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  1. I cannot be happier with my skin right now. I just started my 4th month. My entire face is smooth and soft, and I no longer have to get up an hour in advance to pile on make-up anymore. Every morning I put on sunscreen and use a little bit of concealer to cover up redness , and I'm ready to go! My face doesn't get oily at all, and unlike so many people who are on accutane, I do not have dry skin problem. Cetaphil is a great moisturizer - it literally saves my life.

    I will  continue to be on Accutane for three more months. I'm half way through the treatment, and I am already very satisfies with the results. However, in order to reduce the possibility of acne coming back in the future, I will have to power through the next three months. 

    Now I when I look into the mirror I see the woman I truly am. This was my dream three months ago, and it came true. I am happy. 

  2. Hi.

    I'm going to keep this blog entry short and simple.

    I can safely say that I'm NEVER going to order/use the products again (except the jojoba oil I have left).

    It was too expensive for me (203$), it was a chore to do and for me it took like at least 1 hour out of the day, the flakiness and redness didn't disappear and most importantly, the regimen left me more uncomfortable with my skin than I was before.

    Instead I'm trying to have a healthier lifestyle and love my skin, there are so many other "defects" that my skin could've had and it dosen't. I don't even have a lot of acne (though it got worse now when I'm quitting the regimen). I'm happy with my skin and the acne is going to go away, even if it takes years.

    Bye! :)

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    A lot has changed since I wrote my original post. When I wrote it I was regularly getting deep cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, and it got so bad that I ended up going to my dermatologist and getting claravis. Well, about a month after starting claravis i began to notice blood in my stool. That was my wake up call. I realized that taking this harsh medication was not the solution for my acne, it was a way for my dermatologist to sell pills. I realized that the real solution was to attack my cystic acne from the inside out rather than the outside in. And that is when I decided to become vegan. I did hours of research online about holistic remedies for cystic acne and found that all of the sources agreed that cutting out dairy was the best way to combat the inflammation that causes cystic acne in the first place. So, I completely cut meat, cheese and most refined sugars from my diet. It was tough, but I knew my skin would be thankful for it. Fast forward 5 months and my cystic acne is gone. I haven't gotten a big swollen cyst on my face in months and my skin looks better than it has in years. I am not saying I don't get acne (I'll get the occasional white head if i forget to wash my face or if i cheat on my vegan diet) but my cystic acne is completely gone. Also, once my skin began to clear up I decided to also begin exfoliating regularly and using apple cider vinegar on my skin as a toner, which is also doing wonders for my face. So the moral of the story? CUT OUT DAIRY!! Going vegan has changed my life and it can change yours too!

    Additional info about diet and skincare routine:
    - No meat or dairy products. Red meat and dairy are scientifically proven to be inflammatory, and guess what causes cystic acne... Inflammation! Swap meat and dairy out for beans and green veggies so you can get your protein, iron and calcium. 
    - Very little processed foods. They are high in refined sugars which are bad for your skin.
    - Lots of water. Obviously. 
    - Buy a probiotic. Be nice to your gut! Your gut health is directly linked to your skin health. 
    Skincare Routine 
    - Mornings: I wash my face with Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I use an apple cider vinegar toner (one part acv two parts water), I spray it on my face out of a spray bottle to avoid touching my face. then I apply shea butter as a moisturizer (I only do this on my chin bc that is the area that gets dry). 
    - Nights: Same as above, but instead of moisturizing I take Epiduo gel (I still have it from when I used to got to the dermatologist and will probably stop using when I run out) and rub a thin layer over my problem areas. Epiduo usually dries my white heads out within a week. 
    - Exfoliating: I exfoliate 3 times a week (recommended for very oily skin). This step is so important because it washes away all that dead skin that clogs your pores and causes acne in the first place! I use a grainy exfoliant but I am getting a chemical exfoliant today and will update to tell how it is.  
    - Cold water splash: After you wash with hot water just splash some cold water on your face. It's very refreshing and closes your pores. 

  3. Quote

    My first post will be an introduction into my own case so that others may understand what it is that I am suffering from, and the type of information I am looking for in other cases. If you are kind enough to share your story, please include as much detail about yourself as possible so that we may use symptomatic correlation to find our solution.

    My skin condition: 
    The skin condition that I want to address in these blog posts is only concerning the scar-like, soft, flesh colored bumps that have appeared along the center of my chin and out towards the corners of my mouth. They are not pimples, acne, or hypertrophic scarring (though I will get into eliminated diagnoses later in this post), and they have gotten increasingly more noticeable in the last 3 years. Please see pictures for reference. 

    My Health History:

    To start, I am a 30 year old, 5'4" female who is approximately 30lbs over my healthy BMI weight
    I have a history of:
    • cystic acne that has been 'mostly' clear for 2-3 years. I occasionally have a breakout during my cycle, but these are rare and typically do not result in scarring and resolve within 1-2 weeks. My acne was particularly bad in my early teens and again in my early 20's. In my teens it was centralized in my T-zone, but during the later stages in my 20's was primarily along my jaw line.
    • large pores
    • excess oil production on my entire face, not just the t-zone. It is common for me to use 8-10 oil blotting sheets/day.
    • mild hair thinning (within the last 5 years)
    • mild male-pattern hair growth (mostly around the chin/upper lip area)
    • excessive sweating
    • Keratosis Pilaris on arms and legs
    • As a child I had a rare form of recurring Pityriasis Rosea- my last episode was when I was 25.

    Woohoo! So, as you can see I was blessed with all the things that make women feel super sexy! Joking aside, for all of us struggling with these abnormalities, please try to remind yourself that there are people suffering with far, far worse. I know this condition (and others) can be embarrassing, unsightly, and all-together soul-crushing at times, but for every ugly bump we have is someone suffering from deforming burn scars, flesh eating bacterial infections, and life altering conditions that can't be treated or covered with makeup. I am CONFIDENT that we can not only treat what we have, but that there is a biological solution that does not require lasers, acid, or the use of a blade. 

    My Current Skincare Routine:

    In the past I have used every form of acne cleanser, lotion, topical treatment, and miracle fix you could think of. I wish I would have known about taking the simple, more natural approach before destroying my skin with chemicals. I have never taken oral treatments such as spironolactone or antibiotics, but I did use a lot of acid based products that irritated, burned, and angered my skin. The following routine has been consistent for the last year and a half, with slight variations in brands.

    Night Routine: 
    • Remove makeup with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic face wipes. I try to use something that is exfoliating. I particularly like Boots No7 Brand All in One Wipes. You get a lot for the price, they are well-saturated, and have never made me break out. 
    • I then tone my skin with witch hazel
    • Next I take a damp cotton pad and add a few drops of jajoba oil. I smooth the cotton pad over my face for the purpose of a "final cleanse" but also to moisturize and prep the skin. Jajoba oil will not clog pores as it is very close to human sebum. It actually can trick your pores into producing less oil. 
    • I then use a vitamin C serum to moisturize and help treat my uneven skin tone, light scarring, etc.
    • I have begun using Differin Gel in the last 3 months for the purpose of increasing skin cell turnover and improving my skin's texture and any residual scarring from my years of acne. I have been extremely happy with it and only had light redness and flaking within the first two weeks of use. Since then my skin has become more even toned, my scars have been fading, and I am able to wear a light coverage foundation (sometimes I wear nothing) without feeling as if my scars and discoloration are showing through. 

    Morning Routine:
    • In the shower or at the sink I wash my face with another face wipe (this time I add a tiny bit of baking soda for exfoliation) and then tone with witch hazel. I use a light moisturizer for sensitive skin and usually add a drop of jajoba oil for added moisture to my cheek area. That's it!  I have not been breaking out on this routine and would feel comfortable recommending it to others. Both my night and morning routines are safe for people with sensitive skin with the exception of the differin gel. 

    Prior diagnoses:

    I have been told that these bumps are hypertrophic scarring, sebaceous hyperplasia, cholesterol deposits, fungal infection, and flat warts. While sebaceous hyperplasia seems to be the most common diagnoses, nothing about them looks like sebaceaous hyperplasia, nor do regular treatments for SH work. I say all of these are wrong, and it is actually something internal with either a hormone imbalance or thyroid disorder. 

    I will post tomorrow with pictures and an explanation of all things I have tried!
  4. So I'm nearing the end of my fourth pack now, I have skipped every single pill break because I don't want to get spots during the break. I did research and apparantley it's safe to do so and there is no medical reason for having the 7 day pill break (but don't know this for sure so I would check with your doctor before doing so).

    Just wanted to give you an update on my skin, so my skin has stayed pretty clear however I have had a few spots. I believe it may have been to do with me going out a lot recently so haven't been as religious with my skincare routine but yeah it was nothing serious just a few pimples. I really do think the treclin gel has helped my skin though so really recommend it if you can cope with the initial breakout from it in the first few months. That's the only problem but what I also like about it is that it prevents wrinkles and even though I'm only 20 it's just quite satisfying that it should prevent aging compared to benzoyl peroxide which I personally think does the opposite. 

    My skin has become a lot less oily recently like I would say when I wake up it's a bit oily but nothing compared to what it used to be and I would now say at my skin is a bit dry. At the end of the day you foundation (estee Lauder double wear)  just looks super dry and cracking underneath so I'm going to have to change this to a less drying foundation! But for anyone that's oily skin who needs a foundation with staying power and that doesn't melt away during the day then I would highly recommend Estée Lauder double wear! 


  5. On Thursday, June 15th, 2017, I had my third subcision treatment for acnescars in Dallas. Dr. John L Burns did my first in August 2016, second in January 2017, and third, a few days ago. 

    The first time I did not suction the skin after because I wasn't educated about it.
    The second time I suctioned every day for a week or so to prevent the skin from reattaching to improve collagen production. 
    This is my third time having the subcision procedure done and I will be suctioning as well. I use a plastic cupping tool that sucks the air out to lift and pull the skin away. 

    Dr. John L Burns subcised the skin and drew my blood from my left arm to be used to apply platelet rich plasma to the skin topically and subdermal through injection. 
    I will be posting photos to track my progress. I feel as though i've seen progress in my skin but understand that it will take some time to reach desirable results. 

    First six pictures are "Day of" (06.15.17) pictures. 
    Pictures taken immediately after and after i got home. 

    front face post subcision.jpg

    post subcision front face.jpg

    post subcision left face .jpg

    post subcision left face.jpg

    post subcision right side .jpg

    post subcision right side.jpg

  6. My moms always said that “ you guys are lucky because I understands your feelings. “ But I will never believe that because she don’t, and never understands my feelings about my acne.

    About last year, I was a 7th graders, my hair cover up my forehead and unfortunately, I got a lot of acne and since I know nothing about it ,( because I didn’t any knowledge about acne ) I keep popping it and touching my acne.

    Later that summer, my acne got worst ( only the forehead ) and my dad suggests that I should see a dermatologist and my mom agree, it took them about 5 months or half a year to take me to go see her ( which is February 2017, summer is August 2016 ). At that time, my acne still on my forehead. ( not on chin and cheek, I do got blackheads on nose )

    Then finally the day come.

    I ask her many questions about preventing acne which seems like forever, what to eat and what to avoid etc, my mom feels like I am “ bothering her “ (Jesus, that’s what a dermatologist should do, mom :) ) too much, she pull me back and the doctor start to write medicine for me ( she did check my whole face , again, I didn’t have any more acne in face accept for forehead. ). I have Klenzit - C cream  for acne treatment.

    Few months later acne start to approaching my cheeks. Which is about March or April. I start to feel WORST about it and whenever I got acne when I woke up, I feel it is the end of the world. Even though there is rarely to have whitehead acne ( because I got blind acne all the time ) it start to grow everywhere on my cheeks. I see Klenzit - C cream as my angel because it help me save my acne overnight. ( about 5 dollars or so)

    Whenever I eat something that may cause acne, I use klenzit c immediately.

    Day to day klenzit C started to run out. I ask my mom to buy it but she won’t agree, she said “ the doctor only allows you to use it in 2 weeks “ ( I use it for 2 months ) “ you have to start to use ZA cream [ azelaic acid ] “ I won’t agree because it took days to clear out acne.

    When Klenzit C start to run out, I cut it in half and squeeze to get every single drop that it have left.

    I have cut it in half and use it, the next morning my acne got worst. I mean seriously.

    I’m a teenager, and I have a diet and acne-free-face plan in the same time.  ( 49kg, 1m59 )

    I don’t have my own money, so I have to use ZA cream.

    My acne got worst now.

    After I ate a white bread about 2 weeks ago, that night my face are really itchy and red ( seems like allergic ) and it continue, I don’t know why because I ate bread for the past years and I’m not getting any allergic.

    So I doing some research online and ask my mom about it, she said “ it maybe be hidden acne or allergic.”, and the internet said “ gluten face” or some kind of having redness on face. And I still don’t know what kind of face I have. It happen at night or at evening, some part on my cheek got red and really itchy, I could see some hidden acne, or that may be some kind of red dots.

    Then till now, June, I have hidden acne all over my cheeks.

    I talk to my mom about going to the dermatologist again because I can’t take it anymore. I try this several of time at April and May, but she won’t agree.

    I see this is a really serious problem, it’s like my health and other important stuff and my mom be like “ your face is perfect for the puberty time” and I was being sarcasm. I said to her “ if you are sick, you go see the doctor, I got acne and I want to see dermatologist ( I learn this online )” She be like “ I don’t want to talk about this anymore. “

    Acne is a serious problem for me, my friends, middle popular have a super acne free face, my face is like scars on nose ( blackheads ), acne scars, and hidden acne, red, too. When people are looking at me I turn my face all the way away, I don’t want any body to see my acne face. Even my crush, I think I’m acting like a weirdo, right ? I think I’m being rude, but that’s the only option I have.

    I go online, search for everything. And the problem is I have no money, my mom doesn't allow me to buy that

    It said “ I have to be stress-free.”, but I can’t, my family is an Asians one. I have a “ test your happiness “ online and mine is 55/100. Surprise ?

    I talk about acne all days, and talk about acne to my mom whenever I see her. She be like “ STOP BEING SO WORRY ABOUT YOUR FACE, I’M SICK OF IT.” and one more “ BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FREE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR ACNE ALL DAY AND HELP US NOTHING.” I know this is rude, but I have to say “ Oh shut up, you understands nothing.”

    I really want to see a dermatologist now, but she s aids it is really expensive and waste of money ( about 1 million VND, ~ $50.00 ), and I don’t have money, I really want to go, what should I do to convince her to let me? After all those deny, will she let me to see the dermatologist again ?
    Maybe your mom sometime said " your skin is perfectly fine with the puberty age." 

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    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a blog so I can track my progress and also get any tips from anyone else who is using the treatment

    Background: I am 18 year old college student. I have mild acne, a lot of acne scars and have used BP before. When I heard of the regimen I was intrigued and believed that it would help me clear my acne because my skin was already used to BP. Before the regimen I used BP about every night or whenever I needed it, I also used salicylic acid, both were bought from the drugstore. 

    The first couple weeks were very difficult, my skin became very dry. My skin was usually more oily than dry, however, once I started the regimen I realized that I have combo skin. I did not purchase the moisturizer from I used ponds dry skin moisturizer or cetaphil. From my experience with ponds I think it is too thick for my skin but it works well. Once I am done with it I might go back to using cetaphil.

    I didn't follow the instructions when it came to AHA because I believed that my skin was already used to BP I used it earlier than when I was told to.
    Because of that my skin became irritated and I started breaking out even more!!

    Right now I am fighting all those acne scars and acne from my mistakes but I havent noticed too many new pimples. Only three small ones appeared and I believeit to be due to my diet. 

    Cheese usually causes my skin to break out in my forehead and too much sweets or chocolate causes break outs everywhere else. 

    I have also noticed that the cheek I seep on the most ( when sleeping on my side) has more pimples, so now I am working on changing my pillow cases more and wrapping my hair every night.

    I will give it 4 months if I dont see clear skin, I will start using salicylic acid again and buy a higher BP percentage.

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    last month in accutane how can ı do my face after the treatment ı am not sure is it good or bad  say me how is looking my face




  7. TuTzY

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    I honestly always had acne issues since maybe 16yrs old but the only time they would become noticeable to me was when I was on my period. However, ever since I moved from Jamaica and have been living in Hobbs, NM for the past 2 years my face has gotten so messed up that I can even upload a picture without editing it. Even though I would rather 0 filter my face is too ugly for that right now. I have tried Jamaican Black soap which really helps with the oily-ness of my skin(which is extremely oily;my diet has a lot to do with that though if I'm going to be honest) but the acne is still jus poping up 1 after the other. I've also tried egg an cinnamon mix and neutrogena products and 1 clean and clear product that had some blue beads in it. I've honestly given up on my face now. Hence, why it really can't hurt to try 1 more thing. If this doesn't work and I just look worse, my face was already bad to begin with. 

    Wish me luck. 




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    I have been fighting acne since I was 16 or so- sometime in the high school. In the beginning I didn’t care much and it was quite ok, but getting worse – ten I got some cleansers that made it better after every use. But Then after some time it was really drying – around second year into it. Around that time I also got scars on my temples, almost not anywhere else.
    When I was 20 or so I switched to natural versions of everything. Since then my acne got better and when I cleaned it I would even look like I have no acne at times. But my back and chest acne was always quite bad and much worse than the face.

    I became researching into acne recently more than ever, I improved my diet, I exercise regularly, but not excessively. I used to exercise a lot for half a year around a year ago which helped my acne a bit more but still not cleared it but then I had to eat too much in order to maintain my weight because I also have moderate digestive issues. I am sure it is correlated because in periods when I had good digestion my acne was also much better (100% clear on a good day)
    before going caveman I always had to clean my face twice or more times a day – although I recently was washing my face only with 100% natural cleansers or with things like green tea – it wasn’t drying but my face would get oily by the end of the day and probably bring a few pimples.

    I welcome any thoughts or remarks

    Day 1 Started on Friday evening – first evening not hard because I had just showered so I didn’t have to skip much
    (note: I am spraying salt and probiotics on face and body- sort of a cheating I hope- should help the good bacteria establish and stay there and be there quick after any intrusion(it did help my body acne a little (salt) in two days)
    I don’t know if that is a good way to do it but there is a product that promotes skin bacteria and it includes salt

    Day 2 Saturday – I had football so I didn’t do anything except shower after – I wiped my face with a hand to get off greasiness – might have prolonged the beginning- also in the evening I popped two whites on forehead- probably bad idea since on Sunday I got three new ones

    Day 3 Sunday – got 6 or 7 more throughout the day – about the same as with my old regimen but none of them seem too harsh and if I wanted I would pop them all out easily – probably easier than normally
    also popped two on my body – today no shower, no nothing – water touched only a bit around mouth due to brushing – should try to be more gentle with that one too (later on I started making my own toothpaste or brush with coconut oil only)
    going to sleep with a greasy face – but not that greasy I can say already – after more than 24 hours since last washing – also leaving sunblock on – they say better than washing it off and also I get some protection right
    the rest of the skin where I don’t have pimples – everywhere except around mouth and on chin looks better – more even

    Day 4 Monday – although I didn’t have a shower the day before, as I said more than 24 hours – in the morning my skin wasn’t that oily – it was more oily than it would normally have been but.
    So in the morning it was better than the day before- about 3 new pimples but the ones from day before were healed-ready to fall off(I had put jojoba oil on the forehead spot where I had had three of them)
    in the morning I did my sprints – after that I showered and let water on my face for 10 seconds or so but didn’t touch – I still have residue of sunblock from Saturday and I am going to actually leave it on and get benefits of sunblock without putting it on.
    the face is itching – it looks much better than it would normally but it is really itchy all the time – normally I would probably just cleanse it and it would be ok for a few hours – now I will go and spray some salt water or probiotic water on but it doesn’t help much

    I still think this way of cheating is the way to go- helped my back acne- still is helping It – I have got maybe two or three new small pimples on my back and chest combined and the rest looks smooth and rested

    It still not perfect – at home I have a water filter and think that could be helping especially now doing water only –

    My hair is great – not having washed for maybe a week and it is not getting any more oilier – only problem is that when I scratch it i pick up a lot of build-up from the scalp – I think that will become dandruff if I do it too often which I kind of do
    my nose is still good – only on the left side I got a little pimple but ok – the rest look congested and is itchy but nothing actually happens – normally I would get on average 1.5 pimple a day there
    today I checked the back of my neck – not bad but I thought It would be better since there is nothing sticking out or painful – probably is even a scar – that will get better however with no poo routine
    also neck is really nice – as well as around ears – and sides of forehead – is just brown and even except for one pimple on each side of the neck – around 10 days old – but getting better

    Day 5 Tuesday
    we went on a trip – sweating, not resting, wearing a cap
    I had three new big whites from the morning above my mouth and one bellow, as well as one on the side
    that was horrible – but I didn’t touch it and by the end of the day I had two more and these were really big
    by the end I really stung but since we came back at 22.30 I didn’t shower, anything

    Day 6 Wednesday
    those from yesterday subsided – I could scrub them off immediately
    but I have got a two under my mouth that are inflamed from under and one on a temple – scary
    but body acne is better than previously – black heads are just going up and ready to fall
    skin texture and evenness is getting better
    I am going running now so after I will let water on my face and also in hear so I hope I will look ready to go out(as if)

    Day 10 Monday – 5 days since last post
    much better now – I have been showering daily but I don’t wipe my face, only let water on the face for 5 second or so
    my hair is not pretty bad, still picking at it and the dandruff seems really bad – wasn’t that bad until after yesterdays’s football match
    since the beginning I have been thinking about this a very often – like 2 hours a day – but among people I really feel more confident than I have in months – despite my 3 whiteheads that even my friend pointed at. So I am also growing out my beard – my facial hair is not perfect but after initial itchiness it seems much better everyday – the worst it was on Saturday after the party
    since the regimen I feel like I am in control of my acne and life in general,

    Tuesday day 11
    Just like ainother day, in the morning I got one or two whites on my chin – normal stuff but they are ok.
    it is better every day – my skin is not flakey, is just even and even on the temples it is only better than yesterday.
    my problem now is that although I am really confident now, I still keep thinking about it and I am anxious to see the improvement – fortunately, unlike most anything in the past it is helping so my confidence doesn’t go down with it but still it makes my thoughts busy.
    yesterday I had a busy day working and after that went running – that was the only water on my face
    showers with the filter seem much better for my hair so I think it does help-I bought one for about 20 dollars from china.
    my face is always itching – I actually pop forehead and chin pimples by clenching and moving my face muscles the way it wrinkles and makes pressure and pops the pimple. I think it is not ideal by my restlessness just doesn’t go away overnight.
    now in the evening I think, I get a few, like 2 whites more throughout the day. It just takes more time, they are mostly ok, but also they appear at the place where I move the mouth muscles.

    Day 12
    again a few more pimples throughout the day- I think about 4 altogether
    also there is the dead skin finally building up at places where I have or had acne – the color is yellowish. No build-up at places where I didn’t have acne but I imagine it would take hundreds of cotton balls to clean
    Pimples that come up go away quickly- within one day but new pimples keep coming up almost the same rate as before

  8. I am believer that the most important part about health is what we eat and drink. I love kale and spinach and veggies, but I also love mac and cheese,donuts ,cakes, and fries. Part of me wants to be very healthy and another part of me believes in balance and martinis. When I had acne, I was doing so much research on good supplements and healthy foods, so I  still practice a lot of it. My skin is damaged from acne and I still break out if I skip some of my regime and at the same time now I have to fight wrinkles and sagging. So this is what I take on daily basis:

    I start my morning with a shot of Apple Cider and some water
    I add a spoon of collagen powder to my coffee
    I take 2 pills of Milk Thistle and head to work
    At work before lunch I take 1 MSM pill, 2 Vit C and 1 Folic Acid
     In Afternoon I drink a cup of Pure Matcha tea
    Through out  the day I drink warm water with a whole lemon


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    So today I've got a hurtful zit on my chin more near the center than where I get them usually near my jawline. Lathered the BP on there, expecting this to grow into a big one. :(
     also noticed a small Whitehead on right side of my chin - again put BP on there, hopefully this one won't turn big red and with a huge Whitehead but that's my luck these days :/

    trying to remain positive - the more stressed out I get about these spots the worse it will get. I'm pretty sick & tired of feeling rubbish all the time. Want to go out with my friends tomorrow so I pray by some miracle my skin is ok!!

    also have to confess - have been squeezing a few past couple of days. My spots scar regardless so I feel like squeezing them just speeds up the process... going to stop doing that now though. 

    fingers crossed for the next few days. 


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    Hi! I just turned 21 yesterday (May 31) and I've had these "acne breakout" for 3 months now on my cheeks, neck, jawline (since March). I don't really know why this happened. Here are some of the reasons that might trigger it. First, I took glutathione capsules, 2 capsules a day which i stopped after 5 days because my parents doesn't know and I noticed small pimples, like two pimples, growing on my face (took this on the last two weeks of january). Second, I had facial treatments because i was so bothered with pimples slowly growing on my cheeks. I had my facials every thursday for three weeks in a row (three thursdays of the month of February). Third possible reason, I had a puppy (shi tzu/yorkie), we had lots of interactions, like I let her lick my face, I sleep with her, ang always put her near my face. My pup died because of parvo virus at the end of month of february which made me really depressed and emotional. I've searched all around the internet if humans can also have parvo but it says that it doesn't, but the virus left inside the house may last up to 1 month. We've already disinfected our house and still maintaining to keep it away from the virus.

    At the start of the month of March, Pimples keep growing on my cheeks and chin. Big but not pus filled. It's red and form scabs when healing. I went to a doctor on the month of april, second week (not a derma) and he said that it's because of the extractions done during facial. But how about the pimples on my chest? Is it because of the gluta capsules that i took? Up until now, I still have large and painful and deep akin that doesn't stop growing on my jawline and small pimples on my cheeks and chin. There are new pimples everyday on my jawline.

    I had pimples when i was teen. And had it clear and clean for almost 7 years since then. And now that I am 21, I had it and this is the worse thing that happened to me. I am not used in going out putting foundation on my face. It seems like i forgot to live my normal and usual life in just a span of three months because of this pimples. I am so depressed. Please help.

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    Aulia Fitri
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    Today is the first time I try to posting a blog in

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    Ugh this acne! 
    extreamly dry and somewhat smooth expect for two large pimples. I'm so tempted to pop them! 

    Left Cheek: 
    Broke out in many tiny bumps =[ 

    Right Cheek:
    Group for large pus filled pimples showed up but not many of those comedones 

    3 new ones popped up on my neck a while well. I know patiences is key but why is god testing  like this? 

    Homeopathy don't let me loose hope in you. My dosage change now. I ee  too take the morning pill every other day now to everyone everyday. 

  11. Cecek
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    i cant believe its week five already !
    my face looks good, its not very dry and I am getting few new acne here and there nothing major..
    I am doing almost exactly like last week the only diff is the eczema is spreading a little but the ointment is solving this problem.
    Yesterday I upped the does to 60mg, so this week the side effect should be more intense I guess ..


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    Hi everyone.

    Here is my story.
    My name is Imroz. My current age is 18 and a half years old (Turned 18 this January). Through out my pre-teen and early teenager years, I never had acne. I did get occassional breakouts from time to time but it was never severe to the point where I actually would need to resort to prescription treatments. Or that was at least what I thought then. But after the age of 16, breakouts became a regular thing. I used to pop them at first WHICH ONE SHOULD NEVER DO. I used to go to sleep and wake up seeing another active cystic acne. I was getting scars from them. I tried Proactiv but it didn't work. I tried almost everything from tree tea oil to salicylic acid but nothing seemed to work. I would always see a spot everytime I woke up and went to the bathroom mirror in the morning. It was a regular thing. 
    I was frustrated to the point where it lead to more stress and more stress lead to more acne. 

    I had hyperpigmentation through out the whole year. My scars became more and more visible. I tried Retin-A Tretinoin 0.05% and it worked pretty well but it was hurting my skin a bit too much. I would get easily tanned and burned everytime I went out in the sun. I started Retin-A last year and I used it for a month, I saw improvements and I didn't regret using it. My acne actually got better so I stopped using it. The hyperpigmentation from using Retin-A became better after 2 months. 

    So, from last February, I started breaking out on my cheeks. First it was on the right side but then it covered my entire face. I was frustrated to the point where I wanted to kill myself. My skin was always painful. I hated looking myself in the mirror. My skin type is ethnic so I have medium skin and the dark spots from acne are very visible and my face always looked red from the active acne. 

    After that point I contemplated that I might require laser treatment in the future and my face wont get better like this. I was running out of ideas. Until I finally decided to change my lifestyle.

    I finally found a skin care regimen that actually worked for me. It cured my acne 90% of it just within 3 days through it.
    I started using a topical adapalene and benzoyl peroxide gel in combination with a topical Clindamycin 1.2% and Tretinoin 0.025% gel. 

    Here is my daily skin care routine : 
    In the morning I wake up and drink green tea. I always keep a cup of green tea in the fridge overnight. I drink the grean tea and use the teabag to rub it on my whole face. Sometimes I make icecubes mixed with green tea and a bit of lemon juice and I rub it on my face if my face feels too puffy. 
    After that I wash my face with a very gentle facial cleanser. I like to use  The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Cleanser because I have blemished skin and tea tree oil is good for damaged skin. I gently pat dry my face with a soft towel. Then I use a toner. I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner with a cotton pad to get the pH balance back in my skin. On days when my skin feels too dry I like to rub some coconut oil or sweet almond oil on all over my face as a natural moisturizer and leave it on for a while before I wash my face. After toning my face, I apply a gentle fragrance free, paraben free and allergens free moisturizer. You can also use a gel moisturizer or emulsion. After that I apply my SPF before I head out. I like to use a sunblock of SPF 50 but SPF 30 should be just fine. But you should never forget to apply Sunscreen regardless of how the weather is outside. NEVER FORGET THE SPF.

    In the evening, I come back home and I use a Charcoal facial cleanser with Activated Charcoal to get all of the dirt and excess oil out of my skin. Activated Charcoal is very good at removing all of the impurities and dirt that your skin absorbs through out the whole day. After washing my face I like to use an Aloe Vera Toner or a Seaweed Toner by the Body Shop because it moisturizes your skin. After that, I apply Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide on my skin in the evening. 

    Before I go to bed I wash my face again with luke warm water (Water should never be too warm) and I always splash my face with cold water in the end. I pat dry my face and apply Aloe Vera gel on my face. Be sure to look for Aloe Vera gel that has the least amount of chemicals and preservatives, try to get one without alcohol. I use Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Gel. Usually Aloe Vera gel doesn't irritate skin but it can cause itching sometimes. I never had any adverse reactions to aloe vera gel on my face. I let the aloe vera gel sit on my face for a while. 

    Then I apply a thin layer of the topical Clindamycin and Tretinoin gel over my face before I go to sleep. But be sure not to apply Tretinoin and Clindamycin within 3hours of applying Benzoyl Peroxide. 

    I did this for only 3 days and I can honestly say I am seeing massive improvements. Even though I have blemishes and hyperpigmentation, my active acne has got 95% better already within only 3 days. I am not saying it completely cured my acne but its working far better than anything else I have tried so far through out the years

    Also to remember that, your skin is the largest organ in your body and your diet plays a huge role on how your skin looks. I used to drink a lot of milk and turns out drinking milk was actually making my acne worse. So I cut off on milk. I only take milk once a day with my coffee during breakfast. Also, refined sugar is also bad for acne. That's why I use raw honey instead of sugar. Honey is a natural antibacterial and honey masks are good for the skin too. It soothes the acne as well. I have started to eat all sorts of fruits, nuts, fruit smoothies and vegetables. I always avoid processed meat. Chicken and Fish is what I always eat. Always try to eat Gluten free. Gluten can cause gut inflammation which can lead to breakouts as well. 

    I am glad that I have found something that actually helped and that's why I wanted to share my experience with everyone else. Acne is like a curse that nobody deserves to get. Its nothing to be ashamed of as well. I can always relate to people who are suffering from acne and my heart just breaks every time I see a person who is suffering from cystic acne.

    And as for Acne Scarring, Tretinoin will definitely help the appearance of the scars and might even improve shallow scars but for deep scars like box car or icepick scars, you can try AHA or TCA Peels, Microdermabration, Microneedling (Dermapen) and Subscision as an alternative to Laser Surgery.

    Lifestyle changes play a huge factor on your health. I hope that I can help at least someone with  my experience and knowledge with acne   I wish for everyone dealing with skin problems ,  good health and a pleasant future.
  12. Yasmine93
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    Hi everyone.

    So I've been back on the broth for almost a week now (I started last Friday), and while my skin isn't actually much better, I think it's definitely helping! This is because today is Day 14 of my cycle which is usually a TERRIBLE time (Days 13-16 are hell), and actually I've only had a couple of breakouts - and they're not cysts, just spots (though admittedly one is quite deep.) Obviously this could all change in the next day or so, but for now I'm happy!

    Anyway I need advice - how do you deal with/fade the hyperpigmentation and dark marks from old spots? It's so demoralising to think 'oh yay, no new spots but my skin still looks like shit because its marked EVERYWHERE.' Help!!


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    Many people use oils (ideally cold pressed organic 100% pure) as a replacement of skincare, or as a step in it. Yes, such words as organic, all natural, full of vitamins and minerals sound really good and people leading organic lifestyle propagate the usage of those.

    You know, there are oils that can clog your pores. They do so by increasing follicular hyperkeratosis—an increased production of keratin in hair follicles. Over time, this leads to clogged follicles and comedones.   Thus, oils with a low comedogenic score are safe to use. This is nothing I’m going to talk here about.

    So, what are these beloved avocado, rosehip seed, grape seed, hemp seed, olive, safflower, coconut, etc oils?
    Well, 60% of each are fatty acids. Among these, in the vast majority of cases, 95% are linoleic and oleic acids (pic1; 

    Thus,  oils are concentrated chemical solutions.

    Linoleic acid (18:2) is scaled by NFPA 704 as level 2 hazard to health (0-4), meaning intense or continued but not chronic exposure could cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury (e.g. diethyl etherammonium phosphate). The next point on the scale is this one: 3 - short exposure could cause serious temporary or moderate residual injury (e.g. liquid hydrogencarbon monoxidecalcium hypochlorite).

    Oleic acid (18:1) is scaled 1 by HMIS: - exposure would cause irritation with only minor residual injury (e.g. acetonesodium bromate).

    Safety data sheets in chemical/biochemical labs state:

    Adverse Human Health: Material may be irritating to the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract.   
    Effects and Symptoms: May be harmful by inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. May cause eye, skin, or respiratory system irritation.

    Indeed, 1 of 2 people is sensitive to even organic cold pressed natural oils and develop the worst irritation and breakouts they have ever had in their lives. Sometimes without even knowing what causes this state.


    Answers hide in the nature of fatty acids and how they act when applied topically.

    Remark: our cells are surrounded by membranes the main component of which is a lipid bilayer (see pictures below). There are organelles in cells which have their own membranes. The composition of those differs, but the base of all membranes is the same lipid bilayer.

    Studies show that even micromolar concentrations of palmitic (C16, saturated acid) and oleic acid incorporate into the sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane (an inner cell organelle, surrounded by lipid bilayer) and reduce the content of phospholipids in the membrane. (pic2 - representation of fatty acids penetrating a lipid bilayer; Leo G et all, 1983)

    A consequence of enhanced skin permeability and/or toxicity with fatty acids is increased transdermal water loss (lauric, oleic acids). The intercellular lipids (permeate through the whole membrane) have an important function in maintaining the barrier to water permeation through the skin and for holding water in the skin, removing of intercellular lipids produced chapped and scaly skin.

    Maximum permeation enhancement was observed for fatty acids of 9 to 12 carbon atoms and for fatty alcohols of 10 to 12 carbons. Among saturated fatty acid, the maximum enhancement was shown by lauric acid (C12). (M. Loden at all, 2000)

    So, fatty acids actually promote a water loss but give us a filling of soft and hydrated skin. 


    Note that, when tests say the maximum or elevated score they don’t say other substances scored 0, as permeation ability was shown for many other fatty acids, as myristoleic, palmitoleic, linoleic, oleic, lauric and many others.

      Let’s be clear. The skin permeation effect of fatty acids indeed depends on the chain length and saturation. But the thing is oils do not contain very short fatty acids or contain only trace amounts of those (chains of very very short fatty acids are too short to incorporate into the lipid bilayer, therefore didn’t show irritation reactions). Also, it’s not the deal with a specific membrane, as all of them have the same basis.

    In an irritation test in nude mice, 10% oleic acid caused severe irritation. Oleic acid was also evaluated in guinea pigs, with 5% producing significant epidermal damage. Various fatty acids have been examined in humans by applying for 3 h under occlusion using concentrations 0. 16 M. Oleic acid resulted in an elevated score and visible erythema and edema. (M. Loden, 2000). Thus, all caused some damage, but oleic acid - an elevated effect.

    Another study shows linoleic acid produced significant irritation on human skin (Michael A et al, 1975).

    Also, prior studies on the relative irritancy of free fatty acids revealed the saturated C8 to C14 fatty acids and a C18 unsaturated fatty acid to be the most irritating. Another study says that among saturated free fatty acids from C3 to C18, and unsaturated C18 free fatty acids that were applied daily under occlusive patch tests to human skin until detectable erythema appeared, the most irritating fatty acids were C8 through C12. Of the unsaturated fatty acids tested, only linoleic acid produced irritation ( it was the only tested, though).

    Also, notice that different tests tasted different fatty acids and therefore one can say the most irritating was this acid/only this acid showed irritation, while an another test names different acid due to different samples included. Studies say they applied oils until the detectable erythema occurred, thus erythema occurred in all applied saturated fatty acids. Among these, they evaluated the most irritating samples.


    All people say oils are good natural carriers of vitamins and minerals to the skin. Oh yes, they are very good carriers, as they disrupt lipid bilayer (a membrane that surrounds our cells) incorporating in it and therefore make it easier for other substances to penetrate through it.

    But our skin is not designed as frogs skin, which consumes near 10% of oxygen within it. Our skin is a barrier, nourished by minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, etc supplied by blood, thus there is no need to disrupt the natural barrier in order to deliver minerals and vitamins topically.

    But even people that develop skin irritation and breakouts can safely consume different types of oils. Even mice like food flavoured with oil more. What’s the secret behind it? The thing is our digestive tract has a layer of mucus that protects it, also it regenerates really fast and digests all sort of organic compounds starting from our mouth.


    Let’s look at one example. There is a compound called PTC (phenylthiocarbamide). It has an extremely bitter taste. Evolution gifted us an ability to detect bitter tastes because at the most cases bitter means toxic. So, when you can distinguish many bitter substances, you have better chances of survival.

    But turns out that we vary in the ability to taste PTC and among different nations and populations only certain amount of people can taste it (from 16% to 40%). But it doesn’t mean for those who can’t distinguish the taste, it’s beneficial and they can eat it without consequences.

    The same is with topical irritation. Not everyone develops the reaction, but it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for those (we are not talking about allergies here, just irritation!)

    Most people experience some sort of reaction after some time of continuous application, as irritation may be induced by repeat disturbance of barrier function. The immune system reacts to this disturbance and et voila, acne occur!

    Maybe you also wonder how oils helped some people to battle acne (especially oil cleansing method) It turns out, they aren’t sensible to the mechanism in which fatty acids act. Okay, fatty acids act the same on their skin, they just don’t develop a visible reaction to it. Thus, fatty acids could dissolve makeup traces that can irritate their skin, or dissolve natural sebum, rich in oleic acid (true for those who has acne) that clogs pores and not to cause irritation by itself. Also, in the vast majority of cases, these people take a holistic approach to their acne and stop eating dairy, take Accutane, cure hormone disbalance, etc, so it's not necessary the oils cured their acne.


    1.  People are leaded by the fact that linoleic acid is a natural component of human sebum.

    Let's investigate. See pic3 below. (Mauro Picardo et all, 2009)

    Triglycerides and fatty acids, taken together, account for the predominant proportion (57.5%), followed by wax esters (26%) and squalene (12%). The least abundant lipid in sebum is cholesterol, which with its esters, accounts for the 4.5% of total lipids. (Greene RS et all, 1970)

    Now, see a pic4 below. (B. Boughton et all, 1959)
    Index a means saturated acids, b – mixture monounsaturated and single branched acids, c – mixture of highly branched acids and more highly unsaturated acids.

    We can see, that linoleic acid (18:1) and oleic (18:2) acids are only less than 15% (there are also different linear monounsaturated acids with 18 carbons) of all fatty acids (they are 57.5% of sebum), thus less than 9 % of sebum are linoleic and oleic acids together.

    It’s not healthy smearing concentrated fatty acids on your skin, even though it’s produced by sebaceous glands in some quantity naturally. Most people imagine human sebum as a blend of fat and some small amount of water. It’s not like this at all.

               Think about this: we can obtain not only oils from seeds but cyanide too. It will be 100% natural and organic, but would you smear it all over your skin? (the toxicity isn’t relative, but It’s just an example that not everything obtained from plants is good for health).

    Indeed, human sebum is a unique substance, that can maintain itself when supplied with essential by blood (by the food we eat).
    (You can actually skip this paragraph)

    It is unique in particular, the pathways leading to the formation of lipids, which are typically sebaceous, such as branched fatty acids and fatty acids with unshared unsaturation positions: features unique to sebum are the branched chain fatty acids and lipids with a particular pattern of unsaturation. Δ6 desaturase enzyme (fatty acid desaturase-2) catalyzes a “sebaceous-type” reaction of desaturation that leads to particular compounds, unique to humanΔ6 desaturase preferentially converts palmitic acid (16:0) to sapienic acid (16:1, Δ6), which is unique to the human sebum and represents ca. 25% of the total fatty acids. Elongation of sapienic acid by 2-carbon unit and further unsaturation leads to the formation of sebaleic acid (18:2, Δ5,8), which is also peculiar of human sebum. (Ge L. et al, 2007)

     We cannot deliver fatty acids that are synthesised only by human cells topically (at least if you don't plan to extract them from some human body...)

     2. People that don’t develop any kind of visible bad reaction experience very soft, “hydrated” skin.

    Of course, skin is soft after continous apзlication of oils, as they disrupt elastic membranes and make skin very supple in that way.

    There is one Polish saying “co bagato, to niezdrawo”, meaning when there is too much of something it’s not helthy.  Even though vegetable, seed, nut oils are all natural, this doesn’t mean they can replace human sebum and can be used safely on the skin. We have a need in linoleic acid, but mainly in our food or some severe conditions that demand topical application of oils (can be helpful for people that don’t develop visible irritation).

    Всем добра!








  13. I've been on accutane for two months and 2 weeks. My first two months I was on 40mg daily and on my third month now my dose was increase to 60mg and it took a toll on my face and body as a whole with muscle and joint pain, also very dry lips. 
    After researching a lot and reading other people's blogs I seen many comments. 
    Even though this medication causes a lot of side effects I'm determined to finish my treatment. I've been suffering from acne since I was 14 years old, I have used tetracycline, all kinds of topicals, even lazer treatments that costs me over $2000 dollars. 
    Well I always have used make up but had to switch so many times due to the fact my skin was super oily and everything I used broke me out. 
    My last make up I was using for a while was bare minerals but didn't give me enough coverage plus my skin was still very oily. 
    Shortly after starting accutane, my coworker told me about Kat Von de, is vegan make up and it gives you a full coverage that makes your skin looks amazing. 
    I so far love it and bought everything from KVD from the foundation to finish powder, contouring palette. You can purchase her products online at or shephora. 
    Also my lips were super dry, they would even bleed, and my doctor suggested believe it or not Vaseline, and I was using expensive medicated, organic stuff for my lips and it didn't work, but the Vaseline really has worked and my lips feel a lot better. 
    For my joint pain and muscle pain I take fish oil supplements and they really ease the discomfort, I also bought glucosamine and for my liver an organic liver detox. 
    I till have almost 4 months left on this stuff and I'm trying to make myself improve with whatever side affects comes along and I will not give up unless told by my doctor. 
    You can write to my blog anytime if you have any questions or suggestions. 

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    As a teenager I experienced a small pimple here and there, never anything cystic and never anything I would describe as acne. It wasn't until I turned 23 that my skin began having issues. I returned home from a family vacation with a pretty bad breakout. I tried over the counter products for a couple of months before I decided the breakout wasn't going away. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who took one look at my face (not a very close look) and told me that I had adult acne. Because I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide (works on my pimples but leaves the surrounding skin itchy, red, and swollen) I was prescribed a tretinoin cream and medication. I never filled the medication prescription because back then I was still sure the breakout would go away and the side effects of the pills scared me. I don't even remember the name of the pills. I used the cream for a couple of months and found my skin itchy and red and aggravated. I read that this was the initial break out, but the breakout lasted too long for me and I was so impatient, I stopped using the cream. I suffered for a few more months before I booked an appointment with an esthetician. The esthetician went through my makeup bag and threw out every pore clogging item I used on my face. She set me up with new cleansers and moisturizers, and with mandellic serum. I visited her office monthly, alternating between vitamin a peels and gentler treatments, and upping the mandelic serum formula every once in a while. After 3 months I saw a substantial improvement, and after 6-7 months my skin was completely clear. 
    I stayed clear for over a year with less frequent visits to the esthetician. Then, after moving and starting a new job, I started breaking out again. I do have a small problem with picking my skin. I know that makes it worse, and I'm sure that's what intensified the breakout. I was stressed, which caused acne, then I was stressed because I had acne. I booked an appointment with a new dermatologist and she was much more helpful. She diagnosed me with hormonal acne and I started taking spironolactone- which combined with my birth control pills, seemed to help. I saw a great improvement but never got completely clear. I decided I wanted to try isotretinoin. It has been one month now and I have seen promising results. My next post will be all about the first month.

  14. The wedding remains the most significant even for everyone’s life as it is the time that will pave way for new beginnings and endings in the life of both the groom and the bride. Every couple want their wedding to be an extravagant and memorial affair which people would like to remember for a very long time. As for the guests, the wedding favour that you choose to give is your token of love and appreciation for their presence in your happiness. The wedding favour also acts as a memoir for the guests to rethink of your wedding day every time they look at it or use. But how about the couple? How they will make their wedding last in their memories for long or how they will visit the days of their wedding as if the entire scene is replaying in front of them. 

    Wedding photography in Herts is one of the best ways that couples have been adapting too for years to preserve the memories of their special day and revisit them whenever they feel like. Though, even a small time wedding photographer in Herts can solve the purpose of just clicking pictures for the wedding day but it will somewhere lack the charisma and emotion that we expect from a wedding day video and photo shoot. In order to have a world class wedding photography in Herts it is equally important to find someone who can understand the emotion behind the setting and can also capture the same beautifully without losing on to its essence.  

    Finding a vendor for wedding photography in Herts should ideally not be a problem as there are many prominent names in the wedding photographers in Herts list that could come to your rescue. However the best way to pick on for your wedding is to look for the one who has great past record of shooting dreamy wedding sequences, possesses a creative bent of mind and is willing to incorporate suggestions coming from the couples or their family.But, too much interference in their work from the couple side can leave the photographer annoyed which might later reflect in the quality of work that you may receive.

    Thus, the best way to find wedding photographer in Herts is to ask for suggestions from the friends and family. They must know someone who would capture your wedding like a dream that came true.

    Author Bio
    The author writes a lot about wedding photography in Herts. He also shares information on wedding photographer in Hert.

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    Nothing really occured this week tbh, maybe just a small breakout