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Lemon Juice (applied topically)
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Lemon Juice (applied topically)


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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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Works well WITH tea tree moisturizer
Reviewed on December 19, 2016

If there is a story that never ends, it is my story with acne. I had it since 2009, tried so many things to get rid of it, went to many doctors but they didn't help much to the point I don't even care about my breakouts anymore.

Just recently, I moved to a tropical place with bad water quality. Since then, my acne gotten worse and it finally caught my attention again. Went to a doctor first, got treated with chemical peeling only to have my acne even worse. A friend of mine suggested me to use lemon juice every night before going to bed and to use some moisturizer. I was hesitant at first. Since my skin type is very oily, wouldn't it gotten worse if I use moisturizer? Apparently not.

Yes, lemon juice works like magic-- only after 6 nights of using lemon juice, I can see a big difference. But it's also important to use moisturizer since lemon juice can irritate your skin and cause more acne. Hence, the key is to look for the right moisturizer for your skin.

I chose night lotion that contains tea tree oil and it works perfectly. I also use tea tree mattifying lotion for daily use. Unfortunately the mattifying lotion don't have SPF in it, so I have to look for sunscreen that works well with oily skin. I also drank 2 lites of water/day. So far, it works just fine for me.

I hope this helps you too. :)

Reviewed on November 29, 2016

Im confused, i saw very good review but also the worse review here. Some experienced their worse breakout and it's pretty scary tbh. I used to have severe acne but its now all gone. Left with brownish hyper pigmentation. Got any advice?

Good for scars/scabs but not for your entire face
Reviewed on November 1, 2016

Unfortunately it broke me out pretty bad. Works good to heal popped/old pimples though.

Friend that I always come back to😉
Reviewed on October 6, 2016

I used to put lemon juice on my face when I had scars, and it helped perfectly. Sometimes it also help to dry out pimples and make them go away. However, I have forgotten about it and now since I got some hormonal acne and it left me scars I start use it again before I go to the bed and in the afternoon when I do my daily routine .. and I'm really satisfied. Recommend it;)

by MelissaMel on 10/27/2016 21:13
How did u apply it? How long did u leave it on for?
Simply did not work.
Reviewed on October 2, 2016

I tried it with sugar and honey and it only worsened.

by SophiaLZ on 02/17/2017 04:15
Sugar feeds to the bacteria on your face and can make acne worse. And because of the jagged uneven ways the sugar is shaped, it can be bad for the layer of your skin and cause more acne. If you decide to use lemon on your face, dilute it with water so it isn't as harsh on your face because your skin needs to have a certain ph balance or it can break out from lemon as well. For a while I was only using water to wash my face and I stopped using makeup unless it was a special day/night and it has cleared up a lot but now I'm trying to speed up the healing process from my old acne. I have hyperpigmentation and a lot of the things out there in store has a lot of bad ingredients in it even if it says noncomedogenic. So lemon has been my go to. And if I do have a pimple, I don't mess with it until it has a white head. Then I like it with the tiniest sewing needle and pull the skin outward. And there are foods that can contribute to acne as well. Dairy, sugars, and greasy foods.
Reviewed on August 3, 2016

Never use lemon on ur face.Dont acidic and will burn ur face.it is harsh.Use stuff such as cucumbers or tomatoes and even watermelon rinds.fresh watery fruits and no acidic fruits.it is wayyyyyy better.

by Star Lord on 08/05/2016 18:15
hey dude I agree that people shouldnt use lemon but dont use words like retarded, its really not okay
by Mirmi88 on 08/27/2016 22:23
Hi I use lemon on my face to fade acne scars and make my pores smaller. It works for me.. And last time I checked I am not retarded ;-)
by innysom on 09/15/2016 18:17
There's nothing wrong with using "retarded" lol. This review is lame though.
by MountainMash on 10/16/2016 22:09
Sorry for my language I just tying to express my review but I hope it helps
Great Results
Reviewed on July 14, 2016

I have been using lemon juice for the past two days and I have gotten better results than any of the other products I have used. My face has been getting less and less acne and my acne scars have faded. This is what I do:

squeeze a lemon into a bowl

mix it with a little sugar

place a warm towel on your face to open you pores

using a cotton ball apply juice to all affected areas of face

wait 15 to 20 minutes

wash off with cold water to close pores

put on some kind of moisturizer (since lemon will dry skin causing a breakout)

Use this method once every two days and don't keep doing it since it will irritate your skin causing more acne. On the days you don't do this apply other remedies like: honey, aloe vera gel, or (i prefer) Benzoyl peroxide -- but remember to always open up pores when applying these

Reviewed on June 28, 2016

Omg! SO for the past 3 days I have been putting lemon juice(not pure lemon but thr lemon juice in a little lemon bottle from the store) and I've seen MAJOR improvement in this little bit of time. Honestly, when I first started I thought it wouldn't work as I've tried many things- aloe vera, medicine, prescription, certain face washes and creams, etc.- but it does indeed work. Now, I actually feel better about my skin and hoping it will work more without irritating my skin, although it does dry it. I've been applying this lemon juice with a CLEAN flat typical foundation brush (like a bigger paint brush) and leaving it on my face for 1 hour ish, sometimes longer, and washing it off in the shower. THEN in the shower I use a homemade face scrub- baking soda and water with a little bit of lemon! I use this like every other day because it may be a little Harsh. It exfoliates my skin at the same time and assists with lightening my scars. I'm excited for school this upcoming year because I know my skin will be better.

by Roasssanna on 08/03/2016 22:06
Hi, I am trying to get rid of a scar by my mouth and I am using lemon juice to lighten it. Do you think I will see the same results? Thank You
Not for me
Reviewed on May 14, 2016

As much as I wanted it to work this remedy is not just for me. I keep thinking I will have progress at the end of the week or maybe i just have diff skin type than the others, but no. I used it for 3 weeks before giving up. I just wanted to get rid of these damn dark spots. And I keep thinking if it contributed to my breakout recently. It's just too much work and pain. So I decided to stop. I even mixed it with honey because it's too painful and dried my face. I really wanted this too work because of the positive reviews I read in here. But you know. It's a trial & error process and finding what's best for you. And this definitely is not for me.

Been using it off and on again throughout the months
Reviewed on April 14, 2016

Worked great just have to stop being lazy and put it on my skin. I have light African American skin, it works perfectly for me it cleans my skin and when it's on it makes me feel so refresh, I take it off after 30 min (I used to wear it all night but it's pretty uncomfortable.) I had a zit on my face just this week I mixed the lemons and milk put inside the microwave (just like 5 to 10 seconds make it warm.) Kept it on for 30 min washed it and that zit washed right off (I know gross right lol.) but it's gone completely clear it's amazing what a little lemon and milk can do. It worked for me but reading some of these comments it seems not to work for everyone maybe they didn't use it long enough. I don't have much breakout to begin with though just a few dark marks that aren't too noticeable just mainly doing this to lighten my skin a bit. I also put coco butter on my face afterwards feels great really does.

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