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    Hey Guys, Sorry for not being around too much, i wanted to post here a quick update. I will be presenting my work in London this coming September to a team of Researchers. I will try to convince them to focus their attention to the Liver. As a summary of what i've been finding over the past 3 months. -I confirm the importance of Gut. Even though i was not looking too much at this, Gut *is* very important. -Given the latest findings of Lipkin et. al, we see Phospholipid metabolism alte
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    Just found this article posted by someone who has recovered from accutane hair loss and has thick hair again: https://healdove.com/disease-illness/accutanehairloss I've bought the peppermint oil that they've mentioned and will commit to using it for 6 months. Surely if they've had success with that exact product, there is hope for the rest of us? i've read other good things about peppermint oil and how it increases the rate of hair growth as well as decreasing shedding - praying it helps me
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    Yeah exactly, only heard about this last week, Australian soldiers given anti-malaria drug mefloquine and it causing massive psychological issues for some of these poor guys to the point of ruining lives. Of course it’s all played down by Government reports. Complete ignorant bullshit in a similar fashion to what we go through with our relaying info to doctors and specialists.
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    Hi all, it's now day 9, and swelling is completely gone. A tiny bit of redness in some spots, but barely noticeable.
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    Lim posted this on Instagram for doubters & haters a $100K challenge. Seems like there are lots of Drs who want in on the action, fakers, equipment manufacture's, and trolls posting here recently instead of actually doing something to fix acne scars. What is the truth, go with the data and not hearsay. Look at some of the past posting history of some of these users, says a lot about who they are. In his post he said if his supposed results are not real, he will give you $100K but if the
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    Hi all, I just had my first treatment with Dr Steven Weiner in Florida, and wanted to share my experience. Overall, it was a fantastic experience with a spotless office and a very warm, welcoming, and professional staff. Getting to Florida I'm based in California, so no direct flights are available to Dr Weiner's clinic in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The area has two airports, Panama City (ECP) and Destin-Fort Walton Beach (VPS). I originally booked for ECP, but changed it to VPS, because Dest
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    @jcbdigger365 Congrats for those improvments ! Continue to tell us if your treatment still working at long term. We don't know if Azelaic acid is usefull in the long term and if folliculitis can develop resistance to it.. This article seems enthousiast https://simpleskincarescience.com/azelaic-acid/ ! So to summarize this thread : - We have 3 very usefull products : Sulfur (soap or serum), Benzoyle Peroxyde (in gel and cleanser) and possibly Azelaic acid (cream). - Combination of these prod
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    1 year 3 months off accutane. started minoxidil 27 days a ago. horrendous shedding but thats related to monoxidil (hopefully). :S
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    Your scarring is light. Subcision with nokor with suction should fix it. You might only need 1 session.