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Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution
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Brand: Maxi-Peel

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Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution


Tretinoin, Hydroquinone.

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Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution

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Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution

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Maxipeel #3 - Finally found something that really works!
Reviewed on September 1, 2015

Source of my frustration - stubborn dark spots all over my face and neck from sun damage/exposure, as punishment from not listening to advise to use sun screen when going outside. I used different products to fade these hyper pigmentations - cheap, expensive, otc and prescription - nothing worked. Then I found a video on youtube (of all places right?) about Maxipeel, and the ironic thing is that an african american was reviewing it positively. That stuck in my memory. So when I saw maxipeel in a Va Beach store, I bought it. It just so happen that I bought Belo body cream, Kojie san soap, Gluta-C soap when I was in the Phil just weeks before. Then I decided to attack my problem in full force due to my desperation.

Acne/pimples will get worse during the first two weeks of using MaxiPeel - as stated INSIDE the box. Warning also states not to mix or use with other brand/products. I did not listen. Also, reaction differs among users.

Luckily I did not have any adverse rx and I'm on my 9th day of using it. My regimen consists of Kojie San soap, Maxi Peel #3, Belo body cream w/ Kocic acid and tranexamic acid SPF 30. I had to stop using Kojie San soap after 4 days because it hurts like a mofo. I do my routine morning and night because I wanted quick result. I am a guy and tired of looking like a dalmatian with all these dark spots all over my face. I have used several fade products but none work until I started my regimen. After just 9 days I see amazing change with my skin tone, dark spots lightening, and some peeling. There is also a kind of glow after just 2 days like my skin is finally alive and awake. VERY IMPORTANT - use sun screen protection (>SPF30) if you cannot avoid being under the sun. I made my mistake so you don't have to. I hope this help.

amazing sh*t
Reviewed on February 19, 2015

(Sorry for bad english)

i suffered from acne for like 6 years. i tried everything just like you. some cleansing sh*t cost too much but it didnt work for me so yeah, i lose hope. everytime i see a anti-acne commercial that saying "100% working" i ended up cursing the tv.

and then i found the maxi-peel commercial (at first i cursed at it)

my aunt said give it a try, so i did.

She gave me a maxi-peel #3 (if your acne is too bad u should buy #3)

At first, it was boring ofcourse.

But 1 month passed and i notice a change. Some of my acne are fading. And i was like "maxi-peel is d sh*t"

"maxi-peel fo life"

It's really working guys. Believe it or not. Its in you.

idk if u could buy it in U.S because im from philippines. Its really really cheap tho.

Im not some girl who would advertise some fake sh*t just bc for money (loljk i want money give me some)

But srsly it really works. Give it a try. If it doesnt work, then it doesnt. I just want to help. Because i know how it feels to be laugh at. Pointing my face like it is a laughing stock (fck those guys) I know how it feels to have some low self-esteem. So try it (not forcing u lol)

Just remember darling, you're beautiful.

(i'll stop too much feels)

sorry for my bad english.

by Nikki2979 on 09/28/2015 23:02
Thanks for this :)
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