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  1. 5 entries

    Well, now my skin is in the "dry wanting to give up


    I'm itchy until I apply my moisturizer (with clean sponge) and then I'm all red. Gr. I'm also getting small pimples all over the right hand sde of my forehead, but I take that to the bacteria clearing out, as all pimples formed after the beginning of the regimen clear up much faster than before. In a matter of days really, when before it was WEEKS until the slightest change.

    Thank you Dan!

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    Day 25

    well, now it is another day, and everything seems to be going nowhere. I had a freaking load of pimples comming out this week, now my face is full of dark spots and red marks. I hate everything... this fucking product seems to be doing nothing but just waste my time.

    I am extremely depresses, and I just cut my arm and wrote "DIE" on it... I need to somehow let the pain of being alive out..... i hate life, I hate acne and I hate how every fucking product they sell does nothing but to just take your money away.

    I would certainly not recoment any of the products in here..... they do nothing but just fill you with fake hopes......

    I really fel like killing myself, I would certainly do if I could have to guts to stab myself or had a gun to shoot myself...... fucking life.... i hate my parents for fucking bringing me to life.....

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    The first few times I put on the regimen, everything actually got worse and became more noticeable, but no seen allergic effects, which is good. I stuck with it though, because I paid good money for it #1 and because I knew that it's supposed to get worse at first before getting better, and now it's looking in good shape and so I'm hoping that I will be able to get clear skin over the next few months!! :pray:

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    hmmmmmmmmmmm???........... right so i seem to have woke up with just a slight breakout along my jaw line, not anything that im going to stress about but id obviously not of wanted it........ obviously. im getting a fair few spots that are healing with large flakes over them....... i really dont know what else to report. think thats it, but if i think of anything i can say and get off my chest i'll post :pray:

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    If you have mild acne, you need to go with a little over the counter and a little perscription. Try to stay with creams/gels unless acne worsens. Then it may be necessary to move to antibiotics. Ask your dermatologist to prescribe you Duac Topical Gel and Tazorac. They work very effectively together. Use the Duac in the morning and wash with water. The Tazorac is applied at night. Buy Neutrogena 30-day acne kit as well and use a very smal dab of the slacylic acid when applying the Duac in the morning. If your skin does not dry very much, you should be able to use the BP lotion that comes with the kit along with the Tazorac at night. GOOD LUCK!

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    One week goes by amazingly fast. Which is a good thing actually, as it seems my skin is also rapidly improving, as compared with this time last week. The redness still exists somewhat, and there are a few minute bumps along my jaw and around my forehead. But other than that, my skin is quite bearable at the moment. The weird thing is, my skin doesn't even feel that flakey at all, sure, there is a bit of dry skin, but other than that, my skin feels relatively normal, even without moisturiser. While I used to apply moisturiser (2 or 3 weeks ago), for some reason, my skin felt unbearably greasy (using Cetaphil, the one Dan Kern recommended himself). Most probably something to do with my skin or my local chemist is selling shonky merchandise, not saying to anyone that happens to be reading this shouldn't apply moisturiser. But yeah, after starting the regimen over a month ago now, and a pretty intense break-out, the pimples are finally starting to subside *knock on wood*.

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    I decided to use this blog to keep track of all treatments that I have tried thorughout my quest in fighting acne. I am 28 and have had problems with acne for at least 15 years. My acne types cover most types out there: Blackheads, Whiteheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Cysts. I started seeing dermatologies about 7 years ago, after getting tired of not having much success with most of the off the counter products. I had a better luck with the medications prescribed, however they were just a temporary fix. Here's a list of medications I had tried on and off:

    Oral: Doxycyclene, Minocyclene, Tetracyclene

    Topical: Cleocin bid, Psorcon cream, Brevoxyl 4%, Emycin, Differin, Proactive

    Last year, I stop seeing the derm. I came across Vitamin B5 and decided to give it a try. Boy, it worked wonder!!! My skin felt great for the first time in a very long time. Within 2 weeks my face wasnt oily and flaky anymore. Within 2 months, my face was 90% clear. For about 5 months I had a wonderful skin. There were couples of zits here and there but they were small and very manageable. So life was good!!! and then going into 6th month, for some reason the medication stop working. I increased the doze to the max of 10g, that didnt work either. After 2 months of higher doze combined with experiments trying different supplements to go along with, I decided to go back to the derm's office - this time was a different one.

    B5 regimen (6-10g vit. B5/day, B complex, Fish Oil, Zinc, and multi vit.)

    I went there with a mission to ask for Accutane but the derm actually brought up the subject herself and suggested that's the right way to go. I began my treatment on 07/04/07, and here are the dozes I was taking before I have to stop because of side effect on liver fuctions (high AST <37 and ALT <65).

    • week 1-2: 2x40mg AST: 28 ALT: 60
    • week 3-4: 1x40mg AST: 37 ALT: 78
    • week 5-6: 0x40mg AST: 44 ALT: 93; Ihad to stop because of high AST and ALT. As a temporary fix, I was prescribed prednisone 30mg/day for 5 days.
    • week 7-8: 0x40mg AST: n/a ALT: n/a 09/02 (today) I just got my blood results back two days ago and was told nothing has changed on the AST and ALT levels, so no Accutane for another two weeks until the next blood work, which is 09/13. Instead of taking prednisone again, I am currently back to B5 regimen. My derm agreed with this approach. I hope the 2 months my body had without B5 in the system will bring the metabolism back to normal so it responds more favorably to the regimen... at least until I am back on Accutane again.

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    so, my senior pictures are a motherfucking ripoff and i havent even had them yet! 158 dollar session fee, 200 dollar deposit, and 500 dollars for the package that only gets me 2 fucking poses?! wtf, i cant stand being a senior im not one day into school yet and i already wish i would die! someone talk to me, calm my damn nerves :wavey:

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    5 weeks and 4 days into accutane!!

    My skin has cleared up considerably. The giant cysts have more or less gone and are drying up. What is left are lots of red marks which look like zits and I daren't wear any makeup so my self-esteem is not at the highest right now.

    But I'm happy that my face has cleared up this much. I believe we should always count our blessings. :wavey:

    But I noticed that my pores are actually very clogged. I have quite large pores by the way. Some of the plug in the pores stick out a bit and when I pinch it comes out. Dried up mixture of sebum and dirt I guess. Well, the problem is that all this plug I have underneath my skin are like time bombs waiting to be set off. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check if any new pimples have formed. I've noticed that a new INFLAMED pimple can form overnight on a clogged pore which was otherwise giving me no trouble.

    So right now my problem is pimples which don't go when popped, but are quite inflamed.

    I went for treatment at the beauty saloon yesterday. I was quite wary and asked the beautician to just extract whatever is near the surface and not go too deep because I know of slow wouond healing and scarring while on accutane.

    Anyway, the beautician's theory was that pimples HAVE got to be extracted else the pus stays inside and bacteria will multiply and eat into your tissue and then you'll end up with pock marks.

    And dermatologists will tell u that popping pimples lead to scarring.

    So, I don't know who to believe.

    And I went to this accutane action group forum the other day. Man, it was scary!

    The people there were suffering from the side effects of tane 10-15 years post-tane!

    Can u believe it?

    Some of the side effects were hypothyroidism( cold intolerabilty, slow metabolism, weight gain, sluggishness), night blindness, dry eyes, PERMANENT redness of the eyes, PERMANENT hair loss, PERMANENT depression and arthritis.

    I must say I am so afraid of tane and what it can do to me. I already several side-effects: eczema, dry eyes, dry skin (slightly fine lines), hip joint pain, and some depression.

    I'm now huge on popping supplements to overcome the side effects of 'tane. I'm on Vitamin E 400IU, evening primrose and fish oil 1000mg (for my eczema and hormonal balance), biotin 25mg, vit C 800mg, and milk thistle and dandelion (to help detoxify my liver so 'tane doesn't do so much harm to it).

    I'm hoping and praying that my acne will clear up once and for all and that I'll come out of 'tane unscathed.

    Cheerios, everyone!!

  10. 7 entries

    Third day on accutane...again nothing really to report. Just took my 5th 20 mg pill (I'm on 20 mg twice a day...basically 40 mg/day). Woke up with morning without any dryness/peeling. I did have some VERY weird dreams last night, but I doubt that was accutane related.

    That's all for now. Sorry to be so boring!

  11. 9 entries

    DAY 9:

    No update yesterday kids, Hubby came home for two days from his business trip! :D

    Here's the deal. Face is looking pretty damn good. Everything that pops up (pun intended) is gone in a day or so, but not much is coming up. The overall texture is much smoother. Seems like the stuff that made it kinda bumpy is smoothing out. Good stuff happening! =] My back is clearing soooo well. My face is still dry but using only the CeraVe is working out great. My lips are doing fantastic but only because I am using the Aquaphor.

    I do wish that Aquaphor made their stuff in more of a lip tube, and maybe some great gloss colors... Putting a gloss over the top seems to be doing well to substitute a lipstick or lip gloss only. Make-up has been a bit tricky, I have to be careful that I don't rub anywhere to hard or the peelies start to appear! :D

    The problem of the moment seems to be my scalp. It has been a bit itchy the last few days but no flaking/peeling issues at all. NOT ANYMORE!! Have you ever gotten a sunburn on your scalp? Well having fine hair and fair skin (red head), I have had a few in my day. This my friends, is ten phucking times worse!!! I feel like that girl from the movie Breakfast Club who during their Saturday detention, she was drawing a picture and used her head to put "snow" on the picture. CAN WE SAY EEEEWWWWW! The problem here is that I admittedly am a vain person and I do not want flakes!!! Let's see what on earth I can find to take care of this problem since I don't think rubbing lotion on my scalp is an option... :wavey:

  12. 2 entries

    It's a quarter to 2 in the morning. Just got back from drinking with a couple korean buddies. It's significant because eight hours ago I was contemplating staying in my little room for the rest of the week while I experimented with this no acne medication business. my face was oily, my roomate had just called me a dirty face, albeit nicely, and my confidence was loooower than it had been in at least 4 months. I sucked it up and went outside, immediately regretting the decision when a local guy working at the hair salon outside my place kept staring at me. Now, locals stare, maybe also because I look obviously not Chinese and my tattoos were easily visible...but of course in my mind i'm thinking (my face is blotched, i have two big pimples and a bunch of small ones, and i've been OIIIIILy all day. The perfect faced asshole was staring, agh it made me slump my shoulders and look down as i listened to my ipod but i pressed on. Wow...congrats mate, you kept walking, pat on the back -_-. I got to school, kept my head down and studied.

    Now, my skin was feeling greasy, and i would use my shirt to pat it now and then if it felt really uncomfortable. Funny thing is that when i would lightly brush my cheeks with the back of my hand, NO OIL. So, I felt greasy, but there wasn't a lot on the surface. i guess my skin was rebalancing. I had the alcohol, which in the past always made me a little worried that I would turn red and be extra shiny. I felt no change in temperature in my face, albeit I WAS just drinking beer. Anyways, my face, though I knew it was not good, didn't cause me worry. SO MANY TIMES I feel like I am a mores selfish person because I always have my skin in the back of my mind. When I'm listening to people, when I'm planning things especially, I am worrying about my acne. I ignored my friends for three straight days almost because of it. But based on how my face felt, and my newfound determination, I walked home very happy. I decided that when I looked in the mirror I would be able to deal with the fact that I wasn't looking great, and that this would take time. But I needed to "listen" to my skin for once and right now it seemed to be telling me to deal with some discomfort and things should get better later.

    And I looked in the mirror that had me scared for the last few days and saw that I was getting clear.

    .......I am actually just getting over being tipsy. I will look again....ok. Yea, i examined carefully and soberly. I still have the pimples, but the entire area of my skin is better. Also, it seems the pimples are already "coming out" forming white heads and being more defined as opposed to under the skin. I am not afraid of them right now (sounds dumb). I know I stated that I wouldn't be the one to start whooping and hollering after a couple weeks, much less a few HOURS, but...there's something here. I am scared to wash my face. I'm really scared to use vinegar. What should I do? I think I will try some vinegar (fuck). Worst comes to worst I feel i can trust that even a days rest from stressing my skin out will get it back to normal oil levels or something. Ok, try vinegar tonight, see how tomorrow fairs. Maybe I shouldn't? ah i will try it. night.

  13. 4 entries

    Title says it all.

    Detoxing. All of this emotional purging has got me a little under the weather.

    All in all though, I am feeling pretty good. Just exhausted.

    Today I have eaten only raw. Feel good about that. Learning to pay more attention to my physical body.

    Still looking in the mirror every day with high expectations, maybe multiple times. I think that I need to drop that as well. NO MORE MIRRORS! Tomorrow I will not look in the mirror once. It's Saturday, so that shouldn't be so hard. I will also go to the beach if weather permits.

    A helpful exercise to start exposing yourself to the emotional causes (it's not that the emotions cause anything, but not allowing yourself to fully experience them does):

    What if it got better?/What if it got worse?

  14. 1 entry

    Well...perhaps a little about me?

    I am 34 and have had bad skin for as long as I can remember. I have that classic fifth grade picture of me with bad skin AND bad hair...so sad. My parents never did much for me when I was younger and I did a lot of OTC stuff for my skin. It wasn't until I had my first son six years ago that I decided to go to a Dermatologist for the first time. He was great. He set me up on retin-a and clyndimycin with an antibiotic but we stopped that. I had great results but then it got pricey and I stopped everything. My skin had evened out though so it was ok. I had mild acne by then.

    So this last year I decided to go back and I found a new Dr. (we had moved) and she started me on a BP face wash which was $85!! Even with ins! So I didn't refill that, I just use Purpose now. I also have differin gel .01% and the clyndimycin again. I was goign ti on and off for the last year and this past month decided to buckle down. So I am doing my whole thing now and doing good so far. I also have been taking 3000mg of fish oil daily and my skin feels better so we will see.

    I will not just blog about my skin here...I will update on it and eventually figure out how to add picture etc. But I also have two boys and am divorced so I most likely will post about that stuff also:) So enjoy...

  15. 1 entry

    Well I have been trying and trying to treat my acne naturally this time around. Taking myself off birth control (Depo shot) I was challenged with acne that was different from any that I have had in the past. I have been trying to be more aware of my habits and what products I use on my face. I did not want to turn back to a anti-biotic prescription again, as I was on Tetra-Cyclene for 3 months. It worked but I was uncomfortable staying on it any longer.

    After researching online about my options, I found that I have similarities with others. The fact that I am recently off birth control, my face has under-the-skin, painful acne along the my jaw line and right cheek. This continued to get worse and worse, spreading throughout. So I bought Daniel Kern's face wash and cream. IT WORKS! It is gentle with no irritation.

    But even more so - I was introduce to the MIRACLE.

    LAVENDER Essential Oil

    I have tried Tea Tree Oil in the past and it did not work well for me.

    After a friend's mother told me to put Lavender on a badly infected insect bite on my leg, I experienced the power of Lavender. In no way am I an expert now on Lavender and all the benefits. Research it on the web for yourself and there enough books on essential oils as well. But I do know it worked for me when I applied the Lavender oil directly to the painfull pimples that were under the skin and were present at the surface.

    My Regimen:

    I have been doing this after I wash my face at night with Daniel Kern's facewash and applying the BP cream. After the cream has absorbed I dab, using my finger, the Lavender oil on to my skin. On some days I do not us the BP cream and just apply the lavender. Either way, in the morning, the painful pimples have come to the surface, and there is no need to pick the pimple. I simple touch (Just touch with a bit of pressure) the pimple (with clean hands) and the white head pops. RELIEVE! By the end of the day - the skin is healing and the pimple gets better there after.

    My other secret - which I discovered after using Benzomiocen (spelling?) on my face: Do NOT clean or wash your face in the morning. Washing my face once a day- avoids further irritation to my face. I take showers at night. Apply BP cream, the lavender (and sometime Aveda's All Sensitive face lotion) - I go to sleep - wake up - apply my makeup and I am off to work.

    Okay - enough said.

    I have added daily supplements to my diet - I will add these to the next blog entry.

    Needless to say -I have found my own SECRET to Daniel's Regimen........LAVENDER!!!!!

    So slowly my face is getting better - and this is just in 2 weeks! So time will tell. Hopefully it keeps working for me.

    Hope this helps others - let me know if Lavender works for any one else and if you haven't done so yet....try it yourself.

    As Lavender Essential Oil - like other essential oils or very harsh and concentrated. It may cause some irritation to skin. There are options to dilute the oil. I used 4 oz of Witch Hazel, 20 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil. (I haven't tried it yet - But I could add Imported Vodka to this mixture, which would add to the astrigent quality). This recipe works and is gentle, but I found the best results after applying the Lavender oil directly to my skin. There was a bit of peeling, but in the end no irritation.

    The pimples are getting better and I feel that my skin's texture and firmness is returning.

  16. 1 entry

    just ordered the product right now, hoping to get it by the end of the week and will start it and stick to it no matter how much worse my face gets.. cant get much worse after using murad

  17. 1 entry

    Welcome to my blog.Here i will write everything that happens in my face :D .


    AM :wavey:


  18. 1 entry

    I took my last pill this morning with my breakfast, then I headed over to the lab for my pregnancy test. I'm so glad the course is over and I'm looking forward to having clear, NORMAL skin!

    I am going to see my derm on Wednesday and tell her I've decided I don't want to continue for another month. (She's left it up to me.) I have no doubt she'll agree that I'm done. I'm going to be sure to ask her what the plan is for making sure the acne doesn't come back. And... I'm going to ask her when she thinks I can safely start trying to have a baby.

    I'm so happy right now.


  19. 3 entries
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    so my face is looking really nice, except my right cheek :D i have 5 painful pimples in a zig-zag pattern accross that cheek- kinda weird that i don't have ANY on my left cheek :wavey:

    i think i'm having the typical "initial outbreak" that is very common with topical retinoids, so i'm not too worried about it- HOWEVER, i do realllllly hope they go away by next thursday because i'm a bride's maid of honor and i have to be in front of a LOT of people, and makeup looks horrible over pimples, it makes them stand out more :D , so this week i'm going to do lots of my red and blue lights to try to help speed up the healing of these zits.... i'm also trying some of my daughters topical steroids (for her psoriasis) on these zits because i read in a post today that this person used a different topical steroid on his zits and it totally made the inflamation go down quicker and they healed faster, soooo i'll post in my blog as to what happens....

    the peeling i was having w/ retin-a micro has stopped now, it stopped a few days ago, so thats good!!! my red marks are continuing to fade, my skin texture is great (other than the 5 zits on my cheek)...

    i also did a philosophy "microdelivery peel" last night, which exfoliated nicely...

  20. 4 entries

    My derm called me yesterday to see how I am getting on- he is fab. I said I had a bad outbreak and couldn’t tell if it was getting better. He said I should just continue taking 1x20mg a day for one more week and then double my dose after 7 days. He said this is because keeping it stable would mean I would not break out anymore.

    As I have red inflammatory acne it is more prone to get worse. However I woke up today and it looks better- no new spots anyway and not so angry and red.

    My face is so oily though but this is supposed to be normal- a good sign of your body dispelling all the crap.

    Looking forward to seeing it improve and feeling very optimistic today.

  21. 2 entries

    Lips are super dry, eyes don't hurt as much, face feels a little tight, and my back hurts like a b*tch, but I couldn't be happier because my face is the smoothest and least oily it has been in SOOOOOO long!!! If these are the results after a week, I cannot wait to see what happens in a few more! :wavey:

  22. 1 entry

    After 2 months of BP and Dove bar soap, I am finally clear! And it feels great! I still have to wear makeup to cover up the red spots though, but that's ok, I'm just glad I don't have any bumps. Oh, I also use Certain Dri deodorant on my face to stop the oil. Haven't had a new pimple in 3 days!

  23. 3 entries

    Well what do you know....this AcneFree stuff is actually working for me! The acne that was active a couple days ago is getting better. They are getting flatter and dying up. And it got rid of all my cystic ones! Yea boi...but this stuff makes me soooo oily. Even my fingertips get dried out =/. I guess I'll have to resort to rinsing off the lotion or something. But anyhoo, I ordered some Mario Badescu stuff last night so I guess it should come around Monday? If I'm lucky Friday....I got the Acne Facial Cleanser, Special Cucumber Lotion (toner), and the Control Moisturizer for oily skin. All together including shipping it was $52.95. Yeah it was sorta piricey but I'n reaaaally looking foward to trying it. But the AcneFree is doing a pretty nice job. :wavey:

  24. 1 entry

    I'm new, I've had acne since 6th grade, I'm now entering 11th. My skin is oily, doesn't dry out too easily, and I have the problem of picking and squeezing all the crap out of my large pores. It PISSES ME OFF, bc I would be really pretty if I didn't have this on my face! I went to the derm today & I've been changed now to washing in the morning with Brevoxyl face wash, then to applying Ziana at night & taking a new antibiotic, Doryx. I'm also on Yaz birth control!

    I was on Tazorac for about a year, and it's helped but I think my skins immune now, I used doxycycline & it was AMAZING for about 2 months, then it quit! The only thing that has improved from taking Birth control is less mood swings, & no deep cystic pimples, but I'd almost rather have them than the tiny little ones covering my forehead! Im HOPING & PRAYING that this works. I'm so ridiculously tired of my face being broken out! it makes me feel disgusting! I cant believe anyone who says im pretty bc to me, being pretty is having perfect skin. I have red spots all over from where I've picked and popped. Everytime I find something that works, it stops working after about 2 months.


  25. 6 entries
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    Been using the mario badescu products everyday, morning and night. I don't hardley have any red marks on my cheeks from old breackouts! I got a really weird burst of cyst types on my chin, have never had that many before, prolly just hormones. even the drying cream took a while to clear them up...still have one healing up on my chin. But hardley any break outs on my face. I even used the drying cream on this huge cyst on my back..it like had three lumps put together, dried up in like three days...thats lightning fast compared to the weeks it takes my back acne to clear, especially for my cysts that i get...they tend to be huge and take weeks to heal! I've been using bare minerals, mineral veil, it sucks up the oil and even by the end of the day my face is not all shiny...makes my skin look way helthier. Other than some bumps on my skin i'm hoping to clear up more.