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    Hey Guys, Sorry for not being around too much, i wanted to post here a quick update. I will be presenting my work in London this coming September to a team of Researchers. I will try to convince them to focus their attention to the Liver. As a summary of what i've been finding over the past 3 months. -I confirm the importance of Gut. Even though i was not looking too much at this, Gut *is* very important. -Given the latest findings of Lipkin et. al, we see Phospholipid metabolism alte
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    I'm doing the same things as you (diet wise and clinique products) and nothing is working either. Which means it really must be hormonal. So I would be very confused if the yasmin pil doesn't work. Just like you and the other commenters ^^ I still haven't seen any results. I'm on the yasmin pil for 2 months and 3 days now, my acne is still bad. But month 2 was the worst !! Be prepared for an initial breakout, unless you're lucky. I'm also going to be persistent and give it at least 3 months /
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    @f93d Why don't you start your own post ;-). We would happy to see your updates and progress. They are not attacking you. For some back story, there are some posters on this sub that doubt every outcome because the pictures do not match up and they doubt anything can provide results. Quan graciously recently provided more pictures and tired to be as accurate as possible (click on his username to see post history). IF anything they are considering this treatment for their own situations. I appl
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    So they cycled doxycycline to induce these yamanaka factors that influenced these anti-aging markers? Meaning the antibiotic had anti aging effects? But then they didnt really explain how or why the doxycycline had this effect. I see they mentioned cycling because prolonged induction of yamanaka factors can lead to tumor growth or possibly cancer. You look hard enough you can probably find some studies on Accutane having anti aging properties as well. People say Accutane speeds up the aging
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    I just got my last results and there's nothing specific about them worth mentioning. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JzsXB3aClrbD4lsL8EOgOijwSRtU4D2e And: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gAGe24UiKpSy1WdISAVTieC19G_VT6jv https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C0Ja_rvWB8FTOubl2QHlAMOMF5qbxn9D DHT (Dihydrotestosterone): 360 pg/mL. Lab ranges for men (31-40 years old): 17,7 - 775,0 pg/mL ***** I also did complete blood count, Beta-2 microglobulin, Cholesterol and Lactate dehydrogenase
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    I was advised by one good soul from this community to do a protocol with checking up deficiences of copper etc. and buy thiamine and magnesium, and I think it's an approach worth considering, but firstly I want to do a prolonged fasting. I tried many supplements for these three years and I was sticking with them to this day with no real healing ( but maybe without supplements it would be a lot worse). I eat every day maca powder, spirulina, young barley, crushed eggshells, geese lard- vit.D, g
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    Hi everyone, I' m new, but I observed this forum for 3 years now. Three years ago I took accutane. I stopped the treatment when I saw that one breakout didn't heal properly and left me with indented scar. I told dermatologist why I want to stop treatment and she didn't believe accutane was the cause of skin behaving abnormally. I didn't see her since then. After treatment over time skin got worse and worse. I had perfect skin before with occasional cystic breakouts mainly on lower part of fac
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    I’m sorry, what? Still be available? I haven’t gone that mad. This stuff should be banned period.
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    Yep they play a role in this too absolutely. My point was, it all starts with Roche
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    I started vaping 8 months ago, after completing a super successful round of acne treatment (to the point where my boyfriend was heavily complementing me), thinking it was my way of quitting smoking for good. Sure as rain, my acne came back after 1-2 months, small at first, then more strongly in the form of painful cystic acne, especially around my ears and jawline. I quit vaping a few days ago after seeing the OP and my acne has already started going down in ferocity/intensity, in addition to