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    Hi, after comming home from work today I looked in the mirror...I began wondering if my face would ever clear. I look around and it seems like everyone has a clear face but me. Have I been cursed, does someone up above hate me, am I being punished? I am actually getting married to an incredible guy on May 14th all I wonder is what he could see in me...if I can't see past the blemishes why would he...........look at all the other pretty faces. It seems like the only way to get rid of it all is to pop it all....and I even know that is not the right course of action.... I fianlly decided that maybe the net had some anwsers..or quick fixes...I googled FREE ACNE HELP and Dans website came up, I ordered the trial pack and at this point I am hoping that this is my godsend....I've tried Proactiv,Differin, overthe counter Benzol P. the doctors said the pill would help...and yet here I am with Swiss cheese face at 24.


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    I just added photos for Week Seven that I took a few minutes ago, showing the improvements to my skin in the past week since I changed my regimen. In particular the left side of my face has improved a lot over the past two weeks. It's making me hopeful that maybe clear skin is obtainable after all.

    My Weekly Progress Album

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    in december im having punch graft procedure done on my pitted scars. is there anyone who has this treatment done? This procedure is where the doctor takes skin behind the ear and places it on the pitted scar that he freashly cut out with a cookies cutter type instument. i need to hear something its been five years of research and trying different procedures.

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    Hi Friends,

    I share the same pain with you all . fortunately my Acne days are over and now i am struggling to get rid of the Scars it has caused. To describe about my skin type its an Oily one , my complexion is wheatish and i am an Indian . i have scars on Forehead and Cheeks . I have undergone Chemical peels and Dermabrasion but with Little results .Lately i have been thinking of undergoing a Laser theraphy.My options are (IPL /SMOOTHBEAM /FRAXEL ) .I need help on some good Laser clinics and demeratologist available in Mumbai/India . All your comments are appreciated and i thank you all in Advance

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    i've been looking up "severe acne" on google, and most of the pictures are nothing like my acne, but when i run across someone who has somewhat the same amount of acne as me, i feel like crying.

    it's just not a label i want to have to deal with.

    severe acne.

    i just got bruunhause, and this is pretty much a last resort.

    it better work damn well; considering it cost so much.

    107 bucks!



    hopefully i feel better tomorrow.


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    Today was easy.. And lame.

    I chilled out having the day off.

    I have had some typical zits but was due to the fact I stopped the Doxy for a few days since it was ripping my stomach to shit and stressful shit going on.

    Starting full dose tonight...

    Already done 2 bottles of On The Spot... I just steal it from Wal Mart since I won't pay 5 bucks.

    Face looks good enough for me.. But still hoping for acne to clear more...

    Oh well only 2 weeks in and fucking with meds.

    Sexual relations would be nice too.

    Until next time!....


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    Do any of you ladies suffer from acne along the chin/jaw? If so, do you take birth control?

    I was on Microgestin from a/b April-June 07, and this caused some unwanted spotting over the course of a month. I called my doctor and she suggested Yaz. I'm on my 4th pack now, and my skin has gotten progressively worse over time. Almost all of break-outs (which is pretty constant and fierce) are covering my chin area.

    If anyone has any secrets, ideas, or anything that works for them, let me know! :pray:



    Cleanse w/Origins Checks & Balances

    Apply Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst


    Cleanse w/Origins Checks & Balances

    Apply Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst

    2-3 times/week:

    Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion (scrub)

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    I find that there are plausible solutions for dealing with certain issues that specifically pertain to my acne, that I may want to try. However, I have to sift through many of the comments to get to the root of the infromatoin. Therefore I am making my own personal list from the ideas that I find, and I'll sort out the pros and cons to each solution. This defintiely is a work in progress, so bare with me. My catagories for now are non-prescription, prescription, supplements, natural, and combanation remedies.


    Pros of Asprin:


    6-8 uncoated, regular strength aspirin (no name is good)

    A few squirts of Cetaphil or Water or Aloe Vera Gel (I like the cetaphil version)

    Mix until paste like consistency.


    1. Cleanse skin with normal cleanser.

    2. Steam skin with a really warm cloth.

    3. Apply mask for about 15-20 mins.

    3. Rinse and using the aspirin bits as a scrub. Massage gently.

    4. Use a light moisturizer if you have oily skin. A heavier one if you have dry skin.




    • Pros Of Lemons:

    • Lemon hair lightener - Lemon juice applied to the hair is a natural hair lightener.
    • Insecticide - The D-limonene in lemon oil is used as a non-toxic insecticide treatment. See orange oil.
    • Acne Treatment - Applying lemon juice to facial blemishes is a popular form of treating acne.
    • Skin bleach - Lemon juice is also believed by many to lighten the skin when applied topically, as it has been suggested that the acids it contains inhibits melanin production.[9] The effectiveness, however, is largely a subject of debate.
    • Lemon is used in facial masks for refreshing the skin.

      • Lemons can be used in home beauty treatments to rejuvenate the skin and is found in many commercial beauty products. Lemon juice is used to lighten sunspots on the skin and put highlights in hair. Lemon juice is also used as a cleaning agent. It acts as natural bleach for stains on fabrics and is used as a hand cleaner to remove odors from the skin. Lemons are a very versatile fruit with endless uses.
        • Mix a few drops of lemon juice with an equal amount of water. Apply it on your face with a cotton ball. This makes a great astringent
          • Beset by blemishes? No problem. Simply dab the area with lemon juice a few times a day. This removes the redness from the blemished area

          [*]Most skin types benefit from regular steaming, but don't steam your face if you have thread veins as it would only worsen the condition. Also, don't steam your face more than once a week. it may dry your skin excessively. Bring a quarter of water to boil and take it to the table. Add the juice of half a lemon and a handful of any herbs (basil or mint). Tie back your hair and drape a towel over your head and the bowl to form a tent, to trap the steam. After you've steamed your face for fifteen minutes, gently squeeze out blackheads, if any, and splash it with cold water to close pores. Apply a moisturiser 15 minutes later

          [*]Cut a lemon in half and rub it on hyper-pigmented areas like your elbows and knees to lighten them

          [*]Mix a few drops lemon juice with an equal amount of honey if you have dry skin, or with cucumber juice if your skin is oily. Wash off after 15 minutes. Get rid of age spots. Cut a lemon wedge and hold it directly on the spot for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat this every day until the spots lighten or vanish altogether



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    I have very sensitive skin. It is also a combination of dry and oily. I'm wondering if using products that might be too harsh (such as Oxy daily cleansing pads, or anything with salicylic acid) could possibly be the cause of my breakouts.And, I have no idea what kind of products to buy in order to treat my acne. Sensitive. Dry. Oily. Anything but normal. Nothing works.I have seen a very good dermatologist for a few years but after trying everything, i noticed that continuing these appointments are not within by budget.I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about asking a question, but i need to know if there is anyone smiliar or if there is anyone who knows what type of products i should buy for my treatment.

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    Hi my name is Jennie, I have been battling cystic acne for 15 years now. It started when I was 15 years old. I have tried everything to cure this condition, I would like to share with you what have learned. I refuse to go on accutane, its very harmful to your body. SO in the quest to overcome this disorder without accutane, this is what I have discovered

    my cystic acne started on my butt, I have learned that its moves on you. My butt is now clear after 10 years of treatments.

    5 years ago, cystic acne moved to my face. I recieved weekly injections of cortozone to help.

    I have been on antibotics continuously for 5 years now.

    6 months ago I dediced these dermatologists where trying to kill me, so I sought help from a local teaching hospital.

    March 2007 I started attending University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Dermatology Department. The doc ordered blood tests and perscribed Rential and a FOAM antibiotic. The foam acts as a topical antibotic, so it is NOT injested in your system like oral meds. The foam secreets into your pores only, leaving my skin acne free.

    In the quest to dig deeper... I continued with the blood tests which determined my DHEA levels are sky high.

    DHEA is the predicesor of estrogen and testosterone. SO all these years these docs have tested my estrogen and testosterogone which results in a normal read becuase the problem lies before these horomes.

    DHEA comes from cholestrol in your body. and NO i dont have high cholesterol.

    This is what I have learned...

    • DHEA high levels are very rare - cause cystic acne and can only be treatable through an endocrinologist.
    • DHEA research almost doesnt exist. What I have learned is the highest levels of DHEA are found in male smokers.

    My appointment with Endocrinology is on November 5th. They made me wait 4 months for an appointment, since they must see Tyroid cancer patients first ???

    I will advise everyone of my progress.

    It is my belief that NO one really understands how or why cystic acne forms.

    DHEA I belive is the answer to this condition


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    hello everyone i am here because i just started on accutane and i am looking for some support. I am so paranoid of all the side effects...yet it is so importnant to me to complete the 6 months and have perfect skin. what i am feeling is like my ears are plugged....? does that happen to anyone? also sometime i get a scratchy thoat. i wold really love it if someone could let me know if this is normal. i don't see my doc for 2 weeks.

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    Hey, guys.

    I never thought I'd have acne! I have pictures from when I was 12, 13, 14... flawless skin. When I was fifteen, I remember seeing some red marks around my hairline, but it wasn't until the end of 2006 that I really started getting them. I still have mild acne - mostly pustles and pauples - but due to some baaad moisturizer I have a few whiteheads and blackheads around my nose and cheeks.

    Right now, the worst of it all for me are my red marks. Without them, I'd only have around three small zits on my forehead - basically nothing much - but because of those suckers, it looks like a good portion of my forehead is covered in little red zits. It's most noticeable right after I wash my face or workout. I know they fade, but until I get my acne under control, they're always going to be there.

    Right now, I've been using Clindamycin (Cleocin T 1% Lotion) for the past week. If I hadn't made the mistake of using moisturizer, I probably wouldn't have any whiteheads/blackheads or clogged pores around my nose and cheeks, but ignoring those, I think my breakouts have gotten a bit better. My doctor said it'd take at least another week before I started seeing real results. My goal is to get my acne under control (without irritating or reddening my skin), and then deal with the red marks. My doctor also said the Clindamycin will only work for a few months before my body grows immune to it, so I'll have to find something to gently cleanse my pores after I'm finished with my prescription.

    One step at a time, I guess. ;]

    What products are you using? What's worked/hasn't worked for you in the past? I'm hoping for slightly clearer skin by Halloween, and fewer red marks by Christmas... we'll see.

    All the best!

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    well so today i have 3 new pimples but the rest of my face seems like its doing better. I have my appoiptment tomorrow and hopefully everything is good!

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    Hey There!

    So after taking about 2 years off, because of many reasons from college, I decided to get back on track and just try and enjoy my youth.

    Let me ask you a question, okay.

    Have you felt so self-conscious that you avoided college all together?

    I did, even though I masked it pretty well with other issues, the primary one was adult acne.

    This primarily applies to the guys, hasn’t you ever wanted to party out and has the nights like in the movies?

    I too know for a fact, that does happen I have some of the best friends out there, and they are all having a blast.

    But not me, I'm all worked up about appearance and just didn't believe enough in myself to attract hot emotionally mature women into my life.

    Well this could be considered like a journal entry.

    I'd like to read what you guys have to say, and feel free to give me feedback on my previous posts.

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    I remember about six months ago I had a face full of cystic acne. I cried so much because I didn't know if it would ever go away. I decided that if I was going to clear up my skin, it would be with my own initiative, as doctors were always unable to help me. After years of research here is what I came up with to get absolutely clear skin.

    I am on a strict anti-inflammatory diet. Here is how all my meals look:

    Large portion of meat, cheese, eggs or other no-carb animal products. (This does not include milk as it has about 14 g of sugar per cup, and your goal is 0 grams)

    1 small serving of vegetables

    for snacks I eat nuts or berries, or very small amounts of fruit. I try to keep my carb intake at 5 carbs per snack and preferably 0 grams of sugar.

    Nuts are very good as they break down in your stomach very slowly and are especially good to eat before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning you won't crave sugar as much because at night you got a steady supply from the nuts. The best to eat are almonds and walnuts.

    I always eat my protein (no carbs) first. Then I wait about 10 minutes and eat my carbs (such as veggies, and berries).

    I take a fibre supplement as I don't get enough from this diet.

    I only drink water and tea (with no sugar added). If I drink alcohol it has to be hard alcohol shots as they contain no sugar.

    I try to eat about 6 times a day.

    I found that I break out when my blood sugar is low and I bring it up too high too quickly. That is why I eat my protein first, because it breaks down slowly and provides me with a slow steady supply of energy.

    Symptoms I got from my crazy blood sugar (before I found this diet) :

    passing out

    low energy

    having to take naps in the middle of the day

    craving sugar (like juice and cake) to get a quick fix of energy

    sleeping after eating

    heart palpitations (feeling your heart beat in your chest)


    bad breath

    bad concentration

    unable to gain any weight

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    I definitely feel everyone's pain. I have had acne (moderate) for 20 years. I never had cystic acne but whiteheads that leave brown spots that take forever to go away. Those brown spots combined with new zits make a constant terror. Not too mention I have a scar from early childhood right on my forehead that had keloid and I also have very oily skin...additionally now I'm going bald, but that’s for another day! So as u can see I have multiple issues that have sucked the life out of me everyday, but "ACNE" is definitely the most annoying.

    I have tried everything, from over the counter stuff to prescriptions; I have changed my diet completely: I have tried "natural" products; I take numerous supplements: I exercise regularly; I get plenty of fresh air and sunlight and all in all the pimples just keep coming. Yes, there are periods of time in which I can get it somewhat under control but then a huge breakout will take place over like a month period and thus the cycle continues. The majority of my friends have no blemishes whatsoever and of course when u try and explain your pain to them they always say how its not a big deal...RIGHT, but they don't have to wake up everyday and wonder what they will look like. Over the course of my life I have cancelled numerous dates, parties and vacations just because I was so self-conscious of the way I looked. Not to mention when I did venture out with a current break out and tried to just ignore it, someone would always mention the monsters on my face and make me feel like crap. Its so funny how people with no skin issues think that people with these troubles eat junk food all day and never wash their face. On the contrary, people with troubled skin more than likely eat more healthy and take care of their skin better than anyone else. I was very popular growing up and it made it oh so hard because being self conscious made me shy away and try to avoid people when I had my often break-outs and then people felt I was now being conceited or aloof, go figure!...a whole other dilemma! Anyway, I think its just plain crazy how there can't be a cure or at least a solid remedy (or even say 2-3 bonafide solutions for diff skin types) for acne when there seems to be so much progress in major life threatening diseases as Cancer and so forth. I know acne is not terminal or anywhere as serious as some of life's other challenges but it is so controlling and mentally detrimental.

    I mean all I want is to look "normal"...I am not asking for a new nose or a perfect body or whatever. I know we all have physical flaws; even the most physically perfect person as perceived by others has something they wish they could change. I have other physical flaws as well but I just wish I could stop the break outs completely and permanently to just have normal skin. It becomes so frustrating reading about all of these products that work for this one and not that one and then u spend so much money and time on these products and then u wait, wait, wait and then u find out its just not working, then it takes another few weeks or even months to recover from that experiment...it just never stops. Like I said it’s been 20 years and counting! I remember the doc told me I would grow out of it by 18, then 20, then no later than 25!!!! Why can't we just have 1 solid routine that was a CERTAIN remedy???? Is it really just because there is just so much money to be made by the drug companies and doctors that so many people have to suffer through this mental torture???? I completely gave up all of the things I love to eat and drink and even eat things I despise to try to clear up my skin, and still no end in site! Come on, going through all of these different products and routines and so forth is just plain mind boggling now...I mean some people's routines span 7 products in the day and 5 more at night and it just gets to be ridiculous because clarity still does not exist. I'm so tired of having my closet and cabinet filled with products that don't rectify the problem permanently (yes, I have tried the less is more and no-products at all routine as well).

    I am just so beyond hopeless at this point. I try my hardest to remain positive and look at the brighter things in life and to be optimistic...yes, I saw "The Secret" and I have always been a religious person....but, when/where exactly is the light at the end of the tunnel...maybe I’ll finally be clear at 85 years old the day before I die! lol

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    Got a facial yesterday and I'm glad I got all those nasty sebum thingies extracted, it was painful but I feel cleaner.... but my face looks like I have chickenpox. Woke up this morning, washed my face with mild foam cleanser they gave me and applied DK's BP gel... then Cetaphil lotion. I hope my face doesn't get red like last year when I used BP :pray:

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    The first Acne Remedy that I want to try out, is whether or not colon cleansing helps with your acne.

    The myth goes like this: Your colon is used to processing waste, but with the Standard American Diet, more and more people are suffering from digestive issues, such as constipation or some other blockage. The beleif, is that a dirty colon can't process the toxins properly, and as a result the toxins are then expelled from the skin, thus causing acne.

    Frankly, that sounds like a load of crap to me (pun intended!)

    BUT, that's the point of this blog, is to try and point out what works, and what doesn't.

    So, I have started out reviewing a couple of colon cleanse reviews sites, because they have pretty good listings of what colon cleansing products are good, and which ones are not. I looked at a couple, but this is the only one that actually gave GOOD info.

    After looking at multiple review sites, I decided to go try colon cleansing with a product called oxypowder.

    It should arrive here early next week.... so the first Acne Remedy Test will begin.

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    Well, just broke out...bad, this morning. But I pigged out on gummy bears last night, so its my fault, I should have known better...Anyway I'm sticking with the Nature's Cure, although it doesnt seem to be making much of a difference. So I'll keep hoping that this stupid disease goes away... :pray:

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    Right so have decided that I am going to follow the regime. My main worry is the dryness, especially because I am heading back to University today and where I live it rains a lot and winter is coming, etc etc, anyway all this = dryness anyway let alone when on BP!

    But started a thread on the topic and have got the tip of adding jojoba oil to my moisturizer! As I up my dose I may add a heavy duty moisturizer thickly at night time as well.

    In other news have also decided to go for the purpose gentle cleanser, as this seems cheap but very gentle indeed which really is what i want from a cleanser, with or without the routine, im sick of stuff stripping my skin!

    So what I need now is a shopping list!(whoo shopping!)

    - purpose gentle cleansing bars

    - Jojoba oil

    - DKR's 2.5% BP gel.

    - Omega 3 supplements

    - more of my decleor moisturizer.

    - a baby brush.

    thanks for watching

    dance babe.


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    day 1, nothin has happened yet, just hoping that it doesnt get any worse, cant wait for my next dose - im taking 60mg a day

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    So, this is my first day using the regimen. I am excited to try something that has worked for so many people. I tried to upload some pics, but no luck yet.

    I remember using benzoyl peroxide starting when I was 12. My mom would always use it to try to control her breakouts. It worked very well for me through my teenage years during those occasional hormonal breakouts.

    When I hit my 20s all hell broke loose. I wasn't using the treatment as often, since my skin was clear for the most part. Then I started to get a lot more blackheads than I was used to having. I tried salycilic acid to treat the blackheads. Since that is what it is marketed for it must work, right? Before long, my blackheads were turning into whiteheads. Acne cleansers, astringents and masks followed. The treatments worked for a little while, but the breakouts always returned with a vengence! It seemed like every breakout would be a little bit worse than the last one. It is something that is constant on my mind. I find it distracts my thinking. It also affects my interactions with others. I think that aspect of acne is what makes it worse. Everyone know touching your face could cause the spread of acne breakouts. I am a picker! I can sit and feel my lesions all day. Somehow it is fascinating. But I know it causes further inflammation, so I end up with my hand on my face for a good part of the day, trying to cover up what I've done. Also, being in school I find that I prop up my head alot. My acne also leaves those nasty post-war scars! The redness makes the appearance so much worse than it is. I never wore foundation before, but now I can't go without it.

    I have been researching acne and various treatments since the breakouts have become worse. I haven't tried all of the dermatologist recommended treatments mainly because I can't afford them, being an uninsured individual. Also, I don't like taking any medications that have adverse side effects and could throw off my body's natural balance. I have tried various OTC treatments, vainly hoping they would reduce the breakouts even a little. My research got me so into skin care that I am currently in school to become an Esthetician. I have tried various acne lines, regimens recommended by my instructors, homeopathic remedies, ..............Still no improvent.

    Recently, my comedonal acne has formed nodules. Oh, the excitement of yet another thing to treat! I was ready to try some of the more well known acne treatments, even a medication! I stumbled over this web page and saw so many success stories. The regimen seems so simple, yet I have never seen it explained in this way, an increase in the application.

    I am using a well known baby wash and lotion. I figured with it's hypoallergenic, moisturizing qualities it should be safe to use with such a drying treatment. I am using a 10% concentration of a drug store brand benzoyl peroxide gel. The feeling of my skin is incredible even after the first application.

    Well, wish me luck!