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    Today will be my visit to the Naturopath. Hopefully I'll get to find there. I'll update here if I'm done with the visit. Takecare and have a great day everyone.

  1. Breakfast: porridge with water, slice of GF bread and nut butter
    Lunch: home made butternut squash and celery soup. A buckwheat pancake with nothing on (made them for the kids. Used almond milk so they'd be dairy free, then realised I'd used egg, nevermind). Large handful of salted peanuts
    Dinner: home made tofu nuggets, oven chips, sweetcorn and peas, handful of pecans

    Absolutely no improvement in my skin today. In fact, several of my red spots have turned into whiteheads. I know I'm eating what will show in four weeks (skin takes around 28 days to renew), but a bit of encouragement would be good.

    Sugar withdrawal headache kicked in today at about 2pm. I've had a really runny and snotty nose today also. Been here many times, so all as expected.

    40 days to go of 6 weeks total to reset my sugar-craving palette and hopefully sort my skin out.

  2. So many changes since my last post, and only a few of them related to my skin. 

    About a month ago I moved from Asheville to Greensboro for a job promotion. And while it has been an amazing opportunity, it's also been hectic. I've been sick twice during that time, including during the actual move itself. I have had to make a lot of adjustments. Although I have been good about keeping up with my skincare during that time. 

    One of the set backs has been that anytime I am presented with a different water quality, my skin freaks out. This led to a couple of unfortunate cystic pimples cropping up. It has settled down now, and ultimately the water here is better, but it left behind two scars I'm trying to deal with. Of course. 

    My new bathroom also has much brighter LED lighting, so I think I can see my imperfections more clearly. And the lighting at my new job is florescent, which makes everything look terrible. But I try not to focus on that. 

    It's difficult knowing that I'm using the right products and having the progress go so slowly. I am aware that it takes time and none of this is a Mr. Clean magic eraser for my skin. But I sure wish it were. 

    I feel like there's been a lot of stagnation in my skin. It may just be time to bump up to a higher concentration of AHA and less frequent application so I can work my way back up. I'm not sure. Overall, I believe it has helped. But I still wish I could have the perfect, poreless skin we all dream of. 

    But I will keep on and hope that I can continue to make progress, one way or another. IMG_20180218_004353526.jpgIMG_20180218_004357125.jpgIMG_20180218_004401173.jpg

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    So it’s almost been two weeks and I don’t have dry lips, skin, or hair but my nose does get dry occasionally and my mouth is always dry in the morning. I’ve been experiencing a bit of joint pain as well but nothing intolerable. It’s just there and it’s noticeable especially when I stand for a long time but it doesn’t bother me. I think my IB has just started because I’ve been getting two new cysts everyday and it’s not fun but hopefully it’ll get better soon. This is a very dull update but that’s basically it.

  3. less_like_luminary
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    one of the worst things about isotretinoin: ipledge

    I tried to switch derm offices due to insurance. This turned out to be a big waste of time, blood (wasted lab draw), and energy. That derm office was so disorganized. when they 'got around' to getting my labs, they had expired the day before. At first I felt like this was a major problem and life crisis. But then I realized 'ok this is just a minor problem' and now I realize its a setback.

    So I switched back to my initial derm office (which is way more organized and even has one person dedicated to ipledge only). I had to get my labs redrawn today (2nd time in a week and a half) and then I will be seen Monday and hopefully fill my prescription the same day.

    At least I dont have to wait a whole month. I just wish ipledge wasnt so strict.

    Oh well, isotretinoin is clearing my face up. It's actually remarkable. Now that Ive been off isotretinoin since Wednesday (not my choice, out of my control) Ive noticed my skin is worsening again. This must be why isotretinoin is such a long course treatment (5-6 months for me). So sad because my skin was just about getting clear enough that I could walk out of the house comfortably without makeup. Definitely a setback :(

    I had ben using ground flax mixed with 1 cup liquid (sometimes water, sometimes iced tea) twice a day and this relieved the stomach issues I had been experiencing. Also, around the last few accutane pills of my first month I developed a red, raised, irritated rash on the back of my hands. I thought maybe I got a sunburn on my hands while I was driving, But then I searched other blog posts here on and saw other people have experienced this also. Its hard to treat though because it stings and if I put anything on it (eucerin) it stings more so I run cold water over it and it kinda subsides but then I wonder if its worth it to put anything on it.

    Oh well, I just want my new pack of isotretinoin and then smooth sailing (just take it every day for the rest of these 4-5 months).

    Up until now, yes I would recommend isotretinoin. My friend even mentioned the topical tretinoin worked for her. And I know someone else who tried the oral isotretinoin, it didnt work; so he did the topical tretinoin and it cleared his skin up noticeably.

    Well just wanted to update this about my experiences so far.

    Its hard but when I think long term its easier.

    Two more thoughts:

    1. I've been trying something new that I read about in a magazine. If I have a really raised embarrassing whitehead that is ready to pop then I used two q tips to gently remove the head. Better than using fingers and finger nails

    2. Although its hard dealing with acne, Ive realized its a unique health issue. "its not cancer'

    Come around June hopefully I'll be done with all this and no more painful pimples!

    I'm thinking I'll try to post once of month now since time is flying...but I want to post some pictures next time maybe around mid March (before and after)

    hang it there! its worth it


  4. FriendlyCongo
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    so back to the drawing board, my skin this month has been heartbreaking. I'm on my period right now and have two large cysts that are awful so well see how long it takes to get rid of them. I just started proactive md so hopefully with the fourth month of birth control and the start of a routine things start looking good for me. 

  5. I spent almost every day here in 2013/2014. I wrote blogs and read all of yours. I felt defeated then and I feel defeated now. My cystic acne slowly subsided for about 3 ish years. I would get the odd cyst here and there but they were few and far between. Lately they've been coming back. One after the other with clear periods lasting only a week or so. I feel like a shell. I've locked myself away from everyone this weekend. I've lied and told people I was busy all because I feel I can't face anyone. I know I'm strong and i know I've been through this before.. I just don't want to anymore. I don't want to think about the same fucking thing every day. 

  6. The dryness is back. My skin is really flakey and it is making it really hard to wear make up without it cracking and looking horrible. Really don't want to leave my house but trying my hardest to keep the dryness down. Spots are still there but not as angry. 

  7. Hi everyone

    It has been a while that I haven't updated my new entry. So, my acne is still coming up on left cheek close to my mouth and two big cyst on my forehead. One in the centre and another one on my right. Before this there were 3 cyst on my forehead and a fews on my both left and right cheeks. All of them left red scars on my face. It makes me feel unhappy. I am losing my confidence. I don't know how does it come up or what causes it. I did apply benzac overnight and on the spot but lately it works less than excellent. Acne does not subsize as fast as it should. It begin to get red and dry then it comes up and left scar. It takes almost 2 or 3 weeks for me to elimiate a cyst. Very curious what happens. 

  8. So I am back from my 2 week vacation and I have returned with no new spots
    . So that's a win win for me :).. I had a Terrible lifestyle in last two weeks.. anyways no major change in my pimple or spots.. I have had few small pimples but they are either gone or visible only when you get really close to my face..I am following the same skin care routine I followed last week

    When I started accutane I wasn't even sure it will show any results since I had less active breakouts but huge number of red flat spots on my face..but I have seen so many videos on you tube with results where accutane does clear out all the red spots and pimples.. I am a very impatient person and it's been really discouraging so far.. I know I shouldn't really expect a miracle to's very unrealistic but my dose is so low..I feel it will take forever for my skin to heal and I am kind of running on a clock here.. I think I may have gone a little crazy..acne is all that is on my mind now and I am sick of it.. I don't wear makeup at all and it take a hell lot of courage to walk out in public looking like  that and people staring at you and judging you specially when you come from a place where you had a clear skin.. I know you are not your acne but it has really taken a toll on my self esteem..I have actually been rejected twice because of my acne..I never realized it but the concept of BEAUTY IS SO FLAWED.. earlier when I had clear skin I never cared to notice people's scars or acne..infact I dated a guy who had lot of scars and pimples and I was surprised to see that I never noticed it untill recently when I found an old photograph. Anyone reading this please pray for me.. I hope this gets over soon..and sorry for rambling about it..I was feeling kind of low today

  9. Days 13, 14 & 15 - Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th February 2018

    Took 2 x 20mg tablets with breakfast.
    I have had a couple more small pimples come up, nothing major or like my usual. Cant tell if it because of the accutane or my period...or both. 
    Skin is getting very dryer, feeling very tight in the morning and evening after I have cleansed. 
    Noticed that my hands are getting a lot dryer now as well. 
    My skin is looking a lot less angry and smoother. 
    My hair also feels quite dry on the ends, again not sure if its the tablets or I might just need a hair cut! 

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    Tuesday February 13, 2018.  Finished my first week of accutane.  Forgot to mention I am taking 40mg once daily and I am a ~130lb female.  Haven't really noticed any side effects yet.  My skin has been surprisingly oily to me.  I don't know if it's a reaction resisting the accutane or related to me ending my other acne treatments (BP, retinA, minocycline).  Or maybe i'm just overanalyzing it.  Hard to tell.  I also have been getting very itchy lately in random isolated spots.  I am taking preemptive measures to try to avoid side effects including generously using aquaphor on my lips and limiting the hours I have my contacts in.  As far as acne goes, I see no difference.  Not surprising since it's been barely a week.  It'd be great if the whole treatment goes this easily!



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    month 2 has been going alright. My lips are starting to get drier but still ok. The noticeable thing thats really annoying me is that my face has been becoming red and heating up a lot, as i said i have a bit of rosacea so this used to happen even before accurate but its still annoying. So far I've had two more pimples. 

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    IMG_0763 2.JPG

  10. Update. Not too much of a difference. i think my back is clearing up. Chest is still breaking out. Face is still breaking out, causing pock scars. Again I'm quite fed up at this point. Getting really really dry at the bottom of my nose again. Almost done 5 months on this stuff, pretty crazy. Coming up the last month. 

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    100th time lucky
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    Day 17 is Coming to an end and I think I might have jinxed my progress a little. The other day I was thinking that I was still been breaking out whilst on this regimen, but at least not on my cheeks. And like a letter in the post, the next day I had two spots on one cheek and one on the other. And all though this is a major set back, I am happy that the spots’ life cycle seems shorter. Before, a spot could be “brewing” under the skin for up to four days before coming to the surface, and then stay active for up to three days and then heal to an acceptable level for another two days. Now it seems it takes only 4 days for the whole cycle to run, so at least that is good news. I have also tried to increase the BP after week two, so now I am on full strength in the evenings, and half strength in the mornings. I will go up to full strength in week 4 and see how the skins feels. 

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    Urine Therapy For Acne O_O

    Ones own urine has been used for medicinal purposes for years. Different cultures all over the world have discovered a wide variety of ailments that have been helped or even cured by using your own urine.

    The correct term for treating a medical condition with your own urine is urotherapy or uropathy. When using urine to treat acne the idea is simply to dab and massage it into your skin as you would a facial toner.

    I must stress we are talking about your own urine for this treatment, not someone elses, the thought of applying pee to my face was quite something to get to grips with, the thought of using someone elses would probably have given me nightmares.

    Just briefly touching on not using your own urine, I did read somewhere that babies pee is even stronger and works much quicker than using your own and it suggested if you have a baby in the house just dab a swab in a diaper. I am sorry but that is something even I cannot get my head around.

    18th Century France - Bathing In Urine

    In 18 Century France, it has been reported that women used to take baths and soak themselves in urine, now I am unsure how they managed to fill a bath, with even the best will in the world and drinking solidly around the clock I don't believe I could actually produce enough pee to fill a bath, I can only assume that it wasn't all their own? Now that really is a Eww moment of grand proportions.

    Before we go any further the treatment we are looking at today involves dabbing urine onto your skin, no you are not going to be asked to digest or drink any and certainly not take a bath in it.

    So putting the cringes to one side this is not some old wifes tale, this is a natural home remedy to cure acnee that actually works and it isn't going to cost you a bean. When I say it works, I just want to clarify that it helps cure acne, it will help you obtain a clearer skin and clear up those spots. This treatment will do little if anything in helping you to rid acne scars that is a different matter.

    What Is In Urine

    Unlike a stool which is a toxic waste product, urine only contains a very small amount of actual waste, it is completely sterile and non-toxic. Urine actually contains vitamins, acids, minerals and hormones, the levels of each dependant on your current state of health. The active ingredients that assist in helping acne are:
    •     Zinc
    •     Vitamin C
    •     Urea
    •     Ammonia
    •     Bicarbonate
    •     Corticosteroids
    •     Salt and Magnesium

    How to Treat Acne: Urine Therapy

    If you have got this far you are either very curious or after trying everything else you haven't ruled out the possibility of treating your acne with urine. The next section details the few simple steps for this rather unusual acne treatment.
    •     We have already established that you should be using your own urine, it must also be the first one of the day as soon as you awake as this is the strongest as it has been in your bladder all through the night.
    •     When you first start to go to the toilet leave the first couple of seconds to flow, stop midstream and catch some in a small container, you don't need a lot.
    •     Using a cotton wool swab, gently apply the urine to your acne scars or spots.
    •     Leave the urine on your skin for between 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.
    •     It will not harm you leaving it on longer and believe it or not, as the urine starts to dry out there won't be any smell (no you won't smell like a public lavatory).
    •     As long as you have saved some in the container you can apply this at least twice a day.
    •     Just before retiring to bed you can apply the same urine for overnight use too, this is probably the best time to apply it.
    •     If you keep the urine in a container for more than 24 hours it will turn into a concentrate which you can apply to darker spots.
    •     Pop along to your local health center or doctors and ask them for a sample bottle, they will happily provide you with one and no you won't have to tell them what you want the bottle for.
    •     Don't over think about what you are doing, we apply creams, perfumes and chemicals to our bodies every day, if only we knew what was in half of the products we apply to our skin.

    Some people experience a very slight tingling using this method but keep the treatment up and you should notice an improvement in just a few days time. It is totally free and as long as you can get your head around the fact you are applying pee to your face what have you got to lose.

    Remember though, this isn't a try once and cure treatment, it is one that you are going to have to persevere with for a while although in using this method you should notice an improvement in just a matter of days.

    Peeing into a container is obviously easier for the guys so ladies, get yourself a spare jug and as you probably don't want to be collecting samples too often why not get yourself a small plastic container with a screw top lid, you can always leave it in the bathroom.


    Urine does help in curing spots and outbreaks of acne but for best results do not use it as some kind of wonder or miracle treatment. Don't see it as a one way attack on acne, see it as part of a routine that should also include watching your diet, consuming more Omega 3 and avoiding things that clog your pores and things that make your skin greasy.

    About Juan Koss:

    As a physician and research paper helper, I’ve always been drawn to the specialized practice of caring for the skin. I see each person’s skin as their canvas. A great work of art can only be achieved when you begin with the best canvas possible.

  11. I'm so frustrated I just compared photos of my face from the day I started spiro to today and I think it's doing more damage than it is doing any good. And I knowwwww I know it can take time but I'm nearing the three month mark and this is what my skin looks like?! It's a dissaster. I cannot stop crying. I havent once felt like my skin has been getting better since on this medication. I just went to work and came home to like 2-4 new stubborn under the skin pimples. I'm so depressed Idk how much longer I can wait. I'm so close to asking my dermatologist for accutane because spiro isn't doing anything but making my skin worse and worse. Please tell me what you guys think. I'm desperate. I hate my skin I hate looking in the mirror. This is awful. I'm including photos from November 17 the day I first started taking spiro and today. I can't even look at them my skin has gotten so bad 



  12. 20mg in the evening and 10mg in the morning. No longer taking Dianne 35

    In a few days it will be 4 months since I have been on Accutane and yes, I am now among those that am saying it works amazing and I wish I would have went on it sooner or that the doctors would have suggested it sooner. Even though I was just breaking out with cysts on my chin, it had damaged my self-esteem so bad that there were many days that I turned down opportunities and activities because of the way I looked. I thought so negatively about my appearance and it affected every area of my life. Now I am happy to say that I am still cyst free and not hiding in my house anymore.  A little under eye concealer is all i use for work now. I am not embarrassed to go barefaced in front of people anymore. I used to get a cyst at the slightest irritation or contact with my chin but now I don't stress when my jacket or blanket hits my chin or when I lay on my partners chest. I allow him and my son to touch my face now and my goodness is it freeing to know that it won't result in a cyst. I should be careful not to get to confident though as this is the first month I will be without the Dianne 35. My partner has a confirmed vasectomy and I am emotionally unstable during period time if I am on birth control so I made the decision to come off of it. I also didn't want to get done Accutane and then go off birth control pills only for it to mess with my hormones and bring back my acne. Hopefully going off will not negatively affect anything. 

    Side effects continue to be dry eyes, lips and skin continue but my face dryness isn't too bad. 

  13. So it's almost the end of January now and I am almost 4 months finished my Accutane/isotretinoin journey. My skin is flawless still! I don't gain any acne except for tiny blackheads rarely , that's it!! I'm so happy in my skin and feel like a new person. I've gained much more confidence in myself due to the acne going away completely. I'm still working on reducing the scaring but I'm over the moon as my skin is now. The only products I use on my skin now are pure coconut oil obviously for cleansing , Aveeno skin relief moisture repair cream for moisturising and i use lush's rose water toner! :)image.jpeg


  14. Indianna

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    so I've recently gone to the doctors and was put on a medication called isotretinoin 10mg, it's really helped and it also I've changed my skincare routine so it's less drying and more hydrating, it has seemed to work and my skin is clearer than ever before literally, i'm enjoying this and the fact that I can eat almost anything except milk and still have clear skin cause the pill I've been prescribed is amazing.

    LIst of products:
    1. ST.IVES Even & Bright pink lemon & mandarin orange scrub61r7XRCUFOL._SY355_.jpgCountdown$10.00
    2. Garnier SKINACTIVE anti-blemish soap-free gel washPURE-ACTIVE-SENSITIVE-GEL-WASH-200ML-724079.jpgKmart$13.00
    3. BENZAC AC 5% moderate strength acne washImage result for BENZAC AC 5% moderate strength acne washCountdown$20.00
    4. Garnier SKINACTIVE bottle which i emptied and filled up with my homemade chamomile tea toner instead.
    5. by nature moisture replenishing Face SerumImage result for by nature moisture replenishing Face SerumWarehouse$10.00
    6. charcoal peel off mask *from the 2dollar shop*
    7. Natures care paw paw lip balm Image result for paw paw lip balmWarehouse$?

    List of tools I use:
    1. proactiv facial device $100.00 from life pharmacy with the silicone head $4.00 bought from Kmart which surprisingly fit.Image result for proactiv facial device
    2. Necessities Brand Bath hair towel turban $7.00 from the warehouse which I use for my wet hair.Image result for Necessities Brand Bath hair towel turban
    3. economy paper towels $5.00 from the warehouse which I use to dry my face with instead of using material towels.Image result for economy paper towels
    so that's all of it.
    next update is my skincare day&night routine




  15. guys I have folliculitis on scalp and face. They have this yellow crust. I got it cultured and it came back as normal skin flora no bacteria and no staph. I don't know what to do. I have done minocycline and doxycline which worked temporarily. After the yellow crust falls of then it turns into a flake. SO my skin is very flakey but only where I get the spots. I get them in my beard, near mouth, scalp, near nose.  This is is wrecking my life. I had acne as a teen but it don't look like this at all. Now its crusty pustules. HELP please.

  16. This is hard for me to do but I want to be real and raw with this journey I’m on. So here are photos I took last night of my skin right after I got out of the shower. I’d say they’re fairly accurate but my skin/acne is always a bit more red and blotchy after I am in a hot shower. Some of the pimples were ones I picked at that you couldn’t even see but I knew they were there and it drives me crazy. I definitely need to be better at not picking and just letting them go. I know that all it does is cause inflammation, makes bacteria spread and causes scarring. Sorry for the scary looking blacked out eyes!!




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    Hello! Let me tell you some background information. I'm from Venezuela and recently moved to Spain (Barcelona). Since I was 13years old I started getting acne, it wasn't very bad but it was very persistent. Then at the age of 17 it started getting worse, so from mild it went to moderate acne. I tried many products and all that stuff and it only made it worse. So i was really desperate and my derm recommend me using Accutane, very low dosage 30mg, I weight 64kg and my heigh is 174cm, and eventually i went from 30mg to 10mg since my skin did improve and a lot. Well now I'm here in Barcelona, the weather is not good on my skin,  mine is oily but very sensitive. I purchased neutrogena visibly clear face wash spot proofing, because i ran out of my products that i used to use in venezuela, and I think is harsh on my skin. My pores seems to get bigger everyday :c and i dont know what to do... I cleanse only at night due to the product and I moisturize when going to bed. I wash my face in the morning with water and then  moisturize. Well here are some pics of my skin, I would really appreciate if I can get some help. 

    Cara victor 1.jpg

    Cara victor.jpg

  17. I would not recommend differin. It made my face worse than it was before. I've never had this many scars and hyperpigmentation, I have like thirty red lesions on my face now. Ugh! I finally when to the dermatologist and she recommended me doxycycline for my acne and I've been using the Banish Acne Scar kit for my scarring. Don't buy differin, you're wasting money and ruining your skin.