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Mederma Advanced Scar Gel
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Brand: Mederma

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Mederma Advanced Scar Gel


Water (purified), Peg 200, Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Allium Cepa (Onion) Bulb Extract, Lecithin, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance.

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Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

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Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

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It actually works really well on PIE (post-inflammatory erythema) acne marks
Reviewed on April 1, 2017

I broke out badly sometime in October 2016 and it took me roughly three months to get my acne under control. Unfortunately I was left with horrible PIE (post-inflammatory erythema) which were tiny, flat red/pinkish marks. They simply wouldn't go away and they were far more damaging to my self-esteem than the actual acne. I tried everything to get rid of them but nothing worked. I also used 100% natural aloe vera gel and although that helped somewhat it wasn't an end all be all solution. I hid away for months, refusing to go outside or socialize. It wasn't until my grandmother randomly purchased Mederma for me. I was skeptical because I've tried just about every gel known to man to rid myself of these horrible marks on my skin. Still, I decided why not? I initially only started applying a small amount on my acne marks before bed. Within the first three days I was immediately surprised just how much Mederma has lightened my acne marks! I stepped it up to twice a day, once during the day and once more before bed. By the second week the redness of my acne marks had drastically subsided. I'm now on my third week of using Mederma and I'm incredibly happy with the results! I've managed to regain some of my self-esteem and started going out again after being a recluse for nearly six months. My only regret is wishing I had found out about Mederma earlier. I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with stubborn acne marks, particularly those that are of the red/pink variety. If you have fresh acne marks this will do the trick. I'm not entirely sure about old ones, though. Needless to say you will see some results at the very least!

broke me out!!
Reviewed on July 18, 2016

I had no problems with this product flaking off or making my face itchy. It absorbed into the skin quickly and the awful smell faded away after a short while.

Only problem I had was that it broke me out! I would be careful with this if you have acne prone skin.

by RejoicingMail on 12/18/2016 22:58
The title and the description cancel each other out
Reviewed on May 18, 2016

Expensive and did nothing to my scars. the smell is really bad.

Works great on acne hyperpigmentation!
Reviewed on May 14, 2016

I'm 20 years old and I have normal, non-sensitive, pale Asian skin. I had a few dark acne scars on my face that weren't going away for 2-3 months because I picked at my pimples and tried to pop them when they weren't ready.

They have been bothering me forever, and hydroquinone only broke me out and I felt like it didn't do much for me.

I decided to tackle the problem not by bleaching my spots, but a "medical" way, since they were are a result of inflammation and skin damage; in other words, they were scars.

I've been using Mederma for 10 days and I applied religiously two to four times a day, rubbing the gel for about 5 seconds per spot, and I'm quite happy with the results. My acne scars are still there, but they have diminished more in those 10 days than 2-3 months of not doing anything to them and/or using hydroquinone. And Mederma didn't break me out.

Yes, the gel can feel itchy at times and is kind of drying, even for my skin. Just try to keep skin moisturized before applying, don't overuse, and don't apply Mederma when skin is too irritated.

Yes, the price can be a bit costly but if you have hyperpigmentation scars from acne I definitely saw improvements and the packaging specifically says it works on acne scars, so I say give it a try. (I think it was significantly cheaper off Amazon.) I do not regret trying this at all and the tube will last me quite long, I think.

However, I don't know about paved scars because I haven't used the gel for those.

I did not know it would work this fast, but it did! I can't wait until my acne scars go away completely. Best acne product I bought along with BP. Will keep on using.

Expensive, does nothing for acne scars
Reviewed on July 15, 2015

I used this product on my acne scars for at least 3 months (I used the entire tube), and it did nothing to help fade them. For the price I paid, I expected to at least see a tiny bit of improvement from this gel. At the very least, it didn't cause me to break out.

It takes effort, but it works!
Reviewed on December 24, 2014

I have had small blemishes here and there, and I put Mederma Gel on after my blemish has opened and began to scab over. (even though you are suppose to wait, it has always work best, FOR MYSELF, to apply it after it's opened) I use a hot towel to warm my skin up then apply Mederma Gel directly to the dark spots and scars that I have on my face. I'd say, FOR MYSELF, after a solid week, it is either gone or has turned lighter to the point where you can't tell until you are directly in my face.

+I am mixed, so when I scar they sometimes become darker, but Mederma helps me out A LOT! I use it usually before I go to bed, and I'll probably put a little on after a shower once my face is clean.

+It does itch my face somewhat, but I don't scratch at it.

+ I would say if you have scars on you, use the heck out of this. I use the Gel, I wasn't very fond on the cream, but I'm sure it all works the same. I have used Mederma Scar Gel for over 4 years now and it is the only treatment I will ever use. 1 tube usually lasts me a year and it's very handy to keep around.

by sadiksha on 07/12/2015 18:24
but for me the scar has turned darker… is it possible that the scars get darker in the beginning and then get lighter? :(
by sadiksha on 07/12/2015 18:24
but for me the scar has turned darker… is it possible that the scars get darker in the beginning and then get lighter? :(
by tec on 04/05/2016 17:57
so if it worked, why do you need to use it for so many years?
by tec on 04/05/2016 17:57
so if it worked, why do you need to use it for so many years?
Mederma is waste of money, don't buy this product
Reviewed on September 17, 2014

Mederma is waste of money, so please don't buy and will regret for that in future. So please don't buy

Worst product ever!
Reviewed on August 27, 2014

Mederma is the worst product I've ever used. It burnt my face and now it looks like someone poured acid on it. I hate it. Do not use it if you don't want to look hideous.

Love it really
Reviewed on May 25, 2014

I had several pimple scars.some are deep scars.i got medicine but not ok. So I selected to use mederma gel. It is really work.now I feel very happy. I am really proud of my face.actually I love it

by vijay8333833 on 10/01/2017 13:42
Do your scars gone ☺
by vijay8333833 on 10/01/2017 13:42
Do your scars gone ☺
I love this
Reviewed on August 21, 2013

I have severe acne scars from years of acne on my cheeks and I've just started using this product a few days ago. It works already! The scars are definitely still visible but many seem to be lighter or diminishing in size. I don't know why everyone is saying it needs to be applied 3 times a day, my bottle says it should be applied just once a day.

by vijay8333833 on 10/01/2017 13:43
Do your scars gone ☺

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