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  1. 1 entry

    Whilst I had break outs of acne I would place amethyst crystals on my face to heal the area with crystal healing

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    Hello! This is my first post about my acne treatment regime.
    Here are a few facts about me to help you determine if this review will be helpful for you:
    Sex: Female
    Age: 24
    Skin type: combination
    Acne type: Hormonal, light-medium acne in my T-zone and jaw line

    Products bought from Travel size Benzoyl Peroxide
    Products bought elsewhere: Oil based makeup remover and cleanser, moisturizer, facial oils, sunscreen

    Week 1 skincare routine:
    I start by washing my face in the morning with some water and occasionally a light exfoliator. I pat my face dry and apply benzoyl peroxide on my affected areas only. I wait until it dries then apply a little bit of rosehip oil and moisturizer. I let that sink into my skin (approx. 20 min) and apply sunscreen (SPF 50). After my sunscreen has sunk into my skin, I go on with my makeup routine. 

    I start by washing my face with a light oil based makeup remover followed immediately by a gentle cleanser. I found that this combination really cleans all my makeup off and leaves my skin fresh, but not stripped of hydration. I pat my face dry and apply benzoyl peroxide only on affected areas. I massage argan oil into my skin (after benzoyl peroxide has dried on my skin) and apply moisturizer. 

    Results/Comments: I've noticed that benzoyl peroxide is a very fast-acting acne treatment. I had little bumps on my forehead that I could never get rid of until I started using benzoyl peroxide. My tiny bumps started drying off and disappearing after the first use. After a week, my forehead feels completely smooth. I only have a couple mini bumps here and there. The rest of my "actual" acne started clearing as well. They're drying off quickly, only leaving little red marks behind. I am going through a bit of a purging period which means that after a couple uses, I got new breakouts on my forehead and chin/jaw line. They were noticeable but they were contained and didn't get out of control. I also have small dry patches on my skin: chin, forehead, a little patch on my face/cheeks. 

    Tips: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I make sure that I use facial oils along with my moisturizer because benzoyl peroxide is very drying and regardless of your skin type, you will get dry patches. I really take time to massage facial oils into my skin to put back the lost moisture. I highly recommend using an oil-based makeup remover because, again, it will keep your skin less irritated and therefore less likely to develop redness and flaking. USE SPF! benzoyl peroxide creates free radicals in your skin which leads to premature aging of skin cells. It's also more prone to sun damage.  Putting antioxidants (found in facial oils) back into your skin will help reverse the negative effects of the treatment. 
    If your skin still gets excessively dry, stop using benzoyl peroxide or reduce the amount you're using. Switch to tea tree oil=It's nature's benzoyl peroxide. It shares the same benefits as BP but it's more gentle on your skin.
    I would even reduce (BP)  application  times to 1X day.  I only use a tiny bit of benzoyl peroxide (no bigger than a pea size). A little goes a long way! You want to have just enough to treat your problem areas. No need to dry out the rest of your face. 

    Makeup: try using water based foundations and apply a light layer. I don't recommend foundation sticks or very heavy/matte coverage. It dehydrates your skin. 

    Overall: I'm very pleased with the results so far:) 

    PS: More in-depth info to come!


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    I wanted to post two pics-one with bad lighting and one with good lighting. 
    Lately, things have been ok. My face is still scarred, but I'm trying to get over it. I try not to look but it's like the mirror is always calling, and I constantly want to take pics in different lighting to see if it's "that bad" (it is).



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    I have done some research and everyone is saying all these terrible things will happen if you OD acutane.  I have about 80 pills of 30mg and I took 15 at once (450mg) and nothing has happened. No stomach pain no headaches or anything. Tomorrow im going to take the 60ish that are left and hope for better results. My question is do you think 1800mg of acutane is enough to kill me if 450mg had no effect? P.S. im not looking for the suicide hotline or anything I have legitimate reasons for suicide.

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    Let me start by giving you some background. 

    I've struggled with some sort of acne for as long as I can remember. I remember periods of semi-clear skin, but I've never had a pimple-free face. At 27, I never thought I would still be struggling with acne.

    I have tried so many skincare ranges and spent too much money on facials, blue light treatment and microdermabrasion. I've cut everything from my diet; dairy, caffeine, carbs, etc.   I am not interested in taking birth control as my husband and I are planning to start our family in the next few years. 

    I recently visited a dermatologist after blue light and microdermabrasion treatments did not work for me. He explained my acne was likely hormonal and that birth control would fix the issue. He prescribed me Doxycycline 100mg a day and Biacna. I had tried Biacna before and it broke my face out in some sort of burn. It looks like the entire top layer of my skin had come off! Needless to say, I was nervous to try it again. 

    Everything seemed to be going well during my first week, pimples were getting smaller, I didn't have any cystic spots and if I did get a pimple, it didn't stick around for more than a day or two. 

    I woke up this morning on my second week and am feeling very defeated. I have about 4 cystic spots and they are incredibly sore. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm finding it very difficult. Covering it with make-up almost makes them look worse! 

    I struggle with anxiety to begin with and when I look in the mirror I begin to feel sick to my stomach about my appearance. This makes my anxiety much more heightened. I'm finding myself avoiding going anywhere but to work and home because I'm embarrassed by my appearance. I'm also having a hard time seeing friends and family as they only seem to talk to me about acne and tell me all of the things that worked for them. I'm tired of being suggested products and listening to people tell me it's my diet, cut dairy, cut carbs, cut caffeine. 

    This might be a bit of rambling, but I Felt I needed somewhere to get my feelings out. 

    Trying to stay positive!

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    This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach.  While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority.

    It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places.  It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any clear skin whatsoever.  Facial acne is at least somewhat socially acceptable, and back and chest acne can be hidden with clothes, but what about areas that can't be hidden?  It's as if acne is determined to win this fight.  It's as if it's trying to give me a clear signal that I am not allowed to have any clear skin - and that my social and employment prospects are dead.  Having face and back acne all these years wasn't enough, so it had to spread to my whole body.  When I was young, I was normal and healthy.  Not so anymore.  By spreading to my whole body, it's almost as if acne is erasing my very existence.  I doubt that I can be accepted in society without looking at least somewhat healthy.  When I was young and healthy, I had prospects, but I've feared that those prospects would become non-existant if my acne spread to my whole body - and became particularly severe.

    My acne spreading is especially scary because I've feared that this would be permanent.  With the exception of my forehead, once my acne has established itself in a certain place, it's there to stay.  I cannot get rid of it.  So imagine being stuck with acne on the forearms, hands, and stomach the rest of my life.  It's just absolutely horrible.  It's horrible to imagine not having a single square inch of clear skin - having absolutely no way to cure it - and having potentially diminished social and employment prospects as a result.

    Anyway, as it started getting out of control, I started more actively seeking solutions to cure - or at least control - my acne.  I first looked into benzoyl peroxide - but eventually became skeptical since I had sometimes used hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol, and I still got pimples where I rubbed the sanitizer.  It seemed to have no effect whatsoever.  I think that I had seen some posts on this forum - saying that hand sanitizer was just as good - if not better than - benzoyl peroxide.  If true, then if hand sanitizer didn't work, then why would benzoyl peroxide be any different?

    Then, I became interested in spearmint tea to lower my testosterone (yes, I'm a guy, and I think that my acne is hormone-related).  However, as of now, I haven't yet tried it.

    Recently, I became interested in Vitamin A supplements because I had heard that Accutane is basically a form of Vitamin A.  I had been on Accutane, and it was only one of two drugs that had any significant effect on my acne (the other was doxycycline).  Accutane worked great for me, but my acne gradually came back after I stopped taking it.  If Accutane was a form of Vitamin A, then "normal" Vitamin A might work similarly.

    Finally, after putting it off for a long time, I bought some Spring Valley Vitamin A supplements a few days ago.  I took my first softgel pill on October 25th at around 4:00 PM.  Each pill supposedly has 8,000 IU of Vitamin A, and I was aware of the potential toxicity that could arise from taking too much Vitamin A.

    More than two days later, and so far, the results have been inconclusive.  A number of pimples on my back and chest have hardened, but the ones on my back were like that BEFORE taking Vitamin A, so I don't know if Vitamin A really has been helping - or if my body is just continuing the process that took place before taking Vitamin A.  In any case, I've still gotten a few small pimples on my upper arms and stomach, and I've had some cysts on my face that haven't gone away.  I realize that I shouldn't expect results overnight since, when I was on Accutane, it took a few weeks before my skin got clear, but I would think that I would at least not get any new little pimples.

    Due to this lack of definite effect - and my skin gradually getting worse, I've felt so frustrated.  There just seems to be nothing that I can do.  The worst part is that I'm getting acne in places that I can't easily hide.  What am I supposed to do - wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves in the boiling-hot summer?  Given the fact that nothing seems to help my acne, I've resigned to the fact that I might have to.

    Yesterday, I tried some Neutrogena SkinClearing Complexion Perfector to experiment with hiding the spots on my stomach - and some scars on my right thumb and forearm.  I really wanted to get some Dermablend, but people were coming in and out of the makeup aisle, and it was embarrassing being there, so I eventually just grabbed something to experiment with.  It didn't blend perfectly with my skin, but I didn't care since I just wanted something to hide the horrible red spots.  I was fairly satisfied with it on my stomach, but my forearm was a different story.  The Neutrogena seemed like it wouldn't dry well, and it probably wouldn't be as durable as the Dermablend that I wanted, but I felt that I could still have problems with Dermablend, too.  I've decided that if I ever permanently got acne on my hands, I'd just have to wear gloves.  Makeup for the hands just isn't practical.  My skin is so pathetic.

    As far as I'm concerned, my natural, organic skin doesn't exist anymore.  It's dead, pathetic, and useless to me.  I've written it off.  It's too far gone.  As far as I'm concerned, my clothes are my real skin.  That's sad.

    It's sad to think that my clothes make a better skin than my real skin.  My real skin is living supposed to be durable - and able to protect itself against the environment.  But it can't.  My skin is just a weak, broken, and worthless organ.  I wish that I could beat the ever-living crap out of it and destroy it.  I wish that I could teach it a lesson for being such a worthless piece of crap and make it wish that it never existed.  I wish that I could trade it in for some REAL skin that wouldn't be so weak and pathetic.  But for now, I just have my clothes.  My clothes make a better skin than my real skin.  They don't get pimples - but my real skin does get pimples - and can't get rid of them.  That is so pathetic.

    I'm sorry for ranting, but I just really am frustrated with my skin since I've been getting acne (yes, I do think it's actual acne) in weird places.  I intend to try Vitamin A a while longer - and maybe some other things, but I am also prepared to just give up on my so-called skin and cover it up almost completely.  However, I hope that I can find a real solution for my acne.

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    Hi guys! I just went to my 3 month Dermatologist appointment last week. This was my first time there since I got prescribed my medications. She ended up telling me we probably didn't need to reschedule and I am guessing that is because she really thinks I am on a good treatment plan. No, I still am not clear. I have seen definite progress and reduction in acne, but I still get pimples pretty often.  I still have small pimples on my forehead, a couple nasty ones on my right cheek, and some random ones in other places. It is much improved, but I still would say I have acne and not a few pimples.

    When I went to my appointment, she said we could up the dose if my blood pressure was at a healthy number. I was textbook perfect for my blood pressure three months in. I upped my dose to 150 MG from 100. I am confident this will knock out my acne completely by Month 6... I hope sooner! 

    She gave me the option of adding a new topical or an antibiotic to speed up the process. I am proud of myself for saying NO. One month ago I would have for sure taken her up on that. I am trying to learn patience and I think I can wait this out. One month ago, I would say my acne was significantly worse. 

    I am so so happy I hit the 3 month mark. This is when the work should really start kicking in. I have been saying lots of positive affirmations and learning a lot about myself dealing with acne again. I have finally tried to see a positive side to this. I now know that my boyfriend still loves me with bad acne, I am still beautiful and strong, and I know that quitting my birth control was a big reason for my acne returning. Speaking of birth control, I love my Orthto Tri Cyclen. I feel so happy and stable compared to the Nuvaring. I am in the middle of my second pack of the pills, and I have had a pretty small initial breakout. My emotional stability was worth the switch. I can't wait to see how this combo continues to work in the next 2-3 months. I can do this!

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    I have been battling pimples my entire adult life. But for the last 14 months I have been experiencing the worst acne of my life. This time there is something different, this acne is more persistent. 

    In my future blog posts you will read about my history with acne medications, birth control pills, treatments, ointments, the list goes on.

    I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which I will elaborate on in another post.

    But for my first entry, I thought I would discuss my current routine.

    What I am taking: Diane 35 (or 'Estelle 35') 

    Today is Day 11. So far no improvements, but I am hopeful. Birth control has worked for me in the past (well, to some extent) so I am holding out hope that it will work again.

    I wear makeup every day to work, and I use a variety of cleansers, depending on the condition of my skin that day. This evening I used Simple's Micellar Water to clear away makeup followed by the Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser (this is comprised with AHAs and BHAs) with a spin brush and the Simple Rich Moisturiser. 

    Tomorrow morning I will simply use the Micellar Water to clear away dirt and oil from my pillow case and the QV daily moisturiser containing SPF 30.

    I try to keep my products and steps minimalistic, as I try my best to avoid irritating my skin.

    Feel free to leave comments/questions about any of the products.

    Thanks :symbols_v1_2:



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    Hi everyone

    Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have been a bit down!

    so my skin is not amazing at the moment. In fact, it’s really shit!

    ok my diet hasnt been amazing, i’ll admit but it hasnt been horrendous at all! Still barely any dairy.. maybe a bit too much sugar but nothing major! 

    I currently have about 6 bad spots! All around my mouth, so my chin, left of mouth and right of mouth. The little ones seem to have gone (fingers crossed). They are very red and angry.

    I have only been taking Yasmin for 13 days can I really be that so quickly? The Acnecide does help I think to clear it quicker but I don’t think it quite prevents them. Can anyone tell me their experiences of using Yasmin?

    Will write back with another update... I really hope with positive news! 


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    Hey there! I'm a 20 year old female and i'm going to take you along through all the suffering I'm about to endure on Accutane. I'm taking 40 mg of Clarus 3x a week.

    Here we go :)

    Month 1

    • Week 1-2 - By the first two weeks of starting my treatment I had already experienced some side effects. Week 1 was full of headaches and mild back pain, I also had a nose bleed. Then when week 2 came around I got really sick and ended up developing Bronchitis. It may have been a coincidence but I didn't start having the headaches until after i took my first dose, so either it was just me getting sick or it was accutane already weakening my immune system.
    • Week 3-4 -  I was recovering from Bronchitis so I didn't really notice anything abnormal except my pain tolerance has kind of lowered and I bleed quite a bit when I get a little scratch. Not much changes in the skin, just getting dry patches along my nose with dry lips and hair that's less oily.


    Started off with pHisoderm cleanser for dry skin and Cerave moisturizing cream but I have since swapped out Cerave for organic Hempseed oil. 
    For my lips I'm using Aquaphor and I'm also taking 10,000 mcg of Biotin everyday, along with hair oil treatments every 3rd day to help lessen any hair thinning I may experience

    The pictures are of my skin at the end of month 1



  11. 3 entries

    Week 6 anti biotics.
    some small red marks appeared on forehead but they seem to be dying off. Think skin has improved well. Here's to hoping it keeps healing! 2nd week of Skinoren cream 


  12. 1 entry

    Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat Secara Cepat Alami, sebagian orang pasti sudah pernah mengalami dengan yang namanya jerawat. jerawat emang sangat menjengkelkan dan membuat kita pusing. sebab keberadaan jerawat akan mengurangi rasa kepercayaan diri kita. oleh karena itu kami akan memberikan informasi penting yang bagus untuk meneghilangkan jerawat. apa saja itu? simak beberapa cara menghilangkan jerawat berikut ini.

    1. Madu
    kiat memusnahkan Jerawat dengan cara biasa bersama Cepat

    siapa-siapa yang tidak kenal madu? seluruh orang tentu sudah banyak tau kemujaraban luar reguler madu guna kebugaran siapa sangka, tidak hanya berguna bagi kebugaran madu semula dapat kita gunakan pada menghilangkan jerawat membandel.

    Madu diperkaya dengan pikulan antibakterial dan antioksidan tinggi yang konon katanya sanggup memusnahkan jerawat, menghilangkan keriput, dan malahan melembabkan kulit secara alami.

    2. Lemon dan jeruk nipis
    cara menghilangkan Jerawat dengan cara biasa dengan Cepat
    Nipis dan lemon seharusnya serta satu kelompok dgn buah jeruk. Cuman, mereka berdua mempunyai rasa yg lebih masam berasal jeruk yang lain

    memusnahkan jerawat dgn lemon atau jeruk nipis sama-sama mujarab. Tapi jangan sampai terkejut ya apabila nanti agak singkat perih, karena isi asam bagi kedua bauh ini benar benar tinggi.

    3. Pasta gigi
    cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat  dengan cara alamiah bersama Cepat kembali banyak yg belum tau kurnia odol atau pasta gigi bagi muka jerawatan. Pasta gigi mengandung senyawa mint dan mineral lumrah yang mampu menopang mengatasi penyumbatan folikel untuk kulit. maka permasalahan jerawat dan komedo semula tak akan muncul lagi.

    4. Mentimun
    resep melenyapkan Jerawat dengan cara lumrah dgn Cepat
    sudah banyak sekali yang memanfaatkan timun sbg masker tampang natural Buah satu ini diperkaya dengan senyawa anti-inflamasi tinggi yang dapat membendung rasa nyeri imbalan jerawat. selain itu, memanfaatkan masker mentimun rutin masih dapat menunjang mencerahkan kulit paras secara alami.

    5. Bawang putih
    Bawang putih termasuk juga salah satu bumbu perapian yang wajib difungsikan ketika melubangi mungkin terasa abnormal bila mengobati jerawat bersama bawang putih, lebihlebih guna kamu yang aneh menanggung kulit mimik secara alami.

    Namun janganlah salah, bawang putih mengandung antibakterial tinggi yang sanggup membunuh kuman dan mikroba penyebab jerawat di muka justru kandungan anti-inflamasinya berkhasiat menegah peradangan jerawat.

    6. Putih telur
    Putih telur yaitu mata air protein yang lumayan tinggi. tetapi terkecuali itu beliau kembali mengandung mineral-mineral biasa yang pass komplit mulai semenjak kalsium, kalium, fosfor, magnesium, dan sebagainya.
    kandungan zat makanan serupa inilah yg amat baik buat melebihi jerawat, komedo, keriput, dan bab kulit lainnya lebihlebih selain itu pemakaian putih telur teratur sanggup mengencangkan kulit secara alami.

    7. Kentang
    kentang adalah umbi-umbian yg diperkaya bersama bobot kalium dan mineral alamiah komplit yang lain Senyawa yang ada dalam kentang bersituasi antibakterial, sehingga lumayan mujarab buat menyirnakan jerawat bandel.

    8. Kulit Pisang Dan Kulit Jeruk
    mulai sejak sekarang ini sebaiknya jangan buah kulit jeruk dan pisang deh, mengapa karena kedua kulit buah ini ternyata cukup ampuh guna melebihi jerawat. Baik itu jerawat batu, jerawat kerikil maupun jerawat komedo. saya pernah menemukan ramuannya di blog iskandar. namun entahsekarang masih ada atau tidak.

    Ada banyak trik mengolah kulit pisang dan jeruk ini. resep yang mudah anda sanggup mengatupkan langsung sektor putih kulit buah tersebut ke jerawat, paling utama ini sangat sesuai terhadap orang sakit jerawat batu. cara menghilangkan jerawat batu sekalipun untuk anda yang mewarisi jerawat  batu sebaiknya guna scrub berikut ini. itulah berbagai yang bisa Anda lakukan semoga bisa bermanfaat

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    I wanted to start this blog for my fellow pityrosporum folloculitis sufferers. Quick history on myself, I have previously experienced a long journey on curing chronic UTI hence I have been on many many rounds of antibiotics (approx. 30) which I believe is the cause behind this skin condition for me. I have PF on my chest, neck, face (forehead and nose mostly) and sometimes shoulders. I used to have completely clear skin and all of a sudden, it is bumpy, red, itchy, flakey, you name it. Next, a quick history of my dermatology experience; I have been going to the dermatologist for almost a full year now where they have treated me for bacterial folliculitis which caused an outbreak, leading to their assumption of it being fungal.. well my tests for fungus came back negative BUT that doesn’t mean that isn’t what I have because sometimes it doesn’t show up in the tests. Anyways, they resulted to treating me for acne which in turn gave me an even more red, irritated, angry face. Now I’m going to get down to what everybody wants know, how you cure it or attempt to maintain it. So at this point I believe that I have pityrosporum folliculitis with probably a few spots of typical acne in there so I resulted to using the praised Nizoral shampoo which I was skeptical of because I was previously prescribed the 2% ketonconazole shampoo which dried out my sensitive skin. However, Nizoral only has 1% ketonaconazole in it which seems to be less irritating so far. So I just started using this yesterday, and I am not exaggerating when I say this stuff has given me instant relief. There are obviously still bumps and spots present to the redness, itchiness and flaking has cut down immensely. My plan is to rotate between Nizoral (3 times a week on mondays, wednesdays, and Friday’s),  Neutrogena acne stress control cream (2 times week on saturdays and tuesdays) and scrub  (2 times a week on sundays and thursdays) so that I treat the PF and any acne without overdrying my skin and of course exfoliating. Hopefully this works! Wish me luck and I hope this helps somebody else! 
  14. 2 entries

    Hi guys. I've been pretty busy these past 2 weeks but I'm now on day 18 of my accurate treatment so I'm in my 3rd week. I have just started taking 40mg, up from 20. 

    The past 2 weeks haven't been great. I experienced some breakouts on my cheeks, some of which lasted longer than others. As well, now I have a couple new ones coming in. This may be the IB hat everyone talks about. However I don't know if I would consider them as going away so quickly. 

    Aside from this, the only other side effect I am experiencing a dry lips. I keep this under control with Nivea lip balm 
    here's to hoping I'll be clear by week 4! 

  15. 3 entries

    same process I just splash water in the morning and moisturized, still no changed face is a bit drier, no new breakouts, the old breakout are still there but they just keep drying up and shrinking also I still have a lot of scarring from before but so far it hasn't been bad so I am going to keep going

  16. 4 entries

    So today my skin is still red, mainly on my chin though.
    It's now started peeling just like sunburn would 0.o

    I went to a pharmacy to ask advice on what to do because this i can't cover with makeup anymore due to the peeling.
    (I was told it would be best not to put anything on it other than a gentle moisturizer)

    I added a photo i apologise for the poor quality. The photo doesn't grasp how bad it is haha.

    I really hope that nobody else has this reaction as in my experience it has only made me feel more self conscious.


  17. 2 entries
    Gonna keep this simple and as clean as possible

    My initial reaction of being red like a tomato is a common occurrence.
    Might need to look into eye drops
    Sun won't be a problem during the swedish winter, but keep sun protection nearby if that's not the case for you.
    Perhaps cold wind will prove a problem on sensitive skin later on.
    This medication might help with the fact that I have to wash my hair daily, let's just hope I don't go bald... he. he... Oh man.. 

    Face is itchy, red and acne is popping up because I'm off my usual meds.
    Facial skin is sensitive to the slightest touch, turns bright red. Like an unwanted, intrusive sunset.

    Eyes are a bit dry, nothing extreme.
    Skin is a bit flaky at certain spots.
    My, not at all serious, eczema might be worsening slightly.
    Morale is not at an all time high.

    Ordered moisturizing creams that I've only been hearing good things about:
    Supposedly targets red and irritated skin, perfect!

    Should be arriving in about 3 days. Hopes are high.
    What inspired me to get them:
  18. 1 entry

    Hey y’all! I am 13 years old and all I want more than anything is clear skin. I’m not quite sure why I have so much acne because honestly I’m a quite clean and clear person. I have a very big insecurity about my acne even though i wash my face every morning and night. I do a lot of gymnastics which may have something to do with sweat. I really hope this blog will help me open up about my acne and even maybe embrace it.

  19. 14 entries

    Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last updated…

    I went off the grid for a while there partially because I was in Japan (in the US now visiting friends and family for two weeks!) and busy with Japan stuff, and also because I was thinking less and less about my skin. I’m still not really obsessed with it or particularly worried anymore – trying to be, anyway – but I’ll give an update:

    Face: Looking OK pimple-wise, with some stuff going on in my temples and at the tops of my cheekbones. To be fair, the latter area has had blackheads lodged deep in the skin for months and months and I’m happy that it’s finally coming to the surface. My temples… not so sure what happened. I think my hair causes irritation, and I also touch my face a lot (a hard habit to break, but one I’m sure I can do!). My cheeks look OK otherwise, with a few small, stray inflamed pore/dormant zit things. And last is my chin, which has made progress but continues to purge due to intermittent bouts of dryness that irritate my face and cause acne.

    Leading me to my main gripe. Does DKR work? Yes, totally, it clears up acne and teaches good skin care habits like being gentle with my face when touching and cleansing it, and of making sure products are compatible with my skin (gentle, fragrance free, etc). At the same time, this dryness is totally unacceptable. Unacceptable!! I’ve been doing DKR or some variant of it for over seven years now, and I’m frustrated because I don’t know what it is that I’m doing differently now that is making my skin so freaking dry. The flakes are irritating and cause more acne; they are also embarrassing. My skin feels tight and leathery and I’m not even using the standard “full, thick finger’s length.”

    That said, I understand that I’ve deviated from the routine slightly (using less BP sometimes, occasionally being inconsistent with how far apart I do it depending on what my schedule is), but the acne on my faced is so mild and should have totally responded at this point. I will say, though, that my back is looking great, and my chest – which experienced a folliculitis flare-up when I wore an irritating fabric – is doing much better since I started moisturizing it regularly.

    My gut has been telling me for almost two years now, or perhaps more, that it’s time to wean myself off BP. I don’t like the idea of rubbing this shit all over my face, and I HATE how out-of-balance my skin gets. When it’s IN balance, to be fair, it looks milky and dewy and nice, but those days are so few and far between now. My face seems to have a nearly constant layer of dead skin on top of it that’s shiny and scaly, and there are absolutely times when it’s not possible for me to do the Regimen EXACTLY as planned.

    My gut is telling me to focus on using quality moisturizers and to be gentle with my face, and to spot treat with BP as necessary – maybe once a day? And to use beautiful, gentle, organic (I know, I sound like a cliché, but this shit is becoming more important to me as I’m getting older—just turned 30!) products that I’m excited to use, rather than industrial-sized bottles of this bleaching agent that says fucking ACNE on it in orange goddamn letters.

    It’s time to get to know my skin again. MY skin – not the skin that fluctuates with any slight deviation with DKR.

    Oh, and flying? Going to a new place with a different climate? My skin turned almost totally red and was splotchy and uncomfortable during a short trip to the Philippines. First world problems, sure, but like… I am sick of this shit.

    Grateful? Yes. But I’m intuiting that I may have grown out of DKR and am ready to try something different.

    I’ll keep up with this blog, maybe…?

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    Day 1 of taking 100mg a day. 

    Not taking it with birth control. 

    A handful of cysts but A TON (hundreds) of clogged pores that don’t show up too great in the photos. Oily beyond belief all over face. 



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    This week, an unpredictable things have happened on my face.My cheek areas have turned apple red and new bumps have generated in the mid eye region and also tiny bumps have generated on the cheek par.I noticed a color discolouration the upper lip part and also the jaw area



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    Base: Honey (2 table spoons)
    turmeric (teaspoon)
    cinnamon (half a teaspoon)
    Tea tree oil (3 drops)
    apple cider vinegar (teaspoon)
    A dash of bentonite clay as a hardening agent

    put on at night after washing face. leave on for as long as desired, I suggest at least 20 minutes.

    *All amounts are optional, I find the best way to do it is to test it out and see what works best for your skin*

    best friend luck, please reach it with any questions/check out my blog for skin care regimen that cleared my skin :)

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    I've just learned about post-inflammatory erythema. What the hell, where do these terms end? Apparently, PIH denotes brown spots whereas red spots indicate PIE. Well, that's not the kind of pie I want. But, are they treated differently, or am I chewing on useless information?
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      I am a foreigner. I try to use it since two days ago. the same three things suggested by my website diagnosed.  but those things do not fit like what i thought and what i watched in the website.First, the cleaner. it is uneasy to make it thick even i use two pumps. Second, the treatment. according to the instructions i need to increase the amount of it. but my face is too big(i am a male). i have to use three times amount of treatment in the first week so that I can cover my face thoroughly. (normally,for the first they say use a pea size amount only once a day )    and for the moisturizer, i still need more.
      there is nothing happened after i use it so far. the only different is some time i can feel like some itch spot in my face in the daytime.(i normally wash my face when I get up or go to the bed. )
      I  literally follow all the the instructions from the website video. I will keep use it and i hope my skin will get better

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    Wow I realized my first blog post sounded so whiny! Didn't think people would actually see/read it hahaha But it's true my acne has been depressing me lately! I'm sure a lot of people here have gone through the same thing. I don't know how to edit my posts yet so I'm just going to post a follow up here.


    • cetaphil
    • thayer's rose witch hazel
    • neutrogena naturals brightening with spf 25

    • burts bees cleansing oil
    • cetaphil
    • thayer's rose witch hazel
    • struggling with which moisturizer to use. Really want to use cerave cream because my skin is itchy and feels dehydrated but maybe i should stick with cerave SA because i've used it for a long time. I don't particularly like it and just realized there's mineral oil in it which might be bad but at least it's a consistent product. I usually also put vicks on my skin where it's itchy, i can feel a cyst forming, or there are tiny bumps. It usually clears the bumps but hasn't been working to clear them lately. Maybe I used it for too long and it dehydrated/clogged my skin? I don't want to have to use vick's on my face my whole life so I guess I'll just do cerave SA. 
    • clotrimazole 1% cream

    TLDR the new thing I'm trying is clotrimazole. I'm worried I might have yeast/folliculitis because I have a bunch of tiny bumps that cause rough skin and never go away. This is mostly between my mouth and my chin, and on my forehead. I never dealt with it before (at least not on forehead) until about 6 months ago. And I realize now that that's around the time I started taking a LOT of antibiotics for other health issues. Makes me think it might be yeast. Worth a shot.

    My GOD though this site is freaking me out. I got to the "weird side" of it apparently LOL. I though I was dealing with acne from birth control pills. Now I'm like... but wait what if it's milia, perioral dermatitis, folliculitis, gram negative folliculitis, demodex mite overgrowth, etc!?!?!? How can I know? I'm not even sure dermatologists consider all these options. Then I think-- I should put jock itch cream on my face, diaper rash cream, dandruff shampoo, manuka honey, zinc oxide, accutane, some miracle cure, freaking sliced potatoes. I'm so lost!!!

    Anyway last night was the first time I applied lotrimin, so I just put it on a few small areas to test for allergies. I woke up and seemed fine. I applied to rest of face. But this evening my skin has been itching SO MUCH around my jaw, and even a bit on my cheeks and forehead. Can't tell if that's a good sign (yeast die off) or bad sign (allergy)? Doesn't look red though.