out my acne like do they think i’m blind and can not see it for myself? i am getting agitated. i suffer with depression already and all of this is just making it worse, it’s not really accutane’s fault though, it’s just my own personal life. anyways, i have a question for anyone that reads this, what should i be eating? and what gould i not be? i know dairy is out but what else? if you wanna recommend anything to do please help me, it is greatly appreciated! 


day 15

hello! so yesterday i went to my dermatologist for a follow up and she asked me if im seeing any improvement, i told her the truth and said that i kind of do, because i do. i still get some pimples but also im seeing improvement on the pimples that i already had, i dont know, it is kind of confusing to understand but i am still breaking out but also clearing up on other parts at the same time? anyways, she said that she agrees with me so yeah. she made me do a facial and some IPL which i like because i truly support IPL for acne. if you never had IPL before, i hardly recommend it. i decided to take gluten out of my diet because supposedly it is bad for you, it is SUPER hard because i love bread :( but i found some gluten free bread so its kind of okay, it is not the same though... my lips are super dry, no amount of lip balm is helping. i asked my dermatologist if i could use moisturizer and she said not yet so im going to have to deal with the face dryness for now. it is really hard to go outside, especially because i am so scared of the horrible things people must be thinking when seeing my face but i am forcing myself to go out more, even if i end up having a panic attack while at it because staying at home all the time is very bad for me and my mental health. so thats my update for today, i hope you're okay and if you have any thing to say, feel free to say them!


day 13

the first few days it was going pretty well but just recently my face has gotten so dry that it is so hard to even talk or move. im starting to break out too on the sides of my cheeks, hopefully it gets better, having acne is really hard and it just makes you isolate yourself which just worsens any type of depression you have. ill probably add pictures later on, when im more comfortable showing them because let me tell you, i really have it bad. but okay, thats it. 

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