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DKR, my second time around.

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Week 1

A little background information: I started the DKR end of March of this year and gave up on it after a couple of weeks due to excessive dryness. I was never able to reach the full 2 pumps of BP recommended. I gave up (as Dan says is the most common mistake) and started on the OCM- Oil cleansing method. This, in turn, gave me even more acne on my forehead area and started to really freak me out! I stuck with it for about 3 weeks and decided it was making matters worse. I saw much better improvement with the DKR. The acne caused by the OCM still lingers and it was the biggest mistake I made! I went to just simple cleaning with clearasil and basic spot treatments with SA.

This came to be too depressing, as I was breaking out more than ever in my life. I went back to the pics that I took before I started the DKR back in March and my skin looked so much better.

Anyway, I started the DKR again, and it's been about a week. Yes, flakiness is my problem again, but I will work with it until I get a good regimen that will work for me.

My first time doing the DKR, I used PURPOSE cleaning bar, Dan's BP, and Olay moisturizer. This time I have been using Cetaphil cleaner, Dan's BP and Olay moisturizer with added jojoba oil. Though the used of jojoba oil does hide my flakes better than the Olay moisturizer by itself, I will be incorporating AHA into my regimen. Since it's sparked my interest, I've found that it could possibly fade the acne scars, prevent wrinkles, and all sorts, so I will have to see! :(

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