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    This saved me!

    I've always had amazing skin and then BOOM!  One spot after another started appearing on my face. These were under the skin, un-poppable painful little things and were leaving marks EVERYWHERE. I felt depressed, upset, hormonal and would not leave the house without makeup on. I went to a dermatologist who put me on Erythromycin and doxycycine and lymecycline for 7 months at a time and they weren't making any difference. After trying absolutely everything on the market from drug store to Mario Ba
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    My savior

    I'm French, sorry for my English... In 2 weeks I see my skin clear after 1 year of big spots anywhere and whenever on my face. I use bp about 1 month now. At start, after some days, your skin will be very very very dry and it will peel, it hurts, so moisturizer is essential, I apply it 4 times a day... but I've tried all natural products and nothing works like this regimen. Cleanser is good, I ordered moisturizer and AHA for the first time today because good creams in France are too expensive. I
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    I will never stop again!

    After using the acne.org regimen for about 12 years, my face had been clear for so long I didn’t have any acne scars.  I started getting eczema on the delicate skin by my jawline, and my dermatologist recommended that I quit using benzoyl peroxide because it was “too harsh” and said that most people can keep acne at bay with salicylic acid products. I followed her advice, and I was thrilled that my face remained clear and the eczema went away!  A month later, I learned what an error this was!  T
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    Overall review

    This treatment is great first time using it all my acne was gone with in months!!! Happy days ! Unfortunately it's not a miracle product that actually gets rid of your acne for good. I stopped using it when all my spots where gone. With in a month my spots started to come back and actually a lot worse than before had major breakouts very painful. The treatment just suppressed my spots and kept them away but once stop using acne.org your spots come back so my advice is to honestly look into somet
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    This was the key to my great skin

    After suffering with acne for so long this moisturizer and dark spot treatment literally took my skin from clear to perfect and all my really really dark spots are pretty much gone. I suffered with cystic acne all down the side of my face and they left these horrible marks. I literally regained confidence again after using this for about 4 months
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    Holy Grail

    I've been using the regimen for a year now. When I say I have tried every damn thing on the market. From doctors to expensive over the counter items. I didn't believe this would work even after seeing the Youtube videos. In my mind, these products were too affordable to actually work but I was wrong. I had severe cystic acne that whether I popped them or not they left a dark mark on my face. I was using a clarisonic for about 3 months and I have always felt like if what I used wasn't rough on my
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    Definitely worth a try!

    Started taking 10 000i.u Vitamin A and 20mg Zinc about a month ago. I also started washing my face with Dove soap and a manual facial brush because I wear makeup regularly, I then moisturize with the Dove baby sensitive lotion. This has taken away all my acne (which I've had consistently for about 9 years now).. It's worth a try
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    I've been using glycol acid with my bp for a little over a month and my skin is doing so much better! I had HORRIBLE red acne marks that would not go away; I used everything under the sun and this is the only thing that is finally fading these marks! The entire regimen is honestly amazing. I've been using acne.org for two months and I can't believe how quickly it is clearing my skin
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    Its not that strong for my hormonal acne

    I drank 4 cups a day for 2 months. No improvements whatsoever. Its good for anxiety tough. Also, drinking that amount of tea is exhausting.