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Lemon Juice (applied topically)
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Lemon Juice (applied topically)


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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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advice for everyone! it works!
Reviewed on August 11, 2015

I don't get any burning using lemon juice but the people who do/have sensitive skin, you need to close your pores!!!! after you wash your face, RINSE YOUR FACE OFF WITH COLD WATER TO CLOSE YOUR PORES! very important! and you don't need a lot of lemon juice! put some on a cotton ball/ pad or put a little bit of juice into your hands and pat it into your face and really press it in so it can work. if you experience burning, it should not hurt and should not last for more than 3 minutes. the burning is also showing a sign that its working. and please give it time!!! I know a lot of people are saying it works less than a week but please use this for a month and then you can judge! DO NOT GO OUTSIDE INTO THE SUNLIGHT WITH LEMON JUICE ON YOUR FACE!!! put lemon juice on your face at night and let it sit overnight and then rinse it off in the morning :) IF YOU GIVE UP AFTER A MONTH OR TWO TRY USING ONION JUICE!!! :)

by mixed mami on 08/12/2015 04:43
btw dont apply lemon juice where you have an open wound! its gonna burn badly!
by mixed mami on 08/12/2015 06:26
btw dont apply lemon juice where you have an open wound! its gonna burn badly!
by MsAlanis on 08/15/2015 11:27
Do you put the lemon juice on your scars only or on your entire face? Never tried it but I've been breaking out recently. Thank you.
by mixed mami on 08/27/2015 04:33
@MsAlanis sorry for the late reply and yes i just applied it to my whole face bc im lazy and just want to get it over with but it shouldnt matter if you apply it to your whole face or on your acne marks, just make sure no lemon juice gets on any open wounds thats on your face :)
Pretty Good!
Reviewed on August 9, 2015

I think it's good, but it can sting a little if you use one lemon directly on your skin. Mix one egg white with about half a teaspoon lemon juice and apply is to your face as a mask. For easier application, wet your face first. Leave it on until it dries ( 15 - 20 mins ) or overnight for better result. When it tightens, try not to move your face to much since it creates wrinkles in the mask! Good luck!❤️

Fairly good!
Reviewed on July 31, 2015

I've been doing this for 5 days now, what I basically do is mix equal amounts of lemon and rosewater and put it on my face before I go to sleep and leave it overnight, first time I did it when I woke up I was like "woah ! this is a miracle !", my skin tone was more even, scars were less noticable but actually still as red/dark as I remember them, my face was a little oily but thats how my face is usually when I wake up, also I had no new pimples which is a good sign ! Unfourtanetly, after that first time I haven't seen any new improvements at all .. my skin is breaking out again, a lot less though .. but still I guess that's due to me reducing my habit of picking and touching my face 24/7.

Overall, it was good, would keep on doing it, and would recommend it but not applying lemon only without diluting it cause that may be too harsh for your skin.

by Iruu on 02/16/2016 19:55
I am crying because of my acne scars:( loose my confidence level:( does it really work for scars :( usually people post fake stories on social sites
Really Helps
Reviewed on July 29, 2015

I apply lemon topically as well as drinking it in water every day. Since starting this treatment, my scars have drastically lightened and reduced and I have seen the amount of acne I get reduce as well. It has really helped so much. Also, just drinking more water with the lemon in it has added a new glow to my skin. My routine is: wake up in the morning and drink water warmed up with half a fresh lemon squeezed into it. Then, I drink lemon water throughout the day and apply it topically to my scars and blemishes both when I wake up and before bed.

by Iruu on 02/16/2016 19:55
I am crying because of my acne scars:( loose my confidence level:( does it really work for scars :( usually people post fake stories on social sites
Any advice?
Reviewed on July 29, 2015

I'm a light skinned indian and I don't get pimples too often. I got a pretty big pimple in the middle of my forehead a couple months ago, ended up popping it, and have regretted the decision ever since. It's gone through several stages after I popped it, first the mark was a bright red and that went away in a couple days. Then it was a dark brown that I didn't touch and another small pimple formed in the place of it. I never popped that but it eventually went away and now its a tiny dark brown/almost black spot in the middle of my forehead. I just dabbed it with lemon and am unsure if it will work. Does anyone have any other suggestions?! Please let me know - any help is appreciated.

by ll19677 on 07/29/2015 17:55
I get a product called bye-bye blemish from Ulta. It helps a lot, almost overnight. Also, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and adding lemon may help.
by SirSanchez on 08/26/2015 15:22
Try " SKIN RENEW DARK SPOT OVERNIGHT PEEL" by Garnier this product worked for me! Like it really did! Now I'm also brown skin so I'm almost 95% sure you also will get amazing results. You use it at night and when your wake up a little of the stuff goes to long way so don't pump more than a few dots and smear it all over your face and hold your hands over your face allowing them to almost create heat it emulsifies it better into the skin in my opinion do it for 2 weeks TRUST you will see results! And your 30day mark will be amazing!
I also started using lemon juice should I keep overnight I used lemon juice and rose water is it helpful for me I have pimples and scars please help me
Reviewed on July 20, 2015

I have pimples and scars on my face I started using lemon juice and rose water should I mix rose water and should I keep overnight please help me as soon as possible is this treatment really works??

by mixed mami on 08/12/2015 04:46
if you have sensitive skin, you can add rosewater to dilute it but i prefer to only use lemon juice by itself! :) and yes, keep it on overnight! i recommend doing this at night because you dont want to go out in the sun with lemon juice on your face as your face will become sun sensitive! hope this helps! :)
by Iruu on 02/16/2016 19:55
I am crying because of my acne scars:( loose my confidence level:( does it really work for scars :( usually people post fake stories on social sites
Reviewed on July 16, 2015

I bought lemon juice from the store and put some on toilet paper and put it all over my face and I put a lot and I left it on over night and when I woke up the next morning I noticed a change in my facial appearance it was so much better my pimples had become less big and less red and my black heads were fading and my skin had a shine to it and wasn't oily after using for a week straight I have improved my skins appearance greatly so I would definitely recommend using lemon juice to get rid of acne also make sure you use a good amount for each area of your face thanks for reading and I hope it works for you.☺️

by NervousSupply on 07/23/2015 16:23
Do you use it in the morning or just at nighttime before you go to bed ..?
by NervousSupply on 07/23/2015 16:23
Do you use it in the morning or just at nighttime before you go to bed ..?
no effect on me :(
Reviewed on July 14, 2015

it has been more than 4 times i have been using lemon on my acne and acne scars.. I have not noticed any slight changes.. No fading nothing I know it will take time to heal.. But i should have seen some changes through.. I am using it at night just before going to bed. Same procedure same ingredients: lemon juice and 2 tbs of honey.. But still no effect on me :( Please

by ClassyDollar on 07/16/2015 01:34
Use straight lemon juice from the store and put a lot on your face keep on using it for another week and use daily and if you don't see the a change then you should try something else if you have severe acne then I recommend seeing a dermatologist but make sure before application you wash your face if it burns it's a good thing hope this helps.😊
by Emilly on 07/20/2015 16:07
oh lemon juice.. okay thanks :D
by Dorsorne on 07/30/2015 02:18
Did u buy lemon that was already squeezed in a bottle or do you squeeze the lemon yourself?
by Nikkiiscaramel on 10/01/2015 00:42
Use raw lemon..or 100%lemon juice....most lemon has additives that's take away from lemons detoxification
by SophiaLZ on 02/17/2017 04:22
Honey is a moisturizer so maybe your skin doesn't like that. Try just water and very little lemon and leave it on for a couple of minutes. And no a burning sensation on your face doesn't always necessarily mean it is a good thing. I was just using water to wash my face for a while because if you look up a list of bad ingredients that could be in your face washes and make up even I it says noncomedogenic. There are thousands.
Reviewed on June 18, 2015

I've had had acne for 2+ years now, and I've tried everything! I'm African American and brown skinned. I've used everything from black soap, to proactive, and I will say that lemon has been the most effective. I've used lemon once and I noticed a big difference in my acne and scars within one week. I plan to continue to use my facial scrub, and will use lemon atleast twice or 3 times a week!

by ChelseaOllie on 07/04/2015 15:05
I found this treatment through Pinterest! I'm trying to eliminate all of my eczema scars, but Pinterest said to apply juice for some minutes(didn't specify, so I did 5 minutes) and wash it off, I see everyone else has been doing this process overnight? Which routine is best for results?
I would not recommend this
Reviewed on May 26, 2015

So after desperately searching for natural products which would take away the dark spots on my face that appear after a pimple goes away I was recommended that I use lemon juice. I have light-ish brown skin (I'm Indian) so I unfortunately get spots after a pimple goes away. I heard that if you have dark skin you should not use lemon juice because it can cause spots to appear on your face but I still applied it on my face and I did not like it. My face was red and stung very badly. I had to stay away from the sunlight because if you go out in the sun with lemon juice it can burn your skin. Don't use this if you have sensitive skin like me. Personally, I just use honey and I think it works a lot better and doesn't hurt.

by skinexperiment on 06/03/2015 04:35
I'm a light skinned Indian as well, and your description of your skin sounds almost exactly like mine. I had the same problem as you in the beginning, but then I diluted the lemon in juice and kept it on for 10 minutes the first day and then washed it off. I kept on continuing until I would put it on straight from a lemon and leave it on overnight. Then, I would wash it off and put on sunscreen. It worked like a charm! Then my acne came back because I stopped doing that and started eating a ton of junk food. But I'm doing it again and I'm seeing results! I use honey and lemon to exfoliate my skin in the morning and it works pretty well!
by ClassyDollar on 07/16/2015 01:21
It's because it's getting rid of bacteria that causes acne
by ClassyDollar on 07/16/2015 01:21
It's because it's getting rid of bacteria that causes acne
by ClassyDollar on 07/16/2015 01:21
It's because it's getting rid of bacteria that causes acne