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Almost a week

It will be a week as of tomorrow that i've been on the regimen and I am experiencing pleasing results. My acne bumps have decreased in size and things are starting to clear up a little. I had a little breakout yesterday but, it's clearing up fairly well now. My face is feeling a bad burning sensation though from the moisturizer for some odd reason but, I'm fine with the pain if I get great results as I've been getting now. Around my mouth has been very flaky and i'm insisting on getting a better moisturizer. My mom walked up to me today and told me how my face is looking better and that really made my day. I'm bouncing around the walls right now with confidence. Maybe within the next 2 months I'll be clear and able to wear makeup again. Until then I'm very pleased! :(

Additonal information:

I use the regimen day and night.

I have mild - moderate acne. I just experience white heads and

flesh colored bumps that are going away now! Very rarely

do I experience blackheads. I am so excited!

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The Acne.org Regimen
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