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    - refined sugar 
    - natural sugar alternatives 
    - sugar-free natural sweeteners 
    - artificial sweeteners 
    - soft drinks 
    - juices 
    - dried fruits 
    - high-sugar fruits (mangos, bananas, pineapples, grapes, melons)
    - flour 
    - starchy vegetables (beets, edo, parsnip, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, turnip, yam, corn, peas, plantain, pumpkin, squash) 


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    Hi Everyone!!

    Wow it's been a long time. Sorry about that guys. I've been wanting to do an update for a while now but things have been so hectic. I think this will be my final update for this blog, since I no longer use Estroblock. 

    First off, it definitely worked for me, hands down. I actually stopped taking it back in January 2018 because I got so busy with things I just forgot to take it daily and my skin was completely clear at that time (and I even had a whole lotta stress at the same time). By then, I had been taking it daily for 9 months straight. When I stopped taking it, I didn't see any changes. No new acne came back. So I just stopped it altogether and my skin has been clear since. I will say though, that i think it was a combo of estroblock and my facial rotating brush for evening cleaning that did it. I don't think I would have the clear skin I do if I was just doing one or the other. So all in all, the electric facial cleaning brush (you can get these anywhere guys, I got mine half price on a website called vanity planet) and the estroblock together worked wonders. I no longer feel the need to keep up a daily pill if I'm still getting fantastic results with just the facial brush. 

    In case anyone wants to know my current regime, and whats kept me clear for the past year now, check it out:

    1. I got my acne under control using Neostrata's glycolic line, and used mild chemical peels on my skin every other day
    2. When my acne cleared up almost 80 percent, I decided to switch to an all natural good quality skin care line since I didn't like the idea of continuing to use peels (i was concerned about my skin thinning long term)
    3. I stopped neostrata and chemical peels completely, and started using eminence skincare (this stuff is expensive but incredible- been using for about 1.5 yrs now). I use the stone crop gel wash every morning and night, and I use the bright skin serum in the evenings (I saw a change in my red hyper pigmentation within weeks using this serum). i then apply a small amount of waxelene (all natural vaseline) before sleeping. Mornings I put on the vanilla day cream with SPF after cleansing and go on my merry way. Skip the makeup girls, I never wore makeup ever, and I think your skin needs to breathe while its healing itself.
    4. I used estroblock in conjuction with the facial brush (only for evening cleaning, don't overdo this!) for about 9 months. I stopped and now I just use the facial brush.
    5. Once or twice a week I like to use a good old strong clay mask (clay with apple cider vinegar thats it). It'll bring the blood to your face. I clean it off with water and then clean my face with cleanser and facial brush after to ensure all is off. I seriously think this has been helping to keep my pores clear, and also the blood flow has made a serious difference to my pitted acne scars wow. I use the "living clay" detox clay powder. 

    My skin has never ever been better and I am so thankful I found a regimen. I used to think skincare was bogus and everything was coming from inside, which is still true but your skin also needs the right nourishment and protection from the outside. I've tried way too many things and finally realized no matter what you do inside (more water, healthy diet, etc...) the change is so gradual and takes SO long. Yes it will help, but quicker results come from dealing with the outside as well. Find yourself the right products to use- it took me years to find something that worked for my skin so be patient, and most of all whatever you pick STICK with it for at least a few months!! 

    Hope you guys are having an amazing summer. Stay hydrated for your skin and remember that self love is the most important above all. When you love yourself for who you are, despite the acne, it will gradually disappear no matter what you are doing. Also, staying busy and keeping your mind off of the acne and negativity is massively important and greatly underestimated. I really implemented this and it helped.

    Peace and LOVE homies <3


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    Well, I'll be honest. I don't have the right ingredients, and I went out and got some 5%, then some weird lotion from a drug store with SPF in it (currently on vacation in Canada, going back to the States tomorrow). My skin looked way worse yesterday, so I rinsed off all the products and didn't put anything on my face today.

    Here's the deal. I came on this trip and didn't bring any acne meds with me, right? I really wanted to see if my face could clear up on its own. Now to be fair, my forehead did seem to clear up quite a bit, but I really don't know about my perception. My acne is definitely mild or a slight moderate at worst, but it's so persistent. I HATE slathering on the BP, but I think I have to accept that it's just where I'm at at this point. And I am willing to try clearing it up by doing DKR exactly as he says...

    Right now I don't have any of the correct products on hand, so I'm just not touching my face and spot treating with 5% on the few active lesions I have. It definitely just irritates (and then breaks out) my skin otherwise.

    I fucking hate this-- I do, I'm 30 years old -- but I KNOW, KNOW that when I get clear again this time, it's going to be for real.

    So here are the goals:

    1) Pretty much no active acne by September 1st (best friend's wedding)
    2) No more/limited PIH by my 31st birthday (October 1st!)

    These are my goals. I'm focused. I have Dan's BP at home, along with the jojoba and Cetaphil. I'M DOING THIS.



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    Holy heck it is closed comedone time, my dudes. They are everywhere. I didn’t used to break out on my cheeks but now I am. I still believe that it’s the comedones being expelled because I shamefully picked one of the more painful spots and a small, teardrop-shaped hard piece came out of my pore, almost like a small piece of uncooked rice. From previous experience, that’s similar to what is in closed comedones - really hard semi-spherical bits (don’t judge me, this is science). Good news: nearly all of the blackheads on my nose are gone, my body acne is almost gone as well, and my neck no longer breaks out. Bad news, aside from above: I got a cystic spot INSIDE my earlobe somehow (it feels like an airsoft bullet is in the exact center of my earlobe, just above my earring hole) and my period is wildly late. My research around sites like these said that having a really late period in your second month is quite normal, so I’m just hoping that it doesn’t decide to show up in the next few days, as I am moving into my apartment on Saturday.

    Products used:

    -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night

    -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good.

    -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day

    -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed

    -Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY)

    -Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: Distilled 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. Used only in the evenings after showering, or if I pick my face.

    -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!)

    -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression (many sites suggest also taking a vitamin C supplement with NAC; I take the daily multivitamin below and a little bit of an “Immune+” Emergen-C packet [the type w/vitamin D, since my multivitamin doesn’t include it] every other day)

    -Kirkman’s Multivitamin without vitamin A or D


    -Dry face: Not considerably; worse in breakout areas and chin

    -Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than past weeks but not tragic

    -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes.

    -Depression: Decreased actually, potentially from NAC

    -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into :)

    -Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows. Less in the past two or so weeks.

    -SUPER late period, and a few scattered false alarm days where I got that feeling and just knew that it was gonna stab me in the uterus within the next 24 hours. Ladies, you know what I mean. :P

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    Hi readers

    I guess this is my 1 year and 2 months on differin. My situation right now is 70% better. The rest is uncontrol acne that would keep coming. I start to think that this is the most I could get from differin and benzac. I still have pastule, papule and cyst 2 - 3 in each week. Eventhough, I apply benzac all over my face at noght and spot benzac on the cyst itself, it does no effect or little effect to the cyst. My dermatologist recommend me to change to retin-a. Has anyone ever switch from differin to retin-a? Is it better with people who have problem with cyst? I have no idea how my skin got clogged and it forms a cyst every single week. Should I consider using something else to help the cyst? Please share your experince so I can end my cystic ance.

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    Used hydroquinone 4% last night, and my skin was okay with it, so I think I might use it again tonight. 

    The pimple on my cheek blew up. Its really swollen and absolutely huge. I have been icing and heating, but its not doing much. Its one of the super painful cysts that I don't have much experience with.I'm so sad and scared that Ocella may not be working for me. I freaked and called my doctor. She gave me Doxycycline to help ease the breakouts while my body is transitioning to the pill. Nervous that the doxy will mask what Ocella is really doing to my skin, and once I run out my face will breakout. Will keep you updated!

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    I finished my second week of accutane a few days ago and my skin is blemish free! It’s been years since I’ve had not one spot on my face!

    My skin hasn’t broken out in over a week now but I’ve noticed that in certain lights my skin does look more uneven and my pores look larger. I’ve read from other people’s blogs that their pores became less visible after a few months so I’m hoping this happens with me too. 

    My lips and skin aren’t as dry anymore so I haven’t felt the need to use moisturiser this week or apply as much lip balm. I feel like when one symptom goes away another appears, as my eyes are starting to hurt and feel quite dry now. So far I feel quite lucky with my experience, I’m only on a low dose at the moment so I hope things continue to stay this way when my dosage increases. 


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    Time for some natural tips!

    Use lavender oil on the affected areas on your face, lavender oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory so its good to have around the house anyway for general skin irritations!#Tipoftheday

    Get Lavender oil here : 

    Visit www.removeacneforever.com for more great articles and natural remedies for acne.
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    I just got off accutane in May and my skin didn't like the change. I went from clear skin to mild to sometimes moderate breakouts. SO FRUSTRATING. I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me tretinoin cream .005%. I've tried tretinoin in the past and wasn't a huge fan, but my skin was not in good shape then (ha). I officially completed week 2 and I'm feeling hopeful, but still discouraged. I know the first few weeks are hell, but my skin broke out so much within the last two weeks. It's finally starting to clear up just a little. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Here's to better results for week 3!

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    Hi everyone,
    When deciding on Accutane I didn't realize how vigorous and demanding going on the drug was. If you've been struggling with persistent acne like a lot of us out there, Accutane seems like the holy grail of acne medicine. Many dermatologists recommend that people who are interested in going on Accutane need to explore other options (if they haven't already) such as doxycycline or azithromycin to fight acne. These are antibiotics that target the acne-causing bacteria from within the skin. Many dermatologists also prescribe a topical retinea cream to dry out the acne. I've learned from experience that these medicines seem to work at first but in the end, don't seem to be very effective (at least for me). Then if the patient is still not happy with their skin, they can talk to their dermatologist about going on Accutane. This is what I did, and my doctor was hesitant and wanted me to try another type of antibiotic before going on Accutane. I explained my constant confidence issues with my skin and just the havoc it brings to my life, and she finally agreed that Accutane would be the right choice for me. Soon after she explained the various side effects such as depression, weight loss, severe skin drying, cracking lips, gastrointestinal issues, and many more. The main things doctors talk about when going on Accutane is pregnancy prevention. In order to go on Accutane, you must be on two separate types of birth control such as hormonal birth control and condoms. This is very important because if you do become pregnant while on Accutane the baby will have very serious birth defects. You get a very large packet when you leave with all the side effects and how to prevent pregnancy. In order to qualify for Accutane, you must pass two pregnancy tests and get bloodwork done before starting your course. From then on you must go every month for blood work and a pregnancy test, and you must fill out an online questionnaire before being able to get your prescription filled. Accutane is a serious medicine and your doctor must take the proper steps to keep you safe while you are on the drug. In the end, its worth it if you want to finally clear your skin!

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    HELP! I didn’t know I wasn’t able to wax on accutane bc my derm never told me about it. I have skin ripped off under my eyes and school starts in a week and I need it healed before school!! Will it heal before school if I apply Vaseline to it everyday? So far I’ve been applying it for the past 2 days but it looks the same??? Help!! 


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    I am currently on week 5 of my Accutane journey. Nothing crazy has happened, probably because I'm on a low dose of 30 mg a day. I have my next appointment this week and my mg will probably go up and I may experience more side effects. The only side effect I have had is dry lips (but still tolerable at this point), my skin has cleared slightly as in no new cysts have formed but I still have the ones that were there pre accutane. Excited to keep on this journey and crossing my fingers this minimal side effect thing lasts.

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    I'm on day 30 and I had a doctor's Appointment. Just a normal physical because I'm going for my drivers permit. She took one look at me, and I could tell, all she saw was my acne. She asked if I was using anything and I told her some products I tried, but that I had stopped using them because they didn't work. First thing she did was prescribe a antibiotic to kill the bacteria inside that was causing it. Then she prescribed a gel that you put on the acne that  speeds up cell turnover. She told me to take these pills and when I finish the bottle I m done. Then I didn't get the gel because it's an over the counter thing, so she recommended a product called OXY 10 which is a benzoyl peroxide face wash. I was leary to use this but I'm going to give it a try. Needless to say, the caveman didn't work for me. It may work for others, but not for me. Which I should have known because I have acne on my shoulders and back too. Anyway, I'm hoping this will work. I wouldn't discredit the caveman, it was a good learning experience. But I think moderation is better then abstinence. She also said that using the gentle Dove soap bar as a cleanser after I sweated is great because it moisturizes on it's own and doesn't have hash fragrances. I'm glad she said something, but I'm also embarrassed that it had to get to this point. I wish my parents would have said something. Anyway, I'm gonna be optimistic about this new routine and we'll see how it goes. I'll probably start a new blog about it.

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    This week’s plan will be focused on clearing out all the active breakouts I got from last week’s fail. 
    I figured that maybe Avène Cleanance Expert made my skin worse because it was targeted for oily skin. My skin type is combination but a bit more on the dry side on the cheeks. 
    I decided to start washing my face only once a day in order to keep the natural moisture my skin produces. This sounds crazy but I’m willing to try this and see how it’ll affect my skin. 
    So here is this week’s skin routine:
    - Cleanse with Garnier Micellar Water
    - Spot treat my pimples with tea tree oil
    - wait for 10 minutes then use Azaelic acid

    - wash my face with VLCC mandarin and tomato face wash 
    - use Avène TriAcneal emulsion 

    I know this is not a perfect skin care routine as I won’t be using a moisturizer. Not moisturizing my skin doesn’t cause me breakouts som I’m ok with that. Plus, I said the goal here is to clear all my active breakouts. Also, I’m minimizing the skin products I’m using so I’m able to pinpoint anything that could be causing me more breakouts. 

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    Ok so here we are, summer 2018 and thankfully my skin has not had its annual summer dermatitis breakout so thats good. I think things are coming along quite nicely to be honest. Went swimming, got my face wet, no problem, looked fine afterwards, ect ect, all the good things. Mainly due to this new brand i found and have been using which i amazing! Its called The Ordinary, everything is super cheap im talking below $10 for most stuff and it works! I've been using some cool serums and stuff from them which have REALLY worked wonders. First thing is the Glycolic Acid toner which is amazing, plus Alpha Arbutin + HA serum, Niacinimide + Zinc serum, 2% retinoid +Squalene and their Rosehip oil are all really helping so much! PLUS, i found this cool face tanning toner from Eco-Tan which also has HA and helps blend any scarring so all of this combined is amazing. Plus the weather has been super hot and humid which my skin always seems to love so i a m doing good.

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    So tomorrow will be 10 weeks on spiro. Just 2 weeks ago, I had my follow up appt at the dermatologist. She upped my dosage to 100mg, instead of 50mg, and I started Yaz that following Sunday. Just wanted to give an update.. acne is still there, hyper pigmentation still there, new breakouts are still occurring, but i have seen a slight improvement. I go back in 4 weeks to the dermatologist and if I do not see a significant improvement, i have already begun the iPledge process to get on accutane, which is why i began birth control. 

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    Help me guys to remove this big whatever plzz15331122728561064374297.thumb.jpg.1a38eaae5ac1cd0de48b6d8c0c04dc96.jpge guys 

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    I closed on week 2 of my new regimen, and I'm feeling pretty good about improvements. My active breakouts are starting to heal and my new pimples have mostly just been small whiteheads. An ongoing cyst by my right ear "refilled," but I'm hoping to leave this be and let nature do its work. Pics below compare day 14 to day 1.

    To reiterate, for the past two weeks I have been taking:
    • Vitamin D3 (4,000iu)
    • Saw Palmetto (500mg)
    • Stinging Nettle (500mg)
    • Vitamin C (1,000mg)
    • L-Lysine (2,000mg)
    • Women's Daily Multivitamin Gummies

    The past week I added in:
    • Evening Primrose Oil (1,300mg)
    • A new moisturizer with Aloe, Vitamin C, E, Retinol, Green Tea, CoQ10, Kukui Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, MSM, etc. + a few drops of Evening Primrose Oil (I realized I may have actually been overdryingn my face with all the washing.)

    Day 14

    Day 1

    I'll try hard to keep the lighting and angles the same on my future pics. Stay tuned!
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    To anyone that's still reading (probably just me.....lol).  I'm still alive and still dealing with this beast.  I just celebrated my 35th birthday and took the time to reflect on my journey so far and man of man, what a ride.  Acne has really forced me to self examine who I am as a person and to face some hard truths about what my self worth is wrapped up in.  I'm still not where i want to be emotionally, mentally or spiritually, but i haven't given up yet.

    I recently updated my signature detailing what i'm using so feel free to take a look if you have any questions about my diet, skin care or supplements.

    Still on spiro at a dosage of 150 mg and still breaking out.  Some days are definitely better than others.  I am grateful to spiro for giving me breaks in between my acne but it has unfortunately not been the miracle i had been hoping for.  My naturopath wants me to stop next month and that thought scares the shit out of me.  Having to go back to the days of hating to look in the mirror and constantly crying, hating what I saw and at times, wanting to just give up is not a life i want to repeat.  I guess its akin to sticking to the evil that you know versus the one that you don't.  No one really gets it except for those going through it.  

    As of today, i am beginning a breakout cycle, a week out from my period which is hella normal.  It's not a hide in the house with your face covered breakout but its a stay indoor because i don't have plans 'Thank God' breakout.  I just don't feel like dealing.  

    I wonder to myself if i am going to be forty and still be dealing with this shit.  That thought depresses me.  

    But all i can deal with is today.  Getting through today is my goal and if i can do that, then i know i'll be alright.

    FYI - my allergies which were another battle i was dealing with are GONE.  Quercetin is a miracle worker!

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    i get like 3-4 white heads a week. pretty much just dark spots now



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    so I haven't been posting for a couple of months. its been around 7 months almost 8 on accutane.
    no new large pimples
    a few tiny bumps come sometimes, for example before my period
    zero oiliness
    tiny bit of dryness on my nose but nowhere else
    my scalp is still dry and has dandruff 
    no other side effects  

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    What is Differin?
    Differin is the registered name of an American gel product whose active ingredient is an adapalene (specifically 0.1%). Adapalenes are third generation retinoids, which are based on Vitamin A. Vitamin A has an effect on epithelial cell growth.

    How does Differin work?
    It is different to a lot of other topical treatments as it goes very deep into the pores and regulates skin cell turnover. This reduces the number of spots that develop since cells can't build up in pores. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so you feel more comfortable during the day. It therefore clears up existing spots as well as prevents more acne.

    How do you get and use Differin?
    It is one of the only over-the-counter retinoids, and used to clear mild-to-moderate acne. You should use it once day, usually before going to bed, and skipping days can set you back on the treatment regime. In the first weeks, you may see more redness and dryness due to the retinisation of your skin, which means your skin is just getting used to the gel. Weeks 6-10 are when the results should be appearing on your skin. The main side effect is sensitivity to direct sunlight.
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    Chức năng của bao bì thực phẩm là gì

    Bao bì thực phẩm hiện nay rất phổ biến, chúng len lỏi vào từng ngõ ngách của cuộc sống và phục vụ đắc lực cho nhu cầu của nhà sản xuất và người tiêu dùng.

    Đa số các loại thực phẩm, bao gồm trái cây và rau quả, đồ uống, thịt và các bữa ăn khô, đều có nhu cầu đóng gói với những loại bao bì đa năng khác nhau. Từ quá trình sản xuất, chế biến và vận chuyển lâu dài, thực phẩm đã được tiếp xúc bởi nhiều người trước khi nó được đưa ra thị trường.

    1. Duy trì chất lượng sản phẩm

     Nếu bao bì không tốt, làm thế nào bạn có thể tiếp cận người tiêu dùng mục tiêu một cách hoàn chỉnh? Nhiệm vụ của bao bì thực phẩm là để duy trì sự tươi mát và chất lượng của thực phẩm và kéo dài tuổi thọ của chúng. Bởi vì bao bì thực phẩm có thể cho phép thời hạn sử dụng lâu hơn, các loại thực phẩm ở các vùng khác nhau có thể được vận chuyển đến tất cả các nơi trên thế giới và thương hiệu của doanh nghiệp được nhiều người tiêu dùng biết tới và lợi nhuận mang lại cho doanh nghiệp cũng lớn hơn. Nhờ giao thông thuận tiện và bao bì sáng tạo, mọi người ở tất cả các vùng có sự khác biệt rõ rệt có thể chia sẻ những món ăn ngon. Bất cứ khi nào và bất cứ nơi nào họ cần, họ có thể trao đổi trái cây, rau và các sản phẩm thịt khác nhau trong các mùa khác nhau

    Ngoài việc ngăn ngừa thiệt hại cho thực phẩm và kéo dài thời hạn sử dụng của thực phẩm, Xưởng in bao bì giấy số lượng ít giá rẻ thực phẩm còn có các chức năng khác mà ít khi được mọi người đề cập. Chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu các chức năng quan trọng khác của bao bì thực phẩm trong bài viết dưới đây


    Bao bì giúp duy trì chất lượng sản phẩm

    2. Thu hút sự chú ý của khách hàng

    Thiết kế bao bì tốt nhất có thể không chỉ phản ánh đặc điểm của sản phẩm mà còn thu hút khách hàng. Cho dù chất lượng sản phẩm bị phóng đại như thế nào, nhưng việc sử dụng bao bì hoặc bao gói trần sẽ không được người tiêu dùng ưa chuộng. Ngược lại, nếu các sản phẩm chất lượng thông thường sử dụng thiết kế bao bì sáng tạo thì nó sẽ chiếm được cảm tình của khách hàng nhiều hơn. Một nhà sản xuất thực phẩm có kinh nghiệm có thể dành nhiều nỗ lực hơn vào thiết kế Bao bì giấy cao cấp bởi vì nó sẽ tạo thêm lợi ích thế kinh tế mà chỉ thiết kế bao bì đẹp mới có thể mang lại. Thiết kế bao bì thực phẩm sáng tạo có thể được áp dụng cho sữa, đồ uống, bánh ngọt, v.v., làm cho món ăn của thương hiệu nổi bật trong một thị trường có tính cạnh tranh cao.
    Click vào đây để Xem thêm các chức năng của bao bì thực phẩm


    Bao bì thu hút sự chú ý của khách hàng

    3. Bảo vệ thực phẩm dạng lỏng tốt nhất

    Thực phẩm dạng lỏng là những sản phẩm có yêu cầu đặc biệt cho việc lưu trữ và vận chuyển. Như chúng ta đã biết, các loại thực phẩm lỏng như đồ uống và rượu vang dễ bị rò rỉ do tính lưu động của chúng. Thùng và chai kín được đóng kín an toàn để cất giữ các sản phẩm này. Phương pháp đóng gói thực phẩm lỏng này cũng giúp ngăn ngừa mất chất dinh dưỡng thực phẩm và bốc hơi, bảo vệ thực phẩm khỏi nhiệt độ cao, độ ẩm cao và tác động từ ánh nắng.


    Bảo vệ tốt nhất cho sản phẩm, tránh hư hại

    4. Tái chế cho những nhu cầu cần thiết trong cuộc sống

    Trong thực tế, ngoài chức năng riêng của mình, bao bì thực phẩm cũng có thể mở rộng các chức năng thực tế hơn. Bạn có thể thấy rằng những bao bì này có thể được tái chế và hữu ích cho cuộc sống hàng ngày. Lon nước giải khát có thể được sử dụng như bình hoa đa năng để trồng cây nhỏ để tiết kiệm chi phí; bạn cũng có thể sử dụng một hộp đẹp để lưu những thứ nhỏ để giúp bạn tìm thấy chúng. Mức độ mà chúng có thể được tái sử dụng tùy thuộc vào cách bạn khám phá tiềm năng của chúng và đưa chúng vào thực tế.

    Nếu bạn có nhu cầu in ấn đóng gói bao bì thực phẩm, Hộp giấy carton đa năng, bạn cũng có thể liên hệ với Xưởng in hộp giấy. Chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp cho bạn nhiều bộ giải pháp đóng gói hiệu quả với giá cả và chi phí tiết kiệm.

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