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  1. 10 entries

    Hi everyone

    Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have been a bit down!

    so my skin is not amazing at the moment. In fact, it’s really shit!

    ok my diet hasnt been amazing, i’ll admit but it hasnt been horrendous at all! Still barely any dairy.. maybe a bit too much sugar but nothing major! 

    I currently have about 6 bad spots! All around my mouth, so my chin, left of mouth and right of mouth. The little ones seem to have gone (fingers crossed). They are very red and angry.

    I have only been taking Yasmin for 13 days can I really be that so quickly? The Acnecide does help I think to clear it quicker but I don’t think it quite prevents them. Can anyone tell me their experiences of using Yasmin?

    Will write back with another update... I really hope with positive news! 


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    Hey there! I'm a 20 year old female and i'm going to take you along through all the suffering I'm about to endure on Accutane. I'm taking 40 mg of Clarus 3x a week.

    Here we go :)

    Month 1

    • Week 1-2 - By the first two weeks of starting my treatment I had already experienced some side effects. Week 1 was full of headaches and mild back pain, I also had a nose bleed. Then when week 2 came around I got really sick and ended up developing Bronchitis. It may have been a coincidence but I didn't start having the headaches until after i took my first dose, so either it was just me getting sick or it was accutane already weakening my immune system.
    • Week 3-4 -  I was recovering from Bronchitis so I didn't really notice anything abnormal except my pain tolerance has kind of lowered and I bleed quite a bit when I get a little scratch. Not much changes in the skin, just getting dry patches along my nose with dry lips and hair that's less oily.


    Started off with pHisoderm cleanser for dry skin and Cerave moisturizing cream but I have since swapped out Cerave for organic Hempseed oil. 
    For my lips I'm using Aquaphor and I'm also taking 10,000 mcg of Biotin everyday, along with hair oil treatments every 3rd day to help lessen any hair thinning I may experience

    The pictures are of my skin at the end of month 1



  3. 3 entries

    Week 6 anti biotics.
    some small red marks appeared on forehead but they seem to be dying off. Think skin has improved well. Here's to hoping it keeps healing! 2nd week of Skinoren cream 


  4. 1 entry

    Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat Secara Cepat Alami, sebagian orang pasti sudah pernah mengalami dengan yang namanya jerawat. jerawat emang sangat menjengkelkan dan membuat kita pusing. sebab keberadaan jerawat akan mengurangi rasa kepercayaan diri kita. oleh karena itu kami akan memberikan informasi penting yang bagus untuk meneghilangkan jerawat. apa saja itu? simak beberapa cara menghilangkan jerawat berikut ini.

    1. Madu
    kiat memusnahkan Jerawat dengan cara biasa bersama Cepat

    siapa-siapa yang tidak kenal madu? seluruh orang tentu sudah banyak tau kemujaraban luar reguler madu guna kebugaran siapa sangka, tidak hanya berguna bagi kebugaran madu semula dapat kita gunakan pada menghilangkan jerawat membandel.

    Madu diperkaya dengan pikulan antibakterial dan antioksidan tinggi yang konon katanya sanggup memusnahkan jerawat, menghilangkan keriput, dan malahan melembabkan kulit secara alami.

    2. Lemon dan jeruk nipis
    cara menghilangkan Jerawat dengan cara biasa dengan Cepat
    Nipis dan lemon seharusnya serta satu kelompok dgn buah jeruk. Cuman, mereka berdua mempunyai rasa yg lebih masam berasal jeruk yang lain

    memusnahkan jerawat dgn lemon atau jeruk nipis sama-sama mujarab. Tapi jangan sampai terkejut ya apabila nanti agak singkat perih, karena isi asam bagi kedua bauh ini benar benar tinggi.

    3. Pasta gigi
    cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat  dengan cara alamiah bersama Cepat kembali banyak yg belum tau kurnia odol atau pasta gigi bagi muka jerawatan. Pasta gigi mengandung senyawa mint dan mineral lumrah yang mampu menopang mengatasi penyumbatan folikel untuk kulit. maka permasalahan jerawat dan komedo semula tak akan muncul lagi.

    4. Mentimun
    resep melenyapkan Jerawat dengan cara lumrah dgn Cepat
    sudah banyak sekali yang memanfaatkan timun sbg masker tampang natural Buah satu ini diperkaya dengan senyawa anti-inflamasi tinggi yang dapat membendung rasa nyeri imbalan jerawat. selain itu, memanfaatkan masker mentimun rutin masih dapat menunjang mencerahkan kulit paras secara alami.

    5. Bawang putih
    Bawang putih termasuk juga salah satu bumbu perapian yang wajib difungsikan ketika melubangi mungkin terasa abnormal bila mengobati jerawat bersama bawang putih, lebihlebih guna kamu yang aneh menanggung kulit mimik secara alami.

    Namun janganlah salah, bawang putih mengandung antibakterial tinggi yang sanggup membunuh kuman dan mikroba penyebab jerawat di muka justru kandungan anti-inflamasinya berkhasiat menegah peradangan jerawat.

    6. Putih telur
    Putih telur yaitu mata air protein yang lumayan tinggi. tetapi terkecuali itu beliau kembali mengandung mineral-mineral biasa yang pass komplit mulai semenjak kalsium, kalium, fosfor, magnesium, dan sebagainya.
    kandungan zat makanan serupa inilah yg amat baik buat melebihi jerawat, komedo, keriput, dan bab kulit lainnya lebihlebih selain itu pemakaian putih telur teratur sanggup mengencangkan kulit secara alami.

    7. Kentang
    kentang adalah umbi-umbian yg diperkaya bersama bobot kalium dan mineral alamiah komplit yang lain Senyawa yang ada dalam kentang bersituasi antibakterial, sehingga lumayan mujarab buat menyirnakan jerawat bandel.

    8. Kulit Pisang Dan Kulit Jeruk
    mulai sejak sekarang ini sebaiknya jangan buah kulit jeruk dan pisang deh, mengapa karena kedua kulit buah ini ternyata cukup ampuh guna melebihi jerawat. Baik itu jerawat batu, jerawat kerikil maupun jerawat komedo. saya pernah menemukan ramuannya di blog iskandar. namun entahsekarang masih ada atau tidak.

    Ada banyak trik mengolah kulit pisang dan jeruk ini. resep yang mudah anda sanggup mengatupkan langsung sektor putih kulit buah tersebut ke jerawat, paling utama ini sangat sesuai terhadap orang sakit jerawat batu. cara menghilangkan jerawat batu sekalipun untuk anda yang mewarisi jerawat  batu sebaiknya guna scrub berikut ini. itulah berbagai yang bisa Anda lakukan semoga bisa bermanfaat

  5. 1 entry
    I wanted to start this blog for my fellow pityrosporum folloculitis sufferers. Quick history on myself, I have previously experienced a long journey on curing chronic UTI hence I have been on many many rounds of antibiotics (approx. 30) which I believe is the cause behind this skin condition for me. I have PF on my chest, neck, face (forehead and nose mostly) and sometimes shoulders. I used to have completely clear skin and all of a sudden, it is bumpy, red, itchy, flakey, you name it. Next, a quick history of my dermatology experience; I have been going to the dermatologist for almost a full year now where they have treated me for bacterial folliculitis which caused an outbreak, leading to their assumption of it being fungal.. well my tests for fungus came back negative BUT that doesn’t mean that isn’t what I have because sometimes it doesn’t show up in the tests. Anyways, they resulted to treating me for acne which in turn gave me an even more red, irritated, angry face. Now I’m going to get down to what everybody wants know, how you cure it or attempt to maintain it. So at this point I believe that I have pityrosporum folliculitis with probably a few spots of typical acne in there so I resulted to using the praised Nizoral shampoo which I was skeptical of because I was previously prescribed the 2% ketonconazole shampoo which dried out my sensitive skin. However, Nizoral only has 1% ketonaconazole in it which seems to be less irritating so far. So I just started using this yesterday, and I am not exaggerating when I say this stuff has given me instant relief. There are obviously still bumps and spots present to the redness, itchiness and flaking has cut down immensely. My plan is to rotate between Nizoral (3 times a week on mondays, wednesdays, and Friday’s),  Neutrogena acne stress control cream (2 times week on saturdays and tuesdays) and scrub  (2 times a week on sundays and thursdays) so that I treat the PF and any acne without overdrying my skin and of course exfoliating. Hopefully this works! Wish me luck and I hope this helps somebody else! 
  6. 2 entries

    Hi guys. I've been pretty busy these past 2 weeks but I'm now on day 18 of my accurate treatment so I'm in my 3rd week. I have just started taking 40mg, up from 20. 

    The past 2 weeks haven't been great. I experienced some breakouts on my cheeks, some of which lasted longer than others. As well, now I have a couple new ones coming in. This may be the IB hat everyone talks about. However I don't know if I would consider them as going away so quickly. 

    Aside from this, the only other side effect I am experiencing a dry lips. I keep this under control with Nivea lip balm 
    here's to hoping I'll be clear by week 4! 

  7. 3 entries

    same process I just splash water in the morning and moisturized, still no changed face is a bit drier, no new breakouts, the old breakout are still there but they just keep drying up and shrinking also I still have a lot of scarring from before but so far it hasn't been bad so I am going to keep going

  8. 4 entries

    So today my skin is still red, mainly on my chin though.
    It's now started peeling just like sunburn would 0.o

    I went to a pharmacy to ask advice on what to do because this i can't cover with makeup anymore due to the peeling.
    (I was told it would be best not to put anything on it other than a gentle moisturizer)

    I added a photo i apologise for the poor quality. The photo doesn't grasp how bad it is haha.

    I really hope that nobody else has this reaction as in my experience it has only made me feel more self conscious.


  9. 2 entries
    Gonna keep this simple and as clean as possible

    My initial reaction of being red like a tomato is a common occurrence.
    Might need to look into eye drops
    Sun won't be a problem during the swedish winter, but keep sun protection nearby if that's not the case for you.
    Perhaps cold wind will prove a problem on sensitive skin later on.
    This medication might help with the fact that I have to wash my hair daily, let's just hope I don't go bald... he. he... Oh man.. 

    Face is itchy, red and acne is popping up because I'm off my usual meds.
    Facial skin is sensitive to the slightest touch, turns bright red. Like an unwanted, intrusive sunset.

    Eyes are a bit dry, nothing extreme.
    Skin is a bit flaky at certain spots.
    My, not at all serious, eczema might be worsening slightly.
    Morale is not at an all time high.

    Ordered moisturizing creams that I've only been hearing good things about:
    Supposedly targets red and irritated skin, perfect!

    Should be arriving in about 3 days. Hopes are high.
    What inspired me to get them:
  10. 1 entry

    Hey y’all! I am 13 years old and all I want more than anything is clear skin. I’m not quite sure why I have so much acne because honestly I’m a quite clean and clear person. I have a very big insecurity about my acne even though i wash my face every morning and night. I do a lot of gymnastics which may have something to do with sweat. I really hope this blog will help me open up about my acne and even maybe embrace it.

  11. 14 entries

    Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last updated…

    I went off the grid for a while there partially because I was in Japan (in the US now visiting friends and family for two weeks!) and busy with Japan stuff, and also because I was thinking less and less about my skin. I’m still not really obsessed with it or particularly worried anymore – trying to be, anyway – but I’ll give an update:

    Face: Looking OK pimple-wise, with some stuff going on in my temples and at the tops of my cheekbones. To be fair, the latter area has had blackheads lodged deep in the skin for months and months and I’m happy that it’s finally coming to the surface. My temples… not so sure what happened. I think my hair causes irritation, and I also touch my face a lot (a hard habit to break, but one I’m sure I can do!). My cheeks look OK otherwise, with a few small, stray inflamed pore/dormant zit things. And last is my chin, which has made progress but continues to purge due to intermittent bouts of dryness that irritate my face and cause acne.

    Leading me to my main gripe. Does DKR work? Yes, totally, it clears up acne and teaches good skin care habits like being gentle with my face when touching and cleansing it, and of making sure products are compatible with my skin (gentle, fragrance free, etc). At the same time, this dryness is totally unacceptable. Unacceptable!! I’ve been doing DKR or some variant of it for over seven years now, and I’m frustrated because I don’t know what it is that I’m doing differently now that is making my skin so freaking dry. The flakes are irritating and cause more acne; they are also embarrassing. My skin feels tight and leathery and I’m not even using the standard “full, thick finger’s length.”

    That said, I understand that I’ve deviated from the routine slightly (using less BP sometimes, occasionally being inconsistent with how far apart I do it depending on what my schedule is), but the acne on my faced is so mild and should have totally responded at this point. I will say, though, that my back is looking great, and my chest – which experienced a folliculitis flare-up when I wore an irritating fabric – is doing much better since I started moisturizing it regularly.

    My gut has been telling me for almost two years now, or perhaps more, that it’s time to wean myself off BP. I don’t like the idea of rubbing this shit all over my face, and I HATE how out-of-balance my skin gets. When it’s IN balance, to be fair, it looks milky and dewy and nice, but those days are so few and far between now. My face seems to have a nearly constant layer of dead skin on top of it that’s shiny and scaly, and there are absolutely times when it’s not possible for me to do the Regimen EXACTLY as planned.

    My gut is telling me to focus on using quality moisturizers and to be gentle with my face, and to spot treat with BP as necessary – maybe once a day? And to use beautiful, gentle, organic (I know, I sound like a cliché, but this shit is becoming more important to me as I’m getting older—just turned 30!) products that I’m excited to use, rather than industrial-sized bottles of this bleaching agent that says fucking ACNE on it in orange goddamn letters.

    It’s time to get to know my skin again. MY skin – not the skin that fluctuates with any slight deviation with DKR.

    Oh, and flying? Going to a new place with a different climate? My skin turned almost totally red and was splotchy and uncomfortable during a short trip to the Philippines. First world problems, sure, but like… I am sick of this shit.

    Grateful? Yes. But I’m intuiting that I may have grown out of DKR and am ready to try something different.

    I’ll keep up with this blog, maybe…?

  12. 1 entry
    1 comment

    Day 1 of taking 100mg a day. 

    Not taking it with birth control. 

    A handful of cysts but A TON (hundreds) of clogged pores that don’t show up too great in the photos. Oily beyond belief all over face. 



  13. 13 entries

    This week, an unpredictable things have happened on my face.My cheek areas have turned apple red and new bumps have generated in the mid eye region and also tiny bumps have generated on the cheek par.I noticed a color discolouration the upper lip part and also the jaw area



  14. 2 entries

    Base: Honey (2 table spoons)
    turmeric (teaspoon)
    cinnamon (half a teaspoon)
    Tea tree oil (3 drops)
    apple cider vinegar (teaspoon)
    A dash of bentonite clay as a hardening agent

    put on at night after washing face. leave on for as long as desired, I suggest at least 20 minutes.

    *All amounts are optional, I find the best way to do it is to test it out and see what works best for your skin*

    best friend luck, please reach it with any questions/check out my blog for skin care regimen that cleared my skin :)

  15. 11 entries
    I've just learned about post-inflammatory erythema. What the hell, where do these terms end? Apparently, PIH denotes brown spots whereas red spots indicate PIE. Well, that's not the kind of pie I want. But, are they treated differently, or am I chewing on useless information?
  16. 1 entry

      I am a foreigner. I try to use it since two days ago. the same three things suggested by my website diagnosed.  but those things do not fit like what i thought and what i watched in the website.First, the cleaner. it is uneasy to make it thick even i use two pumps. Second, the treatment. according to the instructions i need to increase the amount of it. but my face is too big(i am a male). i have to use three times amount of treatment in the first week so that I can cover my face thoroughly. (normally,for the first they say use a pea size amount only once a day )    and for the moisturizer, i still need more.
      there is nothing happened after i use it so far. the only different is some time i can feel like some itch spot in my face in the daytime.(i normally wash my face when I get up or go to the bed. )
      I  literally follow all the the instructions from the website video. I will keep use it and i hope my skin will get better

  17. 2 entries

    Wow I realized my first blog post sounded so whiny! Didn't think people would actually see/read it hahaha But it's true my acne has been depressing me lately! I'm sure a lot of people here have gone through the same thing. I don't know how to edit my posts yet so I'm just going to post a follow up here.


    • cetaphil
    • thayer's rose witch hazel
    • neutrogena naturals brightening with spf 25

    • burts bees cleansing oil
    • cetaphil
    • thayer's rose witch hazel
    • struggling with which moisturizer to use. Really want to use cerave cream because my skin is itchy and feels dehydrated but maybe i should stick with cerave SA because i've used it for a long time. I don't particularly like it and just realized there's mineral oil in it which might be bad but at least it's a consistent product. I usually also put vicks on my skin where it's itchy, i can feel a cyst forming, or there are tiny bumps. It usually clears the bumps but hasn't been working to clear them lately. Maybe I used it for too long and it dehydrated/clogged my skin? I don't want to have to use vick's on my face my whole life so I guess I'll just do cerave SA. 
    • clotrimazole 1% cream

    TLDR the new thing I'm trying is clotrimazole. I'm worried I might have yeast/folliculitis because I have a bunch of tiny bumps that cause rough skin and never go away. This is mostly between my mouth and my chin, and on my forehead. I never dealt with it before (at least not on forehead) until about 6 months ago. And I realize now that that's around the time I started taking a LOT of antibiotics for other health issues. Makes me think it might be yeast. Worth a shot.

    My GOD though this site is freaking me out. I got to the "weird side" of it apparently LOL. I though I was dealing with acne from birth control pills. Now I'm like... but wait what if it's milia, perioral dermatitis, folliculitis, gram negative folliculitis, demodex mite overgrowth, etc!?!?!? How can I know? I'm not even sure dermatologists consider all these options. Then I think-- I should put jock itch cream on my face, diaper rash cream, dandruff shampoo, manuka honey, zinc oxide, accutane, some miracle cure, freaking sliced potatoes. I'm so lost!!!

    Anyway last night was the first time I applied lotrimin, so I just put it on a few small areas to test for allergies. I woke up and seemed fine. I applied to rest of face. But this evening my skin has been itching SO MUCH around my jaw, and even a bit on my cheeks and forehead. Can't tell if that's a good sign (yeast die off) or bad sign (allergy)? Doesn't look red though. 
  18. 1 entry


    I've been reading blogs from this site for a couple of months now. I just wanted to ask, I am almost done from my 1st month of taking roaccutane, and 12th day of estelle 35. Just last week, I noticed my acne has been cleared up. But early this week, I noticed the presence of bigger pimples. Is it normal? Is it part of the medication? 



  19. 6 entries

    It's week 4 guys! And must I say I love this lighting because it is soo accurate! I'll start taking my photos with this light now. BP still isn't burning, a slight tingle every now and then but nothing crazy. Uh, yeah. Nothing really new. Just trying to drink a lot of water! 




  20. 1 entry

    started the tane at 10mg daily after dinner. felt so nervous before starting due to those horrifying posts i read on the side effects. but all is well. 

  21. 1 entry

    So I don't have horrible acne, every once in a while I'll get a horribly bad zit/pimple. I currently have one right now and it's a monster. And I'm a picker so I've made it worse. I pick so much at my pimples that there will be nothing left but a big hole in my skin, which is even worse than the pimple. I never know how to heal them. I always freak out and stress when I get them me try my best to heal them. But I feel like I'm putting too much stuff on my face where not only is the pimple a huge, red, inflamed mess, but the skin around it looks awful. Putting makeup on it to cover it up is impossible. Just makes it look worse. I feel so helpless. Where ever I go I can feel people staring at it which just makes me feel so embarrassed and red faced. These pimples affect me so much that I'll hid out in my apartment until they go away. I'll call into work, skip school, and not make plans with my friends. I hate how much this affects me. I feel so ugly. I'm just looking for some advice on how to heal them faster. They usually take about a week to heal but I'm still left with some redness after that.  I just need so freaking help 

  22. 23 entries

    So I have been on this medication for around 7 months now and it has worked but not enough for me to be completely happy with my skin. So I went to the doctors and they have referred me to a dermatologist, this means a long wait for an appointment. Hopefully it will be worth it and I will get something that works :) 

  23. 50 entries

    Current skin status
    99.9 %clear. Some blackhead on nose. Pregnant with baby daughter and is due in next two weeks.

    as tile suggested, I stopped using safflower oil for some time. Because if the oil is slightly ever being off, it breaks me out.. and I don't want to keep my skincare in refrigerator... 

    But I discovered a new HG facial cleaning product- Garnier micellar cleaning water- for sensitive skin (the pink one). In have gone through at least 4 or 5 bottles of it. Doesn't remove waterproof, cream or primer eyeshadow though, so I also have a small bottle of the same brand of micellar water but in removing waterproof make up version (blue one).

    recently I also have started to use baking soda as my in shower morning facial cleanser. Very satisfied with it. I feel it helped and improved my skin texture and brightness. I am also just started testing out Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Cream to control my t zone oil. Not sure if it's working but it smells nice and doesn't break my out. Quite silicony so helps to blur the pores.

    I also stopped using Heliocare 360 gel sunscreen as well.. Even though I really loved it, it made makeup application difficult especially eye and under eye area. Since it's not water resistant and I get watery eye easily when applying eye makeup, it will melt off with tears and leave a line mark and cannot be blended.. And after I start to use baking soda as morning cleanser, my face is not that oily anymore so sunscreen part I just go back to Elta MD uv shield. I do put some primer on my t zone though (smashbox purple one).

    My skin has been pretty stable for quite some time. Don't know if it's due to my pregnancy or I have been using correct products for my skin... 

    Baking soda
    Baebody eye gel (testing out. So far doesn't break me out)

    Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Cream t zone only

    elta MD uv shield SPF 46
    Smashbox purple primer t zone only
    makeup (I rarely wear makeup
    anymore since my skin is clear)

    Garnier micellar water
    baebody eye gel
    Tretinoin 0.05 (just restart using it for around a week due to pregnancy)
    Lip balm

  24. 6 entries

    Hi everyone. I'm shocked to see how many hits these posts are getting. For anyone out there who wants to be updated; I have since stopped using topical probiotics for several reasons.

    1. My acne fluctuated between mild and severe over the course of almost a year,  never keeping a consistent trajectory of improvement. I used probiotic spray up to four times daily. 

    2. In my experience, topical probiotics don't work even if you ditch your facial cleanser which supposedly kill the friendly bacteria you need. My acne actually became significantly worse when I was just using water and topical probiotic spray.

    In the past week, I've managed to drastically improve my skin with a totally different ingredient altogether. My acne had gotten worse after the water-only method and in a desperate attempt I decided to try diluted apple cider vinegar. The results were almost unbelievable. I have read the reviews for ACV on and I noticed that it didn't work for everyone. And it may not work for you.

    Acne is cured at the source and not at the symptom. My personal journey with acne began when I was 18 and started wearing makeup. Because everyone had told me wearing makeup to bed was horrible and unhealthy, I scrubbed my face clean with TWO kinds of cleansers every night. Over three years, my face broke out from one or two pimples to full blown cystic acne on both cheeks, forehead and chin. I had never stopped using cleanser during that time. I attribute my horrible skin condition to prolonged overwashing, prolonged exposure to BP and clindamycin. My point here is I know the cause of my acne. My skin had completely lost its ability to function after years of abuse. It no longer performed the functions of protecting itself from bacteria and dryness that it did when I was a teen. And I sought to repair it. 

    Everyone who HAD clear skin up to the point where they started using facial products should consider the fact that your body is built with everything that it needs to care for itself. Sometimes we wear down those functions with our obsession with "cleanliness." So I stopped using cleanser. And in addition, I read the research on ph levels and skin. I knew I needed my skin to be slightly acidic. I knew it needed to be hydrated. I know exercise is good and so is a balanced diet.

    Combining all of this knowledge I came up with a routine to cure my acne from the source. It felt counterintuitive but I dont use cleanser at all. I use cotton pads dipped in organic safflower oil to gently wipe my face. I splash some lukewarm water on it, wipe dry and apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the skin. (It's important to dilute. I did 1 part acv to 2 parts water). I let the acv dry and apply a few drops of safflower oil to hydrate the skin. This is done twice a day, taking extra care to be very gentle on the skin. This is combined with exercise 3x a week and many vegetables, no dairy except for kefir which is probiotic. 

    In one week, nearly all pimples faded. No new ones formed. The acv was the only change  I made to my routine so I can be certain it is making a difference. Its also important to note that a different cause calls for a different solution. If your acne is more hormonal, this may not help. 

    Thanks for reading.  I'll update again soon.

    ----update 3 days later---
    I decided to test my theory about the connection between overwashing and acne. The last time I used cleanser was over a week ago. During that time I had almost no new bumps. 

    Saturday afternoon, I used Cerave hydrating cleanser after the gym. I used safflower oil afterwards as a moisturizer. 

    By Sunday evening, I had approximately three new pimples. 

    It can't be confirmed nor denied completely until I once again remove cleanser from my routine. Will update. 

  25. 15 entries

    Hi Everyone,

    Peace and Love to you guys. I hope your journeys have been positive since the last time I posted. I am so sorry for waiting so long to update. Perhaps it's a testament to how well estroblock has been working for me!! Apart from a healthy summer in the sun, I really truly believe estro block is NOT a gimmick. I have had perhaps 3 or 4 pimples in the past 5 months of being on estroblock, but no breakout what so ever... I noticed my skin had the best results (not just clear but glowing and oil was at a minimum... I was drinking about 2L a day at high points in the summer) when I kept up my water intake because these pills help flush out bad estrogens from the system so water is key. It's for sure the only thing that's keeping me clear since I am not taking anything else (probably low stress season too is helping). I can't say whether the liver supplement is helping but to be honest I think it's better to take it since I've switched over to estroblock pro in the last month, just to help the liver out with flushing. I can't say yet whether the pro is better than the regular strength, I seem to be getting the same results which makes sense cause I was taking about 2 regular strength a day to maintain clear skin (~3 reg = 1 pro pill).

    I still have scarring from all my years of acne + the many infections I've had on my cheeks, and it really annoys me, but frankly I'm so happy to have found something natural that works instead of having to resort to accutane. Of course, I wouldn't have oily skin with accutane but what the heck, maybe the oily skin will prevent future wrinkles lol :) I think EB has proven to be a pretty excellent alternative to accutane for me! I highly recommend you guys give it a shot. Start with 1 regular for a couple weeks and if you aren't seeing totally clear skin up your dose. I went up to the pro because it makes more sense money wise then taking two reg strength a day and running out of the bottle quicker. I stopped DHT block about a month in cause I was not seeing much results with it, I may give it a chance again though cause I know it's really good for controlling oilyness which is my issue right now (more water intake would help though). I also notice my scarring is getting better slightly texture wise, and I honestly think it's using a facial brush daily. This has shrunk my pores, cleaned my skin way better than manual washing ever did and honestly I think the blood circulation is helping stimulate healing in scarred tissue. People have now started commenting on my skin which is probably the first time in my life people have done that. My confidence is regaining strongly and steadily. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions. This review is not at all sponsored by the company guys so everything I say is truly how the pills have affected me. I will actually look into posting some before and after pictures soon if I kept any. 

    Xx hugs to you all. Hold your head high, this too shall pass. 

    Ps- I have been eating tons of dairy products, wheat products and I have had a bit more sugar this summer than usual and I have STILL maintained clear skin on this stuff!!!!