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  1. 8 entries

    hopefully im not jinxing myself but let the healing begin......



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    Hey. I've been off epuris for a month now. I've noticed scars noticeably going away, which is great. I'm still getting a few cystic acne spots though. is this normal? Maybe I should talk to my doctor about this. They're not full on breakouts, but just one by one rather. My healing factor is much better for sure. Everything doesn't seem so dry anymore. I imagine I'll start feeling more comfortable as time goes on. 

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    I had a miserable day yesterday. And I ate a ton of sh*t. I had hot chocolate with mountains of whipped cream, chocolate, pizza for dinner and a massive serving of stewed apple and cream for pudding. I basically ate all my favourite foods.

    Yesterday i had 33 active spots. Today i have 42. I am breaking out really badly.

    But today I am going 100% dairy free. In my six weeks of near perfect eating i was still breaking out and I was still eating dairy. Let’s try cutting it completely for a month and seeing what happens.

    I will update in one week.


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    I read a while back about mixing Talc with a bit of water to make a paste, apply it to spots and it dries them out. Gave it a try, loved it. So I decided to get creative! I bought some of cuticura’s mildly medicated talc (works wonders for itchy skin), and decided to mix it with other things to create a paste. Here are the best results so far! 

    1. Mix the powder with one or two drops of whiskey. Yup, whiskey. Not only is the alcohol great for drying up healing zits, but if you have nasty throbbing painful acne, the whiskey acts as a numbing agent! I’ve also found that it’s great for bringing spots to a head quicker.

    2. Mix with TCP. Now I’m not a huge fan of TCP. It does help my spots, but it can be very drying which can lead to redness, so I reserve this stuff as my “big gun” to tackle the really deep stubborn spots that won’t budge. 

    3. My typical method, the powder mixed with saltwater. The salt is mild enough to dry out the spot, and is a great natural antiseptic that speeds up the healing. 

    Now I guess you could argue “Why don’t you just put those things on your face without the talc?” 
    Truth is I’ve found that the talc gives these remedies more staying power! As a naturally oily and sweaty person (Gross right),I  find that if I just dab the treatment, for example the saltwater by itself, onto the zitty region, I end up having to constantly reapply it. But in conjunction with the powder, I only need to apply once before bed. Eventually the concoction dries on my face, no further applications needed! 

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    Just for the updates.. so over the last few days my acne did improve..I also started using retina A...however in last 1 week my skin has taken a sudden turn and all of a sudden I am breaking out again..I finally thought I am making some progress and then this happens.. anyways I will try to keep the blog updated.. it's just that my heart breaks everytime I write  the same negative update.. still waiting for that one positive update that I can give to everyone.. if hell is real then it's here :( 

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    I went for blood work after a month on Iso and all the tests as we "Iso Clan" know them were all good. Armed with the tests i marched to my derm's office for a review and a refill . He was happy with the way my skin looked and actually told me that the drug was working faster that he anticipated. Wanna find out what he meant? Allow me to indulge you...

    Changes to my skin after a month and to date
    First, let me bust your bubble-No, i dont have a clear glowing non-hyper-pigmented facial skin-well not just yet but that is the goal right? What the derm meant is that my face has achieved a relative level of dryness after a month and has lesser breakouts than before, indicative of effectiveness of the drug on me (you should have seen me grin from corner to corner :smileys_n_people_21:) . To date, my face continues to be dry but highly pigmented (no, i will not bog you down with evidence). I have also noticed that the "self-destructive works of my nails on my poor face" (if you follow me you will know what i mean..^_^) are taking longer to heal, a factor that is adding salts to the injury that is hyper-pigmentation (goodness, this word is looong, :smileys_n_people_29:). However, my dry facial skin and lips are nothing i cannot handle with good moisturizers and thank God this is only restricted to my face-not other parts of my body.
    I have also noticed (and people who know me well have confirmed the same) a good measure of darkening of my facial skin compared to the rest of my body.

    Changes in my daily skin care regime
    My morning ritual remains pretty much the same-however, there has been a modification in my evening one. To try and moisturize my facial skin richly and beat darkening (if i can), i am slathering on a good dose of raw shea butter, pure Vitamin E, Carrot oil and Sweet Almond Oil after cleansing (Shhhhhh, my derm cant know as he explicitly told me to stay away from "oils" and instead stick to typical moisturizers :animals_n_nature_11:). I guess the one who wears a shoe knows where it pinches most and i figured i needed to change the way i have been moisturizing my skin to stay well moisturized-you know, "you cant keep doing the same things and expect different results" slogan?? (i know, cliche' but you follow..) Well, it has now been a week and my skin feels so much better and who knows, i can also help me halt the darkening (fingers crossed).

    Oh and another thing, my derm said after this month, we might up my dose to 40mg/day (i am not looking forward to that but hey, got to remain positive)!

    Cheers peeps........

  7. cherilrys Road to Accutane
    By cherilrys
    1 entry

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and I just want to share with you my accutane process. I think it will be nice to exchange opinions and experiences. I'm actually starting next week. it will be nice to meet some people that are in the situation I am, Thanks for reading me!

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    I am so sorry for not posting in like, four months! I think the reason for that was that I was starting to feel okay about my skin, and I just kept blowing off posting on here because it reminded me of how long I still have to go. I believe I am now on month 7, and I have definitely seen results. I went from a full-on breakout of the entire face to just occasional spots, although I have a few more than usual rn, and I think that is because of my diet being so poor lately. I will start to eat better again and hopefully, my skin will get better too. I think I will start posting pictures just to show you my progress. Keep in mind, all the red spots on my skin are either PIH or scarring, I'm not sure which, but if someone could help me if with figuring that out I would be so grateful! :) Here is my skin rn: 
    The dry spots are just spot treatment. As you can see, I don't have much texture anymore. What I have to deal with now is the aftermath of my past breakouts, and I honestly don't know how to, because I don't even know what they are. I have talked to a dermatologist who said it was PIH and a facialist who told me it was scarring. Also, I will try to update more frequently, every couple of weeks, but I guess last time proved I can't make promises :D. I would greatly appreciate help with this, from what it is exactly, to what to do about it. I would love so much to go make up free by the time the next school year begins :) 

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    The common idea that you’ll “outgrow” your acne is nothing but a myth. You can still have acne and struggle with it regardless of your age or gender. Males and females, regardless of their age battle cystic acne without implementing a reliable and effective skincare regimen. In some cases, the applied “treatment” consists of damaging DIY solutions, prepared by following various online “miracle concoctions”. As this type of acne is deeply established in sufferer’s skin, these solutions remain ineffective and can damage the skin furthermore by drying it too much, irritating it and over-exfoliating it. Needless to say, if you suffer from cystic acne, don’t rely on lemon juice and banking soda mixtures, as nothing good will ever come out of it. And remember: never pick at your cystic acne. It will only push the infection deeper and will make it more difficult to treat.


    Research your options and start the right regimen for your type of skin

    You must first establish what type of skin you have, in order to search for reliable products. Products that don’t fit your skin’s particular necessities will only damage it and will leave long-term issues: further breakouts, scarring - Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) and atrophic scarring – which will damage your skin’s texture. A good regimen should start with a simple, gentle cleanser and a moisturizer that suits your skin. After a well-documented research, you can start purchasing a cleanser and moisturizer, even if you think that your oily skin doesn’t need one. Moisturizing is an important step of a healthy and effective skincare regimen, regardless of your type of skin. Use those for a longer interval, see if they cause any reactions. After you have established that the two previous types of products work for your skin, find a topical treatment that will help you diminish the inflammation. In most of the cases, prescription strength Vitamin A-derivate creams and topical lotions work best for this type of acne. However, those should be a last resort solution, and OTC medication should be your first option. Invest in a good SPF 50+ lotion, as this type of topical treatment will photosensitize your skin.

    Besides a suitable skincare regimen, you should check for environmental factors that may lead to this issue. While not many think that their houses can be infested with dangerous chemicals, the experts at this meth testing in NZ laboratory claim that many houses show high degrees of this dangerous irritant.

    Dietary recommendations for cystic acne

    As in most of the cases, this type of acne is caused by hormonal imbalances. Diet is more important than many think, and by implementing a low-glycemic diet, a dairy-free diet may help with the symptoms incredibly. Those suffering from cystic acne are recommended a diet based on plenty of fruits and vegetables, low-fat meats, preferably white meat. Alcohol may also lead to cystic acne so limiting it should also help. Keep in mind that most alcoholic beverages have high concentrations of sugar. 

    Combating cystic acne should be a science-based process and should never involve DIY solutions popularized by various online platforms.

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    Today I decided to give a try and I ordered my BP treatment. I been suffering with acne since I was 14, but for 1 year ago I been expericing horrible acne. It had really messed me up with my confident I cry everytime I break out, I just hope I can find the solution and it’s this. I got on accutane, doxycline, tried aloe vera, acne masks, spirotune ( it helped while I was on it as well with accutane) onces I got off the pills I would break out again. Right now I am on birth control pills so lets see how it goes. I have super oily skin, sensitive and i dont really wear make up

  11. 1 entry
    Ever since 6th grade I have suffered getting 1 cyst during my period with some minor acne. Fast forward to several months ago, I was getting 2-3 cysts at a time and as soon as they healed and went away, more would pop up. I have tried's acne plan to a T and it made my acne worse!! Nothing was making it better and I know that you're suppose to keep using it for awhile to let your face feel better but mine wouldn't stop breaking out more and my skin was always dry regardless of the jojoba oil and the moisturizer. So I went to Youtube looking up remedies and this doctor was talking about a product called DIM that would help with hormonal balances and how sugar spikes your insulin and causes cysts. So I went on Amazon and bought DIM for $10 and literally that week my cysts stopped showing up!! My mood swings stopped, and my period pimples ceased. I have been on it for 2 months now and I've only gotten 2 cysts and that's because I ate a bunch of chocolate in just 2 days. So cut back on your sugar intake, especially that time of the month and take one of these pills every day. My face wash is Cerave Moisturizing Face Wash that I use a gentle rag with and I use the face lotion. For getting rid of pimples on site I use Bye Bye Blemish from Amazon mixed with Zitfree from the dollar store. And if I don't use that face lotion I use my After Sun Aloe Vera lotion.
  12. 23 entries

    So it's been two weeks since I posted on here! Here's the update:

    So my first trigger food once I started reintroducing foods back into my diet was eggs. I added grains and my skin was fine. Then I added chicken - another breakout. Then red meat - another breakout. Then dairy - another breakout. (I did let my skin breathe in between adding foods for a few days so I knew it was the food and not a residual breakout from a previous food)

    I will say that the breakouts were not bad, just whiteheads, not the cyst that popped up when I had eggs. So, I have decided to go vegan. It looks like animal products are the things keeping me from clear skin. It's been three days since my last breakout and for the past three days I've been eating vegan and my skin is looking goooooooood. I am honestly amazed that my skin is this good right now. 

    I will say, I am not going to a very strict vegan. If someone offers me a non-vegan cookie, I'm gonna take it and deal with the whitehead the next day. But hopefully staying vegan for the majority of my meals will keep the serious acne away. 

    I'm still only washing my face with micellar water. No harsh creams and no foundation. I'm thinking maybe once I'm really confident in my vegan diet, I might reintroduce foundation, but I haven't decided when or if I will do that. I've really loved being proud of my natural skin :)


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    I am surprisingly clear right now!!! Fingers crossed.
    I had 3 cysts on my chin at one time and 1 on my forehead. RENEE ROULAU ANTI-CYST TREATMENT IS AMAZING!!!! Apply in evening after I take of my makeup about 2 times and then again before I go to sleep and the cyst shrinks so much!!!! It's kinda pricey but SO WORTH IT
    Dryness has kinda chilled out, not nearly as bad, but the weather has been very humid.
    I go to the Derm in 2 days for labs and I think it is possible he will increase my dosage because I am tolerating 30mg Absorica well.

    Day 30 Update!!!!!!!   Went to the derm last week. I am bumping up to my "maintenance dose" which will be 60mg Absorica. This is DOUBLE my current dose and I am pretty clear right now aside from some very tiny places and blackheads. I'm expecting a breakout from the larger dose so that if I don't break out it will be a pleasant surprise.  I am also starting my period in a few days so it is possible I may break out from a combination of the larger dose and crazy period hormones.
    My lips are already dry so I'm worried about how bad they will get.... Aquaphor is still my go-to for the most part.
    Still keeping dairy to a minimum. No way to tell if skin clarity is from that or the tane.
    The blackheads are working their way out... it's crazy to actually see how my skin is changing. My nose is so bumpy when you touch it closely and the blackheads come out if I just barely scratch at them. Hopefully the isotretinoin will shrink the pores on my nose.
    I will update once I am on the 60mg Absorica in a couple days!!!

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    Today is my fifth day taking Accutane, and my face has definitely developed a few more blemishes. Really haven't experienced any side effects, although my lips are a tad bit dry.

    I will also add that my face is feeling VERY oily right now, but I have been reading that is usually pretty common when you first start your treatment. It just feels very weird because my skin is never very oily, usually more on the dry side. Oh Well.

    No initial breakout so far that has been too bad, like I mentioned above I have had a few more spots but they haven't been too bad.

    Ill try and update this blog as much as possible, some days I just forget and am too tired to write. 

  15. 84 entries

    Well its well over a year, 18 months since finishing Roaccutane and I'm still clear. I have the odd pimple now and again, mainly cycle related. My skin is a little dry if anything, but only on my face and sorted with a little bit of moisturiser. I am still exceptionally happy with my decision to take it. Pics below are fresh out of the shower with no make up or products on at all.




  16. 3 entries

    Day two was a success....a few spots popped up but I managed not to mess with them apart from one, but I didn't squeeze it, so I'm not counting that one. 
    But in regards to my Accutane journey, so far it has been up and down, I feel that now I'm taking a new approach and trying not to touch and mess with my face it should become a bit more clearer. Overall though i don't get any large deep spots anymore, just little white heads. 

  17. 1 entry

    Given the huge range of lotions, brushes and supplements out there that claim to help reduce or even remove acne, it can be quite disheartening for people with the condition to be repeatedly met by failure or unsatisfactory results each time they try something new. Some products may be more effective than others, but there's more to preventing acne than simply trying to medicate it. One of the best ways to help battle the problem is to eat foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins that are not just natural and incredibly beneficial for the skin, but healthy for the whole body too.



    Not only are nuts full of natural energy, the majority are also packed with vitamins that are proven to be great for the skin. Look for unprocessed varieties such as kernels, almonds, pine and macadamia for example rather than those out of a packet coated in salt and oils. Such nuts contain plenty of selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and iron - that serve to keep the skin healthy and supple.

    Red Grapes

    Feel free to eat the seeds as well, as the entire grape is also full of antioxidants that can help prevent the inflammation that become apparent through skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Like nuts these can be nibbled on and picked at over the course of the day, keeping these beneficial chemicals constantly working through the body.

    Oily Fish

    Often called 'fatty' fish, salmon, sardines and mackerel are among the best because they are full of essential Omega 3 oils that help reduce the capacity for the skin to become inflamed while unclogging blocked pores. Omega 3 is available in supplements, but nothing beats naturally ingesting these foods for the maximum potential benefit.


    Not only delicious and highly versatile, avocados are one of the best and most efficient sources of vitamin C that not only prevents inflammation but also serves as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Try to eat a whole fruit a few times a week, ideally in a healthy salad (minus any creamy dressings!) or whole meal sandwich. In case avocado isn't to taste, artichokes share similar properties.

    Brown Rice


    Sure it takes longer to prepare than white but that's no excuse given that it's not just incredibly more nutritious but contains a wealth of acne fighting properties. Full of protein and magnesium, it is also a wonderful natural source of vitamin B that is a powerful regulator of overactive hormones - that in many cases is causally linked to the development of acne.


    This is a slightly more obscure ingredient but one worth mentioning for cooks who like to use plenty of fresh root vegetables in their recipes, fennel is a wonderful aid for the digestive system and helps encourage the excretion of toxins and free radicals that can be stubborn to shift. Remember that the skin is a bodily organ, and just like kidneys, heart, liver etc its performance is directly in relation to how well the rest of the body is. Maintaining a strong digestive tract should be key to anyone having difficulties with acne.


    Perhaps most people's favorite super food, broccoli is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K - the complete package when it comes to maintaining overall health, with great knock-on benefits for the skin. Like all such vegetables try to steam rather than boil to prevent nutrients slipping out while cooking.


    Renowned for centuries thanks to its health giving benefits, garlic is one of the best and certainly most easily available foods for its antioxidant powers. It prevents the inflammation of the skin and helps the immune system to function, and is available in concentrated vitamin supplements for those who find its taste too pungent.

    These are some of the recommended foods that prevent acne and by replacing your junk food with healthier alternatives, you are keeping your body healthy.

  18. 6 entries

    hi everyone! i forgot to post pics after the last month. overall, my skin is SOO much better than how i was 6 months ago. huge improvement and very little side effects. def recommend to anyone thinking of taking accutane. of course everyone is different, and everyone will react to it differently as well. i'm gonn apost 2 pics i took this morning. these pictures are actually a month after my last dose of accutane. so in total, 7 months after my first dose of accutane. i recently started using a cream for my scars, i just started (3rd day) so i won't see a difference but i'll take  a pic of my skin after a month of using it!


  19. 6 entries

    Here are my pictures of my skin currently. I have like 2/3 active zits on my forehead but there are always little zits under the skin of my forehead  that are not visible in pictures. I also have a lot of red/brown scars, overall redness, blotchyness and hyperpigmentation that you can clearly see. 





  20. 1 entry

    I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ?
    Please I want honest reviews about it.

  21. 1 entry

    Your flare up of pimples is finally over, but it has left behind some horrible scarring.

    Even without picking, acne lesions, notably cysts, may lead to scars resulting from the serious, collagen-damaging swelling with which they are interlinked. Surprisingly, you do not have to deal with the clear indications of a break-out permanently.

    What Can Lead To Acne?

    Rays of The Sun

    The simple truth is that sun light might actually make blemishes seem uglier and can make healing take longer. It's crucial to make use of sun-screen with not less than an SPF of 30 whenever you're out in sun rays for a long time period. Sunscreen must be reapplied soon after spending just a few hours in the sun and also after swimming. Also, reduce the amount of time you spend in the sunshine, and even dressing in protective clothing, for example a long-sleeved shirt, denims, and a hat, is beneficial.

    Not Giving Acne The Appropriate Time To Heal

    Scars, which are composed chiefly of collagen (a protein fibre), are the body's way of correcting itself. The loss in collagen from the skin frequently results in scars becoming indented. Scratching results in more inflammation and injury to the skin, which increases loss of color and scarring. Squeezing or attempting to pop a pimple will cause pus together with germs to filter deeper into the pores, resulting in a lot more collagen damage.

    Applying Vitamin E Solutions

    You may have read that applying vitamin E to a scarred area of skin helps it recover sooner, yet according to the discoveries of research, applying the vitamin straight onto a scar could actually thwart its recovery.

    What Makes Scarring Left By Acne heal?

    Ointments Tend To Make a Major Difference

    First of all, in the event that the scarring is crimson or swollen, apply an over-the-counter cortisone product to soothe the pores and skin. Cortisone is absorbed and minimizes puffiness. Inflammation will be minimized by the cortisone that is absorbed by the skin and pores. Next, you will need to pay attention to diminishing any colouring left by the scar. Kojic acid (an all-natural lightener comprised of mushroom extract), arbutin (aka bearberry extract), and even vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are amazing alternative ingredients to try to look for in non-prescription skin lightening ointments.

    Going To See a Skin Specialist

    If your acne scars don't fade away by themselves, it could be time for you to think about booking an appointment with a dermatologist. Within one to three sittings, modern skin resurfacing employing fractionated laser technology can level the skin's exterior and boost new collagen formation to help fill out acne scarring. Skin care professionals could also consider in essential to make use of injections which can mend the indentations left behind from severe scarring caused by acne.

    Waiting It Out

    The key to seeing acne scarring diminish is patience. Many new scars look pink for the reason that blood vessels start to provide nourishment to the skin after a breakout of acne. Many weeks afterwards, collagen will begin to reform, filling in the injured area of skin. The majority of scars caused by acne should have completely disappeared within a year.

  22. 6 entries

    So I've over came my fear of acne. It's cliche that you receive treatment for it and after a few days progress is shown, but it will never all just pack up and leave. Trust me, I know the feeling. So I've come down to a tiny amount of small pimples mostly under my eyes where the nose bone is, (ha :) nose bone) and just a few on my nose barely noticeable. If you really want it to go away just drink ALOT of water, shower regularly and feel free to add a few vegies to your's not that hard. Try your best to avoid eating alot of sweets. Don't get me wrong, I love sweets and I still cheat a few days and have my fair share of chocolate. But :( , it may cause your acne to flare up or cause other bumps to form and we all know that nobody wants that. Another step is being confident. Don't look down when the guy/girl you like is talking to you. You may offend them. Besides, if they weren't intereste4d in you they wouldn't be talking to you in the first place. So, just be calm and polite and ALWAYS smile. People may start to wonder and say... "They have acne and they're always smiling. I wish I was as happy as they were." You are beautiful and NEVER forget that!!! <3


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    Having been diagnosed with PCOS really made me aware of the root causes of my acne. Unfortunately my hormones right now are still F’ed up and my face/skin is freaking out! LIKE FREAAAAKING OUT!!! 

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014, and began birth control. It really did help with keeping acne at bay I tell you that, however several months ago, I decided to let my body rest for a while - and now Acne is wreaking havoc again... i can even feel that my back is also acting up now! (Guess have been super busy with Life as well that’s why I was only able to go back here in this site now)

    I’m back on the pill and finished the 1st pack. Waiting for my (.) and I can definitely vouch that this is why my face is sooo filled with angry cystic acne right now especially in my jawline, chin and even neck! - My Ob gyn said that I might see some improvements starting on the second month of the pill...  i’m also taking supplements to help me with this battle, along with exercise and diet (avoiding dairy, sugar, coffee, gluten (i try) )

    Meanwhile, i just started out with a modified regimen. 

    Day 1 - Monday 03.19.2018
    Washed with subtitute cleanser Johnson’s baby wash
    Dan’s bp treatment
    Moisturizer - I live in the Philippines and I use Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Moisturizer which is water- based and non-comedogenic (has super few ingredients as well which I love, and this has always been my go to moisturizer)

    We don’t have the regimen readily available here especially before, but I’ve seen some resellers and they will do! - I’m just relieved that somehow they are “available” (althoug almost always sold out fast!)

    I was using the Alba Botanica acnedote when i started breaking out in Feb 20 - but I really wasn’t seeing any difference at all. NSo.... shooting this write up into the black hole. I am really hoping and praying that this will work! IT WILL WORK!!! - Coz i’m at wits end. For the past few days I’ve just been crying and crying to the point where my eyes already hurt, puffed and swollen. 

    Dealing with PCOS, Acne, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder.... jeeeeezzz. What a PAIN!!!

    ps photo inserted taken when i was crying my eyes out - hence the crying stickers424E3085-4BBD-4C67-838F-F479CF958490.thumb.jpeg.e025736179e4fc9cefdd45723f5d9742.jpeg

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    Acne is a common disorder of skin which involves the appearance of pimples on your face, chest, back, shoulders and neck. Mostly, youngsters within the age gap of 15-25 get affected by this disorder. The pores in the skin get blocked and the dirt that is released through the pores start getting collected in the skin which rises into pointed shapes over the skin called pimples.
    Remedies For Acne

    Remedies For Acne

    The disorder is very common and can be treated very easily by cleaning the face properly and keeping the food habits low in oil and fats. There are people who have severe acne complications and it is not enough for them to treat the disorder by only controlling the diet or hygiene. One can Buy Prescription Acne Medication which would be effective in fighting the bacteria which develops on the skin.
    How Acne is Caused?
    The Sebaceous Glands in the skin continuously release an oily liquid called Sebum. This liquid is helpful in keeping the skin lubricated and soft. The oil contains dead cells of the body which are transported through a tube which is connected to the oil glands and the pores known as follicles.
    When there is any blockage because of excess oil release or hair growth on the pore's mouth, the releasing of the Sebum gets affected. The oil released by the glands is not able to come out on the skin's surface and hence starts getting collected under the skin. The walls of the follicles get bacteria deposition on them because of which the oil is not able to come out and causes the skin to produce bulges in various parts of the face, chest, neck and back. These bulges are known as pimples.
    They are raised red spots which have a white center which are developed because of the inflammation or infection in the follicles. The lumps which develop because of follicle blockage under our skin are known as Cysts. The oil releasing pores in the skin should not be confused with the sweat releasing pores which co-exist.
    Medications for treatment Of Acne
    There are online medical stores Where one can Buy Acne Medication Online. One of the most commonly prescribed medication available at online pharmacies is Accutane. This is an oral medication which is available with the generic name Isotretinoin at online pharmacies.
    This drug contains Vitamin A which helps in reducing the amount of oil which is released by oil glands in the skin helping the skin to repair itself quickly. Accutane is prescribed to people suffering from sever Nodular Acne. This is a complimenting medication to other acne anti-biotic medicines which are given before it. This medication is available in varied dosage quantities prescribed according to the level of severeness of Acne.

    About me:
    I am the proffesional writer at online writing services and I had problems with acne in chilhood and now I want to help people with same problems!
  25. 1 entry

    First blog post! My skin is oily as usual today, but the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% has helped control oilness around my cheeks and nose. Small whitehead on my chin, but should be gone after a spot treatment. I recently got my wisdom teeth removed, so my face is a bit swelled and there is some post extraction yellow bruising around my mouth. Overall could be worse :)