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    Самое страшное в наше время, так это то как мы относимся к своему лицу. Мы страдаем от прыщей, но не знаем как лечить прыщи! Мы задаем вопрос как избавиться от прыщей, но получаем не то что искали! А вы не устали от этого всего? Лично я да! <link removed>

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    So I terribly picked at my skin and now its sore, red, scabby, and raw.

    That was the final straw I vow to not pick my skin at all.

    I also will continue using the azelaic acid on top of differing every day and night and see what happens.

    I have used this combination for 1 day and my skin is flaky but i hope this will help.

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    (dimanche) + lundi 1 juin 2009 - Dimanche 7 juin 2009

    Face Wash: Matin et soir (Clearasil)

    Clearasil ultra: boutons infectés

    Epithéliale AH-Derma: retendre la peau frond

    Régime? Non. Le repas peut être copieux. Mais aucun grignotage ni de sucre

    20h: heure limite pour manger

    Eau: 4 litres par jour

    Pommes: 8 pommes par jour + Actimel

    Relaxation: 20 minutes avant de dormir

    J'uploaderai un rapport journalier afin de pouvoir tirer un bilan de cette expérience.

    A dimanche,


  4. 1 entry

    You can look in the mirror to see bumps. More bumps all over your face and in the most discomforting places like right on your lips. Take it from a man who was afflicted with acne for close to 8 years and this image distorting skin crisis characterized by bumps, extremely oily or dry skin.

    If you suffer from acne, it can be controlled and sooner or later cured without spending tons of money on drugs, visits to dermatologists or as I have heard, even plastic surgery.

    I have been there and know how acne can destroy a person’s entire self-image and the hopeless measures one might be bearing in mind to get rid of acne.

    Any acne victim must understand is that any disease-regardless of its medical judgment is a product of constipation, a clogging up of the body tissues. As a result, as the body struggles to unclog its organs, the route becomes marked in several manners.

    Disease is an effort of the body to rid itself of these toxins. The skin is the next most important abolishing organ, acne is just a sign that you need to cleanse yourself within and take simple measures to lessen the outer symptoms as the cleanse proceeds.

    The best method to carry out an internal cleanse will be to feel a juice or water fast. It must be undertaken with care but it is with self-assurance in a fast’s unmatched capability to re-establish health that you can be relax assured to see a severe progress in your skin condition at the end of about a 3 to 4 day quick.

    Acne is very easy to control and with drugless, all natural methods at that. You simply need to be shown how. This site is great to know about it:

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    Total Acne Treatments

    Get better looking skin with a scientifically proven, natural approach to curing acne that is more effective than prescription drugs and has absolutely NO side effects what so ever! Discover the closely guarded secret to the fastest acne cure around

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    for some reason ive flared up in the last few days :/ got quite a few nasty ones.

    havent really had any big ones in a while, these show no sign of going for a few days at least, which is a shame cos i go to spain tomorrow for a week with a load of beautiful girls with perfect skin. not looking forward to hiding from the sun. sun is what i used to love most!

    but ive bought loads of factor a million and hopefully i can stop from turning into a lobster.

    up til now though my skin has been improving, and still on the whole its loads better. im hoping to see real improvement in the next month. but the dermatologist said i might not see any change for up to four months. its so hard being patient!!! most days i have been much happier and my skin has been more manageable. i keep thinking its getting better... then it flares up again. its very frustrating. but still, like i said, compared to two months ago when i started to now, my skin is a hell of a lot better.

    all the other blogs ive read by people keep saying to stick it out, EVENTUALLY it will get better.

    i think this is good advice, and seeing the results of other people on roaccutane has been an inspiration. i reccomend checking out lara's accutane blog. i always look at it when im feeling hopeless and like giving up, she looks amazing now.

    anyway, to everyone else on accutane, lets keep hanging in there! x

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    I'm 26, and like a lot of you, have been battling acne for way too long. Like 13 or 14 years too long. It's never really been that bad; at least one pimple on my face was normal, and 4 would be a bad day. Manageable with makeup, and something I just became used to. I'd tried everything, I mean everything, to try to deal with it and the only thing that really worked was Diane 35. I was never clear, but clear enough to be able to fool people!!

    I got pregnant at 24. My skin was ammmmazzzzing when I was pregnant! Yay! I had my daughter at 25, and then............ wait for it........ worst skin of my life. I mean scarring, red, inflammed. Not fun. The best part is, when you're breast feeding there's not a lot you can do!!! Soooo, here I am, 26 and finally ready to do something.

    I went to my fam dr and asked to see a derm. I've only been once before (which didn't help me at all) but figured I truly need it this time. Waited the month to get an appt (he must be really good :cool: ,) and finally met Dr. Yu. First thing he said when he walked in was Accutane. I guess the title of this blog was a spoiler of this happening, but it was really my response: Huh?!?? I didn't think my skin was THAT bad..... but, I guess because of the beginning scarring it is the best route. I almost cried in the office. I didn't know anything about it, and the 10 min this dr alloted me (because he must be the best dr ever and is really that busy...... hope you sense that sarcasm) didn't answer all my questions. I just remembered reading what other people went through and thinking - I would never do that to myself. Well, now that my skin is the way it is, I have decided to do that to myself!!!

    It was all really in thanks to this site. After reading a lot of other blogs, and seeing pics, I'm encouraged about this. SOOOOOOOOOO scared about what's to come; not only about the superficial peeling, breaking out, etc, but also the health concerns/monthly blood tests and mainly the fact that I have a history of depression, and feel a bit anxious about it being an issue during the next few months. Lets give it a go. I'll blog here to track my time, and will later add pictures to see the progress. Any support tips are greatly appreciated!!! I've read that taking high vitamin E (i think) helps with the dehydration.... anyone??

    I started taking Diane 35 yesterday to accompany the accutane, and I'll be going in for my first blood test on Aug 6 or thereabouts. Why not now, you ask? I'm going away that weekend and would like to have a few glasses of wine without worrying.

    Ok..... that's all for today. Would love any tips that you have to offer in preparation, and I'll post back soon!

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    The story so far

    I have now been using coconut oil for one week.

    I will be honest with you; I was expecting to see more of a result by now.

    Again my red marks have faded more. Blackheads are gone from chin and very small ones left on noise. You can hardly seem (them I have got a mirror that magnifies, so you probably can’t see them).

    I have a new bump appear between my eye brows at the moment I can just feel it under the surface.

    The two bumps that are on my chin are still shrinking and no white head yet.

    I read that people had seen a spot decrees in size and almost go over night.

    I am afraid to give a reality check, this is not the case.

    At the moment my faith is dwindling, but I will be persistent I will last 4 weeks.

    I have been good this week and weekend so I don’t expect to see any negative effects from diet in this weeks coming result.

    Well time will tell!!

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    It's been a little of a month and I don't know if I should stop the product because I have a lot of break outs on my chin and in my T zone and I have some cystic pimples but the dryness has gone away but should I stop the treatment???image.jpeghere is a photo 

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    Went to get acupuncture done today, second time Ive done so, its been done for thousands of years so I presume it must help some bit!

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    Hello, I am a 36 y.o. mother of one very active boy. I have been fighting acne since I learned how to read, not really but it feels like it. My face has took a turn for the worse after I gave birth to my son. I have tried everything, even accutane. That was way before my son was born and I can't really remember how I did on it but I don't really want to take it again. Im not a pill popper. Anyhoo, I looked at this site, order his kit and hope it will work. This humid summer heat is making me feel like I got a sheet of grease on my face. My face is so greasy I could cook an egg on it. I do all the things that I shouldn't be doing according to Dan's recommendations. Starting tomorrow I am going to make a hard effort to exercise, increase water intake decrease caffiene, better eating tips. I will try very very hard not to touch my face but I cannot promise that one, that's a tough one. Well, I hope this is helpful. See Ya. :)

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    well, i just took some zinc today. my chin acne is going wild and its been a few months since its came back. well shit.

    sigh, ive been using aloe vera juice also. but i dont see anything happening.

    i need to try to drink more water and not touch my damn face.

    i took pictures today. i miight post them. :|

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    Okay so, I'm in one quarter of my accutane treatment and things were awesome until 2 days ago. 2 Days ago I started to break out a little. I just hope it doens't get any worse and that it will be gone soon.

    Ever sinse the first week of accutane I started to get some zits on my back. This hasn't gone away so far.

    Too bad, I hope that's going to disapear soon.

    Alot of hoping going on. But hey, what else can a girl do?

    In Belgium, where I live, it's been tropical the last couple of days. I am a sweater and with the accutane it's only gotten worse. When I step into a room slightly warmer then the previous one, sweat would drip down my face. It's so incredibly awefull....

    I can't step outside so I'm stuck inside. And every morning I have to ride my bike to the trainstation, it's only about 2 kilometers so it's not far, but everyday I have to step into an overfull train with sweat pouring down my face. EMBARRASSING!!!!

    Also, I study art (graphic design) at a university and every day we have to discuss our work with out different teachers, one on one. So I start sweating like a freaking pig. Again.... embarrassing....

    So, I am hoping for 3 things this month:

    1- acne to dissapear for ever

    2- pig sweating to stop forever

    3- backne to dissapear forever

    pfsh... Hope things clear up soon


  14. 2 entries

    Ok so I spoke too soon.

    But to be fair i'm under a lot of stress with exams and stuff so I can't be too annoyed.

    Even though I am.


    The size of the spots aren't too bad, there is just a lot of them. There's a very big mix of blackheads and whiteheads which is something i've never experienced, but the whiteheads are turning sore for no reason. Grr.

    Its so hard to have foundation on when my skin is like this..and seeming as i'm in a major play i'll be wearing nothing but thick foundation, so chances are next week my skin will be mighty sore + red + dry + spotfied.

    But mmmm we'll see how it goes.

    I've been finding it so hard to keep taking dianette at the same time. I've been so busy its been off by an hour a lot. But hopefully i'll be able to sort myself out again.

    Also am making an appointment with the doc to get her feedback. Still considering accutane y'know.


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    I am feeling so amazing, and so confident about my skin. I haven't felt this way in literally a year.

    I'm not breaking out anymore (except for the occasional blemish in areas where I haven't been applying BP, for e.g. above my cheekbone near my eye), and all of my old blemishes are quickly disappearing. My results are DEFINITELY due to Dan's regimen, because I stopped taking my supplements about a week and a half ago, and I haven't been following a diet.

    Despite how happy I am, though, I can't help thinking about my scars when I look in the mirror. I've been using concealer to hide red marks, but there's nothing you can do about impressions in the skin. And I'm not financially able to see a Dermatologist concerning scar treatments, so I feel stuck with my scars :) Maybe one day...

    I started going back through my old pictures from 10 months ago, when my acne was at its worst, and I started crying. I just can't believe how far I've come from that point in my life. And I can't believe with only 2 weeks on Dan's regimen my skin is almost entirely clear. If only I had discovered this regimen sooner. If you get a chance, you should take a look at my gallery to see how bad my acne was. I'll be sure to put up a picture of my after picture in a few days. (Wow I can't believe I'm even saying "after picture"!! I never thought that day would come.)

    Please, I am urging you, if you haven't started on Dan's regimen, and your acne is really impeding your life, just give it a try. It really is worth every penny.

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    My cystic acne had begun to make me so depressed, looking at my skin feeling disgusting, 1 would clear and another would appear and the temptation to squeeze the hell out of them becomes too much and then you squeeze only to make it twice the size and red as rudolfs nose :( so I slap on the sudocream and hope and pray it improves by the morning. 
    My cystic spots begun to appear more frequently so I decided I need help from the gp who prescribed Zineryt. (So far so good) I have also reaserched about salicylic acid and how it is good to reduce oil and have also purchased a product by Vichy Normaderm bbclear as I need something to cover up my skin a little due to the blemishes and redness, the product contains salicylic acid and is available in light and medium shades, I went for light and it is a good match. Day 1 using bbclear I am impressed not heavy and skin is not oily, I will keep you up to date...


  17. 15 entries

    Wow, it's been a very long time since I have written an entry!

    Sorry, I've been super busy with my new job, which I actually happen to enjoy! smile.png

    Update Pics:


    Redness is almost completely gone. Nothing a little makeup can't fix!


    I currently have one tiny little zit on my chin, but other than that... NADA!

    • I stopped taking the antibiotics once I ran out (around day 50), but other than that, my routine has been the same.
    • My skin completely stopped breaking out after the middle of the third month or so and the redness started to fade after the fourth. I currently deal with one or two minor pimples right around the time of my period, but they usually go away after putting Ziana on it for a night. Once my skin got used to the Ziana, it became a magical pimple eraser.
    • My skin is still on the oily side, but I really don't mind. Oil absorbing sheets rock!
    • I have not had any gigantic in-grown pimple (the main reason why I went to the dermatologist in the first place) since the end of April.


    Please note, the initial break out SUCKS, but it only lasts for a month or two. If you are seriously considering to get rid of acne once and for all, DO IT. Sometimes I really wonder why I didn't go see the dermatologist sooner...


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    im so guilty,coz i didn't control myself well... :|


    i ate 2pieces of 85% cocoa chocolate, drunk a bottle of jasmine tea with26 g sugers, a piece of chocolate cake...in the afternoon....it's totally out of my expecting.....in order to make up my fault, i just have red bean soap with a piece of toast as my dinner...before sleep, i also drink a cup of mild milk with oal.


    as usual, Proactv 3 steps day and night. besides, after cleaning my face, i apply pure Honey on my face. and as an experiment , i tried to mix Neutregena "fade and fight gel' with Proactiv,coz they broke out crazily in the afternoon.....i don't know what will happen tomorrow..

    anyway,im gonna sleep soon.and wanna go to church to pray for my pimple...

  19. 1 entry


    I finally tryed using an acne light which works great for me and I'm stoked. I got mine at spatabulous.com, but there is a message board here that tells all about different ones and how they work. I didn't know about them before, but better late then never. I think some stuff is just too high maintance, and leaves your skin raw, red, and dryed out.

    My skin is now getting competely clear, but I had acne for years starting at about 14. I have never had cystic acne, but I never had really clear skin either. I've tryed many things, but I guess nothing worked really good so I just stopped, or I wasn't consitant with it.

    The carisonic system looks good too. I'm thnking about getting that.

    Sleep and water seem to help as well.

  20. 1 entry

    I've been a silent observer to this website for a very long time. So long in fact that I have already made the life-changing decision to begin an Isotretinoin treatment and am currently on my 47th day of treatment. Reading so many other blogs has inspired me to create my own, especially when I've experienced the difference it has made for me to read the commentary so many others have provided throughout their Iso journey. So even though they will probably never read this, thank you to all of the users who have done such a service to people like me by blogging their very personal experiences!

    I wish I had begun this blog earlier so that I could have properly documented my experience with Iso thus far. Honestly though, besides the improvement I've seen on my face, it truly has not been the life-disrupting, side-effect causing internal battlefield the whole world seemed to make it into before I started treatment. That's a huge part of the reason I wanted to create a blog in the first place--I feel very strongly that the stigma surrounding Iso needs to be dismantled, at least mostly. It's definitely no drug to mess around with but I feel that the general consensus of people who have been on Iso is that the drug has done so many people such good and those good experiences far outnumber the bad.

    Several people in my family have undergone Iso courses, and a couple of those people completed those courses more than 20 years ago when the drug was brand new and freshly approved by the FDA. Even my dermatologist underwent an Iso treatment (as did many of her staff members at the office I visit) and ALL of these people encouraged me to start this treatment, assuring me that NONE of them experienced harmful or terrible side effects.

    So my story is this: I first began experiencing acne at 11 years old. I would get super oily on my forehead and in the beginning, that was the only place I was really breaking out. Once puberty really started to hit was when my face actually started getting pretty bad. My skin would get so uneven and I'd break out in large, red, painful cyst-like pimples. I remember feeling so sad and embarrassed about my face--this continued through my early years of high school and then when I was 14, I was diagnosed with Graves' disease (a disorder of the thyroid). So when I was 15, I had a radioactive iodine treatment which ablated my thyroid. Long story short, my thyroid was overproducing hormones so the doctors killed it with the iodine so now it produces none of its own natural hormones. Instead I am on a daily dose of synthetic hormones which keeps my body stable. All of this to say that being chronically (slightly) hypothyroid makes my skin pretty dry. So I would consider myself combination-type skin which as many of you know is kind of hard to treat. And then in high school, after going on birth control, a kind of miracle happened and my skin totally improved! It never fully healed from acne or breakouts, but it was never anything that a course of an antibiotic didn't get rid of. This improvement lasted throughout college and then when was around 22 years old, it started getting worse again (mind you, I was still taking birth control and still am)...and it continued to get worse.

    Now I am 24 and less than a year out from getting married. After years of trying antibiotics, prescription creams, fitness routines, diet changes, holistic teas and treatments, facials, expensive make up, ProActive, Murad, Dermalogica, you name it I'm pretty sure I've tried it! I never imagined I would be this close to 25 and still experiencing the frustrations of acne! I have spent so much time feeling down about it, not wanting to leave my house, feeling completely embarrassed at work when people look at my face...it's such a hopeless feeling, never thinking that you'll ever have clear skin. It has definitely done a number on my self esteem when I look at my reflection and think I could be so pretty, if only I could get rid of this terrible acne. And the physical pain is just as bad--cystic acne hurts!! I think most people on this website know the feeling of an achey cyst popping up around your chin or jawline! I can't wait to have it in my past. Leaving my house without makeup is still like a dream to me...but a dream I have never been closer to reaching!

    Isotretinoin is changing my life. Next spring I hope to have clear and beautiful skin as I walk down the aisle toward my future husband! If this blog helps even one person to make the decision to go on Iso then it's definitely worth writing! And I hope for myself that this will be a therapeutic way to recover from almost 13 long years of acne and the toll it has taken on my self esteem. I hope for this to serve as a sort of introductory entry, as nerdy as that sounds, but my next entry will definitely be a lot more detail about my Iso journey! If you want to see pictures of where my skin started to where it is now, please visit my picture gallery! And to anyone out there just starting Iso or considering it, hang in there. I promise it will get better!! I'm only about a third of the way into my treatment and I already feel like my life has improved vastly because a miracle has happened and my acne is no longer the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning!

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    Well, after countless topicals, tretinoin cream, and two rounds of antibiotics I've finally caved and started accutane. I suppose I should introduce myself...I'm 27 years old, female, full time stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. I've had acne for ten years off and on, sometimes small, sometimes cystic and extremely painful. Always refused to try accutane until about a month ago.

    So everything was rather calm up until a few days ago. Then things went downhill. I'm hoping this is just the IB and that it'll soon pass because I currently have quite a few actives on my chin (just below my bottom lip) and cheeks. It hurts to eat, laugh, talk, etc. I know many can relate. I made the mistake of sitting outside on my porch with a friend the other night during a huge storm and my face was pretty badly windburned. I'm already seeing how sensitive my skin is. I'm pretty much sticking to cool water rinses and tons of cerave cream. I despise using lotion and lip balm because they almost always break me out so this is much harder than it sounds. I can't help but wonder if the breakout on my chin is in part caused by all of the carmex and Aquaphor I've been applying. My skin is pretty terrible looking at the moment and it makes me want to hide out at home 24/7. I had to go to the grocery store tonight and I felt as though I was under a giant spotlight the whole time. I will say that the only reason I'm going on this is because I'm at a point where I feel like my low self esteem will not only rub off on my daughter but also possibly cause her to miss out on things because I'm having a hideous day. For example, I can't bring myself to volunteer at her school for holiday parties because little kids ask questions and stare and I just don't want her to ever be embarrassed by me. Sad but true.

    Any way, no serious side effects to report yet. I had a few headaches during the first week and occasionally I'll feel a sharp pain in my arm or elsewhere but it goes so quickly. I'm hoping to find a few other people on here to share experience with. It's a long and somewhat lonely journey but the logs on here definitely make me feel more hopeful.

  22. 1 entry


    Hey, i have been suffering with acne ever since i was 13 years old. i am now 21 and JUST got rid of my acne, i tried everything, even loads of different prescription pills. today, i finally have freedom from acne and its thanks to this cure that i found, it worked miracles for me, if you need any form of help this product works great. it worked in only a few days for me, i noticed a huge difference and i couldnt be happier now. :doh:


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    Day #45: My skin has made a huge improvement over the last few days. For the first time since I started all this, I feel like things really are going to get better. Here are the changes I made: (1) stopping Ziana because it kept my skin irritated and red, (2) increasing Nucelle to every night now that my skin has stopped peeling, (3) washing with a Clearasil salicylic acid wash, and (4) taking a two-week course of erythromycin 500mg. I'm about halfway through the bottle of erythromycin and I'm starting to think I had a skin infection because things are improving so quickly.

    I'm optimistic; hopefully this will keep up!

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    FYI to all readers: I like to write, sometimes TOO much.

    Now we've got that out the way, let me introduce myself!

    Im a 23 year old final year uni student/part-time PR manager from the South West of England and the reason behind me starting this little outlet is because I finally (wo)manned up and decided to start a twenty week course of… [cue dramatic music] Roaccutane! Soon to be my BFF. Fact.

    Today is Magical Day #4 of this enthralling journey in what I hope will be the ultimate confidence booster by the end of the course.

    Here’s how it happened:

    Met (hot) dermatologist Monday 31st January knowing full well I was going to be prescribed Roaccutane, even if I had to kick, bite, cry and/or scream in order to get my paws (meow) on that magical green ticket to clear skin. Needless to say, hot dermatologist understood my woes and signed me over a two month prescription there and then. Amazing!

    As this has been a decision I have been toying with for verging on three years, I knew pretty much all the pros and cons and what I needed to do beforehand. So having had my blood tests done last week I was able to start the drugs on the very same day which was love-er-lee.

    I’ve been directed to take the miracle medication as follows:

    • Week 1 = 1 tablet per day (20mg)

    • Week 2 = 2 tablets per day (40mg)

    • Week 3 = 3 tablets per day (60mg)

    *I am to continue the 60mg dose until the end of the treatment as I weigh ~63kg.

    So far so good! Obviously, to my knowledge, I haven’t experienced any side effects yet because it’s still early days. But I don’t see this honeymoon period ending any time soon, in fact I’m rather looking forward to the dreaded initial breakout; mainly because it means that the ‘tane is doing what it’s paid to!

    I went on a mass Roaccutane shopping spree today, practically bought the entire supply of Simple skincare products on the shelves of Boots.

    I’ve told myself a million times not to exaggerate.

    I also bought some Blistex intensive lip moisturiser and Blink fake teardrops so that I can continue to hide my four eyes with contact lenses for as long as physically possible.

    Luckily I also have a stash of Cetaphil moisturiser and Aquaphor lip balm that my sister brought back from America for me as I heard these are literally the next best thing to finding a pot of gold at the end of a double rainbow, so I put my order in before she jetted off!

    That will be all for now, so until next time, stay hydrated and belt up, it’s the law. :)

    ZeeZee x

  25. 8 entries

    I've been updating later and later each time because I've been soo busy with school trying to make up all the time I missed last week.


    -still verrry oily but that's nothing new

    -clear except for a few small bumps that could turn into a breakout (they're not an actual zit, just tiiiny bumps that resemble a bug bight or something; nothing major)

    - still a lot of hyperpigmentation :)

    The usual.