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MaxClarity Foaming Wash
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Brand: MaxClarity

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MaxClarity Foaming Wash


Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Cetearyl alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, glycolic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, lactic acid, mineral oil, PEG-14M, potassium lauryl sulfate, potassium phosphate, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium PCA, and titanium dioxide, zea mays (corn) starch.

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MaxClarity Foaming Wash

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MaxClarity Foaming Wash

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Ashley, Cheyenne, WY
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Reviewed on January 27, 2012

Yes, this product worked wonders for me. I love it!! I had been suffering from acne for years and this is the only product that worked for me. Not only did it get rid of all the pimples, but it also lightened up old acne marks. If I ever did get an occasional pimple, it would be totally gone in a day or 2. I got compliments on my skin every time I left my house, which I'd never gotten before. I'm sorry that a lot of you have experienced problems with costumer service. I have never had a problem, but.. I would like to say one more thing. It makes me so mad that some people think that just because it didn't work for them that this company is running a scam. Or that the product is absolute crap. You know, not everything works for everybody. For me, this product is simply amazing. My face really was flawless. But, for my best friend (who has the same skin type and the exact same skin problems as I do) it didn't work at all. Everybody is different and everyone's skin will react differently. When it comes to something like acne, I think its kind of a hit or miss deal. You just have to keep searching until you find what works for you. For those of you who think that this product is total crap just because it didn't work for you.. please get off your high horse and realize that the world does not revolve around you and your experiences. I'm sorry it didn't work, and I hope you do find something that will work for you. Proactive didn't work at all for me, but I do know a few people who it did work for. I would never say that that product is total crap and bash it. It does work for some. Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this product. Try it. It might not work, but you know what? It just might be the miracle product you've been looking for. It was for me!

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steve, WI
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Reviewed on January 20, 2012

I wanted to like this product. It was easy to use and seemed effective for the first month I used it. Then the foam dispensers malfunctioned,instead of foam,it turned to liquid,and sometimes nothing at all. I called customer service and they seemed to think it was my fault and wouldn't fess up that other folks were having the same problem. Eventually they shut down their website and now they say the problem is fixed. But wouldn't you think the company would have notified their former customers and try to make it right with them. The product isn't exactly cheap and I can't remember how many bottles I had to send back,only to have the replacements fail. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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Reviewed on November 27, 2011

i was using this product for a few days and excited that my acne was clearing up, but i woke up one morning and my face was completely red, dry, itchy and a little puffy.

Reason: i used too much of the face wash on my face because the bottle dispensed too much foam at a time... i couldn't properly control the amount of foam that came out and when too much came out, instead of washing it down the drain, i just put it one my face... now i have nasty red inflammation on my face and i have had it for 3 days now.

the wash is fairly effective, but you should only buy this if you are willing to deal with the ridiculous bottle.. if you do buy it i hope you don't get the same rash that i did

personally there are plenty of other acne treatments that can do the same for me with out inflaming my face..not worth it to me!!

Reviewed on September 4, 2011

I tried this at first it seemed to be working so I continued.. after one month it stopped working on my skin and so it did nothing, my acne didnt get worse nor better it was just making my skin a bit irritated... and shiny. So I stopped. Things work for some and don't work for others. This didnt work for me.

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Sarah, Dallas,Texas
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Reviewed on May 24, 2011

MaxClarity is a great acne solution.It is just that there is more foam in the can that does not come out!!!!

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Lexi, Grand Rapids, MI
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Reviewed on May 11, 2011

I received this product about eight weeks ago or more and was very skeptical of the product. I am happy to say that I am more than pleased with this product. I use more than the recommended amount of product religiously every morning and night, and witnessed results within the first four weeks. My skin has never felt softer and for the most part is clear. I went from having a dozen to two dozen blemishes/cysts/white heads to currently having 1! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a problem with acne. I used to dread going to work with these "things" all over my face, I would cake on layers of make up, and now I can leave the house without any foundation and concealer. I wish I could show you a before and after picture to demonstrate the difference this product has made. I feel more confident and happy with myself and I think others should try it as well!! =)

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Anonymous, Arizona
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Reviewed on May 9, 2011

Its good but STRONG!

If you have alittle acne like me, dont overdue it!!!

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Reviewed on April 30, 2011

Max clarity foaming wash doesnt do much by itself, and might make you breakout a bit more. Bottom line, by the WHOLE set, not just the foaming wash and you'll be good to go! :) PLEASE NOTE: the price is not free for this product, however i have an advantage of getting them free, so please, dont follow my cost amount. happy trails to a clear new you!

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Anonymous, Texas
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Reviewed on April 21, 2011

Don't buy it. It will be a waste of your time and money.

Reviewed on April 21, 2011

Do not buy this product. It stops working after the first 2 weeks, and their customer service reps are ridiculous and wont take no for an answer...

Bottom line, this product does not work!!!

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