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    HELLO EVERYONE!!! :wavey:


    Skin type: Oily, mild/moderate acne

    I am a 19 year old African American Female with Hidradenitis Suppurativa which is a chronic disease of the apocrine glands (a form of sweat gland found on certain parts of the body). I became concerned with my skin when I spotted tiny pus filled holes under my breast. I developed very painful and scar prone nodular cysts in my groin area. I have been dealing with this problem for about 8 or more years now. I had cysts under my arms but found if I shave very soft the flare ups wouldnt be as bad. I have acne on my back, arms, neck, and face. About a year and a half ago I had a case of Pityriasis rosea or Eczema on my neck. My freshmen year in high school I used proactiv. I had acne really bad on my chin and I believe proactiv helped with that for a while. My junior year my dermatoligist suggested accutane, but I declined due to the side effects and took antibiotics doxycyline and tetracycline instead over a course of 3 years. This past year I began to use retin-a on my face and a 10% benzoyl peroxide soap wash on my back, shoulders, arms/pitts, and chest . I have very oily skin and excessive sweating (which probably doesnt have anything to do with my skin). My cystic flare ups can occur at any time and are totally random and I am thankful that its in a hidden place which I can deal with, but my main problem/concern especially with dark skin is the scarring and constantly being oily. Its quite embarrasing and irritating. Its very difficult for me to wear foundation, concealer, powder, blush and etc due to my excessive sweating and oil production.







    When I went to see a dermatologist a couple days ago he suggested Isotretinoin. If I still decide to go through with it I will begin the 1st week of August. I only know one person who has taken the drug. She took it our freshmen year in high school. When I didnt know she was taking accutane at the time she was always obsessed and worried about gaining weight. I remember her face peeling and she was constantly putting on chapstick (I eventually found out why lol). I've read quite a few horror stories and successful stories. Luckily for my friend she had her blood tested about every 2 weeks and she didnt have any drastic side effects. I understand the drug effects everyone in different ways, but the side effects are alarming. I am a pretty heavy set woman (5'9 about 180 pounds) is it possible to have a small dosage for the entire time (6 months)? Some other reasons I'm not sure is because I just had a viral infection almost a month ago that had some lingering side effects that I'm still not sure about. I already have dry lips and joint pains in my knees. My biggest concern would most definately have to be pregnancy. Lets say I want to get pregnant 3-5 years from now would the drug have an effect on trying to get pregnant or the baby itself? The whole situation is so sketchy because the drug is still a baby, but its nice to see growth in technology/medicine. Hopefully there will be better treatment for acne in the future.

    I would like to thank anyone who reads this and any suggestions or experiences are appreciated!

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    Hello there,

    First off, let me say that I have been browsing this site for weeks as a guest and have been so encouraged by the sense of caring and community among you all. I have neither met any of you face-to-face nor communicated with any of you online, but I feel as though you all are beautiful and courageous individuals. Each of you seems very genuine and compassionate, and I feel blessed to have found this website and forum.

    My name is Elizabeth and I will be 20 years old in 3 months. I am a second-year college student pursuing a degree in Music and Arts Management. I have dealt with acne since my pre-teen years up to the present day. I have experimented with an array of topical creams, antibiotic pills, strange smelling ointments that made my skin peel, sting, and itch (I'm sure you have, too!) and the notorious "ProActive" cleansing system and its similar brands/forms. I've also seen my fair share of dermatologists... it's always so difficult setting up an appointment with them! It seems as though everyone in the world wants their help, too.

    My first year of college was tough - I felt as though everyone on my hall (I lived in a dorm) had wonderful skin that required no special care. For example, I had a friend who had a job on campus cleaning bathrooms. She used to wash toilets and sometimes accidentally splash herself with toilet water (yuck). However, she would simply wash her face with water afterwards and go about her normal life! I never detected any angry cystic acne on her face despite her little-to-none facial cleansing routine. Discouraging? Yes!

    My years in high school and college alike have been difficult confidence/self-esteem-wise. I am sure each of you can relate, and I feel so sorry that you have had to endure such suffering. I felt as though my acne would surely disappear sometime in the near future - I would "grow out of it," but it never did.

    This is it. It is the summer after my first year in college. My skin looks so angry and irritated, and my mother feels terrible for waiting so long to inquire about Accutane treatment. She was always nervous about having me start it...

    Last month, I visited a new dermatologist who thoroughly frightened me out of my wits with an exhaustive description of the "iPLEDGE" program and its daunting requirements for "females of child-bearing age." I have been on birth control pills (reluctantly, mind you... I already practice abstinence with no problem!) for a month now, and in a few days (July 11th, to be exact) I have my appointment with my Dr. so he can prescribe Accutane.

    For my birth control pills, I am taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclen. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it would potentially work to clear up my acne, but I have been disappointed. On the contrary, my skin has exploded with cystic acne more irritated and angry than before! I have many more white heads and what seems like pimples on top of pimples, and the already numerous scars lacing my jawline have become even worse. Have any other females on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen experienced similar reactions? This is very discouraging to me...

    Thank you for taking the time to follow my progress as I try Accutane. I don't know how to use all of these blogging controls and I honestly cannot promise you that I will update faithfully, but please know that I am visiting your pages and gleaning much encouragement and wisdom. Perhaps as the months progress I will become more confident with this.

    Thinking of each of you! Do not be discouraged -- we're all in this together, remember?

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    Hi guys I decided to start a blog after I found this site and well all the information about Roaccutane and the support on here made me think it's a good idea... So anyway let me tell you my story.. I am a girl :D and since the start of high school I have had severe acne.. Yep it's probably the worst time ever to get acne. And well needless to say it really damaged my confidence and my trust in people.. I just hated the people that looked at me DIFFERENT, because I was the same as everyone else.. My word, I mean I also had a heart dammit.. :D I was already a shy introverted person and the acne just made me creep more into my own shell.. I remember coming home many times after school and just crying, with my mom trying to find the words to comfort.. Oh man and the movies about the "mean girl cliques" in school I can SO relate to.. I never had a boyfriend.. I used to pray to God that I would love just to HOLD a boy's hand one day and that I would be the best girlfriend ever, if someone just gave me a chance.. But ja it never happened.. So anyway, my mom took me to a dermatologist who put me on Dianne (birth control) and differin gel, which meant I couldn't take part in sport at school, coz I am very fair in complexion and the gel made my skin peel.. That didn't really help, it just made me more of an outsider.. I am very fortunate though, that throughout high school I had about 5 friends that were there for me through thick and thin, and funny enough I did the best in my class every single year.. I guess I just escaped into my school work.

    I finished high school and for the first time ever, I had to go away to university in another country.. I was so scared, coz it was the first time I had to leave my parents. And my confidence wasn't really up there you know.. Sometimes I thought I'd meet a boy at university and the next minute I'd think what a fool I was, coz no boy would want to date a girl that LOOKS like me.. As many of you can probably guess, the first year of university was hell for me.. I went with my residence group to a boy's res once as part of the orientation programs and one of the guys actually made fun of me.. indirectly.. but Im sharp lol so I got it.. unfortunately.. U guys know that song from the movie SHREK 1, "I'm a believer"... Well there is this one line saying something like... "THEN I SAW HER FACE...".. So this one guy was basically singing this song and when he got to that line he acted horrified and looked at me, plus all the guys around him looked at me.. I guess that was one of the lowest points in my life. :wavey: I wanted to go to my room and die.. I never understood why people especially GUYS would do that, I was honestly a sweet nice but shy person who never hurt a fly... Plus we had to arrange a concert with this particular res.. So at one point the guys stood next to the girls and we had to hold the hand of the guy next to us.. And well .. no one wanted to hold my hand.. The organizers said take her hand to the guy in front, but he actually refused. Ok people wanna cry with me? But ok I guess it made me stronger although it gave me a shit load of issues today, pardon the french...

    So.. finally my parents gave one look at me during a holiday and decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. They took me to the best dermatologist around and he prescribed Roaccutane.. I didn't believe it will work you know, coz I had acne for years and years and years.. lol.. I wasn't worried bout the side-effects either, coz I knew that through all the years even though it was incredibly tough I wasn't the kind of person to commit suicide, I have my faith in God.. And I wasn't sexually active as I had NO BOYFRIEND, so I decided to give the treatment a go..

    And well I'll tell ya'll what happened in my next post, coz your eyes must be hurting already from all the reading lol... I just wanted to tell you bout my past first, I'm sure Ill come up with more stories about it.. And this blog is really meant for all those people that think they are alone in their pain and struggle with acne.. You really arent alone guys.. I wish I knew that in high school.. I had the worst acne in the whole school of like 800 people.. Can you imagine that?.. BUT I ALWAYS BELIEVED SOMEDAY.. And that single sentence is the reason I went on that treatment and my decisions after that..

    So see ya guys soon


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    Acne is very common and medically classified as a skin disease. They are caused by excessive secretion of oily substance called the sebum by sebaceous glands. Although sebum is very good in maintaining skin and hair texture, excess secretion of the same gets stuck in hair follicles and leads to formation of acne lesions. Due to the oily nature of sebum and its exposure to dust and dirt causes bacterial growth and results in what is commonly known as the pimple.

    Pimples are not the only outcome of such bacterial formations. Cysts, whiteheads, blackheads are also quite common depending on exposure and skin types. Occurring mainly in the age group of 10 to 40 years, these conditions need to be cared for with various acne treatments available.

    Various kinds of acne and various skin types need different treatments. Keeping this in view, there are some fast acne treatments while there are some that take some time to help one get rid of acne. Although acne treatments are available across drug store and on the internet, it is important to know one’s skin type and the kind of acne that they have been afflicted with before deciding on a cure. In case you cannot assess your skin type, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist and follow his prescription instead of medicating yourself.

    Herbal treatments for acne are much sought after now a days, since traditional acne treatments have become very expensive and so have dermatologists. Herbal or alternative acne treatments have become more and more popular due to lack of considerable side effects that most acne treatments seem to have.

    Not only the lack of side effects, but also additional benefits like vitamin and botanical nourishments such as DMAE (anti-oxidant), anti-ageing compounds, vitamins and other supplements in alternative acne treatment make skin pristine, add tone and improve texture.

    Pharmaceutical cures for acne treatments have also evolved since and have stopped making the “magic pill†that fell out of vogue. Although many a company has made the magic pills in the past, their expensive touch and side effects have left them in the cold. Taking a cue form alternative treatment methods that comprise of herbal acne treatment, pharmaceutical medication for acne treatment have evolved to integrate the goodness of the additives in herbal medicines and have become more affordable and grown in variety to suit various skin and acne types.

    Alternative acne treatments also include no medication. Yes, no medication. Acne can also be cured over a longer period of time through sheer self discipline of eating nutritious, anti-oxidant diet, reducing stress levels, drinking more water, proper hygiene and through regular exercise.

    Diet recommended for people plagued with acne would consist of fruits and vegetables, no-oily and non-fatty food taken with a lot of fluids. This will help in removing toxins from your system and produce healthy sebum. This kind of diet is also good for overall health and contributes to proper digestion and detoxification.

    Reducing stress levels would result in reducing pressure thus controlling the secretion of sebum and. This can be achieved through meditation or even getting proper sleep of at least eight hours a day.

    Drinking more water helps in keeping your body hydrated, since dry skin also causes acne and inflammation. This increases kidney function and removes toxins via the urinary route.

    Exercise helps reduce toxin levels due to sweating and opens up pores on your skin. It also regulates the water levels in your body. Exercise also contributed to reduction of stress and contributes to overall health.

    Hygeine for acne treatment would include regular washing of the affected areas. Always wash with plain water, several times a day. Although, washing with water removes only surface dirt, this would prevent further development of acne. Never use harsh or oily soaps. Try to use a normal soap that would help retain the pH balance of your skin.

    Added to this, further alternative remedies for acne are available, which could be classified as grandmother’s cure. These remedies are local to regions and countries and have been developed with many years of experience. They are known to work because they have been made to the cure acne in specific environmental and pollution specifications of the said region.

    However, despite all these remedies and perspectives of looking at acne treatments, it is strongly advised to take the opinion of a qualified dermatologist before embarking upon any acne treatments.

    Acne Treatments | Natural Acne Treatments | Acne Products 2007

  5. Guest Desirey's Blog
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    ok, anyone got an idea of how to remove scars?

    I tried the lazers for a while but that worked minimally for the over $5000 I have spent.

    I will also tell you a bit of my acne history as well

    *Let me begin by telling you that I tried curing my acne with birth control pills, anti biotics, herbal remedies, eating certain foods, lazers....You see I was following my doctors' advice. Anyway they were all wrong.

    To top it off while doing acne removal sometimes I also was doing scar removal. Even when my acne would go away it would shortly come back.

    Anyway the only thing that seems to be working for me is ZINC. I have only used it for abour 15 days now but wow, what a difference. I am lacking that mineral big time.

    For those who don't know-copper robs you of Zinc. We need both but there needs to be a balance. I don't take copper at all since appearantly I am saturated with it. Copper is in alot of creams, all birth control pills, added in foods....

    I am still getting acne but it is minimal and I think that there is a possibility that i wll always have some kind of acne but it will not stop me from getting rid of scarring. The acne I have is not sufficient to ruin a job of acne scar removal.

    You see if my acne completely stops til I am 100, I am not going to start looking at trying acne scar removal products till then.

    Anyway now I am interested in knowing who has tried what and if it worked and how well it worked, how much it cost and how did they use the product, how often....

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    It's two weeks into my first month of using Yasmin. I switched to this from the depo shot, which caused my acne to come back after getting clear using accutane. So far, the old marks are starting to clear up (though very slowly). it's been 5 days without any new ones. and, my skin is far less oily than it was. thank god! and the added bonus, my bras are starting to fit tighter. =) and to think, i had all those problems before just because i was using the shot, which contained no estrogen. i'll check back in about 3 weeks, when i've started the second pack, and see how things are going then.

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    The first thing to understand is that acne is a consequence of an underlying health issue. A healthy body does not allow the growth of acne. Once this is understood, everything else I tell you will become clearer.

    The Science:

    On the skin surface, there are glands that produce an oily substance called sebum which is used to moisturize the skin and hair. During adolescence these glands (sebaceous glands) enlarge and produce excess sebum.

    Now, in the human skin there is a common bacteria (pilosebaceous acnes) that uses sebum as a nutrient for growth. This bacteria occurs in different quantities in people and is found in larger numbers in severe acne sufferers.

    During the period of hyperactive sebaceous glands, this bacteria flourishes and attracts white blood cells from the body which produce an enzyme. Usually sebum is produced inside a follicle within the skin. However, this enzyme damages the follicle wall and allows the contents to enter the outside layer of skin (dermis).

    This ultimately causes an inflammatory response in the skin which is, as you all know, acne. Quite often the blemishes become infected. You will notice these most of all as they are the ones that are painful.

    You may also notice that your acne occurs mainly around skin that is prone to hair. Face, chest, upper back, etc. Due to the nature of the sebaceous glands, they are more common in these areas and produce more sebum because there is more to keep moisturized. In many cases, the hair follicle becomes clogged and there is nowhere for the sebum to escape to so again it is released into the dermis. To minimize this effect you should shave as often as possible. This not only reduces the amount of sebum that the body produces but also opens the hair follicle for sebum to be released.

    In my next post I will go into the root causes that lie behind this science.

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    So yeah, I used the stuff how I was suppose to. Its only been two days since I started using it. The first day after using it, my left eye lid started to get puffy and itchy. I didnt pay any mind. Then I woke up 2day and both my eyes were all swollen! ahhh! so I guess Im allergic to this dan's bp stuff. *sigh*

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what else maybe can work? and is not expensive, and you dont need a doctor for?

    Hope someone can help?

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    Hello im new to the blog, just finished my first month on accutane. lips look like crumbled crackers, i use the aveeno lip balm which works better for me than blistex. i itch on my forearms and back of neck. other than that i have no other serious side effects. i have already been complemented on my new skin. i want to know if all these extra supplements other people are taking really work, like omega 3 and vit E.

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    I have acne; obviously, or I wouldn't be here. I've had acne for a few years now and only in the past 2 1/2 years has it's been it's worst. My skin has gone threw a lot (and a lot of products and treatments!) I have gone to the Dermotologist and have used pills, creams, and gels for that. I've also used drugstore stuff and informercial stuff as well. I have even desperatly made my own way of "curing" my acne with home remidies. All of that either left my skin the same, improved it only a little bit and then stopped, or made it worse. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that will work for me, get me clear, and keep me clear. I would consider my acne to be on the moderate level. My acne is all over my face; mostly on my cheeks and chin though and I struggle with it daily. I get acne on my chest and back too but since I've been tanning, my bacne is gone and ever since I simply wash my chest in the shower with cleanser, my chestne is gone too. As of right now, my skin has improved A LOT in the past few months. I am currently using Murad, but only the Clarifying Cleanser, Spot Treatment Gel, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer, and the Pure Skin Supplements. I use all of this twice, daily. I've been doing this since about last November. It costs about 160 dollars every 2 months or so. It's worth it. I get mine at Sephora in the mall. Murad uses Salicylic Acid. This product has and is working for me, but might now work for somebody else. My routine:::, I take 2 of the vitamins morning AND night, and then I wash my face for a little over 5 minutes. Next, I apply the spot treatment where I need it; if I need it. Lastly, I pat on my lotion. The way I see it, it's simple...wash your face to get rid of the oils and bacteria, apply some type of medicine to target the actual acne, and moisturize to balance it all out and keep the skin healthy. (Just don't get crazy and think that using more is going to do more, because that's not always the case.) & just don't touch your face or pop your zits. Also, don't worry about your acne, what it looks like, and what your going to do if what your doing now doesn't work because all that stress is going to make things worse (or itleast make you think inside your head that it is...) so let it go, get your mind off of it and before you know it, you'll be having clear, gorgeous skin! Of course it takes time, patience, and money; but it all depends on YOUR reaction to certain products (because everyone is different), your genes, and your case of how bad your acne really is. Never give up and always keep positive, no matter what. If it's hard (which i know it is at times), of course you should have support and even if I don't know you, I'll be here for you! =)

    PS: If your a girl, the best makeup that I have found for acne skin is Philosophy The Supernatural (foundation, powder, concealer, and spf 15 all in one)....it's awesome! 35 bucks at sephora...it won't make your skin look dry, has amazing coverage, is made of pure natural minerals, is easy to apply, stays on even in hot weather but easy to wash off at the end of the day, and is oil and fragrance free.

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    . Hi there, well it's been 4 days thus far being on accutane. I'm currently taking 30 mg's per day up until two weeks have passed, only then will I be bumping up my dose to 60 mg's per day.

    I have to admit that I was hella nervous starting these pills, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews but I really do hope that this is going to once and for all get rid of my acne. It's what everyone hopes when reverting to such drastic measures I suppose.

    Anyway, today is my fourth day and so far all I have to 'complain' about, well not rally I suppose; is my dry lips and really rosy cheeks. Which honestly doesn't bother me one bit. If you're currently taking accutane and have started around the same time I did, perhaps you could PM me and we could track our progress together?

    Anyhow, I'm out for now

    Start Date - June7th, 2007

    Currently Taking - 30mg/day .

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    So ive been on Accutane for 3 months, going on 4 next week and the first month was amazing. It cleared up so much, but then the 2nd and 3rd it got worse. Now its finally starting to get to where it was the first month again, but i'm going crazy thinking that this is just never going to work. Does it usually take this long to see good results? Am I just being too impatient? ::sigh:: i don't know, but I wish I could find some hope somewhere.

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    I have had Acne since about grade 8 and from there it got pretty bad through 9-10. But now I'm in grade 11 and things are getting better, maybe its because I'm finally out of the puberty stage. Technically it stops at 18 for guys but hey some of us mature faster then others. But the random pimple can still be a such an annoyance to the point where you feel like everyone at school is looking at that one pimple. Paranoia is sure to follow and then lowering your head in the halls so people don't see your face. Maybe its just me but I'm big on appearance and what people think about me, it stems from a pretty nasty elementary school. But things are looking up in the long run.

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    So after a lot of drama in my life..... I'm totally happy with myself. I quit my job a week ago, got another one.... and after talking with my old manager she told me she'd love to have me back.....so I'm thinking....should I work two jobs?? My new job pays more and so I would only pick up like two days a week.... weekends.... and to be honest I loved my old job...so now I'm kinda confused on what to do......blahhhhhh

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    Day 6

    I don't see any difference...

    My lips are kinda dry but I think it's because I've been licking them ever since I started (trying to see if they were dry)

    I broke out a little bit on my cheeks but thats not unusual, so nothing new to report. Maybe I should wait a couple weeks to repost with something interesting to say.

    I can't help it, I'm exciteddddddddd!! :wavey:

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    I know many of you think holistic treatments are a bunch of BULL and don't work. .I used to think that myself. I have suffered from acne for about four years. In the last four years, I think I have used almost every over the counter, non-perscription, homeopathic remedy, technique, cream, salve, etc available. I did a lot of research and finally found something that worked. I can now say that I have been acne free for almost for one year. I can personally say that I feel like a new person, and have never felt this good in all of my life.

    Here's how I did it.

    First, I educated myself about acne as much as I could. I read every book, clinical article, asked every health professional available. I came up with the following solution: No one knows exactly and definatively what causes acne!

    The results I came up with is that acne is a very complex physiological process. That is why no health professional can decissively say a certain factor or treatment causes or cures acne (which is extremely frustrating). It affects some more than others. And is caused by a multitude of factors. These factors include but are not limited to,, genetics, nutrition, hygene, stress, hormones, stress levels..... Basically, you name it...It is a contributing factor in acne.

    With this in mind, I determined acne is more of a "complex", rather than a single symptom affliction, and that no one single pill, cream, whatever would work. I found in order to cure acne, I would have to change everything about ME! There needed to be a more whole body cure. I did even more research and knew that I needed to cure the complex rather than the acne itself.

    Once again, I researched, and looked for a treatment that would acutally CURE my acne for good! Through this research, I came upon a treatment that was clinically aclaimed, was yielding phenominal results, and guaranteed. I am not going to bore you with extra rhettoric and details on how I researched the treatment in clincal medical publications etc. Simply, all the information about the treatment that turned my life around is located at


    Long story short, I am now completely acne free and feel like I have been given a NEW LIFE. It's incredible how I feel now. Not just because I'm acne free, but how overall well I feel in general general. I have more energy, exercise more, eat better.... a difference in my life of night and day!

    I wish you all the best in your acne cure searches... this has worked for me... I recommend it to everybody!

    Best regards

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    I just found this website and it seems very helpful....I found a user named Delna. I just started her method today and I was wondering if anyone out there is also doing her method and could they help me along the way.

    First, with the egg whites can they be the kind out of the milk carton type thing called Egg Whites? Or do you have to crack an egg every single time?

    Second, Do you have to do anything with the egg whites and the lemon mixture like mix it up or anything?

    So far this method seems great according to the responders to Delna...I hope someone can help me!

    Thanks if anyone reads this...

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    I can't believe i'm going to graduate :wavey: Nobody lied when they told me that high school would fly by.. espessially senior year. I swear, I blink and its over.

  19. 1 entry

    First, I'll introduce myself: After suffering from moderate to severe cystic acne for about half my life (currently 26) and trying about every acne product under the sun, I've finally decided to try Accutane (Amnesteem). I am hopeful that this will be my last resort and once I've finished with my treatment, I'll have lovely skin!

    My derm has me on 40 mg 2x daily and I'm a bit worried about having the bad IB, I've read so much about...But I am also 6 feet tall and am overweight for my height.

    I've been on Amnesteem for five days now. I haven't really noticed many side effects other than my eyes and mouth feeling really dry. I am developing a pretty painful cyst on the lower tip of my nose, hopefully it will go away soon.

    The skin on my face feels really super oily even more so than usual and I normally have super oily skin. I hope this is all I get for the IB (initial breakout).

    I am using Cetaphil to clean my face in the morning and evening. In the morning I use Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin Complete with SPF 15 (only I've been using the Walmart generic, seems the same). I use L'Occitane Olive Oil Creme at night. I use a baby wash cloth to gently exfoliate with the Cetaphil.

    I bought some eye mostiturizer for dry eyes and hopefully my eyes will feel like accepting my contacts again.

    I have been drinking at least 4 liters of water daily, not to mention that I eat soup before lunch and dinner. I am hoping this will combat the drying out.

    I am also taking Fish Oil, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex daily. I have been using Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm which hydrates my lips naturally.

    Any tips or inspiration will greatly be appreciated! I'm also trying to lose weight ala French style (French Women Don't Get Fat). Hopefully I'll be a new person once done with Amnesteem!


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    I'm back into my boiled peanut phase. I remember going up to the mountains and getting some fresh boiled peanuts. :D Well, now I found some in a can at the grocery store. They just aren't quite as awesome as the fresh ones though. :wavey:

  21. Guest Terry13's Blog
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    Day 1 - 5/29/07

    Ethinicity : Korean

    Age : 25

    Height : 5'9"

    Weight : 160lbs

    Body Type : Athletic

    History: I have a long history (beginning in 1997). My skin complexion had various states. It went anywhere from clear to severe. Right now, I would give it a "6" in 1(clear) to 10(severe). It was around "4" just a week ago, but I've made a couple of changes.

    1. I gave up Proactiv BP lotion.

    2. I started taking Nature Made Omega-3 supplement. (2 pills in the morning, 2 at night).

    3. I started to use Neutrogena's Extra Gentle face wash.

    I would like to keep track of any changes.

    Food I ate today:





    Water Ice




    Any other notes:

    Worked out

    Played Basketball

    Used steam sauna

    Any notes on acne:

    Whiteheads kept forming during the day. It's been more frequent... And some look cystic.

    Any personal notes:

    Omega-3 supplement may be causing more frequent whiteheads. It's been about a week since I've been taking it. I'll try it for 3 more weeks. If it's still the same or worse, I'll give it up and possibly go see a dermatologist... Even though I don't believe in them.

    Pics - Day 1:

    If anyone has anything to say, especially someone who has the same skin/complexion, I'd appreciate your input or comments. Thanks!

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    So today I woke up and as I often do, I felt my face to check for new acne and see where existing ones are at. All I can feel are two very small bumps on my jawline, both old. Nothing else! This is so thrilling, my skin is getting even clearer than where it had been before. I'm going to be rather upset with these salicylic acid samples run out, maybe I'll have to turn to Paula's Choice BHA lotion until Dan makes the salicylic acid lotion available.

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    I'll give a short facial update, because I haven't mentioned it in a while.

    After 8 months of Accutane which ended about 4 months ago now, my face is much improved. My breakouts are much milder than before, but I still have a very bumpy texture. When I saw my derm a week ago, she commented again on how I should be a model, but I probably couldn't do close-ups :wavey:. I'm planning on getting some more drastic treatments done after I've been off Accutane longer, and I might have to wait until I graduate and am a pharmacist so I actually have money to pay the derm haha.

    Current happy thought: Seeing Bright Eyes yesterday <3

    Current sad thought: Never getting listed on popularity threads in the lounge boo-hoo :D

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    Well, this is an awesome feature. Thanks to the administrators for creating this. I'll be writing informative blogs shortly.

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    Hi! I'm a 20 year old student living in Singapore, which is a tropical country where the only seasons we have are hot and hotter. I found this website a long while ago but it never occurred to me to make a blog or join the site until now. 

    Now, before you read this, know that I made so many mistakes trying to fix my skin that you might or might not start yelling at me while you're reading! Looking back, I really messed my skin up just because I was a fool who didn't understand what I was doing. Be patient with me, please! 

    Okay so.

    How It Got So Bad

    I started having skin problems in 2016, after a trip to Korea in December 2015. Up until then, I'd had pretty alright skin. It was a little unevenly coloured, and I would get pimples, but they were never serious. At most, I'd have two or three at a time, and not even that often. I bought a few skincare products from Korea, thinking I could try and make my skin look even better. Of course that was when I made my first mistake: not doing research before buying. I came home with a whole bag of skincare products (10 step Korean Skincare Routine, anyone?) and expected clear skin, only to discover that I was actually now getting pimples more often than I did before. 

    It worsened as I tried to cover them up with more makeup. I'm not saying makeup is bad; I'd been using makeup for a year before that trip to Korea. It's only bad if you do too much or too little to remove the makeup and in the process, upset your skin's PH level, like I did. I was mixing tons of different makeup and using all sorts of products to remove it.

    It could have also been hormonal because at that time my stress levels for when I was in school were through the roof and I'd also just been taken off anxiety/ depression pills (which can sometimes weaken your immune system). Either way, my skin was not happy with the makeup and the toners and exfoliators and moisturisers that I was using.

    I tried to fix it myself, but it just got worse and worse. I started hiding it even from my own family. Every time I washed my face I'd immediately cover the pimples up with OXY Cover Up and it would burn the heck out of my skin. Like literally burn. It's good in small doses but when you're using it to cover half your face you just know you're not making it better. By May, my acne then started to turn cystic which as most of us know is hard as hell to get rid of.

    My parents got the shock of their life when eventually I decided to show them how bad it really was. 

    This is how it looked as of 29 June 2016. Please forgive the lighting, it was nighttime. Anyway, it looks bad here already, but it looked way worse in real life! (I am wearing clothes in this picture, don't worry, it's just a tank top!!)


    You can really see the dark red spots where the skin is trying to recover. There are a lot of bumps too, but they're all underneath the skin and trying to squeeze them out (bad idea in general) never helped. 

    The Treatment

    Anyway! I went to my doctor, who prescribed me some Doxycycline (antibiotic pills) and Epiduo (which is a gel that you apply on your skin). He also gave me a pink-coloured wash named hexoscrub, scientifically known as chlorhexidine gluconate. He also recommended that I use Cetaphil moisturiser. 

    It got worse at first, which is what you should expect when you start using Epiduo. The dryness was the most annoying part. I would remove my makeup with Pond's cold cream cleanser, then wash my face with the hexoscrub, and then pat my skin dry with a clean towel and take the Epiduo and put some on my face. Initially I put a lot, and that really dried out my skin and caused it to sting like crazy when I put my Cetaphil moisturiser on after. I had to reduce how much Epiduo I put on for a while, until my skin got used to it and stopped stinging. I was afraid to use toner, so I didn't.

    Here's a tip: it helps to apply moisturiser first if you can't handle the Epiduo when you first start out. 

    I also took the doxycycline pills according to my doctor's instructions (which was... once or twice a day, I can't remember now.)

    How I Coped (Mentally Speaking)

    I did my best to push any of the negativity from my acne aside. Any thoughts I had about it, I immediately forced out of my mind by remembering that it wasn’t permanent, and that the only people who ever seemed to care how I looked were people who had nothing better to show for themselves than their appearance. In other words, f*ck ‘em. I didn’t need to care about how many pimples I had on my face when I had a scholarship to keep. I had a grandmother who needed me to take care of her more than I needed to look to beautiful in the eyes of people I didn’t even like. I had more important things to do than worry about looks!

    And that’s how I coped. Constantly, every time I worried about my pimples or felt the need to fuss over them, I would remember how insignificant it really was. It’s a little strange because sometimes I might think stuff like, “Oh, nobody wants to date me because I have acne.” But then I’d remember that even without acne I was single! And strangely, that thought made me feel better about my skin.

    What did it matter that I had it, other than that my face now had bumps? I still had the same friends, I still had to go to school, I still had to watch good movies and eat good food. 

    The only thing that made acne a thing for me to worry about was that it was annoying as hell, because my foundation wouldn’t sit nicely on my skin when I had bumps and I just wanted to be able to wear highlighter without making my skin texture look bad.

    Acne isn’t significant. Anyone who tries to make you feel bad for it isn’t very significant either.

    Progress To Recovery!

    I started keeping track of my skin after June 2016 by taking photos. 

    This was how it looked on 3 July 2016.

    It's a lot less red, definitely. At this point there wasn't that much difference. However, after the initial two weeks, I began to notice my skin change. The bumps that were once beneath my skin were coming up, and I noticed that some more pimples were appearing too. I wasn't really worried, because my doctor had told me to expect this. The point of the Epiduo, he said, was to make the pimples come up and go away faster. 

    It's worth noting that I also changed my makeup. I began to use Clinique foundation and powder! It was expensive but really worth it. I didn't have too much trouble covering the redness of my acne marks, although now I would recommend Loreal's Infallible 24 HR Matte Foundation, just because it's cheaper and provides a little more coverage.

    By 30 July my skin had gotten quite a bit better!

    The pictures below are from 10 August, 2016. Here you can really see the redness lightening up. The bumps had also reduced in size! 

    I won't go into the details of every single week, but over time, the acne did go away. By the time November was about to end, I didn't have anymore cystic bumps. I was just left with scarring and any pimples that appeared would always disappear quickly. The only problem now was that every now and then some of the old cystic acne would come back in the same spot. Other than the routine I'd stuck to, all I did was dab a tiny amount of tea tree oil maybe a couple or three times a day on the area to make it disappear faster.
    This is how my skin looked on 20 November, 2016, and then on January 12, 2017!


    Fast-forwarding to a year later, in 2018...

    It's almost as if it was never that bad to begin with. Sure the scarring is there, still, and I do get pimples every now and then, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was in June 2016. And for that I'm grateful. I got really lucky with finding the right treatment, and the results won't be the same for everybody, but sooner or later, no matter who you are, acne will go away. Nothing is permanent in this world. Acne certainly isn't. 


    I'm probably gonna post more if people like this! There's a few things I haven't mentioned here which I deemed not so important, but I'd love to share if people would like know more.