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    Hey everyone smile.png

    Just a little update for this month. It's a month since I finished taking Doxycycline. Finally tapered off after starting it way back in September last year. Tapering off as gradually as I did has definitely done the trick and I haven't broken out at all. Back when I didn't know any better, stopping antibiotics dead would always trigger cystic acne. So there's a little tip: always taper off antibiotics!

    I switched to Cetaphil cleanser about a month ago. I'd never used it before but thought I'd give it a go as I was looking for something gentle and totally fragrance free. It's strange using something that doesn't foam, guess I'd just associated foaming washes with being something that would clean my skin the best. But I know that Cetaphil works because my skin isn't as oily as it once was and it still seems appropriately dry at the end of the day. That's a very welcome change because it takes away that worry of the oiliness visibly building up during the course of the day. Given how gentle it is, switching didn't break me out either which of course is a huge bonus. Love the stuff!

    I started taking Zinc again now that the Doxy is out of my system. I quit taking Beta Carotene because it was making my skin orange. People kept asking me if I'd been on holiday. If you live in England where it's still raining and freezing cold in May, an orange tan is pretty noticeable! Beyond that, I was starting to look like an Oompa Loompa and that's not cool. It's about four weeks since I stopped taking it and my skin hasn't gone downhill but the orange tone has reduced quite a lot. Sure the Cetaphil has played a part, too. These days I'm taking, Zinc, Omega 3, Vitamin D and Pantothenic Acid. Got myself a little routine going and it's become habit now.

    I still get the odd pimple now and then but they shouldn't really be anything to worry about and I I take care of those with Isotretinoin gel and Sudocrem. I still get the odd touch of eczema but I can keep that at bay by keeping the problem areas moisturised with Jojoba oil. On the odd occasion I've eaten anything which I know I'm intolerant of, I've been able to stop any potential reaction with antihistamines. It's nice to think that I've figured that stuff out and can keep those three aspects of my skin problems under control now.

    I was having major problems with picking and over the last year I'd started becoming pretty obsessed with my appearance. Not in a vain way. It was the total opposite really and I just don't like what I see. Having acne made those feelings even worse. Now that I've worked on the things I could change and my picking and time spent in front of the mirror etc. is kind of in-check now, I can start working on accepting the things I can't change; beyond clearing my acne, there's not much else I could do to change my appearance so I've got to learn to like myself and learn to like what I see. If can put that behind me and not let it consume everything, perhaps I can be brave and get out there and meet new people. Either way, I'm free to do other stuff and find work, etc.. Already had a few interviews in the last couple of weeks so that's promising. Even if nothing comes of it straight away, I do at least feel I'm heading in the right direction and working on changing things.

    All in all, everything's pretty positive on the skin front these days.


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    I used to have GRUESOME acne.

    Now I am trying to reuild my life and find who I really am has been tough especially with old habits and behaviours always popping up now and again but so far I feel I have been doing well.

    I have now pretty much forgotten that I had acne and that insecure way of thinking has completely gone away. I can now go into situations without feeling an overwhelming anxiety. I even teach a class math once a week and have no issues standing infront of a group of people delivering a lesson.

    That being said I still have a few issues. After being personally withdrwn for so long I still find it difficult to talk about MYSELF and feel very uncomfortable when someone asks me even the most unintrusive personal question. I guess this is a result of still not being fully comfortable with who I am/not really knowing who I am and not building natural confidence over the years.

    I am thiking of enroling in a drama class in the hope that it will help build my confidence and help me loosen up. I know a lot of people say this but I truely used to be a funny, happy person but unhappiness has a way at chipping away at a persons self esteem and 5, 10 years later you find yourself becoming a completely different person.

    I have realised though that it is OK to feel down about things and we all have a right to mourn, but at some point we have to stop saying this or that is wrong with and and actually focus on overcoming our problems. Every day we spend feeling sad and down about our issues is a day of potential happiness and joy lost.

    The biggest piece of advice i could give anyone with acne is look you have acne end of story and yes you should do everything you can to get rid of it I mean its your face after all BUT

    do not let it get you down

    do not let it rob you of enjoying your life and missing out on fun experiences with people

    because the reality is you have acne and that is not by choice

    so now you can pick one of two options

    1) you have acne and allow yourself to get down, depressed, sad insecure, withdrawn and miss out on things in life becaus of these negative feeling and then 10 years down the line look back and say i wish i did things different


    2) you have acne and say ok, this isn't a great situation and i am going to do everything i can to get my skin clear, but i also will not let it affect my life, i will choose to be happy, i will choose to not let it stop me socializing, i will choose to live my life as if I didnt have acne.

    In life everything comes down to the choices we make. so to simplify if you are an acne suffer like i was these are your choices

    1)you have acne and choose to be sad about it

    2) you have acne and choose to be happy and still enjoy life

    with hindsight i would have picked number 2)

    Dont let acne rob your happiness!

  2. Hello hello!

    It's been six months since I last posted and since I took my last accutane tablets rolleyes.gif

    I am very happy to tell you all that my skin is beautiful!!

    I cannot believe how much more outgoing I am. I've always been a confident person but was a little held back because of the way my acne was. Now it's gone and I feel like I'm really in my own skin.

    Since finishing treatment I've had about 5 pimples. Only one at a time, they last a few days. No head on them, they're never inflamed and they are very small and colourless. When I see one I find it funny that before it would have made me sad but now I'm like 'oh a little pimple how sweet'

    I was very concerned about my redness and scarring and really had no faith when my derm said I'd see a 'big difference' in the next year. I think maybe because my redness was so severe I thought I'd be stuck with it forever, but OH NO. How wrong I was :)

    I had no redness at all on my chin or nose (never had it on forehead) and my cheeks are just the tiniest bit pale pink. The individual scars have disappeared entirely.

    My lips are still more dry than they were before starting treatment but that's a small price to pay.

    Going on a course of accutane really was the best decision I've ever made for myself, and I regret not doing it sooner. I understand that it's 'the last option' but all that crap I put on my face over the years to try to combat acne makes me shudder.

    Please message/comment if you have any questions about your course of treatment.

    All the best, cf xwavey.gif

  3. Wow, it's been a while...

    83 days later is a good amount of days to come to my conclusion about Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon for my face.

    First off, lemon does bring up future pimples (like someone had said as a comment). BUT, I had old scars from last summer and those suckers are not as visible anymore. I think it was the lemon that helped with it because I kept putting it on mainly that area.

    As for ACV, i do notice a HUGE difference since using it. I do not have a red face all the time any more. My face used to be red a lot of the time. Also, I DO still get pimples, BUT there are not as many AND they are not flippin' HUGE like they used to be.

    Lastly, I do not get terrible indented scars. I don't know if it is the ACV or the VIT C i take or what it is...


  4. Freemimo
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    DAY 54: holy crap, i cant believe im almost finished with my second month. i haven't updated because i have been hella busy with finals and work. well just to follow up from my last post. those two cysts that were under my eye weren't going away any time soon, but i did notice they were flaky in the morning. by the fifth day i was able to insert a needle into them and drain them. the one closest to my eye went away completely and the other one which was the biggest of the two took awhile to completely heal. there's a tiny scar, but ill take care of that when im off of accutane. other than those two spots my skin has been looking great. i love not having to oil blot my face every 30 minutes. all the old acne scars are fading. there are a few under the skin cysts along my jawline, but i only notice them when i touch my face. ahh i can't wait for all this to be over. the side effects are tolerable, but super obnoxious. every morning when i open my mouth, the sides of my mouth crack open. not a pleasant feeling. im always thirsty and my back hurts like a mother. headaches here and there and i have been more aware of my emotions, which help a lot. so in a nutshell my side effects have been and probably will remain are..

    headaches here and there

    cracked/chapped lips

    dry hair (dont have to wash my hair for a week!)

    my cuticles are disappearing!!!

    dry skin, but not to an extreme flaky mess

    back pain

    products that im using:

    cetaphil gently cleanser

    cerave am moisturizer (love this stuff)

    head and shoulders itch relief

    olive oil conditioner (once a week and only on the ends of my hair)

    cocoa butter and coconut oil for body moisturizer

    makeup remover clothes for dry and sensitive skin from trader joes (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

    for make up ive been using chanel vitalumiere. it doesn't have heavy coverage, but thats okay since my scars are fading anyway. this foundation is amazing!! its so moisturizing and leaves my skin dewy, not oily!! its pricey, but so is accutane. ;)

    anyway, i love accutane and it has really boosted my confidence. cheers to another 4 months!!

  5. lb111923
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    having one of those days where i miss being on accutane and how awesome my skin was. i use duac on my back and chest, and recently ran out for a few days, so i broke out a little more. i'm remembering how easy it was to get out of bed or the shower, not have to apply medications all over, and still be confident that i didn't have acne. i used to struggle with acne on my back a lot--i would never wear my hair in a ponytail if i was wearing a tank top or bathing suit, and i hate feeling like i might be that restricted again. i definitely didn't take it for granted when i was on accutane, but i feel like i got a taste of what it's like to be low maintenance, natural, and comfortable--and i really miss it.

  6. TheBSides92
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    Hi :)

    I'm so fed up. I'm so fed up and this is the only place I can come to vent, because I can just talk and talk and no one will interrupt me to tell me that I'm worrying about nothing, because I know that isn't true. I wish it was. I'm not trying to make things difficult for myself just for the sake of it. I know there are things in the world that are much worse than acne and that's something I keep trying to remind myself of, but still I feel so hopeless and down.

    I've suffered with this bloody awful skin disease since I was about 13. When I was 14 it got so bad that I had to take antibiotics, and then I think I was on and off until I turned 17, when I started to take the pill, because nothing else seemed to work. My acne isn't severe; it's not something that people comment on, and I can see that it doesn't take over my face in the way that it does some people. I'm grateful for that, of course, but it doesn't mean that waking up every day with spots becomes any easier with time.

    This weekend I've been close to tears almost every few hours. Yesterday I got up and did my make-up in full light, and it was such a difficult thing to do. I didn't realise how difficult it would be, and I underestimated how brave some of you are for looking in the mirror and attempting to cover the redness and the bumps that are still prominent no matter what you do. I am extremely pale. A lot of girls are, but I just look plain unhealthy. My hair and my eyes are very dark, which just enhances the contrast further. Therefore, every spot, blemish, scar, etc. stands out an unbelievable amount. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes once I'd finished my base yesterday and today there wasn't much of a point in applying make-up, because I pretty much cried it off afterwards. My parents are trying to be patient, but I can tell that their tolerance is wearing thin. I don't blame them. If I was living with an emotionally unbalanced person who seldom smiled and couldn't have a proper conversation without looking away or resorting to mono-syllabic answers when an uncomfortable topic arose, I'd be pretty frustrated, too.

    Today we went out to a restaurant and I literally didn't see anyone with a single spot on their face. The people I work with have wonderful skin. The girl I'm currently training is so beautiful and I feel scruffy enough around her as it is without having these fucking spots.

    I hate foundation. I think it's disgusting, and I hate how you have to paint your face, but I can't be without it. I hate how most of the people I went to school with could go out, get absolutely trashed, sleep in their make-up and then wake up without having to worry about the consequences their actions would have on their complexion. I hate how I have tears running down my face as I type with and I just know that's not going to do my skin any favours. I get enough sleep. I am gentle with my skincare routine. But nothing seems to do it. When I was about sixteen, I thought acne would be out of my life by the time I turned eighteen. How naive I was.

    I'm dreading work tomorrow. I'm dreading getting up in the morning and having to confront my awful reflection. I hate how self-pitying and whiney this has made me. I hate struggling to look people in the eye. I hate sitting opposite someone when the light hits my face and all I can think about is how each flaw must be so much more enhanced than usual. I hate how ugly and pathetic I look. I hate this. I hate me.

  7. A damsel in Distress
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    My skin is finally looking nice. A few places here and there but they are supperficial at the most. I just finished my cycle and I didn't breakout on it so I'm wondering if I'll breakout afterwards. That sometimes happens. But either way, my skin has been doing really nice. The Tea Tree Oil must be what's doing it. I am activly trying not to pick at my face as well, I'v always noticed a big difference in my skin when I'v left it alone. It's the blackheads that always draw me back in. But I'v been trying to put Dan's AHA+ on my nose and blackhead prone areas at night and so far thats helping. I'm also exercising everyday and eating healthy, trying to lose some weight and clean up my system. Hopefully this last...I am just ready to be one of those makeup less girls....I hate being sticky and gross.

  8. maria411
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    Hey there, I wanted to give a quick update on my skin. I have been off Diane 35 since August and I am currently using Proactive and limiting my dairy intake and my skin is clear, clear, clear. I have also been drinking a pot of Rooibos tea a day over the past few weeks and it appears to be making a difference in my skin. It is high in minerals such as zinc and it appears to have taken on an additional glow. Anyways, I will periodically update my state of my skin. So far, so good.

  9. I have dry flaky skin on my chin and nose due to accutane. I have been off accutane for a couple years now, but i think the side effects are still lingering around. I am currently using jojoba oil to help with the dryness, but I keep getting whiteheads around my chin area. Does this means that jojoba oil is clogging my pores and causing these whiteheads? Or does it mean that I am purging? I have been using the jojoba oil for three days so far. How do I prevent whiteheads from showing up? Do I simply just exfoliate with a scrub regularly due to the dry skin and flakiness? Or the I solve the dryness first?

    Oils in general are not actually moisturizing. Oils are sealants. They seal off your skin from losing moisture it already has, but they do not actually add moisture to the skin.

    Remember that oil does not equal moisture. Moisture is related to water retention. You can have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time. Or moisturized skin that is not oily.

    You will need a moisturizer with good humectants. Humectants attract water to the skin. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is a good, light moisturizer that sinks into the skin. If you want something a little heavier, they also make a CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.


  10. Well today is my 3rd day on my fourth cycle accutane. I am taking 20mg/day. As you can see from my photo it is about the same, although, it looks like there is no new growth, which is good. I hope to see some improvement in the coming weeks. It seems like either way I am going to have to implement the regimen or a new diet once the cycle ends. It is always the same, a month or so after the accutane cycle ends my acne comes back. Has anyone taken multiple cycles of accutane to finally rid themselves of acne?

  11. sambash

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    Today is day four of my Claravis (Accutane) use. Today I had absolutely no headache or pain otherwise. I woke up with a dry face, though. It was slightly peely - sort of like in times past when my skin has dried too much from salicylic acid treatments. In response, I used the Glytone hydrating cream given to me by my doctor and the peely look when away. Acne in general seems to be about the same as it was the last couple days. I am still quite oily, and older zits seems to be rising to the surface, but in general I still feel like things are healing.

    The electric razor was definitely worthwhile and I recommend it to any other guys using Accutane.

  12. I went one week with only using BP at night and this past week I alternated between using it twice a day and once a day. I found after reducing BP for a while the excessive flakiness and dryness I was experiencing subsided and my skin soaked up the moisterizer immediately after drying from cleansing. Over time though my skin was not as ready to soak in moisterizer, as the dryness caused from BP usage over the years subsided. Now I feel as though its unnecessary to skip BP usage in the morning, though I was enjoying being ready 10-15 minutes faster than before. Also...two weeks later after reducing BP like that, I am indeed breaking out. I have zits all over my forehead which is kind of new for me, even back when I had significant amounts of acne my forehead was never a trouble spot. I will pay attention and try to avoid touching it, perhaps I developed a habit of sleeping with my arm on my head or something. I will remember how quickly skipping BP in the morning helped fix my excessive flaking and dryness and do that once and a while, but for now its time to go back to loyal regimen user mode and clear up this forehead of mine

  13. I have had acne now, on and off, for 10 years. When its on its been fairly severe, when its off I still have acne mildly. I have always understood my genes were to blame as both my parents had some acne when they were young and my older sister had some. The difference was I still have my acne, and my sister knows full well her acne is down to triggers such as alcohol etc... Hers is not as severe as mine and clears up quickly when she has a detox and relaxes. Mine doesnt.

    I have thought this is down to my hormones. But I have been put on the birth control pill, and although it did lessen my acne it never went away completely. When I came off the pill all hell broke loose on my face for about 8 months leaving scars. During that time I used anything and everything to help cure me. Some things which were completely ridiculous, and I spent a huge amount of money in my desperation. I came across retinoids, a topical form of accutane. I started to use this, knowing there would be an initial breakout. I couldnt believe how bad it got from using this! I switched to epiduo, a retinoid that includes BP, it started to clear, but I always had a flushed face and the scars were worse. Summer arrived in England, I had reasonable skin.... It didnt bother me all that much, red marks were virtually gone and I was only getting occasional breakouts. I started to get a bit lazy about applying epiduo as it wasnt that practical waiting for drying etc. Plus I had started seeing a guy and was too busy getting excited about that! Towards xmas I had stopped using the Epiduo all together and unfortunately had had to take emergency contraceptive pill - MY skin hated it and broke out all that month. Its crazy how quickly my mind would go into panic mode. I quickly started using epiduo again, my skin hated it and broke out more and more! After 6 weeks of this I decided I couldnt do it again. I switched to glycolic peels but they werent really helping. all my cleansers made my skin feel tight and red. I started using BP gel like the regimen but my skin stang and peeled and was red. The red marks were SO red and wouldnt heal.

    After this I once again was left with red marks, scars and acne. I had looked through some old pictures of myself when I was young before acne hit me and stared at my golden complexion. I decided no more of this. For the last month I have stopped using all my cleansers, scrubs and topicals. And now am simply washing with water, and on days where I wear A LOT of make up I use a little bit of simple cream cleanser - though this is very rarely... maybe once in a week max. As I wear makeup I found a mascara that comes off in warm water so all I need now is some cool - warm water and a cotton pad to insure i have taken off all my makeup in the evening. Cold splash of water in the morning. After one week my skin was less inflamed, its more oily but I knew that would happen. Scars and red marks are healing faster, spots are healing faster. Leaving my skin alone has helped it so much, im excited to see the next month as the first has already shown great promise. I hope as it improves I will be able to wear less makeup, which would help as well.

    Watch this space :P

  14. Seeing so many people post about uncertainties of starting Accutane, whether its worth the side effects and also people's journeys with Accutane I thought a few may be interested in what happens after Accutane. I wont focus a lot on my time with Accutane, more what happened after.

    Three years ago, after nothing else seemed to work, the doctor prescribed me Roaccutane which I took it for six months. I had no initial breakouts, and no real change in my skin for the first month. Then, slowly and surely, it began to get better.

    My skin was clear by the fifth month. I hadn't had clear skin since the age of six and so to be blessed with this brought back my confidence.

    The side effects I suffered were dryness of the skin - but not to an uncomfortable severity - and dried out lips. My lips were very chapped and looking back at photos, very red as well. But I didn't mind, because I had clear skin.

    Stopping Accutane then gave me two months of wonderful clear skin, where even the marks of acne had faded. It was truly freeing.

    Then, by the third month after, they slowly began to return.

    Since then, two years on, my skin has become increasingly worse. However, my acne was no where near as bad as it was before and so I know Accutane helped on that aspect. The doctors never promised I would have clear skin forever, just told me it was probable, and so to be where I am now really was a kick in the gut. A pretty painful kick in the gut.

    I've gone back to trying all the medications I tried beforehand which the doctor explained would probably have a better effect (they haven't) and am now trapped in that same pit of misery and torment caused by acne.

    Despite this, I would still recommend Accutane to anyone. You, unlike me, may be one of the many people whose skin stays clear forever after Accutane. Or, the severity will be lessened to such an extent you will find it more manageable.

    The fact my skin is not as bad as it used to be is thanks to Accutane and for me the benefits far outweighed the risks, but my acne was so severe I didn't care if the drug left me with three arms and a second head, as long as I had clear skin.

    If you'd like to know anything in more detail about life after Accutane, send me a message! x

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    After a year and a half of struggling with acne after living a life full of beautiful skin, I've decided to make this post in hopes of helping the people who feel hopeless and that they will never see clear skin in their life again. Here's my disclaimer- I am a nutrition major at UIC and work in the Whole Body/Supplement section of Whole Foods Market. I am not a doctor nor a licensed dietician as of yet so take this information as you please. If you follow my suggestions, I can guarantee clearer, beautiful skin! This may be long but it will be worth your while smile.png

    First things first, if you don't believe acne and nutrition are connected, I am terribly sorry but you are WRONG. Bacteria and oil are NOT the enemies here, people! Food is. Your skin is an outer reflection of exactly what is going on inside your body. So the very first thing you need to do is reevaluate your diet and please remember to keep an open mind. Everything I am about to tell you has been proven in scientific journals from around the world, if you'd like to learn more I can leave a list of books, movies and online resources to check out.

    Despite the controversy, dairy is in fact linked to acne. Dairy wreaks absolute havoc on your body and skin, especially with the standards of the United States' factory farms. It is pumped full of hormones which we know affect skin, anti-biotics and fed a diet of genetically modified corn, ground up cows, pigs, cats, dogs, and whatever else the 'farmer' can get his hands on for cheap. And ever since the drought, 'farmers' have even resorted to feeding their animals with sprinkles, gummy worms, oreos, you name it.

    When dairy enters the body, it causes an extremely acidic environment, so your body's defense automatically needs to neutralize and alkalinize it and does so by pulling key nutrients from other parts of the body like your bones and skin. Not only does dairy rob your body and skin of nutrients, it also is left to putrefy in your intestines for 24-48 hours(which is how long it takes the average human to fully digest food). Now take a minute to imagine what would happen to milk/cheese/ice cream if it was left in an environment that's 98 degrees for a day or two. It actually causes little pustules on the intestines much like say, a pimple! Gross, right? Toxins expelled from your intestines need to find their way out of the body, a quick and easy way is through the skin and BAM, acne.

    Also, most people after the age of three stop producing, lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose/milk protein. This is because humans were genetically not supposed to consume our mother's milk after the age of three and certainly not supposed to drink the milk of another animal. If you are one of the following nationalities, you are at an extremely high risk of lactose intolerance or not producing lactase:

    Asian descent- 90-100% lactose intolerant*

    Native Americans- 95%*

    African descent- 65-70%*

    Italian descent- 65-70%*

    Hispanic descent- 50-60%*

    (*Reference: The Food Revolution page 99)

    If you gather nothing else from this post, please let this be the one! Your body and skin will thank you.

    I'm not going to go as in depth with this topic because there is not enough research done on it but almost everything I said about dairy, also goes for meat. It's acidic, it putrefies in the intestines, and the anatomy of human doesn't agree with meat. Carnivore's(meat eaters) take only about 2 hours to fully digest their food, as I mentioned earlier humans take 1-2 days; we are meant to be omnivores.

    If you are an animal eater, you're probably extremely overwhelmed right now but please don't be! There is a vegan alternative to every single thing you can imagine. If someone told me a year ago I would be a vegan today I would have laughed in their face. I never thought I could do it. But it's SO much easier than you think. Some yummy alternatives I have found to my favorite comfort foods can be found at health food stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Fruitful Yield, etc. Here's a few of my favorites:

    Cow's milk- almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk

    Cheese- Daiya cheese (comes in cheddar, mozzarella and pepper jack

    Mac&Cheese- Amy's rice pasta and vegan cheese(made with daiya cheese) OR Vegan Cafe's creamy macaroni & cheese

    Pizza- Amy's vegan margarita pizza (you also can make your own with the daiya cheese OR at Whole Foods you can order a vegan pizza fresh made by the prepared foods department, it's delish)

    Milk chocolate- Carob, dark chocolate

    Chocolate snacks- Hail Merry Chocolate Macaroons- THESE ARE TO DIE FOR! I eat them instead of cookies/chocolate bars/etc.

    Meat- There are plenty alternatives you can buy frozen

    I also have amazing recipes for vegan chili and vegan black bean burgers that won't make you miss meat.

    Aside from animal products, the next trigger for acne is sugar. Yes all types, brown sugar, white sugar, refined sugar you name it. It causes spike in blood sugar and is also very acidic in the body. Most people have heard of and are familiar with the link between sugar and acne so I won't dive into this topic either.

    I believe this next trigger comes close to animal products, and that is processed food. Now, I'm not going to be unrealistic and say cut it out completely, but look at the ingredients. Make sure you know what every ingredient is on that label and the fewer the better. Although it may be a few bucks more expensive, chose USDA organic products when possible; they are much more nutrient dense and have far less toxins. Toxins=acne. Shifting toward a clean diet is key.

    So now that you've taken away part of your diet, what will go in place? The most nutrient dense, detoxifying, brightening, strengthening foods out there. Crowd out the bad stuff with good stuff. My recommendation is to start off every morning with a smoothie. I believe this is sosososo important! You can get a blender for about $40 at a department store and it will be a great investment in your health. Smoothies should always contain fruits AND veggies! Greens in particular, they are cleansing and detoxifying. You can chose either frozen or fresh fruit, whatever you prefer and through it in your blender. This is usually what I do:

    Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes/pineapple with some carrot juice. Then I blend in a stalk or two of kale(remove the middle stem and just use the thin leafy parts) and a few handfuls of spinach. The magic ingredient I end with is a scoop or so of Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance. They also sell this at health food stores or you could always find it online. This stuff is absolutely amazing and essential if you don't get enough greens/vegetables in your diet. It contains just about every green vegetable and seaweed you could think up, PLUS special detoxifying herbs PLUS 25 billion probiotics and at least 95% of your daily value of all the fat soluble vitamins(A,D,E,&K)! If you're not a fan of the consistency/taste of this product you could also try Sunfood's Sun Is Shining which is very similar to Green Vibrance. Feel free to do research on these products, there's lots of good feedback on the net. You will see a difference in your skin just a few days into using it.

    If like myself, you have been eating animal products and junk your whole life, your body is probably extremely toxic. I recommend doing a full body cleanse to kick start results. I'm not saying go on a crazy water or juice fast- just adopt your new lifestyle and give your body that extra push it needs. There are cleanses you can get at health food stores. I have tried a few and my favorite has to be Garden of Life's RAW Cleanse- I noticed a different in my complexion just a few days into it. It's raw, it's vegan, it's only seven days, it's amazing. What most people don't understand about cleanses though is that once you cleanse your body, those toxins end up getting filtered through your liver and kidneys which if your body is very toxic, can be a heavy load on your liver. I recommend doing a liver cleanse right after a cleanse or during a cleanse. Good supplements for this are: Himalaya's LiverCare and Soloray's Liver Blend. You can take them at the same time; they just utilize certain herbs that assist the liver in detoxification.

    These will rid the body of many toxins but not from everything. Chances are, if you have ever eaten meat in your life, you have worms. 85-90% of American's have worms in their intestines. Worms, along with candida/yeast overgrowth can be major causes of acne. It's really gross but the good news is, you can get rid of them all with one herb. I refer to this herb as magical because of how well it works. Oil of Oregano is the most anti-microbial, anti-bacterial herb known to man. In placebo studies it actually worked better than penicillin and amoxicillin in killing bacteria. Want to know the best thing about it? It doesn't touch your good bacteria, it only kills the bad bacteria unlike anti-biotics which kill ALL bacteria, even your good flora. Oil of Oregano has more benefits than I could count on all my fingers and toes, I'd encourage you to do more research on the benefits of the herb. I'd recommend doing the Oil of Oregano for a month straight, twice a day. I prefer the tincture but it also comes in capsules. I've found Gaia's Oil of Oregano to be one of the cheapest, but most effective. If you have worms or candida/yeast overgrowth, a month should be plenty of time to get your gut in balance. You should absolutely notice a difference in your skin within a few days with this one; it is extremely powerful stuff.

    Most people are uneducated about probiotics but they are absolutely vital to curing acne. You want more good bacteria than bad in your gut because bad bacteria is what causes acne. You have countless strains of bacteria and about 400 trillion organisms in your gut so when picking out a probiotic supplement, look for AT LEAST 20 billion organisms and as many strains as you can find, the more, the better. Also, many probiotics are grown in dairy! Make sure you look on the bottle that it says free of dairy- dairy probiotics will do the same thing dairy itself does in the gut. One I've found that works well is MegaFood's MegaFlora. It has 20 billion organisms and 14 strains per capsule. It's dairy and allergen free.

    I'm very confident lifestyle changes are enough to cure the skin but for some that have severe acne and/or have been on antibiotics need a little extra attention. If you've taken Accutane or routine anti-biotics, you've done some damage to your intestines. But the good news about the body is that amazing ability it has to repair itself. I would encourage you to do all of the above but you should absolutely focus on probiotics. You should be taking double to quadruple the amount I advised above because your gut is so depleted of good bacteria at this point. I would also add in some reparative herbs. The most important and potent of those being Curcumin which is the extracted active ingredient of the herb, Turmeric. It can actually repair the tissues of your organs inside and out; from your gut to your skin. I would recommend 500 mg twice per day for the first month or so and then cut back to one for maintenance. Other reparative herbs include Neem and Amla. There is a product by Organic India called Skin Renew that includes both of these herbs plus turmeric. I would still advise taking the extra curcumin though.

    Lastly, but certainly not least I want to talk about mental stability. Most people wouldn't think your skin and your mental state relate at all but they surprisingly do. Have you ever heard anyone tell you if you imagine/visualize/tell yourself something, your mind can make it happen? Same goes here; if you obsessively look in the mirror, think about your acne, tell yourself how bad it is, etc, your mind will actually make what your subconscious is telling you the truth. So if you obsess and think about your skin most of your days, your mind will make it a reality. You have to let go of what you think you know and talking down about yourself and just love yourself! Everyday for the next month take at least a few minutes out of everyday to tell yourself the following:

    I can cure my acne.

    I have total control over my skin.

    The healthier I get, the healthier my skin gets.

    Clear skin is no accident.

    Curing acne is simple and easy.

    I will have clear, beautiful skin.

    Just say it over and over again. It's best to do it when you are in a relaxed state or meditating(hate that word, but basically just focus on your breathing, relax and repeat the phrases in bold) This will literally make your subconscious believe exactly what you're telling it. This is exactly like hypnosis; if you can't relax on your own, look up self hypnosis online. There are great resources to learning how to get in the right frame of mind for this to actually work. I never knew mental health and skin had any correlation but it makes total sense. To be totally healthy, you need to be healthy body, mind and soul. You will find happiness when all of these are are in balance.

    My goal is to help people. I'm well versed in nutrition, natural medicine and supplements. If I have left questions unanswered or have left you confused please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment here. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions/concerns. For those who have read this entire thing, I hope I have helped in your journey to having beautiful skin and that you take my suggestions and at least give them a try for a month. You have nothing to lose, only clear skin to gain.


    EDIT: ALL! Here is a great resource from Dr. Furhman, MD's website based off of his book 'Eat to Live'. There are plenty of scientific studies on how diet affects acne and also many testimonials of those who have followed his low-fat vegan diet. This website has endless information, resources, recipes, etc.

    Here's the link :

    I would also recommend the following books and movies for both healthy skin and a healthy body.

    -Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

    -The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder, CN

    -The China Study by T. Collin Campbell, PhD

    -The Food Revolution by John Robbins

    -Diet for a New America by John Robbins

    -Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, MD

    -Forks Over Knives

    -Hungry for Change

    -Food Matters

  15. jessikur55
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    So I've been off of BC for about a month now and.... the results aren't too bad. At first I got a lot off break outs on my chest and neck but now that I'm on my period they seemed to have STOPPED. what.... Hopefully if this keeps up I don't have to go back on BC. That ruined my life in more ways than one. For example, this is my first month in 6 MONTHS without a damn yeast infection. I'm also not as hormonal as I used to be while I was on BC. so yeah all is good! I do have a large zit on my face but its starting to go away on its own.

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    My best friend has totally withdrawn from the world. He is 17. He is truthfully a handsome athletic kid, but he hates his acne. He hates his acne so much he has stopped going to school and stopped playing sports. He says he won't leave his house until his acne is gone. He has been dealing with acne for 4 years. he is on acne antibiotic medication and his face now looks free of acne. What he does have is many lesions or scabs. I just yesterday found out he is is picking his scabs. He wont admit to it but to me that explains why his scabs dont seem to go away.

    What do you know about acne and not wanting to leave the house??

    Could this be social phobia and not related to the acne?

    Can you help?



  16. User193672
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    I started my second month a few days ago with a increase dose from 40mg to 60mg/day. I am still breaking out but my red marks are fading fast! I have two cysts on the right side of my face and about 4 nodules on the left side of my chin. My forehead is clear other than a healing blemish. Overall, my skin tone is improving but I am suppppppperrr dry. I apply moisturizer more than 3 times a day and I always have my carmex within reach. I've been using head and shoulders because my scalp is so itchy..not really flakey, just itchy.

    I've been doing yoga instead of my usual insanity routine and it's been pretty easy on my joints. I've had a little bit of lower back pain. Anxiety seems to be increasing a bit. Also, had a very strange dizzy spell this afternoon.

    Can't wait to start seeing some BIG improvements!! Hoping for smooth skin by the end of the month! xoxo

  17. Soooo I started breaking out last week on my left cheek and right now I have about 4 small red spots and one med size spot in the middle of my left cheek. I ended a 6 mon course of accutane in sept 2012, so about 3 months ago, which cleared me except for marks. my oily skin came back in oct so after a month being off of it which i can deal but now more spots mean more marks. I'm seriously really worried that my acne is starting to come back. I made a derm appointment to try to keep ahead of this but obviously they aren't booking until feb. I'm just not sure what to do as of now, should I just ride it out and do what I've been doing which was washing and moisturizing with Dan's products oorrrr should I try the benzoyl peroxide or something stronger. I'm nervous because I don't want to irritate anything and I hope this will just pass but it doesn't really look hopeful right now where everyday I'm waking up with a new spot, which is how it used to be.....anyone have similar experiences?

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    I am a 20 year old male that has had a history of acne since i was 16. a couple years ago when enduring this problem i went to the dermatologist and got a light treatment done. I have not had any problem with my acne until the past 6 months when i started to really get into weightlifting. I began on just a 100% whey protein and then continued to get on a prework out, and also casein before i go to bed.

    I was hoping someone could tell me if the supplements that i am taking are causing my breakouts and if so what ones. I am really starting to bulk up and dont want to lose my gain so far but i dont want acne either. Also if there are other workout proteins and prework outs that dont influence acne

  18. Hi, I'm on my second course of Accutane. Started on 15 July 2015, my first course ended in July 2013. I'm four months in and don't know when my course will end. I'll be seeing my Derm on the 4 Dec, I'll ask her.

    I went back to my GP as soon after finishing my first course the oil came back and then so did the spots. I was told to wait a year, if my spots came back. I was given retain a gel, which didn't really do anything. But I gave it time to work. I asked for a referral to the Derm, which I got.

    The Derm just gave me the prescription straight away, after making sure I wasn't pregnant and I did a blood test. I was given 40mg a day for the first month then went up to 50mg. 

    I had a break, a week in, as I had to have emergency surgery (gall bladder removed) missed 3 weeks. I started again, I noticed dry lips, slight skin peeling and itchy scalp when I was on 40mg.

    After starting 50mg my side effects were worse, I had really bad sore red eyes which had puss in them (still get puss) crusted over eyes in the morning, not now though. Seriously itchy dry scalp ( I was scratching my head like I had lice!) The dry itchy scalp has calmed down and mild hair loss.

    The hair loss was mild now it's bad. I've lost about one quarter of my hair, it's very noticeable. I wake up with an achey lower back and had kidney or liver pain (upper right side of my back) the upper back pain isn't noticeable now. I still have dry lips and I get headaches, every day. 

    My skin though is good, dry, no oil and only very small spots. Only noticeable to me, I'm not worried about them.  

    I got a few compliments about my skin, that made me feel good! My concern is how will my skin be when I finish my second course and how will my overall health and hair be? I guess I'll have to wait and see. 

    Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences of second courses. I look forward to reading them. :-)





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    Hello everybody.

    I suffered from acne for about 15 years. I tried everything and spend a lot of money on 'miracle treatments' like micro dermabrasion, acid peels, beauty creams, antibiotics, gels, tea tree oils, contraceptive pills (strongly not recommended) etc etc.... The list is so long, that I am not going to waste my time. I don't know if you realised that all those treatments are advertised because pharmaceutical companies know that people who suffer from acne are so desperate to treat it that they will pay every price. Let's face it - they just want our money. Those people don't care how we feel and what it is like when you have acne - they just want our money! I would like to share my experience with you on how to treat acne just with diet and I hope some of you may find it useful. I used to have really bad acne on my back, chest, and all over my face. I ended up depressed, not wanting to go out, ashamed to go on holidays or at the swimming pool because I would have to expose my awful at this time looking skin. I look so much better at the moment and I am able to control it now since I changed my diet few years ago. I can wear and do whatever I want if I stick to my healthy diet. Acne is a very complex - I would say metabolic disease and none of doctors know what exactly is causing it and how to treat it effectively. They try to treat symptoms without treating a cause. If you treat the cause you will not have symptoms which would make more sense I think. Apparently it does not happen in developing countries and it is more and more common in civilised countries (European countries, US). People in some developing countries when they start eating processed food like us suddenly start having problems with acne, diabetes, allergies etc..What is the reason for it? Well, if you think about it our diet is very different from what we used to eat originally a long time ago and what they eat in some developing countries. So, just think about it! By changing your diet you can control your acne and also improve your health.

    Before I tell you a little bit more about my diet I would like to share my views on some acne treatments. My acne is a bit complicated because I also suffer from PCOS. Usually people start having problems with acne when they are teenagers and there are some hormonal changes in their body going on. It is worth checking if you have problems with hormones by visiting your GP. A lot of doctors may tell you that your acne will ease or disappear when you pass your 30s. Well, this is not always the case! Don't believe in it! Some people may improve, but some won't. It is very common that doctors will recommend you some topical creams. My experience is - they don't really do much, unless you have a mild version of acne. They may prescribe you some contraceptives - didn't work on me much. I had a very little improvement and I tried a whole range of contraceptives as I didn't tolerate them very well. First of all contraceptive pills have a lot of side effects (check some medical articles and NHS page for side effects). If your doctor is good he/she should do some blood tests before they prescribe them as not everybody can have them. If you have problems with liver or blood clotting I don't think you should take them. Contraceptives increase risk of cancer and stroke -bear it in mind! Doctors didn't tell me about it and I was taking them for 10 years. I had nausea, 'heavy legs', my veins were popping out and I started having really bad migraines. My migraines could last for as long as 1-2 weeks and trust me - the pain was so bad I can't even describe. I think it is better to avoid contraceptives completely unless you don't want to live very long and you want to spend most of your life at the hospital.

    Other common treatment is - Roaccutane which is a toxic dose of vitamin A. You probably know what it does to you (check NHS direct for side effects). I refused to take it as I really don't think it is worthy. Acne comes back once you stop taking it in most of cases so you just waste your money plus damage your liver and joints. My friend ended up with bipolar depression, very painful joints and his acne was back once he stopped taking it. Unfortunately you can't restore completely the damage you have done to your body by taking it. His acne and joint problems disappeared after a month when I convinced him to change his diet, but he still suffers from depression.

    Antibiotics - well they are also toxic and have a lot of side effects. I had all sorts and none of them helped me. I was taking them topically and orally. Tetracyclines caused that I ended up with irritable bowel syndrome and candidasis. Once you stop taking them - acne comes back.

    Tea trea oil, aloe vera juice and gels, benzoxyl peroxide, chinese medicine, herbal teas - I tried everything. It had no effect on my acne at all.

    Don't use cosmetics with alcohol and anything which irritates and dries your skin. Try do not pick your spots too much. Use the most natural (small ingredient list) cosmetics you can find at the shop or internet. Do not wash your skin more than twice a day. Try jojoba oil or coconut oil at the evening before you go to sleep - even if you have oily skin. Your skin produces grease not without a reason! If you dry your skin you strip the protective layer off and bacteria can penetrate your skin more easily plus you get opposite effect (your skin will be even more greasy and you will end up with more spots). Make sure your cosmetics are paraben free, alcohol free and lauryl sulphate free.

    The problem is we (people with acne) are so desperate that we expect a quick remedy while this sort of remedies are a myth! Our body is not a hoover or TV that you can repair it within a day by changing a burned engine or replacing a disconnected cable.Human body is complexed and in order to treat any condition you have, you need to understand a bit of physiology and how it works. And remember - chronic diseases like acne develop slowly so don't expect a 'quick cure'. Give your body time and 'tools' to recover.

    Diet - the cheapest and most effective treatment for a lot of diseases (acne included) I know. It has no side effects. To live and keep your body in good health you need to eat - pretty obvious! Most of diseases are caused by diet and your genotype (diabetes, infertility, cardiovascular, obesity, metabolic syndrome, acne etc.). Diet and exercise stabilise your hormones, helps to regulate your insulin level, weight and extends your life. Unfortunately in civilised world most of us literally eat - CRAP. We do not eat enough fruits and vegetables which our bodies love and we eat too much saturated fat and sugar. There are some studies done by Robyn N Smith "A low-glycemic-load diet improves symptoms in acne vulgaris patients: a randomized controlled trial". Just have a look at this - it is just an example. There are a lot of articles indicating that diet has an influence on your health and ACNE included, but unfortunately a lot of people don't have an access to a proper medical journals and even if they did - they would not know what they write about and what to look at in this paper unless they are academic with a scientific background.

    What I would recommend for acne is avoid table sugar in any possible form. Sugar is in so many products that I must say it is hard, but possible! The best is to prepare meals, lunches at home so you know what you eat. Be aware that sugar is added to all bought at the shop or eaten at the restaurant sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, to breakfast cereals, cakes, biscuits, crisps - even in burgers! If you go out for a meal - (don't do it too often) try to choose a healthier option - salad just with vinegar and olive oil, steamed veg with plain chicken breast (not fried - boiled or roasted without sauces- keep it as simple as you can). Avoid food with preservatives. Reduce your salt intake. Stop eating fast food. Avoid milk and if you really have to eat something with milk - choose sugar free, reduced fat plain yoghurt. Avoid wheat and everything with gluten - replace it with buckwheat, brown or wild rice and oatcakes. Avoid fried and fatty foods. Eat fish more than twice a week and as many fruits and veg as you can. Eat potatoes boiled with skin - not fried, roasted as a treat only. Use a lot of fresh and dried herbs. Limit your fat intake - especially saturated fats. Eat a lot of seeds and nuts but not roasted and salted. You can add them to salads or have them as a snack during lunch. Eliminate alcohol from your diet - it is really bad for your hormones and it is the main cause of cancer! Don't eat crisps as they are full of saturated fat, salt and preservatives. Avoid coffee - affects your hormones. Most of my male friends had problems with acne after eating soy products, which I find very interesting. I would say - eat soy products in very moderate amounts. Milk you can replace with oat milk, rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk - just check what is available at your supermarket. Drink moderate amount of black or green tea and not directly before or after meal as it stops you from absorption of certain minerals from your food (e.g. iron). You can have camomile, mint tea and plenty of water. Make sure you are hydrated - water helps to remove toxins from your body, delays appearing of wrinkles and makes your skin look bright. Avoid juices - unless you squeeze it by yourself at home. They usually add sugar and they rise your blood sugar level too quickly. Ok, this list is really long. I could carry on, but I would say if you have any questions - just ask me.

    USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Processed and chemically modified food is bad for you! If you hear something else in media - it is more likely some companies producing food are trying to get money out of your pocket.

    I can guarantee that if you stick to this healthy diet you will start seeing improvement after one week! If you acne is very severe you may wait a little longer, but it is worthy. The main thing is - you have to stick to this regime at the beginning and don't give up even once! Also - start exercising - it is very important too. You will not only improve your acne but also may loose some weight and start feeling more energetic and happy. If you are healthy - you are happy! Just give your body a chance to recover!

    I wish everybody the best and GOOD LUCK! Don't give up! If I could do it - you can do it too!!!


  19. Hey people. It's been quite a while since i last wrote a blog post so i thought i would update you all on how i have been getting on. In the November of 2013 I finally decided to purchase Dan Kern's regimen that i had been pondering over for a hell of a long time. I was reading all the thousand's of reviews that spoke so highly of it and thought I might as well give it a try.

    So I am about 2 and half months in now, nearly hitting the 3 month mark; and my the regimen has helped clear my skin pretty well; however not all of it. I love having a regime that i can follow easily and which helps my skin feel clean and fresh and it gives me peace of mind that the regimen is friendly to the skin. My acne scars/pigmentation is still very bad however the regimen has helped clear my cheeks of acne very well and currently i only have 1 active spot on my right cheek. However the main concern is still my forehead which just seems immune to every single medication possible in the world, IT JUST WILL NOT HEAL!!! About 2 weeks ago my forehead was relatively clear and all i had to deal with was the terrible redness, scars and pigmentation; but just like always that hope was quickly eradicated as a few days later i got acne again, and right now my forehead is full of painful, inflamed red spots that i have no idea of to why they have formed.

    The regimen is slowly helping however i honestly do not think it will be the thing to totally help get rid of my acne. I still get new spots every week or so, especially on my forehead. I honestly have no idea on what to do, or how to stop my body/face producing them. I am on the verge of starting a course of accutane for the very first time which im nervous about, but when you're at rock bottom, you just need a miracle.

    I am also currently saving up (even though i havent got a job due to my severe acne/depression) for the 'York Test' food intolerance test. It is the most highly regarded and precise food intolerance test out there and checks your blood for over 100 foods! I desperately need help to know what is causing my body to still produce acne on a regular basis; and not just little spots, i am talking big painful red spots! I know that gluten, wheat and dairy cause me to break out and i havent consumed any of that for a very long time now, so i know it must be something else that is causing it. Whether that be food related or what, i just dont know.

    I will continue on the regimen for as long as i can afford to keep buying it, but it's looking bleak at the minute as my face will just not heal. It seems like nothing will ever work.