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Hey everyone!

so today i went to the dermatoligists and she gave me a choice between accutane and doxycycline.

i chose doxycyline but now i am regretting it . i think i am going to call her and get her to prescribe me accutane, i would rather be on accutane for 6 months and have my acne gone for good than be put on doxycycline for who knows how long. it could be months or possible years. i do not want to be on meds esp antibiotics my whole life.& as tough as it is being on accutane i would do it again to get my clear skin back

& the derm said tht since the accutane did clear my skin up the first time for atleast a 2 years a second dose should clear it up for good



HI !

So first off i should prob start by explaining my situation.

I first started to get acne when i was 13. At first it was just a few pimples here and there until i started to break out all over my face. I went to the dermatoogist and she put me on everything from topical antibiotics+tetracylin+eurythromycin etc etc. I even tried proactive before that and nothing seemed to work. I finally said enough was enough and I asked the derm to put me on accutane. I took it for 6 months. Accutane worked wonders on my skin. I thought i was free from acne forever!! Unfortunately that was not the case. A few months after accutane i noticed my skin getting oilier. My face was pretty much all clear besides a few break outs here and there for about 2 years. Now I have acne again and my face has almost returned to it's original pimply state!! I have an appointment w/ the derm this week. I am hoping that I won't have to go on accutane because of all of the side effects and how bad your skin gets while your on it but if thats what it takes to get rid of my acne than i'll have to take it again.



current mood;FRUSTRATED!! :(

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