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I finally found a GREAT dermatologist who acted like she really cared about me. She listened to EVERY word I said and was very sympathetic. We went through the list of every medication I have ever taken and amoxicillin came up because I actually have already taken amoxicillin when I was around three years old for an ear infection...

I have been taking this medication for a few months now and my face is CLEAR! For real! I've gotten compliments from a friend I haven't seen in a quarter of school and she was so excited and happy for me. HAHA thanks Jellie! Woo. My mom, sister and dad noticed too.

I notice every time I really look at my skin through a mirror; however, if I just glance at the mirror, I will always see acne on my face I don't have those rose colored glasses on, I don't think I ever will. Acne will always be apart of my visual aspect of life.

I am also taking Erythromycin-Benzoyl and if you know my blogs... I don't use topicals! Maybe once a week if I am feeling it. Even though I know my skin would probably be more clearer than it is right now, I have no idea why I don't put it on! I need to start dabbing it on, I'm going to Hawai`i in a few months, I need them ladies looking at my body because I look good and not just looking at my scars. :( HAHA!


I felt so bad after I spent all my money on this lady that forced me to buy skin products. She gave me her number though. Holler! HAHA.

I think the product was called DEAD SEA PREMIER it was a crap load of stuff that emptied out my wallet. Whatever I bought, did NOT help my skin it made it worse!

Using this and Murad made be so unhappy. I am not going to buy anything like that anymore. Just buy something cheap at a Wal*Mart or Target, wherever, cheaper is better, unless you found something that is working for you. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY tell us about it! HAHA


EFF Murad.

When I watched an infomercial for Murad I thought it was going to work out because the people on it said stuff like "proactive didn't work for me, but murad did" and I was thinking, that sounds like me!

I used it for maybe a month, I think it worked for like, for a few days then my skin started to explode with bumps, lumps, scars, you name it.

I gave up on it because my own sister and mother said that my skin was looking worse. The said it in a really nice way though.. HAHA I guess no one wants to say to someone in my condition "fool, your skin is getting fucked up" (can i use profanity on this site!?) I guess it's something you shouldn't tell anyone but I need the truth if it's something about my skin like that.

I gave up on acne products after I used Murad, I guess you can say that I went into a little depression because that's when I found out nothing was going to work for me.



The first pill I took for acne was minocycline. Minocycline made my stomach upset, leading to me vomiting. It gave me a head ache, and I don't think it did anything for me.

The next pill is, I believe tetracycline, that pill also made me feel like shit. Gah, I hated taking pills that aren't meant to be taken with food; however, I ate anyway! Because eating made me feel better :(

I know I have taken more but I just can't keep track on the names of the pills!

That' minocycline/tetracycline family of antibiotics, (I know I took at least another one of those pills in that family) did not work out for me, it made me vomit, feel sick, and if you know what I'm talking about, YOU KNOW.



The first thing you all should know is that I also HATE topicals, it may be laziness. I always disliked the idea of washing the face, then putting on a topical and in some cases waiting for the first topical to dry, then putting something else on my skin. AHH! I'd rather take something orally to facilitate the stability of my acne.

The first topical I ever used was Retin-A. That thing just made my skin oily, I saw no results; however, my dermatologist suggested that I should use it for years!

Then Benzoyl Peroxide got into the mix while taking Retin-A, I also took minocycline which I'll write about in another blog about the pills I have taken. Maybe it was going through puberty and hormones, my skin just had to act up.

Benzoyl Peroxide bleached my dark clothes! Boo, body acne.

'Using' (in quotes because I rarely used topicals...) Retin-A and Benzoyl Peroxide for YEARS. A dermatologist I saw suggested to use Differin. I do not think that Differin did anything to my skin to be honest with you...

I was looking at a pile of topicals in my bathroom and it's mixed with my sister's stuff too so I have no idea if I took Tretinoin, if I did (let's say I did), I saw no result.

Stuff I have tried without the dermatologist knowing was Proactive and Murad.

As I stated in an earlier blog, Proactive stabilized my skin, to a point! and Murad just fucked up my skin. My face was the worst it ever was, and my neck! I did not want to see my skin, I looked at a YouTube video of me and the sides of my face was just disgusting.

I know I have tried more; however, there are too many to name.


I was so excited when I first bought my first ProActive kit at a cart in a mall. I did all the directions, like wash your face with this product for a minute, I would actually time it with a stop watch, I went crazy with proactive believing that it was going to clear up my skin like Jessica Simpson's and all the other people on the infomercials. I hated the fact that there was three steps for washing your face, for me it felt like it was forever trying to scrub off the imperfection on my face and body.

Proactive did stabilize my skin to a point! Just the face though. I received a few compliments from a couple of my friends and my own mother. Compliments on my voice and skin are the two things that put a smile on my face :( even though I know for sure I can't sing. Yeah, proactive is a really good product to make my skin looking alright; however, it never cleared up my skin.

You know how I stated that I HATED doing the three step application? I gave up on the product and that's when my skin started to get worse, then I would use it on and off whenever I felt like washing, toning, and putting on the topical.


When I started getting acne on my face I used neutrogena face wash. I used that face wash on my face and body. It would always dry up my skin, no one really told me that I should moisturize my skin after I wash it. My skin was just always dry once I washed it, then it became really oily throughout the day.

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