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Maca Capsules
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Maca Capsules


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Maca Capsules

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Maca Capsules

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It caused cystic acne on chest, back and neck
Reviewed on October 23, 2017

I have moderate acne that develops only during my fertile days, so its hormonal. The first month I took 1 tbsp daily of maca powder, in the 2nd and 3rd month I took one capsule (500 mg). Not only it made my acne worse but it spread to my chest, back and neck. I wasn't taking other supplements. The few benefits I discovered for women: it improves libido and regulates the menstrual cycle.

Great hormone balancer. Does NOT cause androgens
Reviewed on November 14, 2014

For the past year I have been getting really bad break outs around my chin and jawline, particularly around my 'that time of the month".

I read that this is caused by hormone imbalance and one of the best things for this is Maca Root.

After further reading it is also advised to take this if you suffer from ovarian cysts as these are also likely caused by hormone imbalance.

I bought 500mg capsules in a 4:1 ratio (the strength of 2000mg) and absolutely love these.

The first week i started to break out in little spots but after that they disappeared, and the cysts that i get on my chin stopped!

I cycle this product (3 weeks on 1 week off) and surely enough by the end of my 'off week' the cysts and chin pimples start to come back, so i know it works for me.

It has also increased my boob size without making me gain weight. I exercise 5 times a week and am almost flat chested from all the exercise, but i am safe to say that i have added a cm to my chest circumference AND i havent had an ovarian cyst since i started!

People may say its bad because it might* raise your testosterone BUT it wont raise androgens (the culprit of acne with high T levels)

It also has a small amount of iodine thats naturally present, so it helps with thyroid (hormone maker) aswell.

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