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  1. 3 entries

    im sorryy i havnt been updating as often as i intended to do. My mood has been very down lately and im feeling super depressed. I am not sure if Aldactone is doing much for my acne as I am also using a topical treatment which I just stopped using because it was irritating my skin. My tummy cramps isnt as bad as it was now but I still occasionally get the cramps. I also noticed that my period came earlier than it was supposed to maybe due to aldactone. I might be stopping Aldactone and using chinese herbal medication instead as my dad noticed the side effects had more effect in me. He said that chinese herbal medicine would work better with no side effects so ye mayb switching to that soon.

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    DAY 16 update. So the combination of YAZ and Spironolactone has resulted in my period being extended to the current 15th day. My menstrual cycle is usually painful, heavy, and lasts around 5 days. (So heavy that I have to go for iron infusions at the hospital.) Presently, my bleeding has ranged between light/medium.

    The combination of starting the birth control pill again (after a long while) along with spironolactone has resulted in my hormones going slightly unhinged. While my hormones are still adjusting, I've been developing cystic acne in random places I never had to worry about. Hopefully this phase will soon pass! 
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    Thought I'd update again as it's been awhile. It's been 15 months (next week) since I finished my last course of lymecycline. I have been keeping my skin clear with nightly use of benzoyl peroxide (Benzac AC 2.5% which I have to buy from either eBay or Amazon since it's not available in UK shops for some reason).
    I still don't eat much dairy, I use almond milk on my cereal instead (but I still eat some dairy, I love cheese too much to never eat it!) but no longer take any supplements or ACV.
    Whether my skin has remained clear due to the BP, or maybe the fact that I will be 50 next year and it's bloody well time my skin started behaving itself, who knows? But I don't plan to stop using the BP anytime soon as it really seems to have been the one thing that has kept my skin clear.
    I actually came back here to read through my past posts to find out how long it took to get clear the very first time (5 weeks) because I gave a friend a small tube of BP to try as she's started to have the same problem (she just turned 36) - cystic acne is definitely not just a young person's problem!

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    I've been hearing a lot about this microneedling over the last year and had considered giving it a try. But it wasn't until I heard a coworker raving about it that I thought I should actually go for it. 

    Basically, you're rolling dozens of tiny needles all over your face, causing controlled injury to the layers of skin and forcing the body to increase collagen production. This improves, apparently, fine lines, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and skin firmness. 

    There are different needle lengths and the longer they are, the longer it takes to recover and the better off you are going to a specialist. And the longer they are, the more work they do to improve your skin's appearance. 

    I wanted to start out with the smallest just to be sure I wasn't going to accidentally hurt myself or mess up my sensitive skin. So, I went with the 0.25 mm dermaroller. I got titanium because it doesn't rust and it stays sharp. This length isn't really for pitted scarring, but it's supposed to coax your skin into soaking up the products you use more effectively. Which could help in a roundabout way by kick-starting my other routines again.

    I eventually want to try the 0.5 mm at home as this is supposed to work for finer lines and shallower scarring. I do think that anything above that I would seek out the help of a professional esthetician. 

    What I'm doing:
    I've been rolling twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays for about a month. Moderate pressure in an up and down motion across each part of my face. Followed by a side to side montion.  Once I've covered my whole face, I immediately stick the roller in alcohol to sanitize it. Then I apply a high quality vitamin c serum over the areas. Once that has soaked in I follow with a rose petal/witch hazel toner, and then a green tea/Jasmine moisturizer. You HAVE to use a vitamin c serum after rolling. And make sure you get a good serum with actual vitamin c in it. Not just a cheap one that lies to you. All of this aids in helping your skin heal more effectively and helps prevent infection.

    Do not roll over active pimples. This will just spread the bacteria all over the rest of your face. 

    With the longer needles that get down further into your skin layers you'll have some bleeding, but I haven't had any with this. 

    • my skin feels so soft afterwards and by the time I apply the moisturizer it's like my face is made of whipped butter
    • I feel like there has been an overall improvement in the tone of my skin
    • I had a brand new hyperpigmentation scar on one cheek that seems to be fading and shrinking more rapidly than it I had not been doing this. 
    • the small needles don't hurt so badly after awhile, but it's definitely a weird sensation. 
    • I really think my products are able to work better and that there have been some small, but noticeable-to-me changes. 

    • I have really sensitive skin thanks to a way too active immune system. I find it I don't take an antihistamine at least an hour before rolling my skin is hot, itchy, and agitated with hives after I roll. If I do take the antihistamine, no problem. If you have a normal immune system that doesn't panic over every little thing, you should be fine. 
    • I have noticed some peeling on my chin and my nose. This is mentioned as a possible reaction, although I had not thought it would happen with such short needles. I just upped my exfoliation game on non-rolling days and moisturized. 
    • I'm probably not going to see any real results with this size roller, but I think it's best to ease myself into this to avoid any bad reactions and possibly really setting myself back. 

    So, yeah, so far so good. Nothing major, but it's only been a few weeks and it's hardly enough time for anything to work. Looking forward to keeping at it!

    Keep an eye on the corresponding picture album for photo updates!

    After a month:

  5. 1 entry

    I never used to moisturiser my skin. Never ever. Why? Because every single moisturiser that I ever tried, clogged my pores. I rarely get acne flare ups, but I had so many clogged pores that looked horrible. 
    I have pitted acne scars on my cheeks by the way.
    Even moisturisers that claimed to be non comedogenic, gave me fully clogged pores and I was sick and tired of it.
    Recently I researched on natural non comedogenic moisturisers, and among others, Shea butter was mentioned. I was skeptical at first. But I felt I had nothing to lose.
    I have been using this one twice a day and my skin has improved so much. It's so moisturising. And the best part is that it hasn't clogged my pores AT ALL. I have combination skin and at first it looks really greasy but then it settles in so well and leaves my skin with a dewy finish. It's perfect.

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    As of yesterday, I've been on Absorica (accutane/isotretinoin) for 3 months collectively. It's been 2 months now that I've been on my maintenance dose, which is 60mg... (30mg AM, 30mg PM)
    I've been clear since starting the maintenance 60mg, which is amazing. This is even with skipping my pills on most weekends. I do this because I typically have a few drinks on the weekends and I don't want to mix this medication with alcohol because you are supposed to avoid alcohol entirely while on it.

    The only issue I've had since upping to the 60mg is a weird breakout on my chin. These just appeared a few days ago. This is not a type of breakout I have ever dealt with before though..... It is completely confined to my chin and its just little red bumps. Honestly it looks worse with makeup because of my dryness. It could be caused by my dryness, honestly. I've been putting pure Aloe Vera, and polysporin on my chin to help.

    Other than that, 3 months in.... my skin is doing great. Lips..... dry. Aquaphor is still helping, and burts bees occasionally when I am out in public and don't want to bust out my giant tube of aquaphor.

    Oh, I also wanted to mention.... STAY OUT OF THE SUN. I wore sunscreen but did not reapply one day that I was out in the sun most of the day. My forehead burned and it took 2 weeks to return to its normal color and stop peeling.

  7. 13 entries

    So I have officially been on Accutane for 8 months now. Cyst free for over 5 months! A couple weeks ago I decided to go down to 20mg (10mg in morning and 10 at night) as the sides of my mouth were so raw and peeling the size of a penny. I looked like the joker, haha, but really it wasn't funny. As soon as I decreased the dose, it healed up and so it will just take me a week or so longer to finish up my course. While my lips are super dry, the rest of my skin isn't and I just need my regular lotion once a day. Hair has been status quo and besides one tiny whitehead a week ago, skin has been great. I'm excited to get off of Accutane but also quite nervous. I'm trying to be hopeful. Though the knowing that I could go back on if needed is a helpful safety net (even if it's not a guarantee it will work a second time). 


  8. 3 entries

    So I can officially say that it has been a whole month of taking spironolactone. I've decided to keep my dose to 50 mg as I have noticed major improvements on my face - starting with forehead which was filled with cystic acne just over a month ago and now I have none.  I still have a small number of breakouts on my cheeks and a couple on my jaw but it is not as worse as how it was before I started taking spiro. I am however left with a lot of scars and pigmentation which I know can be sorted out as soon as my acne clears up so I'm not dwelling on that. Excited to see what month 2 will bring.... fingers crossed.

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  10. 1 entry

    Day 4 of taking 40mg of accutane each day 

    Side effects: 

    Patches of dry skin- especially around nose/ itchy skin around nose 
    Tired but unsure if thats because I'm not sleeping enough and waking up early
    Slight muscle pain 
    Also felt a bit sick when I took the pills but again, unsure if that is because I had a coffee an hour before I took them. 

    Skin hasn't got any worse yet but has got slightly more oily (apart from the dry patches)  

  11. 6 entries

    A few days ago I started incorporating Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel into my very simple routine of La Roche Posay gel cleanser and COSRX Ultra Birch Sap Lotion on my cheeks only. It seemed to be working pretty well, for sure helping my oiliness and redness because it's water-based and I am aware my skin is severely dehydrated. Today I stumbled across this blog post on fungal acne, and it sounded EXACTLY like what I had, so I just took a shower and put Nizoral on my forehead, chest, and back. My skin wasn't red at all after my (cold) shower which never happens, so it was already a good start, and after I put my neutrogena gel on, my skin looked pretty damn good. hoping i will see some miracle results and that the damned malassezia will finally, finally go away. Could it have been my fungal acne/seborrheic dermatitis all along and not true hormonal acne like I thought it was??? Or is it both and I've just managed to calm down both?? please pray for good results i will update later!

  12. 1 entry

    I am 40 and have been on Doxy, mino, and lastly Spirno over the past 20 plus years to treat my cystic acne.   About a month ago I had two huge cystic acne bumps.   That then caused my whole chin to become a disaster area.   So I went to dermatologist and she took a culture of the infection.   My test results came back and found out the infection is of the worst kind.  It is resistant to all the antibiotics except for Levofloxacin.  So now I am takin 750mg to get this under control.  Now Im wondering was taking all the antibiotics all those years worth it to get to this point where now I am resistant.   Has anyone been down this path?  

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    Hello, lovely people of this website!

    My name is Marissa and I'm 17. I just made this account today. I thought it would be hella cool to start a blog so I can keep track of my progress (or lack thereof), spread information/be a reference for people new to Accutane, and hopefully make some friends on here. So here I am. Nice to meet you.

    Some background:
    So I actually started Accutane last month (4/27/18) - I'm on my 25th day today (5/21/18). I've never had great skin, but around age 15-16 it started getting worse and worse, especially after I got a Mirena IUD in April of last year. I finally went to see a dermatologist and I tried a million different creams and antibiotics but nothing worked. I was desperate to get on Accutane because I figured it's my last hope. I would literally cry almost every other day after seeing myself in the mirror. I felt hopeless and I got hella depressed over it.

    The Process
    Getting on Accutane was an entire struggle and a half for me.
    If you're a guy, obtaining Accutane is fine and dandy, but if you're female it's a tremendous pain in the ass. If you're reading this, you probably know all the excessive steps you have to take before you can get on it; waiting 30 days, giving 2 negative prego tests, blah blah blah. In my case, on top of all that, because I have a history of depression, my doctor wouldn't allow me to go on it until I had the written consent of another doctor saying that I'm stable enough to take it. There's been found to be a slight risk of depression, but other studies contradict this finding, saying there's no risk.
    Regardless, my dermatologist didn't want a teenage suicide on his hands so I had to do it. It was a long, incredibly discouraging process because I didn't have a psychologist or a psychiatrist at the time. Eventually, though, I got my Primary doctor to write it. 
    Then, the problem was the price. it was $450. $450. When I heard that price I immediately knew i wasn't getting on it. It was a sad day. HOWEVER, I was able to talk to my dermatologist office and they ended up sending it through a smaller, family-owned pharmacy that cut the price down to $130. Still a lot to pay every month, but it's possible. 

    FINALLY, finally, I popped the first pill. I can not explain the excitement, relief, and hope I felt the day I took the prescription home. Things finally seemed to be working out. This post is getting pretty long so I'm going to start a new one that goes into more detail about my experience so far along with some pictures.:) 

    Thanks for reading!

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    it's been about 2 months since i last updated my progress. it has been hard to use this cream in a consistant manner. there were a few weeks i completely forgot to use it. Now, i'm trying to get into the habit of using it every day instead of every other day like when i first started. my skin has gotten so much better. i'm not red like i use to be with accutane and my scar redness has gone down. i still have scars but they're not so prominent now. very pleased with my results!



  15. 3 entries

    It has now been about 8 months since I have started taking spironolactone as well as acidophilus. A couple of weeks ago, I was starting to get spots again, so they decided to up the dose from 100mg to 150. Honestly, I didn't see much improvement. I then was prescribed amoxicillin to take for 8 weeks. It is supposed to help my body absorb more of the meds. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I don't think it has really kicked in yet. My skin is not bad right now, but I do have a couple spots on my jawline that are getting a little painful, and I have texture on my cheeks. It is really just little spots and bumps. What is really getting to me though is the PIH. I am thinking about getting a chemical peel this summer, maybe even micro needling, but that is my last resort. I doubt it was my diet, but I am trying to clean it up a little bit and I think I am going to switch from foundation to a cc cream to maybe free up my pores. I am also trying to drink more water and green tea to try and get rid of these spots. The face wash I used before was the Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser, and I think my skin really liked it. However, it wasn't exactly drugstore, so once I finished the bottle I switched to the Biore baking soda foaming wash. Maybe my skin is adjusting to it, and that is what is creating the texture. I just hope it goes away soon. Other than that, my skin hasn't changed much. I have been thinking if going on birth control and ditching spiro would be a good idea because on spiro people still get occasional spots and I'm wondering if birth control would work better? But at the same time, I cant go through another initial breakout again. It's not my best skin day, but it's definitely not my worst. I even started going out without makeup. (for hiking, I didn't want to risk breaking out from it) but its something i guess. It's not much of an update, so sorry if this entry is a little boring. But I guess boring is good in this case. :)

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    I'm Scott Piercings. I probably should have signed up for this a long time ago: i've had acne since i was 12 or 13 and have tried, what feels like, pretty much everything.

    Treating my acne has been like trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle. I did, however, manage to get my skin to behave in a way I thought I could only dream of by sticking to what some might consider a torturous diet. Allow me to list everything I eat on practically a daily basis:

    Quaker One Minute Oats with water, Kretschmer wheat germ and an apple
    Dainty Brown Rice with frozen vegetables
    Stonemill Slow Crafted vegan bread with avocados
    Catelli Ancient Grains pasta
    Sunflower Seeds (raw)
    And other raw fruits and vegetables
    I list these items because I know how difficult it is to find foods that do not cause acne. Take note that the items listed above contain no animals products whatsoever. In addition, they are minimally processed. My skin is extremely sensitive. Some can't have dairy products; some can't have fish; some can't have unbleached wheat flour; unfortunately for me, it's all of the above.
    I always thought of acne as something that I was doing to my skin, not something that my skin was doing to me; hence my aversion to acne medication. And what is white rice and white bread but rice and bread with all of the nutrients washed out of them. The same goes for refined sugar: it's nothing but carbs and is inessential to anyone's diet.
    Unfortunately, for most of my life I didn't even realize what I was eating. I was raised on refined sugar and junk food and sought to correct that. I became a regular runner; I started drinking decaf tea and coffee; I started eating raw vegetables (celery especially)--all in order to purify myself.
    Eventually, I stopped eating meat because it felt like I didn't need to. I had replaced meat with whole grains and vegetables. And honestly, meat is not nearly as easy to digest as whole grains and vegetables.
    The last thing I cut out of my diet which gave me acne was parboiled rice. After 3-4 months, my acne was completely gone. I even got a tattoo--something which I thought I would never do because of how hideous my skin was; it wasn't exactly a blank canvas--just to celebrate finding the cure.
    This bliss was short lived: I soon began to feel weak and fatigued all the time; my palms were sweaty; and I developed a twitch in my face. I couldn't tell which symptoms were caused by low blood sugar and which were caused by a vitamin b12 deficiency. Out of desperation, I ate wild caught salmon--which is supposedly very good for the skin--and broke out almost instantly.
    I could just take b12 supplements. But, even those contain unwanted ingredients. Besides, i'm trying to do things as natural as possible. Thus, if I could stick to veganism as a cure, I would. It seems that this wasn't meant to be and that I need to find a healthy source of b12, which I will update you guys on.
    Time for further experimentation.
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    Most approaches to acne aim to treat the symptoms rather than address the fundamental root cause of the problem.
    Stinging nettle tea is a solution which is preventative in nature. Brewed from the leaves of the stinging nettle – urtica dioica in Latin – stinging nettles produce a mild irritant poison, which when treated correctly, can be extremely effective in the treatment of a range of conditions, not least of which is acne.
    Occurring naturally in the northern hemisphere amongst temperate climates, the stinging nettle is typically considered a weed by those who are not aware of the myriad of uses it can be put to for general health improvement.
    With a little knowledge though, you can turn this pest into one of your favourite weapons in the fight against acne.

    Make Your Own Nettle Tea

    Remove the Toxins in Your Blood
    Stinging nettle tea works to cleanse your skin by addressing the problems that may be occurring in your blood. The chemicals in stinging nettle tea work to remove excessive toxins in your blood stream, allowing your skin to more effectively cleanse itself, thus preventing acne in the early stages.
    Although stinging nettle tea is less effective after the fact – that is, it works best as a prevention, rather than a cure – it is still effective as part of a combined treatment regimen. If you already treat your acne with a carefully prepared diet, then stinging nettle tea will be a natural and easy step for you.
    Of course, the benefit of using stinging nettle tea to treat acne can spill over into other areas of your health. Many users report an increased sense of wellbeing as a result of incorporating stinging nettle tea into their diet.

    Cheapest Acne Solution Ever?
    Depending on where you live in the world, you can make your own stinging nettle tea. This makes stinging nettle tea one of the most cost-effective treatments for acne ever!
    If you don’t have access to stinging nettles though, not to worry. There are several stores that sell stinging nettle tea pre-prepared so all you have to do is brew it. See you local natural health food store or chemist.
    If you’re interested in preparing your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve prepared a guide.
    For information on how stinging nettle tea can help treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, as an enhancement to prostate health, or as a tool to help with weight loss.

    About author: Sen Perfect is a PhD writer from best custom essay writing service, psychologist with over 8 years experience, I answer psychology-related questions about diagnoses, ADD/ADHD, Social Security Disability, Emotional Support Animals, & learning disabilities.
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    Hello! I’m a 18 (about to be 19) year old female. I have been struggling with acne since I was around 14 or 15. My acne has gotten super severe only once, and thankfully minocycline quickly took it all away. Well, since then, I have been on antibiotics on and off, ranging from minocycline to doxy, and tetracycline. I have also tried many facial topical creams. Nothing has worked in the long term to cure my acne. (However, I do know that nothing will “cure” it forever..)

    About 2 months ago my skin got horrible again, but this time, instead of the acne being on my forehead, I got it on my chin. Very bad. I went back to my dermatologist immediately, and she reccomended either Accutane (hell no) or Spironolactone. So, I decided the spiro was a good choice.
    I started out the first two weeks with 25 mg / day, then upped to 50 mg / day at the two week mark. I also went on a two week antibiotic, Keflex, that helped reduce inflammation and calmed things down a little. I am currently on a day 31 and I feel as if my acne is a lot better, but there is so much scarring, and still new ones popping up, but slower and tinier. I never had cystic acne, but big, pustular, nodular acne that either came to a head or remained red and inflamed. I will also be starting Tri-Linyah Birth Control (generic for Ortho-Tri-Cyclen) on my next period, main reason being contraceptive.... but hoping it will help with my skin. 
    I have experienced some side effects that I think are from the sprio, which are only dizziness & headaches. 

    Did this work for you? Let me know if you have a similar story... please feel free to comment and share and reach out to me. :) 


    till next time

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    Making this post just because I was thinking about how much this account helped me when I was struggling so bad. I now get a pimple once in a while, I get less anxiety about them and don't freak out about pimples like I used to. I could not thank accutane or this blog enough for getting me through a tough time. I also and still using the acne.org moisturizer and I love it. I won't put anything else on my skin.Heres some updated pictures.IMG_0003.JPG.96a268c7f72ecc7ae163003f799d35ba.JPG

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    I end every day thinking, well hey now, at least it can't get worse than today. It's all up from here, man.
    And every new day I am proved wrong.
    Fourth May '18,
    New levels of low.
    Gigantic, inflamed, infected cysts showing zero signs of healing after months.They are just kind of there and persistently painful/unsightly/anxiety-fuelling. Sleeping hurts, smiling hurts, talking hurts, eating hurts. Every day in work customers ask me what's wrong with my face, what's on my face, (or my personal fave), what have you done to your face. Self worth non existent, anxiety levels perpetually through the roof.
    My skin is doing weird and gross things and I don't know how best to help it heal. My last appointment with a doctor was a major let down. I am working towards being able to pay (a lot) for a private dermatologist. I miss who I was. I don't remember the last morning I woke up when my face didn't THROB. I don't go out unless I have to. I'm trying v hard to be more hopeful.

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    SECOND MONTHHHH ON ACCUTANE , what happened :


    1st week :

    -        White heads on my nose are much much less, they pop up just washing my face

    -        Had a inflated red pimple on my cheek that stayed there for some time

    -        A flare of under skin pimples on my chin ( annoying but not painful )

    -        THIRST ( reached to 3ltrs a day of water )

    -        Lips aquaforinggg all the time, but am just being cautious to avoid in split corners or bloody lips. Cuz they weren’t that dry at this stage

    -        My face is more dry this month, but nothing I can’t handle

    2nd week:

    -        PURGINGGGG

    -        White pimples all over my jaw line, one big painful pimple on my check & 3 on my forhead

    -        By the end of the 2nd week the flare was calming down, pimples come and go reallll quick


    3rd week :

    -        Nothing new to add

    4th week :

    -        Earlier the end of month 1 I started using Adepelene bcuz my dr said so, I noticed it’s helping with the purging, but at this point I stopped using it bcuz I noticed something weird , MY SKIN IS GETTING DARKER, like a brownish grayish color that made me very sad , so I stopped using it without even going back to my derm :/

    -        New pimples are coming and drying out in like 1 or 1.5 day, so I don’t mind it at all…bring all the junk out Accutane ..let’s detox :D



    Cerave as a cleanser ,

    Cetaphil as a moisturiser,

     witch hazel thayers 

    hyaluronic acid serum ( erbolario ) 

      Added this month :

     Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS as a body lotion

    Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream ( over night mask twice a week )

    attached pictures after month 2 , 





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    When beginning ones conscious choice to make a big life change, there are many things you need to consider. A big factor in me making the decision to change my skin for the better, and seeing results, required a few big changes. A very overlooked side to the causes of acne would, hands down, have to be diet. Growing up, my mom had always warned me against certain skin destructive foods. At one point I actively began to rebel against what she was telling me mainly because I think I was embarrassed that others were seeing negative changes in my skin. A lot of foods she was telling me to avoid were simple cuts and could have spared me 1. A lot of money, 2. A lot of embarrassment. The first thing that is super important when trying to maintain clear or less bacterial breakout prone skin would be a regular consumption of water throughout the day and especially after working out. Something else to look out for as far as diet goes would be things that you know cause inflammation or redness on your own complexion. For me those foods were: dairy & lactose, milk chocolate, super sugary foods, and really high fat or highly caffeinated fruits and veggies. After swapping out my yummy iced white mochas for a simple almond milk latte, a milk chocolate lava cake for a small piece of dark chocolate, and being more mindful about consuming larger portions of both fruits and veggies, within a few weeks I was able to see wonderful results in both my skin and overall energy level. Another simple beverage swap would be cutting out soda and sugary drinks completely. If you are really craving something other than water when out at a restaurant try something like iced tea which contains less dye, sugars, and potential negative health effects. If are someone who more enjoys the carbonated aspect of soda try something such as La Croix, San Pellegrino, or a generic club soda. Being a super huge coffee fan, I found it hard to cut out caffeine completely so instead opted to drink just one 16 oz. homemade iced almond milk latte on weekdays before school. This helped me get through the day while also saving money on sugary and expensive Dutch Bros. drinks (I still really miss those). Once you really get over that bad caffeine difficiency headache, the cut of all those toxins will really start to clear up your skin. Remember, aspirin is your friend. Completely depriving yourself of the foods and beverages you love is never good, instead use these cravings as a reward to your body and make sure to remember that moderation is key.

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    As of today I will have been on Roaccutane for two weeks. I'm fairly sure the breakout I'm currently having is indeed my IB because I woke up this morning with four or five new whiteheads on my cheeks and jaw, but I'd rather have those rather than painful cysts any day. They look small and like they'll pass soon. The biggest and most painful cyst from yesterday has gone down heaps too, leaving an angry red mark. I also have a hella painful bigass bump on my right cheekbone next to my hairline but it was coming to a head this morning so hopefully it'll be better soon. My forehead got two huge whiteheads too but I have bangs so that covers them right up. Oh I also have a weird whiteheaded kinda irregular-shaped lesion on my right upper back, trying my best not to touch it. I didn't pick at my skin yesterday at all either, which I'm very happy about. I guess it worked wonders because despite the new breakouts the redness had gone down considerably this morning. The jaw/neck cysts were smaller too. Still feeling positive, hoping and praying the IB doesn't get any worse than this (I know it probably will but one can always hope right?)

    As for side effects, not much has changed. My skin is not awfully dry thanks to a good moisturizer and the Vaseline keeps my lips under control. I'm really thirsty all the time though. Fatigue is hitting me hard too, I literally fell asleep sitting on the couch with my phone in hand yesterday. This morning blowing my nose I saw some blood as well. Not concerned though, if my nose gets really dry I'll just get one of those moisturizing spray things.

    Talk to you tomorrow! 

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    Changes on my skin
    I never knew that the words "dry skin and loving it" would be used in the same sentence and make sense. Well, i mean just that!! and why not?? for as long as i noticed changes in my body from a girl to a young woman, i have had oily skin, the kind you would look at at any time of the day and think i have just slathered a good layer of cooking oil on (ok, ok, i may be exaggerating a bit but you get the drift).  Wearing make-up was always a grueling task, results not as impressive and i would still have an oily face as loose powder makes me have an "ashy" appearance. But now, two months into the Iso journey, there is absolutely not a dot of oil on my face, NOTHING PEOPLE, NOTHING!!  But nothing uncomfortable-maybe this is what is actually called a “normal skin” just that I wouldn’t know that from experience. Two weeks ago, i started wearing some makeup-a concealer, foundation and loose powder (the latter on an experimental basis). Well, i can't stop but looking at how flawless my face looks, seriously, i have a small mirror that i keep on my desk at work and lets just say, it has become a pre-occupation (an unhealthy one seeing as i am not paid to look at my face every one hour but hey, who's ticking??)! Oh, and the cherry on top, no need to touch up-the whole day!!

    On the downside, am still dealing with hyper-pigmentation from old scars and a darker facial skin tone as a side effect of Iso. Also, i have noticed that any lesion on my skin is taking much longer to dry and heal. However and thankfully so, i have near-nothing to press on my face. The flakiness i wrote about in my last entry has also reduced significantly.

    Skin-care Regimen
    Nothing much has changed here and thankfully, its a relatively wet season this part of the Sahara and so i do not have to worry about too hot sun exposure-temperatures can get as high as 30 degrees Celsius on dry seasons. Besides, i am rarely outdoors and when i do, i wear protective clothing. I have only stopped wearing raw shea butter as I think the oils (earlier talked about) and Vit E mixture suffices in providing sufficient moisture for my “dry” skin, at least for now. 

    P.s. i am yet to notice significant change in my skin tone on my face due to wearing a concoction of oils + Vitamin E . But then again, its been just about two weeks since i started.

    I will be going for an end-of-week-8 review in a couple of days so i will update you on how that goes.