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    Update; I just went to the derm today and she recommended Juvaderm Voullure fillers for my scars.
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    leelowe! You're still here! I stayed completely clear for a full year (I moved to a different state, the stress caused me to stop having periods, so my breakouts stopped, TMI I know). I'm now back to acne and on Spiro as well-been on it for years. Good to see my mail acne.org supporter still here.
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    I'm sorry that acne is still plaguing you despite everything you went through. I hope Spiro works for you! I'm on my second month of spiro and it hasn't prevented any hormonal breakouts for me as well, but so far so good. Keep smiling - we got this!
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    I wish I could offer more meaningful insight and advice than just "I feel you, hang in there!" So has your doage been at 100mg for the full 119 days, or did you work your way up? I've been on spiro for almost six months now but I worked my way up from 25 mg because my other derm tried putting me on 100 mg to start a couple years ago and the side effects totally kicked my ass so I had to stop (and at the time the antibiotics and topicals I were using were keeping me pretty clear anyway). All I ca