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MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
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Brand: MAC

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15


Active Ingredients:
Octinoxate (2.5%) and Titanium Dioxide (1%).

Other Ingredients:
Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone, Magnesium Sulfate, Silica, Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 Crosspolymer, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Algae Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lethicin, Hydrogenated Lethicin, Xanthan Gum, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Methoxy Amodimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, Laureth-7, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Propylene Carbonate, BHT, Chloroxylenol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben; May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide Greens.

The list of ingredients above is provided for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NW45 30ml 1.0oz 100% Authentic!!
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MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

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Real-life photoshop, but the consequences are terrible
Reviewed on May 7, 2017

I wish I hated this foundation. It's the only one that looks like actual perfection on my skin, it covers everything (I suffer with acne -not cystic- and a looooooooot of post-acne red spots that once they're left behind, they legitimately never fade). I can't describe how beautiful it looks on the skin. But once it's removed, the next day I started getting red areas across my face, which have turned into numerous painful acne as well as blackheads and pus-filled pimples. After 2 weeks of application, my skin is finally calming down with reactions. Unfortunately, as I said, the post-acne spots never fade on me as I'm white as snow, I'm bound to left with those ugly reminders of this foundation even after acne is completely gone.

This is the cause of my closed comedones
Reviewed on April 22, 2017

Soooo, after watching so many youtube videos and reading numerous reviews about this foundation, i realised that this might be the cause of my acne.. I was using the foundation daily to go to work for almost 3 years because of the great smooth natural coverage.. but what i didn't know was that it was clogging my pores and i was having so many closed comedones that will eventually turn into big pimples or i would extract them and cause post hyperpigmentation.. so i decided to stop using it at least for one month and see how my face will react to that.. i would say that my face is 80 % clear just by stopping using it, no more closed comedones, Alhamdullah (thanks to God). however, I'm still getting the hormonal breakouts once a month. I found that i was suffering from acne after consuming eggs and citrus and acne cosmatica "it's a medical term that's used to describe the acne that we get from using makeup" obviously i was getting this type from my beloved studio fix mac foundation. search for it in google and look into the pictures u might be suffring from it as well. I felt strange when i stopped using this because i was soo in love with the coverage but i sacrificed the coverage to get the clear skin that i want.. it has been almost 3 months now since i stopped using it and my face is feeling wonderful and breathable all the day long. No more foundations for me at all now. the thing that was confusing me with this was that it was not breaking me out immediately after using it, it's kind of a cumulative action.. it's just slowly clog your pores and creat small bumps under the skin, then once the period takes place everything comes out as big pimples, so i was thinking that it was my hormonal acne but actually the hormones just bring up all the things that were already there.. these days I'm just getting 4 pimples or less (the hormonal onse) comparing to 10/15 pimples.. in addition of stopping using the foundation I've been using 2 soaps.. the first one is koji san soap, i bought it from amazon and the other one is a herbal soap called chide, i bought it from Thailand through facebook both of them are removing all the impurities that I'm having.. till now both of them have been working great for me, thanks to God. They dries the small bumps, the acne that are without heads they bring them into a head and fade my hyperpigmentation.. they work like magic together.. if Anyone has any question feel free to send me at any time..

Higly comedogenic, clogs n break you out
Reviewed on April 14, 2017

I am user of Mac studio fix fluid foundation n it's biggest fan. If looks damn beautiful on skin, gives full coverage n makes your face look like a perfectly painted canvas but the worst part comes later. It breaks you out like hell. It took me two years to understand the cause of my breakout. I never broke before, it was just like once in a blue moon concept. I got married in 2012, thenafter I started using Mac for beautiful coverage. It made me braekout with big huge cysts. But it was too hard to believe as their makeup artist claimed that it can't breakout any kinda skin. Then I got pregnant in 2015 n gradually stopped using that much makeup I.e. Mac studio fix.

Within few days my acne cleared n my skin looked clean. Since then I stopped using Mac foundations n my skin is free from acne completely.

Now m in search of equivalent beautiful foundation especially which gives yellow finish just like mac but with no breakout.

Plzz suggest


Coverage wasn't great, clogged pores
Reviewed on January 11, 2017

I bought this after seeing it is classed as a full coverage foundation. The coverage I would say was medium, my redness showed through and if I leave it on too long it did cause spots in my problem areas.

Breaks me out
Reviewed on December 11, 2016

I can't say i didn't help me to coverage my acne/scars, it have a really good coverage, but it feels kind of heavy, but it looks amazing when you put it in your skin, looks natural with one layer. After weeks, it breaks me out so badly, now I have pimples in my cheeks and in my forehead, I will buy another foundation, and return this. Very disappointed.

If you want to f**k your face, go get this
Reviewed on November 10, 2016

So. I'm giving it two starts just cause it has an amazing shade palette and I love the consistence and also the coverage is amazing. When you don't have acne prone skin, go get this for sure. But if you have, don't buy it. I went in Mac being considered that I will buy the best make up that I can and I asked for something that can cover. She gave me studio fix. Yes it was perfect color and covered everything. And yes in one week I had perfect pimples all over my face 😂 I didn't realize it's the make up and I continued using it another 2 months until I realize that I'm doing something wrong with the make up. I stoped using it and everything got fine. So for me never again :) but quality is nice.

Good coverage but very comedogenic!
Reviewed on June 20, 2016

Don't get me wrong....the coverage is amazing. First time I found a foundation that looked natural on me but I started noticing myself breaking out with tiny lumps all over my cheeks, jawline and forehead. This product is definitely NOT non-comedogenic. Unfortunately I still use it to cover my acne as I haven't purchased anything new and each time I'd break out.

Pimples everywhere
Reviewed on July 23, 2015

I wanted to give it one star but ugh I just love how the foundation. I was looking for a new foundation for an event I was going too and bought this one. Ive heard so many good reviews about how good coverage it gives. It did give a wonderful coverage but after I took it face just broke out all over. Little tiny dots all over my chin and jawline. Pimples all over my forehead and cheeks. It was horrible it lasted for a good 2 months until I couldn't take it and went to the doctor.

by shasha1991 on 03/10/2016 05:08
What did the doctor tell you to do ?
Not good for acne skin
Reviewed on June 22, 2015

Years ago before I had bad acne I quite liked this foundation. Last year during a major breakout and with VERY bad oily skin I gave this another go.... not good for acne skin. Made me break out MUCH more and clogged my pores really badly and also made them appear more visible.

SO good!
Reviewed on June 22, 2015

this is an amazing foundation! I have been using it everyday for the last 3 weeks and my skin is better than ever.

I went to MAC and asked for a foundation that could is buildable and that would work on very combination skin (like seriously combination - my t-zone is so oily I'm surprised BP hasn't contacted me yet for drilling rights..)

anyway back on topic - in the store they emphasised having well moisturised skin but also mixing a primer or moisturiser into the foundation to sheer it out and make it less cakey and heavy - and what a difference it makes! Naturally I was hesitant of layering moisturiser onto my already oily t-zone but to be honest it hasn't been a problem at all - and I've been told that adding extra moisture can help the situation which it does seem to have done pretty nicely.

I have also tried the foundation alone and while it can be pretty with an hour and a half of buffing - it's not perfect! (good for a night out though - it doesn't go anywhere)

I sort of feel like you have to approach this bottle as being a very big and very heavy duty concealer - it is just SO pigmented. But when sheered out it is absolutely gorgeous and lasts ALL day and ALL night (even with my oil slick of a t-zone).

All in all i think this is a very nice foundation that is just being a little misunderstood!

p.s. its EVEN BETTER with FIX+ sprayed under it aswell as when you are done :)