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Lucas' PaPaw ointment
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Brand: Lucas'

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Lucas' PaPaw ointment


Fermented Fresh Paw Paw Fruit, Rhus Succedanea Wax, Glycerine, Petrolatum, Canola Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Beeswax, Corn Starch, Potassium Sorbate.

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Lucas' PaPaw ointment

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Lucas' PaPaw ointment

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Great spot treatment
Reviewed on September 12, 2017

I put this on as a spot treatment before I go to bed. Generally the next day the zits have scabbed and are starting to heal over, which doesnt even happen with proactiv. I use this nightly until there is no scab. I find it helps reduce scarring. You can use it during the day but i prefer not to have shiny skin.

I put under my eyes to prevent puffiness too.

Reviewed on October 13, 2016

This product is absolutely one of my favourite products to relief redness and the size of my spots. I use this every night before I go to bed and I've only started using it for a couple weeks to try it out and already I can see a change within my spots.

I don't severe acne but I do have a lot of white heads and spots between my eyebrows and along my forhead.

During my face rountine I usually wash my face with a gentle soap, recently Ive been using the Dove cucumber hand bar soap and I think its a okay product to use as its cheap. I then wet my face and lather my hands with the bar, I make it into bubbles by rubbing my hands together then applying it on my face in circular motion. After, I wash my face with cold water and patting my skin dry with a absorbing towel.

I have really dry and sensitive skin so if u have sensitive skin, try the dove soap as it is inexpensive and leaves a soft feeling. Because I have dry skin, I usually moisturise my skin with the baby johnsons moisturising lotion or the garnier moisture matte Daily oil-Free moisturiser. Once it is absorbed, I apply a thin layer of the pawpaw ointment to the areas and I sleep. Although it has a vaseline/balmy texture and feels quite thick, its super light and I don't feel it during my sleep.

A few reasons why the Luca pawpaw ointment is so good is because it contains antibacterial stuff so it fights bacteria in ur spots and keeps that area moisturised . It is an amazing product, it lightens the redness of your spots and keeps ur skin feeling soft. Though if you want to use it as a long term regimen to relief your acne, I wouldn't personally recommend it. I really hope this review has helped you and make sure to try it out at least 😊

Reviewed on July 27, 2015

I used to get really big, painful pimples before I found this.. Now I just put this on any new pimples and they honestly just shrink!

This is amazing.. I've literally tried every wash, cream, pill..

This is the only thing that works for me. It stops the growth of the pimples and just makes them go away.

Its great for dry lips, cracked skin, cuts etc too..

Its a must have.

Excellent for emerging cysts!
Reviewed on April 29, 2014

I bought this in amazon, I've tried everything. It's made of fermented papaya and is in a base of petroleum (I know it sounds pore clogging but I swear it didn't!)

I've been on and off this site for years but I've never posted a review until now because I'm so excited, I've never in my 15 years (Im 34 now)of cystic acne been able to make a cyst never emerge. But this works. When I feel one coming up I do my normal routine of washing and moisturizing, and wait a few mins to let moisture absorb, then I dab a little bit of this on the spot and leave it. Amazing! A few days of this and it either ends up shrinking so small into a regular pimple, which I then extract and use this for healing, or it goes away completely! Before I had to wait for it to come out, sometimes weeks, and it was always painful and left a scar.

I hope this helps someone. I know the pain of acne, we should all share if we find something this good :)