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    Awesome! This is how I have described my situation with libido loss and anhedonia. I LOST MY MOJO! I imagine Roche keeping it in a canning jar in a dark warehouse with my name and "vintage 1999" written on it. Forgot whether I asked this before or if you responded: What was the result of your taking finasteride?
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    Is it possible for you to travel to UK or Denmark? You live in Greece, that's a relatively short flight for you. Go see one of the top surgeons listed on the FAQ sticky thread on this forum. Sure, it might cost more, but the human cost is so much more if you visit a doctor that isn't proficient in scar treatments. I don't think Greece is renowned for scar treatments. Visit Chu or Emil. Those RF settings sound very aggressive and I wouldn't want that on my face. And most severe acne sc
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    @sofaki90greece Thank you. The Dr ruined your face. 3.5mm .... why would someone one do such a thing, it destroys the fat at that depth. He would have been fine between .75mm to 2mm depending on the depth of the scars. The energy is also way to high and can destroy fat. He does not know how to use the device, hence your damage. I gave you a plan above, ... you need manual subcsion and filler, many of them ;-)
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    @Jirachi Everyone has these, scarred pores or little imperfections, this is a easy case, but will take some time at home or the Dr's version see a aesthetic dermatologist. Have you tried at home doing glycolic spot peels and alternating monthly with dermastamping There look small enough to do tca cross on or TCA paint where acid is painted on the scar floor 3X (dry -paint) at a lower concentration % of tca. That should help also called tca spot peel. Otherwise a Dr would lase
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    @melovesu This could be a sebaceous cysts or a closed comedone, unless your prone to hypertrophic scarring but you would notice that elsewhere. When we pop a pimple it can drive bactiera deeper into the skin creating worse infection. A Derm can extract with a laser, blade excision, or electrosurgery. A general derm might give you a steriod and see if it subsides. Try the things @Atrophica said first if you wish which are general acne treating technique for home. You might try hot com
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    As my kinesiologist said, most pharmaceutical products if you were to bring them in, your body will produce a negative response to them on a vibrational level. There’s no one special drug out there that will ever cure us, it’s really a combination of restoring Vit & Min after being depleted by the poison that is Accutane.
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    @RiverTheFever Differin can make you purge, this is true. But not in the hair of course. Sounds like you did not get enough Accutane or need another course. Speak to your medical provider about this. You can stop Differin and see but obviously this won't stop the issue in the hair. You can spot treat your acne with BP or sulfur cream. Picosure is non-ablative so you can have the laser if the Dr ok's it with acne. But I would definitely get it under control as you don't want new scars.
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    Most of the people who have posted on this email string have candida or malassezia. Some people have recognised that they have malassezia. From the photos etc., I think most people have candida. The chances are that all the people on this email string have taken antibiotics in the last 12 months. Destruction of gut biota by antibiotics leads to fungal infections on the skin and elsewhere. Most doctors are "in denial" about skin problems caused by malassezia and candida in otherwise healthy peopl
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    May work for some people...

    But didn't work for me. Gave my very oily skin and hair. My scalp even broke out. I love eating fish but fish oil supplement is not for me.